Friday, April 30, 2010

Gordon Campbell Unmasked

It took a while friends but it has happened, the entire Province can now see what we have seen for 8 years.

A power grab, an erosion of democracy, new legislation designed to hide everything, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond has had the door shut on her, now longer will she be able to protect children, vulnerable children, this move means but one thing, more funding cuts throughout the Children`s ministry. Gordon Campbell doesn`t want prying eyes to see what is coming.

The clean energy act, there isn`t much I can write that hasn`t been written on the maneuver, the BCUC has been gutted, they can`t stop any project that is for export, the BCUC is now mandated by the cabinet that it must approve all rate increases, basically any power buying agreement that Campbell enters into the BCUC must increase rates to the consumer to make sure B.C. Hydro remains static, if B.C. Hydro loses money on power exports the BCUC must increase our rates.

I have stated before the Gordon Campbell is a petty, vindictive man, the attack on the children`s representative was revenge, Campbell has decided to take his anger out on all of us, he`s angry that were signing petitions, he`s angry that we don`t love him after the Olympics, Gordon Campbell has decided to take off the mask, he realizes that the B.C. Liberals are now a dead party, there is no recovery from those numbers, this is Campbell`s last chance to scorch our Province, the Liberals last chance to feather their nest, and Campbell intends to gut health, education and our utilities.

Colin Hansen is mad that Elections BC has told him he can`t send out his propaganda, in fact the the tide has so turned against Gordon Campbell that his natural allies are abandoning him, I believe that even some of the pro-business people are getting scared of the deranged one, the Mayor of Richmond is now fighting tooth and nail to stop a pipeline project that was going to bring jet fuel to the airport, mayor Brodie has put the brakes on the project, but unfortunately Brodie knows that because of (I think bill 31) that bill the Province can over-ride any city or municipality`s jurisdiction, Campbell will ram the project through......I may be wrong but something is happening in the RCMP.

I know you will find this hard to believe but.....There has been some news released about all the shady land deals in Chiliwak, the police are going to (In my Opinion) lay charges against John Les...The smoking gun is there, there is no doubt deals were being cut left, right and center in Chiliwak, from what I heard John Les is smack dab in the middle of it. In fact, there was 115 boundary adjustments to do with land in the ALR, 115 land class changes in 97 municipalities and 53 of them were in Chiliwak, if that`s true, boy oh boy ....What a little cottage industry amongst the insiders in Chilliwak, someone has to fry, the fact the details are coming out, expect an annoncement very soon on John Les.

Kash Heed, again friends, Kash is going down, he will have to resign his seat, the RCMP...Whether you want to believe it or not, I think the police are now afraid of Gordon Campbell, it`s obvious to anyone that Gordon Campbell has flipped his lid, I am not alone in seeing behind the mask, Carole Taylor is officially out as is Dianne Watts, no one of standing will dare touch the B.C Liberal leadership, who ever runs will lose, Dianne Watts doesn`t want to sit as opposition leader, and as for Falcon, Hansen, Coleman, they are too stained to be viable, Gordon Campbell is staying, he won`t be resigning at all, Campbell intends to inflict as much damage as he can, our only hope is through "Recall in the Fall" ...!

With those 2 gone (Heed and Les) it will make our job easier, Recall is no longer wishful thinking, it has to be done, if we fail the Province will be destroyed, I get the sense that even Vaughn Palmer is worried, I`m still alarmed over how many seniors have died through germs, unclean hospitals, dirty care homes, recent announced cuts to the sterilization department, I believe that Campbell is so vindictive he would rather have old people die than get better, it costs money to treat seniors, so just kill them with guile and stress, right now my parents(plural) are both getting strange advice, a so-called specialist has mis-diagnosed my mother and cancelled a treatment that she was getting, the hospital in Burnaby is at a loss to explain the specialist`s advice, there are still good care givers out there but I believe there are plants in the system with bad intent, the Burnaby hospital is watching very carefully, they don`t trust the specialists advice, My dad rather than wait to die has spent a lot of money he doesn`t have to get diagnosed at a private clinic, thousands of dollars later, they have no answers except one...Spend 10,000$ more on tests, well the cow has been milked dry, there is no money left.

