Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing on the horizon for BC under Campbell

Contemplating the future for B.C. is rather a depressing daydream, 9 years of Gordon Campbell and nothing to show but a dysfunctional province,never at anytime in history has BC been so dependent upon outside factors.

The one bright spot for Campbell was natural gas royalties,as a province we did make money but not near enough,too many large subsidies when they were rolling in dough,now that the gas market has tanked we`re offering a 2% royalty rate?

Forestry has been slow y dying in this province,mills have been closing for years and some of the closures are from world downturns but not so in BC,we have a had a massive spike of raw log exports,up 1600 % over the last few years,there has been no effort to reverse this trend,we should be promoting small micro companies, The big three or two in forestry has been a dismal failure ,well before world markets collapsed BC forestry has been in free fall,mill after mill shift after shift the industry bled while Campbell liberals looked on as spectators, meanwhile raw log exports continued to rise,can your eyes be blind,the two lines on a chart can`t co-exist,raw logs export growing and local work drying up,the cycle is broken,without milling means no pulp,without log export restrictions the industry will slow bleed,.

A total hands off approach that has failed,oil n gas,the Campbell gang has zero control,make big money when prices spike and cry poverty when gas values tank,with the glut of natural gas the prices looks to remain low for years,Campbell has no plan B to replace this income,all his eggs for revenue put in one basket.

Mining will ebb and flow,commodity prices will dictate activity,we have seen the BC Liberals turn our province into a spectator,this ideology, this ingrained policy of a hands off privatization,a total failure,where is the long term plan,couldn`t we usa a railway,a provincial owned gas company,more energy production,has this provincial government done anything to secure future revenue streams? A Campbell led government that is completely devoid of thought,a lie filled election,a fraudulent win and when this group of geniuses get together and come up a scheme with what Campbell describes as

"The best thing he can do for the economy is bring in a 1.9 billion$$ yearly consumer tax hike"

The lowest minimum wage in Canada,we are officially in last place today,we had the carbon tax create a low income carbon credit,now we will have another tax that will add another stipend to the poor in the form of the HST low income credit,how can any tax plan where the poor have to be helped out in the form of a stipend be anything but regressive,a 2 billion dollar provincial claw scrapping away consumer spending power.

Boy could we use some more crown corporations,like a railway the was making over a 100 million per year,a natural gas company that was making 100s of millions per year,or if even half the run of rivers were provincially owned,imagine what these revenue streams could do for our province.

The final acts of a desperate government devoid of any ideas on how to move forward,an assault upon the poor and middle class,a blatant regressive tax borne by the public,a tax that will cost the province,short term gain for long term pain.

The two week party that no-one cares about,expo 86 was a 6 month show that showcased our province in summer,the 2010 games are 2 weeks in winter in BC,what does that mean,probably 2 weeks of of rain,drizzle,overcast,damp depressing weather,is anyone talking about the Bejiing games anymore? A 2 week rainfest that will come and go with a minor whimper on the world stage of events,and we BCers we be left with the bills,the clean-up, the hangover,world leaders,sponsors,the media,they will be all gone ......

When we take our streets back after the games and resume our path forward we will find an empty horizon,a government devoid of thought,no future plan,no revenue sources,no human right standards,employment standards,a bleak picture forward,highest child poverty,lowest minimum wage,the largest deficits,doubling of our provincial debts,daily shootings,endless lawsuits.

I wouldn` expect any highlights this afternoon in our budget,it will be devoid of any data,any charts or any hope,there will be continued excuse making on how this debt snuck up on us, premier butterfly and Hansen will offer nothing but a bleak forecast,Campbell will defend his government`s record,the media will offer mild praise,and so Campbell`s legacy will leave this province in thus the same way in entered,massive deficits,an erosion of services,child poverty leaders,seniors and the underclass reeling from cuts,middle class society hammered and hurt, a sad day indeed,4 more years of nothing,4 more years of erosion,4 more years of no dreams,4 more years to be led astray and lied to,4 more years to forget the last 8 years of nothing,I have been analysing Campbell`s legacy over recent days,what he maybe remembered for....

Gordon Campbell,the legacy of nothing,he will be known as the politician,the man who did everyone,the man who accomplished nothing,built nothing memorable,resided over the biggest deficits,grew the debt the fastest, sold the most assets,gave away the revenue streams,grew the most poor,he won`t be talked about,he will go the way of of the 1919 Spanish flu pandemic,100s of millions died, the future was bleak,towns and cities had dead wagons roll in and take away the nightly victims who succumbed to the sickness....

A time so horrible that the history wanted to forget it,it happened,the horror was unspeakable,that will be the legacy of Gordon Campbell,a time to forget,a time that was put on hold,Gordon Campbell,a politician`s legacy of nothingness,a legacy of deceit,a legacy of willful disdain,a legacy of pain,of hurt,a legacy of humanity lost a legacy that time has already forgotten,the legacy of Gordon Campbell, a politician,no more no less, BC 2001 --2013 the land of no horizon.

Grant G-Eyes looking for the horizon

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Translink is going broke fast

What the heck is going on with Translink? There are two dynamics at play with Translink.

First off the Campbell Liberals are downloading responsibilities of the ministry of transportation upon Translink,here are some examples of the downloading,why is Translink having to pay to build overpasses in Langley,why did Translink have to pay for the major repair on the patullo bridge after the fire,why did they have to pay for re-paving the patullo bridge,why indeed? At present there are NO busses that even cross the patullo bridge,and buses haven`t crossed that bridge for years,so why are Translink paying for it?

The Golden ears bridge--A so-called P3....Ha....I have tried to get the car crossing numbers but they are being hidden and I know why,heck,it`s the only major crossing without a traffic cam on it,why is that,I can view all the other bridges but not the Golden ears bridge.

Here`s why,this phony private partnership is a fraud.....Here`s the deal,right now Translink is paying the private operator of the Golden ears bridge a 500.000.00$ per month fee,and the rises to $4 million per month in 2011.....And then rises to $4.8 million per month in 2015.....Plus Translink is paying the Golden ears bridge private operator 316.000.00$ per month for maintenance for the next 25 years......Plus,Translink has to collect the tolls,pay the administration costs and ICBC is being used also as a de facto collection agency,if you don`t pay you can`t get insurance or drivers license renewal if you owe toll money.

What kind of a phony P3 is that?(taxpayers have all the risk) So we pay a huge premium for a P3 and we have the only risk....Sheesh

read the story here

Which bring me to the much hyped Canada line

Besides the Canada line being over 1 billion over budget---The original approved budget that was voted on by the council of mayors(after an arm twisted third vote) was $ 1.35 billion....Which later got bumped up to $1.5 billion dollars.....Well that cost ballooned to 2.5 billion minimum,yet Campbell and the Liberals claim it`s on budget....HA

Here`s the deal on the Canada line,another phony P3......Translink has guaranteed to pay the so-called private operator fees up and until the Canada line gets 100.000 paying riders daily.

Let me repeat that,Translink is paying the private operator the shortfall,and will continue to pay until ridership reaches 100.000 paying riders daily......