My dad (Happy Birthday May1) is in good hands at a good hospital, we were supposed to go fishing in a derby this week-end, I will be alone, I know everyone dies sooner or later, I`m not prepared or ready for loss(I don`t know that I ever will be), I called in some favours from above, a few more years for my folks and a meteor to fall on Gordon Campbell and his whole caucus.. I`ll settle for the former.

I don`t have much more for you at this time friends, my gloves come off, Gordon Campbell`s mask is off, we both can`t win this fight, this war, it`s not about now, were fighting for the future, for children, for elders, for all.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes full of Tears

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CKNW is Complicit On the HST Fraud!

You see folks, many of you may think I`m paranoid, but I assure you that I am not!

I was busy this afternoon, I didn`t listen to CKNW this afternoon, yesterday I wrote about how on Global noon news, when Keith Baldrey started talking about "Recall in the Fall" on the Monday April/26/2010 noon news on Global, as soon as Keith Baldrey mentioned Recall that sound on the TV went dead, all we had was Baldrey`s lips moving but no sound, first off, I am used to Baldrey flapping his lips and saying nothing but garbage but the sound is there, on Monday someone yanked the plug on the broadcast.

And in my post, 2 posts down from this one, I mentioned about a news Broadcast on Global news about a month ago where Chris Galais went to a taped segment about besides the HST coming, many other fees are going up, such as ferry fares, transit fares, hydro rates, MSP rates, but when Chris Galais went to the news clip the tape just fluttered, my dear mom called me and asked if I had seen the segment where the tape fluttered,......I said I did, we both watched the 11:00 PM Global news, again,........The late night host went to the same tape and.....

And 5 hours later the tape was still screwed, the public never saw it, we here at The Straight Goods are aware of all the increases because were informed, the masses are not, my mom`s and my radar was beeping, someone at global in my opinion sabotaged the tape, there can be no other answer, it wasn`t a satellite feed, it wasn`t a remote broadcast, the tape was a studio tape, yesterday when the sound went out is was Keith Baldrey talking, his face to our face, Baldrey was talking to a camera in his regular studio spot, a common occurrence on the noon news, someone pulled the plug and killed the sound!

Ok...So you think I`m paranoid, a coincidence, so like I said at the start of this post, I was out this afternoon, I didn`t listen to CKNW this afternoon, well guess what.....

Our regular contributor Crankypants (Cam) ...Made his usual informative comment on my last post, Cam mentioned that Randy White was on the Christy Clark show today and was highly critical of all the increases to Hydro, MSP, Transit, ferries and extra critical of the HST, in fact according to Cam(you can read his comment in the below post) Randy White stated that the HST and all the other increases are going to stagnate the economy, basically the same thing we have been writing about here .......

Well friends, I had to hear it, so I go to the CKNW audio vault, I first click on to 12:00 PM (Christy Clark starts at 12:30) ....I fast forward to 12:35 PM to 1:00 PM segment ...It`s not that segment,.....I click to the 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM segment, still no Randy White, I fast forward to 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM segment and........Drum Roll Please....

The 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM segment for April/27/2010 was purged from the CKNW audio vault!

Again friends, back to me being paranoid, my morning post today, I mentioned that Christy Clark and CKNW are the enemy,.....I mentioned Canwest Global news is the enemy....And I reiterate.

Again my assessment was bang on, another damning slag towards Gordon Campbell`s HST was purged. The enemy is here, it`s a coordinated effort, Canwest Global/CTV/CKNW/Christy Clark/Keith Baldrey/Bill Good/ There is the link to the audio vault, go ahead, look for the 1:30 Pm to 2:00PM segment for April 27/2010....It`s been purged, but it has been more than purged, there has been doctoring of the tape itself....Here this...the 1:00 PM to 1:30PM segment is there, but the 1:30 Pm to 2:00 PM segment is not.....It gets better...Usually just before the news break at the bottom of the hour, or the top of the hour, Christy Clark tells listeners who her next guest is or what the next topic is.....So since the 1:30 Pm to 2:00 PM segment has been purged, I listened to the 1:00 Pm to 1:30PM segment, fast forwarded to just before the news, and as usual, Christy Clark announces the next guest at roughly 1:28 PM .....But it wasn`t Randy White, it was about education, BUT, THE EDUCATION GUEST COMES ON AFTER THE 2:00 PM NEWS...