Well,right now the Canada is getting about 70.000 daily riders.......So lets get our math going.......30.000 X 4.00$ = 120.000.00 per day subsidy----X 30 = 3.6 million$ per month X 12 = $ dollars per year......Thats right....Translink is going to be subsidizing the so-called private operator over 43 million per year.....Say What !

But it`s far worse than that.......Because the ridership is being artificially inflated,Translink is funnelling people fron White rock-Delta-Surrey.....Their once express buses that went from those towns directly to downtown Vancouver are now going to divert to bridgeport Station in Richmond,besides artificially propping up ridership numbers,and inconveniencing riders forcing them to make two extra transfers..........

But it`s a muggs game----Here is a short explanation,if you think funnelling riders to the Canada line is a great way to get the ridership number up to the 100.000 mark,thus eliminating the subsidies Translink has to pay to the private operator. LOL....HA HA......

Because it`s a con-----The subsidies will still be there even if the ridership gets propped up because.........

People aren`t paying again when they get on the Canada line at bridgeport skytrain station,no sirree bob,people have already purchased their bus ticket in the form of a two zone or three zone ticket,or monthly pass,or faresaver tickets.......So Translink will continue to con the public,phony up the numbers and the subsidies will continue on the Canada line for at least a decade or more,so again,another phony P3 where the builder,the private operator have zero risk and everything is backstopped bt the BC taxpayers.

And that`s why Translink is coming dipping into your pocket with the car levy(coming this fall) increased property taxes and fuel increases.

And lets not forget the massive premium were paying to have a P3 do the project.

Read it here

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Betrayal from the solictor generals in spades

John Les to Kash Heed to Gordon Campbell,betrayal at it`s finest

Flash to 2.00 pm yesterday, the long drawn out throne speech,for me it was more of a throw-up speech,I won`t waste your time telling you what was in the speech,lets concentrate on what wasn`t in the throne speech.

Not one mention,not one word about justice,nary a word about the daily gang shootings,nothing about the crystal meth epidemic,escalating violent crime,no talk of toughening up the courts or tasks force,the matter of crime reduction is gone.

And does it surprise me,no sirree bob,we have a premier who facilitated shredding evidence during the election,he couldn`t risk having incriminating evidence hanging around with the election on the line......Which brings us to the ongoing saga of our B.C. solicitor generals(plural)

John Les had to step down from his cabinet position of BCs top cop 2 years ago,the deal with John Les is this,the alleged charge is over influence peddling,John Les served as mayor of Chilliwak for 13 years,and in the courseof his civil service he gathered up influence,John Les has brothers in the developing/housing business(one brothers name is corney les,I think carney would be more appropriate)

Anyways,Les joins the Liberals,Chilliwak isn`t a giant community,small town with big ears,well apparently there were more than one person who owned grade (A) farm land that they wanted to develop and get in on the escalating land value game,but there is a big difference between farm land value and land approved for housing,well these people couldn`t get the land zoning changed to allow housing developments,so these people ending up selling the land for cheap to the John Les clan.......

And lo n behold the Les`s buy the land and magically the zoning gets changed and housing developments get built in short order,that`s the charge against the now ex-solicitor general(investigation ongoing)

Fast forward to his replacement.....JOHN 2.......John Von Dongen....AKA speedy gonzales.

Well after it got leaked that Von Dongen has been endangering the public`s lives over and over again with excessive speeding,and of course Gordon Campbell FORGAVE speedy John,..How noble of you to forgive a lawbreaker Gordon Campbell,anyways the public outcry grew and Von Dongen stepped up to the plate and resigned from his post as Solicitor general.

Which brings me to the story today---Jack Crone,millionaire stock broker who plead guilty in court to possessing thousands of gory,dirty,bestiality images of children being abused sexually and physically.....Jack Crone apologized in court to his family but also said he wasn`t a "Diddler only a voyeur" but now realizes how he was victimizing the children all over again.

So lets talk Kash Heed,......Kash Heed resigned from the west Vancouver police department,he had the top job,he was CHIEF of police,he resigned Mid Contract and decided to run for the Campbell Liberals,which was quite surprising because he was taking a substantial wage cut,he made far more money as police chief then he will as an MLA or even a member of cabinet,he got a 45.000.00 severance and the rest is history,except for this.

He was under investigation(when he was police chief) for interfering in an investigation into a child pornography case,the Jack Crone case to be exact,he allegely met with a police board member for an early morning coffee and gave her a heads up about the pornography case and search warrant going down that day and the case was involving Jack Crone,which she just happened to work with Jack Crone at RBC investments(da money boys).

So a complaint was launched by some other officers(allegelly) over interfering in the case and out of the blue Kash Heed resigns and under the police act a police officer cannot be investigated if they have retired/resigned......There were actually 2 other north shore police officers who resigned the day before they had to testify over complaints filed against them the year earlier(nothing to do with the Jack Crone case) but that is when I first learned about the get out of jail free escape clause for cops!

So here we have a drinking driver premier.....a speed demon public life endanger er.....An alleged influence peddler.....and now a new top cop with a dark shadow hanging over him involving a child pornography case,the worst of the worst type of crime.

Jack Crone story here

Does this give any of you confidence in the Campbell government in the issue of crime?Corruption/influence peddling/lobbying.....Let the bullets fly!

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What is the true cost of the Sea to Sky highway

Lets talk Sea to Sky highway,one of the BC Liberals vaunted P3 projects,is it a good project?

There is no doubt that the highway has been improved but at what cost,was it 500 million? Nope,was it 700 million?nope.........The government says the project is 800 million but were not even close yet,I have tried to dig up the costs of construction but the province won`t come clean.(What else is new)

Well my sources have told me that the construction cost was actually well over 1 billion$ dollars.

But that is no where near the true cost of this P3........The project,what I do know is this,the cost of this project is 3.5 billion$ dollars.....Let me repeat that,the project cost is 3.5 billion$ dollars,alright,you think I`m crazy.

This P3 is paid out over 25 years,construction costs 800 million$ dollars(so the government claims) but that is not where we are getting stung, the remainder of the 3.5 billion$$$ gets paid out over 25 years and the money,the payments, are contingent upon maintaining the highway for 25 years, OK.......But before you lambaste me for the early omission lets do some simple math.

Lets call construction 1 billion$$........That leaves 2.5 billion dollars for maintenance for 25 years.

Divide 2.5 billion by 25 years and it works out to 100 million Dollars $$ per year for maintenance,have I got your attention yet.

Lets break it down a little more,divide 100 million$$ by 12 months and it comes to 8.3 million dollars $$ per month.........Are you alarmed yet,lets break it down a little more....Divide 8.3 million by 30 days and we get a grand total of......Drum roll please.

276.666.00 $$ per day,every day 365 days a year 12 months a year for 25 years......Thats right, the P3 builders are getting 276 thousand dollars per day for maintenance, sure the builders have built in interest in this project,thats the nature of how P3s work, by giving government the ability to pay for the project over a long period of time we have to pay a huge premium.