So not only did CKNW purge Randy White, CKNW doctored the audio vault with a slice and cut, that is pure BS....That is dishonest, they purged christy clark announcing Randy White at roughly 1:28 pm and replaced it with Christy Clark announcing the after 2:00 pm guest at 1:28 PM....Clearly the tape was cut and taped over, is that even legal!

There can be no doubt my friends, have a look at the above picture, that is what British Columbia has become.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Ears Wide Open

HST Revolt, How to Win, Cash is King

The Habitual liar Gordon Campbell is an arrogant pig, Colin Hansen(Ferret Face) is a putrid shit stained piece of used toilet paper, every B.C. Liberal is now on the "Recall in the Fall" hit list.

They won`t listen to 90% of the public, so until "recall in the fall" we will fight the HST through stealth, first off we need to identify the enemy, yes ENEMY, Christy Clark is an enemy, CKNW is an enemy, I got a huge laugh yesterday, I heard CKNW on the home page had an online poll, the question was, { Will you sign the HST petition}.......The latest poll numbers from reputable polling outfits peg the number at 80% who say they will sign the poll, yet the CKNW poll had 72% agreeing NOT to sign the poll, obviously the PAB(Public affairs bureau) had lots of free time to play with their cookies! What is it with the PAB, yesterday the blond PAB was standing behind Mike De Jong, what a scary looking alien she is, she has glasses, she tilts her head to one side, has her tongue hanging out of her mouth, in fact this particular PAB looks like a librarian on crack.

Canwest Global is the enemy, someone in production has been in my opinion sabotaging BC Liberal damning news stories, Gordon Campbell has control of the strings, every news story emanating from Canwest must be considered false, unless their reporting the sports or weather, every news story from Global news regarding the environment, business or politics must be totally ignored, it must be considered messaging from an attacking enemy.

The only thing left to do until "recall in the fall" is to fight back with our wallet, unfortunately the only way they will listen is to cut the money, we have to go out of our way to hurt Provincial revenue, here are some suggestions.

Number 1) Everyone along the Alberta border must boycott buying anything but the basics in B.C.....Buy all fuel in Alberta, buy all goods and services in Alberta, I am aware that you don`t want to hurt your local business but it must be done, the only way to change the direction of this Government is with a big stick, a big way to get their attention is by not buying any lottery tickets, none at all, forget the big jackpots, the Province makes a billion dollars per year on gaming revenue, let`s knock that number down by hundreds of millions, if gaming revenue fell by half they would reverse the HST in a heartbeat.

People who live along the Southern border, the dollar will be at par or better, buy your new tires in the US, have them put on your car while you are there, wear raggedy clothes heading down, returning as a sharp dressed man or woman, fill your gas tank, if possible bring a 25 litre gas container with you or 2, buy in bulk while you are across the line, sugar keeps, bread freezes, coffee stores well, school supplies and the like can be purchased, it`s time to be smarter.

Now I understand most can`t travel south or east but, if you live in a small town and are on good terms with local restaurant or eateries talk cash, no bill, no tax, forget paying only 5% tax on eating out, pay none! If your older and get landscaping or yard work done, offer cash with no bill, same with home renovations, buy basic groceries and cut off the junk food money for your children, start breaking the habit of spending, even though liquor isn`t being charged the HST cut in half or better going to watering holes, buy a box of beer and stay home or visit friends(Don`t drink and drive)....Buy a thermos and forget Tim Hortons, if each and everyone of us cuts out a couple of spending habits we can send Provincial revenue reeling, especially hurtful to Government is STOP BUYING LOTTERY.

This summer take your holiday in Alberta or Washington state, leave BC alone this year, avoid the ferry, avoid Vancouver island, wear your seat belt when driving, don`t speed, avoid any financial hits, I don`t want to hurt local business but we have to make a statement, short term pain for Democracy.