So anyways,right now we have many P3s,the Abbotsford hospital,the Kelowna floating bridge,the kicking horse canyon bridge, and many many more,and everyone of them have this massive premium built into the price,energy contracts are structured slightly different,we have guaranteed them a ridiculous price for energy for terms of 25 and 30 year deals,energy that BC hydro could produce with profits coming to the province rather than going to American corporations.

So now we are stuck with these P3 payments for decades,energy agreements,all being put on our BC credit card,and just like a credit card we are not paying off the bill each month,how long can we keep adding guaranteed payments to our credit card? Well,I contend we have already maxed out,because no matter what happens with the economy we still have to make our payments.

The total so far with energy contracts and P3 payments is approximately 65 billion$$$ on our BC credit card,and with interest rates at historic lows,and no sign of interest rates rising significantly for years,we are paying a massive premium on cheap money.
Last point...James Hoggan (chairman of the board of directors of the David Suzuki foundation)his company(James Hoggan and associates) was paid over 300.000.00 in contracts to promote the Sea to Sky highway,makes you wonder why,why David Suzuki pimped for Campbell during the last election,why the Suzuki foundation remained silent on fish farms,coal bed methane,enbridge pipeline,SFPR through burns bog,Gateway......David Suzuki`s silence was......Well, "deafening"

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Bill Good-Gordon Campbell`s own personal pimp

Bill Good has forgotten what morality and honesty is,his quality of radio has reached lows never imagined,for cknw to allow this man(pimp) to spew deliberate lies onto the public is sad,sad for the naive public and an insult for people with brains.

Bill Good is an avid reader,very political,he is well aware of BC legislation,he is aware of the ALL of the FACTS.

So why did Bill Good deliberately mis-lead radio listeners this morning and invite callers to respond to his lies?

Lets set the stage.....The Campbell goverment is in deep doo doo,the election was a fraud,they are up to their eyeballs in debt,they are cutting services and bringing in a HST tax shift.

So what does billy boy have to say,he starts his first radio segment talking about how people want services,complain like crazy if services are cut but don`t want taxes that pay for services.That seems like a reasonable start but that is where it goes off the rails,he then launches into defence of taxes,Bill Good goes onto say that the carbon tax and hst tax are going to fund services,he adds that these taxes bring in over 2 billion dollars of revenue........Say WHAT?

Bill Good is not stupid and I have heard him say a hundred times in the past,pre-election past that the carbon tax is revenue neutral,and you know,I know that the carbon tax is enshrined in law in bc that it is revenue neutral to government,all monies taken in are returned as tax cuts,so not only is it not a revenue generator but there are adminstration costs to funnel the carbon tax in one door and out the other.......Case Closed!

The hst tax,colin Hansen,Campbell,both make the claim that the hst is revenue neutral to government,they claim it`s a tax shift,2 billion dollars in taxes being shifted from business to the public.....So what is it Bill Good,is it a tax grab,is Campbell lying,is Hansen lying or are you lying Bill Good?

Round 2

His next segment was about the regurgitated promise Campbell has dusted off, all day daycare for 5 year olds and younger.

He didn`t discuss the unlikelyhood of it ever happening,nope,he left the naive listeners to believe this is actually going to happen,again billy boy was pimping for Campbell,poor,shoddy radio and Bill Good knows better........Here is the story about all day daycare for 5 year olds.

All-day K for 5-year-olds promised

by Janet Steffenhagen In todays Victoria Times Colonist

A government promise for all five-year-olds was resurrected yesterday,just months after the idea was put on hold because of concerns about cost,staffing and space.

The throne speech offered few details except to say that full-time kindergarten will begin in fall 2010.

Education minister Mageret MacDiarmid explained later it will be introduced in stages,although she wasn`t able to say how many schools would be ready to offer it by next year. "{We}will make as much of a splash as we can.It`s so important and it is a priority for government" She said in an interview.

The throne speech,which warned of dramatic fiscal restraint,also advised that the government will be reviewing board of education spending,just as it is examining spending by B.C. Ferries and Translink.

MacDiarmid said she believes all players will support the effort to ensure as many dollars as possible are spent on student learning.

The Liberals first promised expanded kindergarten in the 2008 throne speech,when they floated the idea of all-day kindergarten for five-year-olds in 2009 followed by a program for four-and three-year-plds by 2012.

An early childhood learning agency,created by government to study the costs,found strong support for the five-year-olds` program but said annual costs would be about $600 million.

As well,schools would have to hire 1,000 additional teachers and renovate space to accommdate younger kids.

Now,all-day kindergarten in B.C. public schools is available only for five-year-olds who are English-as-a-second language or aboriginal students or have special needs.

The vast majority of children attend half days.

Although the B .C. Teachers Federation has been advocating all-day kindergarten for five-year-olds since 1990,president Irene Lanzinger said she would rather it not proceed at this time.

"The rest of the system is so underfunded" she said "We want to see the government move to all-day K, but not at the expense of other programs"

Your not worthy of a radio spot Bill Good,my suggestion is you move your microphone and computer to some boiler room in Victoria and work for the PAB (Public Affairs Burea

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Campbell must be removed from office

Campbell has gone too far,he must be removed from office

We just had an election,Gordon Campbell has broken every election promise he made,this isn`t just about the HST,it`s everything, Will McMartin in febuary/2009 wrote an article called this budget is toxic fudge,he predicted the size and scale of the provincial debt,helmut Pastrick predicted a big debt,yet Campbell and Hansen lied,that`s right lied through the election about the debt but...

The budget lie as told last febuary,Campbell lied then,he and Hansen are still lying today.

Read it here

It`s way more than that,they lied about the unemployment numbers,they deliberately withheld the skyrocketing welfare numbers and I`m only getting started,their holding back committed gaming revenue to many groups,gaming revenue that is designated for these causes,their holding back money`s for the north shore volunteer rescue group!

This rescue group is made up of committed volunteers,this money is for rescue equipment and training,Campbell is now messing with people`s lives,he has cranked up the online gaming limit a hundred fold,he`s facilitating money laundering,he`s eliminating great programs like leaky condo loan program,an employment generator,home smart grants,and attacking energy efficient appliances with a 12% tax,and at the same time harping about creating energy from high priced IPP power.

He committed to protecting health and education,he has done neither,10.000 surgeries cancelled,just think about the backlog,we will take years to claw that back if ever,you can bet your bottom dollar that seniors and other will die before they get their surgeries,Campbell turned the last election into joke,worse than a third world banana republic,cuts to student aid,cuts to seniors home care,he has betrayed the public beyond anyone`s wildest imagination.

And the budget highlights,or low lights,what can we expect,re-writing a joke called the balanced budget law,what a waste of legislative time,it doesn`t mean a damn thing,a law,it`s not a law,you break it at will,toss the damn law out,were not children and we`ve had enough of Campbell`s law,the reconciliation act being tossed,so what are we going to waste legislative time on? Here comes the lobbyist reform act part 4,nothing will come of that,an act to allow investigating police officers even if they resign,nothing will come of that either(eh Kash Heed)...And here comes some yackity yak about all day kindergarten in the fall of 2010(we have gone down that road before)....There ain`t a chance in hell of that coming to fruition,for one we don`t have the buildings,staff or the near 1 billion dollars to get it started,it`s nothing but another vague(down the road ) promise to try and appease parents!