If the Provincial Government, Federal Government gets whacked with plummeting revenue they will back track, turn off your lights, even if you leave a room for a minute shut off the light, turn down the heat, for car repairs ask around and you will find a good backyard mechanic, get you dental check up and work done before July 1, if 3 million consumers pullback spending by 1/3 rd we can send a shock wave strong enough to bring down the house in Victoria, break your children`s habit, cut out the McDonald`s and slurpee`s, make them lunch, again if you cross the line you can buy bulk all your kid snacks, a dollar here, a dollar there, I am determined, I have already started, sorry folks, this corrupt Government will only understand getting hit with a large stick, who knows, maybe a revolution against consumerism will start, a revolt, polish up those old shoes, you can also buy online from out of Province, out of country, think of ways to beat the taxman at every turn or go without.

Our parents and grandparent made sacrifices, recycled for the war cause, bought fuel only on certain days, they rationed supplies, they did without, this is where we draw the line in the sand, the new war, the class war, us versus them, corporate power against the middle class, this is war, to the victor goes the spoils.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, April 26, 2010

Global News Sabatoges Recall in the Fall story?(Updated on bottom of post)

Friends, something terrifying is happening in our B.C. media, stories that are harmful to Gordon Campbell are being sabotaged by someone, it`s beyond coincidence, in my opinion someone is deliberately shutting down the news, where are we, is this Germany in the 1930s...This a serious stuff, the Campbell dictatorship must fall, they will fall, heads need to roll.
A couple of months ago on Global news there was a news piece about all the rising fees, the story started about the HST and then Chris Galais said......
."If you think your mad about the HST your going to be even madder about the rising costs of..........."

Then the film clip on Global news flipped and there was nothing but dead tape, what was on the film clip that the public never saw was a story about B.C. Hydro skyrocketing, Natural gas prices rising, ferry fares rising, transit fares rising, MSP rising....That is what was on the film clip, but the public didn`t see it, they didn`t see it on the 6:00 PM news, and even for the late news the film clip did the same thing, was it a coincidence, was it sabotage,was it a Gordon Campbell saboteur stopping the news!
This is not an accident, in my opinion someone either at the management or technical level of Global news someone is playing dirty possibly illegal tricks on British Columbian citizens.

Ok....So you think I am paranoid, well you won`t believe what happened on Global noon news today, they started the broadcast, the female host talked about how many people signed the petition, she mentioned how many riding`s are well over the top for required signatures, then they went to the top stooge Keith Baldrey, Baldrey started talking about how Gordon Campbell and Mike De Jong are going to bring in closure to stop debate on the HST and ram the HST down our throats, then Keith Baldrey started to talk about how the over 5000 canvassers are going to immediately target B.C. Liberal riding`s for Recall and that it could be the.
Then folks the sound from the Global news went dead, the sound was off, all we had was Keith Baldrey moving his lips but there was no sound, the sound stayed dead until Keith Baldrey and the recall story was gone, the sound came back as soon as they went to the next story!

Look friends, I watch the first few minutes of the news everyday, this never happens, once in a blue moon, and it appears there is a blue moon every time there is a very damaging story for Gordon Campbell on Global news!
As you know, Keith Baldrey is a pro Campbell Liberal, normally nothing but propaganda and spin come from his mouth, usually Baldrey says nothing without slagging the NDP, today my friends the "Silence from Keith Baldrey was deafening".

I will be watching Global news at 5:00 PM and 6:00PM tonight to see if the recall story gets replayed, and if it does will the sound get yanked by hook or by crook from the broadcast.
Your going down Campbell, and whoever is sabotaging critical news reports, I`m coming after you too!
Updated here...I watched the 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm Global news, the story was purged, removed, Global got their marching orders, perhaps one of my faithful readers can call into the cutting ledge show on cknw friday, 9:00am....Ask Baldrey what happened to the sound when he started talking about recall on the noon news April/26/2010 when the sound died,(Both Brian and I are banned from calling, they won`t put either of us on the air,be sneaky about it,don`t tell the guy who answers the phone what your real question is,fib!).....I can`t be alone, who else out there saw Baldrey start to talk about recall only to have the sound magically disappear until Baldrey left and the news piece was over, this is the second time where damning stories to the Campbell Government were sabotaged, last time it was the taped story, this time the sound vanished.
I again will reiterate, on the noon news on Global ....Keith Baldrey was talking in person, face to our face talking, he was talking about the HST, talking the Government resorting to Closure, then Baldrey said..."The canvassers can have more success with a recall campaign targeting".......Then the sound died, Baldrey`s lips were moving but we couldn`t hear any sound for the next minute, what Baldrey was trying to say before the broadcast got hijacked was, canvassers can have more success targeting Liberal riding`s that were closely fought, recall is binding, a successful recall campaign will result in bi-elections in those riding`s which could bring down the Government....
That my friends is what Keith Baldrey was saying, yet the sound was gone, When Baldrey left and the next story came on the sound came back!
Anyone who watched the noon news on global please respond in the contribution section

The Straight Goods
Cheers-Ears Wide Open

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Enbridge Pipeline Disaster is an Inevitability

The silence from David Suzuki and Tzeporah berman is "Deafening" .....As you know folks I have written about the still lingering legacy of the Exxon Valdez, we also made a journey through time and had a sneak preview of the future, coincidentally 12 hours after our journey a tanker grounded on the Great Barrier Reef, today an environmental disaster is unfolding off the Louisiana coast, yet our big media, newsprint, radio, T.V. has gone all but silent on the subject of Enbridge and coastal tankers.

Also friends, during our last fraudulent election professor Weaver made robo-calls, David Suzuki held press conferences, Tzeporah Berman was shilling on radio and T.V. .....Shilling for the vaunted carbon tax, and as predicted by most thinkers without a bias or paid endorsement, the carbon tax has done nothing to reduce emissions, NOTHING, in fact British Columbia was the only Province in Canada to have a spike in Green house gases, transportation emissions did fall by 0.7 percent, but they fell more in other Provinces without the carbon tax, and the only reason they did fall was, in 2008 gasoline spiked to $1.50 per litre, now that the price has settled, regular driving has returned, in fact there are hundreds of thousands more vehicles on the road today in B.C. then there was before the carbon tax, yet this corrupt Government and phony environmentalists continue to play a muggs game.

People have to drive, public transit through most of the Province is not an option, but what I really want too talk about is oil, I have heard nothing from David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman about site C, they have been strangely silent on the Enbridge pipeline, not one word from them about the Grounded vessel on the Great Barrier Reef, nothing on the Hebei Lion that grounded in the lower Gulf Islands, nary a word about the now 40 miles wide oil slick off the coast of Louisiana, .......What`s up Suzuki, have your string pullers muzzled you, where are you Tzeporah, are you designing another fake award for your mentor Gordon Campbell?

And as for our big media, why have you gone silent on this latest disaster with oil!

This current disaster, dozens of skimmer vessels are on site, airplanes are dropping dispersements onto the ever growing oil slick, the latest news has 100,000 barrels of oil per day leaking from the well, from what I have read the experts say it could takes days or months to cap this well, in other words they don`t know, the well is 5000 feet below the surface, all the oil is puking into the ocean, the bottom of the ocean, even the oil dispersements solutions, what this stuff does is......It makes the surface oil sink to the bottom, despite putting man on the moon we still have no effective means of cleaning oil spills or mitigating the damage, why hasn`t Harper spoke of this disaster or Enbridge, where is your press conference and photo-op Blair Leckstrom, can you shine a light on the darkness, what do you say now robo calling professor Weaver, where are you hiding the microphone Tzeporah, David Suzuki, are you resting, retired, or irrelevant?

All the salmon fry were slaughtered in Burnaby creek a few months back, there is a large oil/diesel spill that came from an industrial site flowing down a river in Surrey yesterday, early reports aren`t good, the B.C. ministry of environment is not concerned, there will be no investigation and no culprits will be found, there is no desire from Barry Penner to find guilt against Gordon Campbell`s friends.

The weather has been dead calm off the Louisiana coast, no storms, the growing spill is tens of miles from shore, the tidal action out there is tepid, no coves, no bays, no inlets, no large tidal swings like we have on our B.C. coast, no fast moving tides like we have, no stormy weather like we get daily, a spill like that in the Hecate Strait with fast moving tides, strong winds and heavy seas would be a disaster, if ever a call should be made to cancel Enbridge now is the time, even double hulled vessels aren`t safe, one was punctured just months ago in Houston, a barge hit the tanker and punctured a section of the vessel, hundreds of thousands of gallons puked into Houston harbour, yet the silence from all of the above is deafening!