There is nothing but regurgitated crap that Campbell has foisted upon us before only to break his promise,Gordon Campbell is incapable of delivering anything but lies and obfuscation.....

Gordon Campbell cares about nobody but big industrial business,most of it isn`t even BC owned.

So this isn`t about the HST or health or gaming,it`s not about cutting grants or seniors care,this is about democracy lost,it`s about a dictatorship,lies,pure unadulterated political scam,the HST initiative to stop the HST is fine but not good enough,recall to stop Gordon Campbell,even if he backed off of the HST he must be removed from office,for to allow anyone to hold our highest office with the hundreds of lies,deceptions,the cruel measures,the hurting of real people,real mothers,grandmothers,the purposeful infliction of harm to the public,the risking of public safety,the assault upon volunteers who only want to help the lost,the trapped,the buried in snow,groups that care for seniors,groups that volunteer their time to keep people in their homes,this is beyond policy,taxes,this is about setting an example to governments,for to allow this monster to preside in office will only set the precedent for future governments,to accept this would say to government that all crimes,sins are acceptable,the removal of Gordon Campbell is the first step in bringing back democracy.

Read about why all day kindergarten won`t happen here

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

breaking news,looks like another broken problem

Breaking news

Looks like another broken Campbell promise....BC Place retractable roof has been cancelled.........

Of course you faithful readers of the Straight Goods got the heads up HERE earlier this week.......

I guess you can chalk up another one for us cultists in the bloggospere!

read my story here

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If it wasn`t so costly I would laugh

The Millennium development company that got fleeced from Fortress(New york City hedge fund) ....The hits keep coming,not only is Vancouver on the hook for the athletes village boondoggle but.....

Millennium development was working both sides of the pond,while Millennium was conning Vancouver,and west Vancouver and just about everyone else they were also doing a major hose job on the city of Nanaimo....

Millennium,using their clout from the early exposure to the olympic village was also supposed to build a 170 room hotel in Nanaimo,the hotel was desperately needed because Nanaimo was building their own convention center and hotel space for convention delegates was desperately needed,you can`t have a convention center with no-where for delegates to stay.

So the city of Nanaimo GAVE Millennium a prime city plot of land for 1$dollar,the city spent over a million$$$ dollars servicing and preparing the site,meanwhile Millennium was doing a two step shuffle,in other words they kept stalling on the construction start date,well this dog and pony show went on for some time,the city got mad,issued warnings,meanwhile Millennium kept saying they were getting their financial house in order and they would start building any day now,stall after stall after stall,the Nanaimo city council eventually ruled they would fine Millennium 50.000.00$$ for stalling and missing deadline after deadline,well we all know what happened next,Millenniuim got rescued by the city of Vancouver and paid off Fortress,but that didn`t do any good for Millennium`s finances,so eventualy.......

Nanaimo told Millennium to get lost,your out,meanwhile there was still no hotel built or even started.

Flash forward to today,a story in the Nanaimo daily news.

The VICC(convention center) has lost nearly 1 $million dollars so far this year,and the teachers federation just cancelled their convention in Nanaimo because....LOL... because there wasn`t any HOTEL ROOMS available for their delegates,VICC is expected to lose as much or even more money over the next several years! Gee I wonder how the Vancouver trade and convention center is doing? Not good,so says my secret sources.....Here is the link to the story.

The Olympics just keep on delivering the province gifts,and you know that old saying "Beware of strangers bearing gifts"

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The IOC adds insult to injury and is ripping us off

Lets be clear,the IOC is nothing but group of snooty elitists that wield power,power over unsuspecting taxpayers that get duped,every two years a different country gets selected for fleecing,these pompus asses are wined and dined,bribed and pampered,for many many years they have had scandals yet the Mob continues to roam the world with their red carpets.

There are still many financial shockers left to be dropped on BCers over the 5 ring circus,for example.

Remember that olympic village fiasco,let me lay out that scenario and how the tentacles and suction cups are spread from false creek to Whistler to your pockets.

Ever hear of Fortress? They are a New York city hedge fund that specializes in finance,not ordinary finance but finance for the desperate,they are proud of the fact that they finance projects with the underlying goal of taking things over,such harsh terms that the borrower pays for a while then succumbs to the financial burden and they take over the partially paid for asset.....

That`s why Gregor Robertson had to have Victoria change the Vancouver charter to allow the city of Vancouver to borrow 800 million dollars to pay-off Fortress who was financing Millennium construction who was the builder to the Olympic village,it was either pay them off or lose the project completely(can you say boondoggle loanshark).

Well it gets better,ever hear of intrawest? Well they own whistler blackcomb,and intrawest had a huge loan they got for buying blackcomb,and who do you think they got the loan from? Fortress.......So if you remember last year Intrawest had to scramble to find like 2/3 rds of a billion for Fortress or else.......And it gets better,the Olympics,do you think Whistler Blackcomb are donating the mountains for the Olympics?Uh uh...You would figure that Whistler/Blackcomb is getting all the plublicity, their getting venues added to their ski resorts,their getting a guaranteed world audience for 2 weeks,that should be enough right?Wrong.
Intrawest is renting the mountains to Vanoc for the olympics,that`s right,renting,well how much is the rental......Well we won`t know until after the olympics,Intrawest has a complicated criteria in determining the rental cost,there are several factors in play,firstly is,how much traffic and how well do they do during the olympics,and how busy are they in the lead up to the games,because there is a ski-season before the olympics,if people aren`t coming to the mountain,travel restrictions for BCers over the 1 billion$$ security goon squad,and finally alot of people may avoid the mountain until next year.....So anyways,after the owelympics Intrawest will tell us what WE are on the hook for!
Which brings me to the pompus asses at the IOC....And this has nothing to do with the fact that they ran roughshot over the female ski jumpers(no one can dare question the IOC or else) it has nothing to do with the fact that the IOC rules supercedes the Canadian charter of rights or how they oppress opposition,this has to do with the fact that the IOC still owes Vanoc/taxpayers 40 million dollars,well,I guess because of the "global recession" and plummeting sponsorship money the IOC is giving us the BIG STIFF.
Well my friends,the IOC needs to get the big stiff right back,right where the sun don`t shine!
Update to this story---The IOC has concluded their visit to Vancouver, the IOC said they would provide 9 international sponsers,but have only signed up 7......And,according to the IOC....The "Deal" provides that the IOC would only give Vanoc royalties from international sponsers,so the IOC said techincally we "Don`t owe Vanoc any money"...........Well,it gets better,the IOC said to Vanoc,hey,if you run a deficit we will help you out after the games with unspecified amounts.......HA HA HA....After the games the IOC will "cough" up some money.....HA...When pigs fly!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

What crown asset is next to be sold by Gordon Campbell

Before you start thinking I am a little paranoid lets examine history,because you know that old saying "Don`t forget your history or your destined to repeat it"

Lets go back to 2001...Bring on the Gord......Here we had a bright eyed politician with a majority government,the economy was not bad,not great,no where as bad as today,and what happened next,well Gordon Campbell gave giant tax cuts to the wealthy and big business,cut services left right and center,tore up contracts,and levied user fees on everything that profoundly hurt many BCERs.