No matter what mitigation efforts are made off Louisiana it won`t be enough, the dispersements they use to sink the oil to the bottom, I have researched this process, the oil turns into little balls, these balls sink to the bottom where they roll along the bottom, pushed by tide, no matter what, there is an environmental disaster 5000 feet below the surface, the 40 mile wide surface slick is but one tiny part of this nightmare, local enviro groups are standing ready to rescue birds, the slick is heading to shore, a fragile ecological area, migratory birds, shrimp, crabs, spawning beds, wet lands, just imagine if a deep low system or hurricane roared through that area, the clock is ticking.

If a similar spill occurred on our B.C. coast we wouldn`t have the luxury of time, the oil would have already destroyed miles of the coast, birds, kelp forests, otters would be dead, and yet Gordon Campbell, his award winning carbon tax that has done nothing, his speeches from 2 years back about Global warming being the biggest threat mankind faces, premier Butterfly has pollinated that flower and moved on, his priorities have changed, gas flaring and getting heavy crude oil to China is his latest fancy, no, that`s not true, that was his priority all along, Gordon Campbell cares not one bit about the environment, he never did, the carbon tax was a green wash, a green wash that the environmental groups sold for a dollar! Right Marc Jaccard?

One of the reasons B.C.s emissions spiked upward is gas flaring in the Peace region, well Marc Jaccard, did you not launch an attack against the NDP for suggesting that the EnCana gas players be charged money for flaring sour gas, did you not hit the airwaves with your phony Jack Mintz type report about job losses if we dared challenge the natural gas drillers to stop flaring?

Yes friends, Marc Jaccard(jackass) is a paid stooge and despite his degree`s from universities, I could out debate Jaccard and put him in his place, expose his voodoo bullshit for what he is, A CON MAN without standing, as for you Suzuki, time to park the bus, go home to your little island and wait for the oil slick, Tzeporah Berman, time for you to chain yourself to another tree, in fact chain yourself to a raw log heading for China and take a box full of Gordallions with you!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nice Cuff Links Kash Heed,John Les and Jane Thornthwaite!

Sometimes folks I need to vent a little bit, when Gordon Liar Campbell stabbed us in the back with the HST, before anything could happen the bill had to go to Ottawa to be voted on, like I have said in the past, the Conservatives and federal Liberals are 2 sides of the same coin, Harper agreed to put his hand on the knife and thrust, so did the spineless jelly fish known as Federal Liberals, but what about the Bloc Quebecois?

Right now there is a tax revolt happening in Quebec and B.C., Quebecers are furious with their Provincial Government, obviously that HST thing ain`t working for Quebec, could you imagine the howls we would be hearing if MPs from B.C. and the rest of Canada voted against the wishes of 90% of the people from Quebec and rammed a tax down their throat, screams calling for a revolution and separation from Rideau hall to the Ottawa river would be reverberating across Canada, so why does a party that only represents Quebec and separation have a right to ram a tax down our throats here in B.C.?

Now don`t get me wrong, I like the French, they sure know how to party and their cuisine is delicious, some of my closest friends are French Canadian, and as for the opposite persuasion, those girls with that accent are enough to melt this persuader`s abrasive exterior, but I digress, it`s my belief that Quebec`s self interest Government has no right to impose their will upon other Provinces, Quebec`s votes in Ottawa should be limited to National issues, PERIOD!

But what I really wanted to talk about was law breaking and possibly corrupt B.C. Liberals being allowed to vote for Legislation in the house, take John Les for example, Les has been under investigation for land zoning fraud and or influence peddling for almost three years, I have zero faith in the RCMP for resolving any public official investigation, unless it`s a patio deck or someone grabbing a breast on facebook, put this thought in your mind, John Les votes to stab you in the back with the HST and in the near future he may be removed from Government and facing criminal charges, until the Les investigation is over he should have no vote, and that goes the same for Kash Heed, it`s my belief that Kash Heed is guilty as sin, he left West Vancouver with a dark cloud hanging over his head and complaints filed against him for interfering with a child pornography case by fellow officers, and as for the alleged complaints filed against Kash Heed over the election, we know Kash Heed is being sued for firing a campaign official without warning or cause, why was that campaign worker fired? Was he fired to give room for Barinder Sall to work his majic, I know one thing, the election complaint is serious and has legs, the police have had almost a year to clear Barinder Sall and Kash Heed, the fact that the investigation is ongoing speaks volumes to me(Guilty imo). In fact I have heard some things about this case, I expect the shoe to fall on Heed by June!