Sound familiar,and we know what else he did,he lied his face off and sold BC Rail,the "deal" still has a shadow hanging over it as it crawls it`s way through the halls of justice,although the "Justice" part seems to have disappeared from the halls of our BC courts.
So lets fast forward to the present,the province is broke,big time broke,the biggest deficit in BC history,we have just come off a fraudulent election where Campbell the liar struck again,he`s done a 180 on all his election promises,he just offered up a huge 2 billion$$a year gift to big industry to be paid for off the backs of struggling BCers,getting the picture yet? He`s slashing services left right and center,health budget has a whopping 400$million shortfall,programs cut,community grants cut,complete programs eliminated.
I`ve seen this picture before,deja vu?....So what crown asset has the potential to be sold?
BC Hydro? Nope,Campbell for the time being needs BC Hydro to do his bidding for the Patrick Kinsella/Plutonic mob...BC hydro doesn`t need to be sold,with all the energy contracts he`s signed(so far) will bankrupt Hydro...33 billion so far....What about BC ferries,nope,their not worth anything,BC ferries is carrying huge debt,87 cents of every dollar BC ferries makes goes to pay interest,who would buy that,and for how much? No one,he could possibly give it away but any give away wouldn`t bring in any money....Read about BC ferry debt here
So what else could he sell?forests,well he just gives those away for free,rivers? he`s done that but he`s only getting 5000.00$ per river so that won`t help,so what the heck could gordon Campbell sell to reload his provincial credit card? I suppose you might think I`m crazy,well I am,like a fox,but I`m not alone on this theory,my friend Ross K over at the pacificgazette put up a similar post.......I don`t know how to direct you to the exact spot is Ross K`s link The story was posted on august 20th...and it`s called
(Is this the dawning of a new era of "Disaster Gordism"?)
So have I got your curiosity peaked.....Well,let me give you some more clues,what crown asset do we own that has lots of money and is easily saleable to a big American firm?Still stumped?
Drum roll please......Worksafe BC..That`s right,Worksafe BC think I`m crazy,well here`s the deal folks...Back in 2001/2002 Gordon Campbell made radical changes to WCB....WCB pre 2002 averaged 500 to 600 injury pensions per year,since the changes WCB has given out about 200 permanent/loss of earnings pensions in the last 6 years,a 90% drop off....WCB averaged pre 2002 spending about 200 million a year in re-training,that has dropped off to about 3 million a year,nobody is getting paid anymore,WCAT...and the review board are nothing but a rubber stamp to the board,even if someone wins an appeal,or a wcat- The review board merely returns the decision to the case manager,she tweaks the decision and screws you all over again,each round of fights takes a couple of years,they won`t pay for any legal representation and if you are a permanently injured worker whose been cut off,with no income how long can you sustain the fight? Not long,I no first hand of thousands who have been bankrupted and were left with nothing,there have been many recorded suicides from the treatment and financial stress that Worksafe BC has put on them!

So why would Campbell sell WCB.....#1)He`s broke,.....What is WCB worth? Lots.....
Right now there is a surplus of about 10 billion dollars$$---Let me repeat that,right now there is a surplus of 10billion$$....How come they have so much money? I just explained that part,WCB isn`t paying anyone anymore,well,if you need a stitch,if you break a finger you get paid,but if you lose your an arm,a leg,if you have a permanent lifelong injury and you can`t return to gainful employment you get next to nothing!
So,I heard this through the rumourville,WCB could be sold,here`s how it would go down,Campbell sells the corporation to a big American insurer,BC companies would be obligated to HAVE to deal with this corporation,in its current form it is making money hand over fist,So Campbell sells the asset for a nominal fee but keeps the 10 billion dollar$ surplus to reload his credit card.......And before you think this is a good idea.
We BCers would be subject to dealing with a big American medical insurance agency that could disqualify you for anything...Like diabetes,pre-existing-pre-disposed-in your family genes--negligence--you could be drug tested after the fact and be disqualified--the company didn`t pay the fees so your out of luck.
Think about it,it`s our only asset worth selling that would bring large cash..

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The Underground Economy is about to expand big time
A guest article from Bruce Bartlett
The underground economy also known as the second economy,parallel economy,unofficial economy,informal economy or just the black market is a phenomenon throughout the world.It exists wherever governments EXCESSIVELY TAX or unreasonably regulate economic activity.Although the underground economy also includes criminal activity,such as drug dealing,the overwhelming bulk of it consists of the provision of ordinary goods and services that in other places be perfectly legal and legitimate.
The growth of the underground is a matter of increasing concern throughout Europe.An unpublished report by the European Union says that the underground economic activity may account for between 7% to 16% of the total gross domestic product(GDP) of its members nations,employing between 10 million and 28 million workers and accounting for between 7 and 19 percent of employment.The problem is especially acute in transitional economies in eastern Europe,but is growing everywhere.
Great Britain-The underground economy has been a hot topic in Great Britain since 1979...Sir William Pile of the British revenue board estimated that untaxed earnings equaled 7.5% of GDP--American economist Edgar Feige put the figure put the true figure closer to 15% of GDP---A deloitte & Touche study figured that the underground economy amounted to 12 % of Britains GDP and reduced income tax by 1/3rd.
Italy-It estimated that Italy`s true output was 25% larger than official figures indicated,due to the vast amount of off-the-books economic activity,there is no doubt that TAX EVASION in Italy is pervasive.
Germany-It is tempting to blame Italy`s large underground economy on the traditional Italian contempt for authority,but even in Germany,with its long tradition of law and order,has faced problems with tax evasion and illicit economic activity.The problem of tax evasion in Germany seems to have escalated in the 90s.
Not surprisingly,problems with the underground economy and tax evasion escalate as one moves to Europe`s periphery.In Spain,one-third of those officially classified as unemployed are thought to be employed in underground activities.
There does not appear to be a single country in Europe in which the underground economy is not a large and growing problem.Although the authorities frequently attack the problem with arrests and prosecutions,the incentive to make money free of tax or government control is too great for such methods to have more than a modest impact,in the end,successful efforts to reduce the underground economy MUST INVOLVE TAX REDUCTION,deregulation and other market-oriented measures.
So there you have it-The introduction of taxes,especially the vaunted VAT TAX (value added tax) has done nothing but fuel the underground economy,sure government revenues rise,the people who can afford it pay more and more tax as more and more people find black markets and the underground economy to get work done,like I say,the HST is voodoo economics,this measure will hurt business by funnelling money to big industry,the public who are already tapped out will spend less on legitimate businesses which will in the end,hurt the economy.
And for us to cede our provincial tax authority to Ottawa is nuts,Quebec`s HST is a completely different animal,it`s structured completely different,they still have control.....The feds can lower and raise taxes,and with the current state of affairs in Ottawa don`t be surprised if the GST gets raised back to 6% or 7% .....And guess what happens if the feds(Harper or Iggy) whoever wins the next election the raising of the GST is a distinct possibility,and if the GST goes up it will drag our BC HST up with it,so not only would we have our taxes raised by an outside force but all those PST exempt items we once had would be taxed at 13%---14% ---Who knows how high!
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Get ready for the HST con job spin Monday morning,and a beautiful day it is,I wonder how long it will take for me to get angry,.........Try like five minutes,he`s back!

Bill Good,Gordon Campbell personal mouth------------Piece,I kinda thought before Bill Good left for his three week hiatus that he was angry at the Campbell Liberals,angry over the deliberate lies,angry over a fraudulent election......Well,I guess I`m wrong,it appears that Bill Good has been re-schooled by the( I Love Gordo no matter how much he lies school for minions)

8.30 AM....Billy boy starts by reflecting his time off,how he read the pros and CONS..of the HST and how no one like taxes but the government "Oh so wants to provide more health,more education,the government just need more money to keep us BCers happy and well provided for".....and then he mentions Gordohs brother Michael Campbell (Who had a :Its your money comment a little earlier:)He said how people are attacking business,attacking the goose that lays the golden egg and how we need to support business,support free enterprise and on and on it goes.........

Bill Good then mentioned all the business councils that are FINALLY lining up to support Campbell,the board of trade,the road builders association,the chamber of commerce,the mining council,the resource sector etc etc.......Then Bill slips into attack the NDP mode,oh,the NDP flip flopped on the carbon tax...the NDP love taxes and how it`s all so political......

Well lets clear up one thing first,the NDP are politically inept in getting their message out and the Canwest MOB pimps for Campbell but the NDP did not flip flop on the carbon tax,they lost the election,are they supposed to march around for 4 years with AXE the TAX signs? Carole James said,"Looks like were stuck with the gas tax so lets make it better,lets put the money into green projects,lets do SOMETHING with the money"

And lets clear up another lie being spread shall we Mr Good...The Campbell gang claim the HST is revenue neutral so where is extra money for those services that dear old gordoh so badly wants to provide us? So who`s lying Mr. Good,you? Campbell?,is it a tax grab,revenue neutral,which one is it this week.........You need a permanent vacation BILL,your nothing but a shill,your failing to mention that the BC Liberals are bold faced liars,they are dishonest,and in my opinion CORRUPT to the core.

Which brings me to the BIG CON,here are some more facts......Lets go

Ecana...The big oil n gas company had second quarter profits for this year of 239 million$$$ down from a staggering 1.2 billion $$$ for the second quarter last year.

Are you trying to tell me that Ecana will lower their costs to the consumer with the HST,uh uh,Ecana is hoping that natural gas prices go through the roof,that`s the business....Read it here

And lets talk Teck Cominco,our own Vancouver based mining giant..

This years 2nd quarter numbers earnings 570$$$ million or 1.17 per share--operating profit before depreciation was 841 million$$$ --earnings 177 million from continuing operations before non-recurring items and positive pricing adjustments/and at june 30th/2009 cash on hand was 750 million$$$......Read it here

Is there even one person out there that believes Teck Cominco will lower costs to consumers? Hell NO..Teck Cominco hopes that the price of ores,gold,zinc skyrocket.....that`s the nature of the business,so here we are helping these poor starving industries that just want to HELP US.........WHEN PIGS FLY

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mike De Jong sees,hears or speaks no evil about HST

A somewhat interesting radio day on CKNW,the Sean Leslie show was active today,it was all HST,starting with Bill Vanderzalm then the NDPs Mike Farnsworth and finishedwith BC Liberal Mike De Jong.

With the unpopularity of the HST fraud of course their phone lines lit up,Bill Vanderzalm was promoting the HST initiative rally at Canada place and the calls were for the most part on board,then came the NDPs Mike Farnsworth and the calls again were anti-HST,there were even a call or two that said they disliked the NDP but disliked the HST even more.........

Then Came BC Liberal snake oil salesman Mike De Jong,like I explained in an earlier post about all the "catch phrases" the government would be using to sell this con were on full display with De Jong......

He used the phrases "Every economist is Canada is in favour of the HST" and "It will improve productivity" and " We have to remain competitive with Ontario" and "29 of 30 OCD countries use the VAT(value added tax) and we can`t isolate ourselves" and " The PST is an outdated cumbersome tax that is a drag on business" and he rattled of the list of groups in favour of the HST....

The board of trade-the mining association--forestry council-road builders association etc etc...and Sean Leslie asked a few tepid questions but he did admit that he`s too nice of a guy to ask the tough questions so he invited callers to ask the tough ones.....but one question Sean did ask Mike De Jong was......

Are prices going to be lowered by business as a result of these HST flow throughs to which Mike de Jong responded " Well I believe so,it`s my belief that they will" ----Remember I told you faithful readers that the "spinners" would be using phrases like "should-Could-possible---Well you can add " I believe" to that list......

The callers to Mike DE Jong were all anti-HST to which he responded with "your entitled to your opinion even though your wrong and mis-informed"......And the last caller,an angry woman who said...."your a smooth talker,you could convince me that a bite from a rattlesnake is a good thing" then she launched into him.......

So here comes the spin,Mike De Jong edition....: See no evil,hear no evil,speak no evil of the HST:

Which brings me to the next radio show that follows Sean Leslie......It`s called (Your money your wealth), now I don`t normally listen to that show and it has nothing to do with the fact that I have neither of those items but today I did because that had on two special guests----

Bill Vanderzalm and David Ingram (the tax guy)...And the show was about the HST which really surprised me because I have listened to the show a wee little bit in the past and it`s usually about investments,money talk,financial advice and self promotion......

So I was figuring that the money boys(and girls) would be in favour of the HST if anyone at all was,anyways I have great respect for David Ingram and we have to cheer on Vanderzalm so I didn`t know what to expect from the callers.....

Well was I surprised,David Ingram tax guy was warning how wrong this tax was,the host was warning against this tax,now these people know how the economy works so I do trust them,David Ingram also warned of surrendering our taxes to Ottawa,and he reminded me and listeners that Quebec,even though they went HST in 1997,they kept control of their tax dollars and exemptions,they went on to warn that by relinquishing control to Ottawa is so risky,if Ottawa changes government,or is in need of tax dollars(which they are) could raise the GST which would drag all the PST items along,the GST could be raised to 6% or back to 7% then our HST on EVERYTHING could rise to 13% or 14%!

But what surprised me the most is that every caller on the :Your money your wealth show: was strongly against the HST except one,who said the government needs money for health and education(HA)....With Campbell,right,sure thing,well he was quickly reminded that the government claims the tax is revenue neutral so where would increased services come from?

So for those out there that say it`s only the poor or the needy or the only the NDP that are against this tax are wrong,it seems even the bigger boys are against the HST!

In the mean time I will...." See the Evil,Hear the Evil and Speak the Evil of the HST"

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Canwest Global and premier Campbell`s PAB (Public affairs Bureau) work hand and hand to spin the news,again!