So again friends, think of your outrage when Kash Heed sticks us with a shank and votes the HST upon us, and within a matter of weeks he potentially resigns for election tampering by him or his top staff Barinder Sall, we don`t know for sure YET, but again, should Kash Heed be allowed to vote on any bill in the house with these dark clouds hanging over his head, I don`t think so, as for John Von Dongen, John Dongen has no corruption or criminal charges against him, John Von Dongen only endangered the public`s life by being a serial speeder, that is slightly different, or is it? John Dongen has shown poor judgement, myself, I have never had a regular speeding ticket in my life, let alone multiple excessive speeding tickets, Dongen has shown no capability of exercising proper judgement, so once again folks should Von Dongen be allowed to vote on the HST, in fact Von Dongen after a 4 month driving suspension has already got another ticket, this one was apparently for running a red light, the man just won`t learn and or refuses to abide by the same rules as us mere mortals, Von Dongen has no right to vote on anything that requires clarity of thought!

Of course those individuals can`t look to Gordon Campbell for a moral compass, Gordon Campbell lost his compass while swerving down a hawaii highway while full of wine and matini`s, a complete lack of judgement, a deliberate disregard to the safety of the driving public, for a complete report from the arresting officer and what he saw and why he pulled Gordon Campbell over and arrested him read this!

And that brings me to Jane Thornthwaite, here we were hosting the world, tens of thousands of Olympic visitors roaming the streets, the entire GVRD was told not to drive, take transit, stay off the street, but no, Jane Thornthwaite ignored that advice, she has an expense account, taxpayer paid for Olympic event tickets, what does she do, glug glug glug, burp! Hops in her car and takes a backdoor route to North Vancouver and fortunately for the public at large ran into a road block, they haul her butt down to jail where she proceeds to blow well over the legal limit, what kind of judgement does Jane Thornthwaite possess, NONE! And of course Gordon back stab Campbell gives her the two thumbs up of forgiveness. jane Thornthwaite has no right to vote on any bill requiring clarity of judgement!

Sorry folks, I get a real sour taste in my mouth knowing these immoral, possibly criminal rejects get to cast their vote on our future! and lastly friends, I have a funny feeling that a bunch of B.C. Liberals will be getting shiny new CUFF LINKS!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Friday, April 23, 2010

Colin Hansen Reaches Desperation Stage!

Yes indeed friends, Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are in a fever pitch desperation mode, a shocking case of begging and pleading by Colin Hansen at the 2010 outlook conference organised by the B.C. council of business.

My signature tally on the HST petition grows bigger and bigger everyday, local residents have put in requests to me too go to friends homes to have them sign, I have re-assured them that I will start the door to door campaign soon, but as it stands I`m still racking up big numbers of signatures at central locations.

I heard a news report about the 2010 outlook conference today in Vancouver, Colin Hansen addressed to the crowd, in his speech Colin Hansen pleaded with business owners to educate their customers on how great the HST is, it reeked of desperation, now folks, that is not MY interpretation of what Colin Hansen said, that is what the reporters said to Colin Hansen after his speech! The reporters were LAUGHING at Colin Hansen, laughing out loud and in numbers!

Can you imagine, Hansen expecting business people to pull their customers aside and tell them they are all wrong about the HST, LOL HA HA.....The laughter rang throughout the crowd, I don`t know what or who they were laughing at but I suspect the captive audience was laughing at Hansen`s suggestion and laughing at Colin Hansen himself, I just don`t picture a roofing company telling their customers that this big tax hit is all good, I don`t see funeral parlours telling grieving survivors that a $700 tax hit on 1 funeral is great, tourism, restraurants, service providers, not one of these business`s are going to defend this tax, Colin Hansen knows his party is officially dead, no Dianne Watts can save them, let me be perfectly clear, I am strongly opposed to the HST because it`s nothing but voodoo economics from paid spin doctors, it will drive a bigger underground economy, create tax cheats, reduce Government revenue and services, in fact Colin Hansen is on record as saying the HST will mean hundreds of millions of dollar in less Government revenue annually.