Here I was sitting down to watch the evening news,I`m always curious as to what our local media would be talking so of course I turned to Canwest Global News,and it`s been no secret that they have been pimping for for Gordon Campbell forever.

With me being the eternal optimist I hold out hope that one day they will start reporting the news rather than spinning the news,well,again I was disappointed,it`s not like they didn`t have any ammo,for gods sake just look at the series of bombshells,announcements and lies from the provincial government.

They could of talked about the red hot issue of the HST or the announcement of running deficits for four more years,there`s the 400 million in cuts to the health authorities,the slashed and cut programs,even a little story about the 9.999$ weekly online gaming limit would of been something or how about a mention of the $4 billion dollar fudget budget,nope,nothing nada.I recall Glen Clarks so-called fudget budget where a predicted small surplus turned into a 200 million$ deficit,the media went nuts,Canwest reporters followed Glen Clark around,camped outside his residence,the Vancouver Sun had front page stories forever on the issue,boy how times have changed!

Think about it,we just had an election,Campbell swore up and down about a small deficit which has ballooned to a $4 billion dollar deficit in 3 months.....Oh well,so what was the story last night,the lead story was a minute on BC`s own most wanted model killer,then they went into full blown Gordon Campbell television with a 4 to 5 minute piece on the FAST FERRIES........
That`s right,fast ferries,the first of the three CATS was being loaded on a transport ship in Deep cove then off to the middle east it goes........That was the story,but that`s not how Gordon Campbell television played it,they used the words and phrases, "The infamous fast ferries" and "The scandal" and "Massive cost-overruns" and it gets better,they dug up archive tapes with Glen Clark at the ceremonial launching of the fast cats,and it went on and on,they mentioned the price going from a budgeted 220 million to 400 million $$$,they mentioned how it "Doomed and sunk" the NDP...........That was it,that was their news cast,they only had news from 90s,nothing from the 21st century,they didn`t compare the cost overruns to...........

The convention center boondoggle which is under-booked,needing reno`s(already) that was run into the ground by Ken Dobell(Campbell`s office buddy)who was in charge of that project,the convention center with a budget of 400$ million that ballooned to almost 1 billion$$$,nope,no comparison made there,no comparison to the athletes village boondoggle,who the premier`s freind Ken Dobell was getting weekly reports on the progress of that project from the beginning but somehow didn`t report the massive cost overruns to Gordon Campbell,nope,no comparison to that.

It appears that Canwest Global and the Vancouver sun are stuck in the 90s and are incapable of mentioning the glaring Campbell Liberal boondoggles or scandals,I mean how can you compare a 200 $ million cost overrun to build ferries in BC to Gordon Campbell being sued by the HEU in the supreme court of Canada and losing(90 $million dollar settlement) or Liberal cabinet ministers under investigation,you know like John Les or Kash Heed or how about that other little scandal stewing away on the back burner....BC Rail...A rigged sale after a broken election promise,with missing Emails that were ordered shredded/obliterated during the last provincial election with the premier Campbell`s Campaign manager who was working for BC Rail doing SOMETHING and allegedly working for CN rail at the same time brokering "The Deal" and then the RCMP raid our legislature and haul out boxes of papers and computers which has spawned a court case that hasn`t gotten past pre-trial motions and discovery hearings in 5 years.........

And the same Patrick Kinsella who is involved in expanded gambling lobbying,the lobbyist for pay day loan companies,the lobbyist for private liquor,the lobbyist for Plutonic power controversial run of river projects and on and on it goes.......

So meanwhile Gordon Canwest Global Campbell television only wants to talk about the 90s -Glen Clark-fast ferries and a WHOPPING $200 million NDP deficit!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

What is the con man Gordon Campbell up to?
In thinking about all the shocking news from the BC Liberals over that last few days,the lies,the con job,the BS,something was gnawing on my mind,I couldn`t quite figure out what it was,was it the massive $4 billion dollar deficit,was it the cuts to healthcare,was it the attacks on libraries,community groups,nope,it wasn`t that,was it the good programs that were cancelled like....
The leaky condo loan grants,like power smart,the scholarships that were cancelled,was it cuts to legal aid or even the cuts to student loans,nope,heck it wasn`t even the BCLC getting into money laundering,there was something that I just couldn`t put my mind to it and then all of a sudden........
Pow,it came to me..........There was something about the last Colin Hansen press statement that wasn`t right,remember this one......
Coilin Hansen with the skill of a used car salesman said ......"The government is going to run deficits until 2013" and Campbell reiterated that the first order of business in the legislature is to re-write the balanced budget law......?
Now lets go back to last January,remember the legislature was re-called so Campbell could break his balanced budget law,and the re-called legislature sat on the week-end,for those of you not in the know it wasn`t an honorable thing to do to work week-ends,at least not in this case,the reason they sat on the week-end was.......
There is a rule,a stupid rule but never the less a rule,when the house sits on a week-end there is NO QUESTION PERIODS......In other words by Campbell forcing the house to sit on a week-end he did an end run around question period and if you recall,Carole James was screaming to have the house sit on the weekdays leading up to the week-end,well we know who won that battle,so why am I making a big deal out of this,well.............
If you recall,they changed the Vancouver charter so Gregor and the city of Vancouver could borrow like 800 million for the athletes village and they changed the balanced budget law,the BC Liberals brought in a bill to allow running deficits for fiscal 2009/2010 and 2010/2011.......and then they were going to return to balanced budgets by 2011/2012 because that WAS the LAW......
So why then did Colin Hansen state that the Campbell Liberals will be running deficits until 2013 and Campbell said the first order of business is to bring in another bill to allow running deficits until 2013 ? What`s the rush,the Campbell government already has the ability to run deficits until 2011.........
Why rush,are there no other priorities,why not wait until next year to bring in that bill,maybe the economy will turn around,maybe it won`t but there is no reason to waste a week of legislature time debating a balanced budget law that wouldn`t come into effect for years.
So there must be another motive,it is to reinforce the need for the HST,is it to waste valuable sitting time in the house,after all the BC legislature sits less days than any legislature in Canada,is it to trap the NDP? Are the NDP going to vote against the law to allow deficits for 4 more years,I hope so,what good would it do the NDP to support the deficit bill,Gordon Campbell would just use it against them.........
So I have some advice for the NDP.......Vote against the bill to allow running deficits for 4 more years and don`t debate it! We don`t need to hear your reason,just stand up and say your voting against it then sit back down and go to a house vote,they have the majority you can`t stop the bill,in the meantime don`t fall into Gordon Campbell`s trap,don`t let him play you,this game is over,move on to more important debates,like the HST.
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Get Ready For The Big HST Push Coming From Goverment And Big Business Mouth Pieces.

Get ready folks,I have heard the news and seen the subtle or in the case of the Vancouver Sun,not so subtle push to promote the HST,apparently Gordon Campbell has called in a few favours,this monday/aug/24th you are going to be bombarded on the radio,on the TV(paticularly Global News) and in the print media,a full frontal assault from business leaders promoting the HST.....

You will be hearing from : The boards of trade,Phil Hocstein,jock Finlayson,Mr. Winters,Leaders from the mining industry,the forestry industry and the oil n gas industry,the film industry and of course the road builders association.........

And you will be hearing these statements over and over again.....

Every independent economist in Canada is in favour of the HST

Every single accountant in Canada is in favour of adopting the HST

This is the single best thing we can do for the economy

Adopting the HST will increase productivity,it will make us more competitive in the international market

We have to stay competitive with Ontario,every other province is on board with the HST

Businesses have embedded PST in their costs,prices SHOULD come down over time,business will have major compliance savings

The PST is an outdated cumbersome tax,the PST is a labour intensive drag on business

Adopting the HST will result in job growth,as business lowers their costs they SHOULD be able to hire more workers

You will hear lots of gobbily goop,you`ll hears lots of words like,SHOULD and COULD and OVER TIME,and we will hear about all the other countries with value added tax(VAT) and how were lagging.....

And of course are American neighbors to the south don`t have a VAT......And believe me,with the state of the public`s purse,they won`t be going to a VAT anytime soon.......

Lets examine the corporate giveaways from Gordon Campbell to big industry and why they will be going to bat for him come monday......

The big three forestry companies have been given 500.000 hecters of crown forest for free,free to develop and sell to the highest bidder,land giveaways that our auditor general has described as "Not in the public interest,without consultation with the public or first nations" these forest giveaways were illegal in my opinion.....20% of Vancouver island has been given away,but it doesn`t end there,last fall Campbell lowered industries school tax load in half,that means that the public has to pick up that slack.....Still with forestry,in case none of you have heard,forestry companies are suing municipal goverments over their taxes,Catalyst has given Powell river,Port Alberni,Campbell river only 25% of their tax bill,they refuse to pay up,it`s still before the courts as we speak.

OIL n GAS- What has Campbell done for the oil n gas industry,well,lets start with 2 years ago when natural gas was about 13$ per million BTU,the gas drillers were rolling in cash,making money hand over fist,what did Campbell do? He gave them over 300 million$ in subsidies,thats right,when they were rolling in dough Campbell gave them more,and what did Campbell give them last month.....He announced that all new production from september to september(one year) will be charged a 2% royalty rate rather then the usual 20%...Say what!...

So with the price of natural gas so low,the province will be getting next to NOTHING from these new wells.

We will hear from the film industry,now with the film industry they will break about even with HST,they will get many flow throughs but they will be paying higher cost on so many more items,so why will they be stumping for Campbell? Simple answer here.........

Ontario has doubled the Film industry tax credits,the film industry is pleading for Campbell to match Ontario tax credits(Ontario is wooing our film industry)...So of course they are going to stump for Campbell........

So this is a heads up on the monday barrage,and remember that Campbell used Ontario to justify all the massive civil servant wage increases(We have to attract the best and the brightest,we have to stay competitive with Ontario or our civil servants will FLEE to Ontario).........

This is the game Mcguinty and Campbell are playing.....

This HST is the so-called called "trickle-down economics" well believe me,were getting trickled on alright buts it`s not money.......

The late Canadian economist John Kenneth Galbreth described the trickle-down concept as the "Horse-and-sparrow theory," which promotes the notion that "if you feed the horse enough oats,some will pass through to the road for the sparrow,"

Well my friends,haven`t we all eaten enough Gordon Campbell road apples? I have........

Bring on the revolution of change,either through recall,referendum,general strike,or an old fashioned pelting the politicians with raw tomatoes,whatever it takes!

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Premier Gordon Butterfly Campbell

Since the BC media stooges are incapable of writing anything coherent on a premier who flits from one idea to another,a premier who is in my opinion isn`t grounded in reality who in all likelihood requires a complete mental evaluation.

Lets go back to october 23/2008.......Does that date ring a bell,remember the televised 10 point economic plan that premier butterfly made on primetime news (6.00pm) aired on all the major television networks through out BC.....I do....and what exactly did the "monarch" say.....Here are a few quotes from that historic night from premier butterfly and and Colin Hansen....

Campbell said "British Columbians have every reason to be confident about their future" and "We have faced tough times before and come through with flying colours,this time will be no different" and what did Colin Hansen say in mid-september......"We still see our forecast of economic growth in British Columbia to be higher than pretty much any other jurisdiction in north America,and we expect that to continue"

The BC government had projected it would have a cushion of more than $1.7 billion this fiscal year-Comprising a surplus and a $750 million forecast allowance-that could translate into everything from tax cuts to extra spending........Hansen did not update those numbers wednesday,but acknowledged the turmoil of the past month.

Campbell told reporters after the speech that the plan is meant to give people money they can use to keep the economy strong. HMMMM,really Mr. Butterfly?

Campbell then said "I think the bottom line is we want to make sure we put more money into the economy" ........More money in the economy,hmmm.....He went on to say "We`ve watched as our province has gone through difficult times before and when you put more money in people`s pockets,more money in small business,more money into the industrial sector,I think that actually stabilizes the economy and helps people make choices for themselves"

So then premier Butterfly,lets talk the HST,a yearly 1.9 billion dollar consumer tax hit,1.9 billion less dollars per year from the consumers to stimulate the economy,what do you have to say about that?

Lets get back to the actual 9 point,err..10 point plan....Number 10 was to re-call the legislature,so lets stick to 9 point plan......Lets talk about number 6....let me refresh your memory......

#6)We are going to double the commission paid to business for PST and HRT collection,the province will double the commission it pays business for collecting the provincial sales tax and hotel room tax,that will provide more than 100,000 businesses with approximately $60 million over three years and add up to $1,200 to a business`s bottom line. ........How nice of you premier butterfly,such a grand gesture of kindness......but,wait for it.........

Under the HST tax change proposal business,small,large,medium will now be collecting taxes for NO FEES,that`s right,all tax collection fees are eliminated under HST......So that temporary gift to business has been SNATCHED away under HST,businesses will be paid NOTHING to collect the HST,what do you call that,well I can`t say that old phrase out of political correctness,lets just give it a new name......."A gordon giver"

Like I said,I really don`t believe premier monarch is mentally stable!
To finish off I give you a letter written by someone who is grounded in reality
Premier Butterfly
It`s no surprise that Gordon Campbell has put his vaunted Green Plan on the back burner,a cursory look at his time in office shows he can`t keep his attention on any file for more than a month or two.The sad thing is to be subjected to the hype that kicks off each new campaign and the terrible hangover that follows,Remember when he was the education Premier(thousands of oversized classes),the health premier(broken-down hospitals,thousands of mentally ill people on the streets),the first nations Premier(Millions wasted on stalled treaties),the literacy Premier(closed school libraries),the forestry Premier(thousands of forestry jobs lost),the law and Order Premier(raid on the legislature still not in court),the Four Golden Goodies Premier(economy in the tank) and the olympics Premier(Billions of tax dollars wasted)? He should really be known as the Attention Deficit Premier,our very own Premier Butterfly who flits from flower to flower,unaware of the destruction he leaves in his wake.
Peter Hill
Thank you Peter Hill
The Straight Goods
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