Which means but one thing, the B.C. Liberals will have to raise more taxes on the public to make up for the $2 billion dollar tax increase on the consumer, does that make sense?

The fever pitch panic by the liberals can be cut with a knife it`s so thick, but I`m glad the B.C. Liar party is bringing in this tax, this betrayal, deception, scam, with Canwest Global and the big media pulling for Campbell it would have been hard to unseat them, but with the HST it`s now not a matter of if they will be removed as a political party but when, so I can live with the HST knowing that the Liberals are gone, tax policy can be changed, exemptions can be given back and new taxes put on wealthy corporations, so the NDP can mitigate the tax and lobby to get rid of it all together.

Also friends, Donna Barnett of Caribou Chilcoltin is in hiding in her own riding, Don McCrae is a no show in the Comox valley, and there are several resignations coming from the B.C. Liberals before the fall session, the party has a strong morbid overtone, the big red machine has blown a gasket, leaking oil, the machine is parked on the side road spewing smoke, so that my friends is my HST consolation prize.

There was more disgusting news, there was announced cuts to the HEU today, the cuts are coming from the hospital instrument sterilization department, like I said, Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell have blood on their hands, recently in the news there were stories about sterilization problems with hospital surgical instruments, thousands in Victoria are having to get tested for Hep C and other blood borne diseases, a germ filled Nanaimo hospital has led to at least 6 direct deaths, a lack of cleaning hours from the service provider, now Kevin Falcon is cutting the instrument sterilization department, Falcon claims that surgeries are being reduced so those instrument cleaners aren`t required, another potentially life risking move by the lying Campbell Government!

These cuts will continue all year and next, as I reported in my last story, Government revenues are down over $1 billion dollars from budget projections, the Campbell Government is prepared to let BCers suffer and risk more lives, all to find more money for the retractable roof, the way over budget SFPR (south Fraser perimeter road) and of course, hundreds of millions in power buying losses.

I don`t know what kind of blood oath these B.C. Liberals have signed, these MLAs will stand by and watch Falcon and Campbell risk their constituent`s live`s.....Just another day, another Friday document dump day. So Campbell will be permitted by Donna Barnett, Don mcCrae, Ida Chong, and others to dismantle our Province, Campbell will be permitted to destroy and take live`s, but "recall in the Fall" will spell the end of them forever, looks like Carole James will become premier after all, you see folks, we don`t need to recruit canvassers for recall, we have over 6000 canvassers ready to go, and when Campbell and Hansen ignore the HST initiative it will so infuriate the electorate that recall will be a for sure thing, you see, there are enough NDP voters alone in a dozen ridings for recall to be successful, but there will also be thousands of ex B.C. Liberals voters prepared to sign a recall campaign, I have asked people who signed my petition if they would be prepared to sign a "Recall in the Fall" petition, everyone of them have said, ABSOLUTELY....

There was one more phony announcement today, it looks like even the federal Conservatives are desperate, Stockwell Day announced....

The Federal Government is prepared to "Advance next years gas revenue to municipalities so they can try and beat the deadline for stimulus spending" snip......So that was the big announcement from Stockwell Day, in order to juice the economy now, cities can borrow against their future revenue, what a ridiculous announcement, and let me explain why Stockwell`s announcement was nothing but phony politics, all projects must be approved, projects take time to be approved, projects must be 100% completed by March 31/2011....11 months from now, too late Stockwell day! Mr. Stockwell Day, if you are so concerned, extend the stimulus timeline another year into 2012.....Believe me Stockwell Day, the B.C. economy will tank and stumble from a combination of people shopping in Alberta on one side, trips to the US in the south where the masses are, a booming underground economy, in fact local restaurants have told me off the record that cash is king and bill books can thin out!

Adios Colin Hansen, Donna Barnett, Don McCrae, Ida Chong, Murray Coell, Gordon Campbell, Margaret McDiarmid, Pat Pimm, Bill Bennett, Ron Cantelon, Shirley Bond, Pat Bell......There will be more!

The Straight Goods

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gordon Campbell and Canwest Global Situation Comedy Show

Well friends, lots of interesting developments, Vaughn Palmer wrote about all the B.C. Liberals backbenchers talking badly about Gordon Campbell, panic has set in among Liberal MLAs.

But there are far more storm clouds on the horizon, a little birdie whispered to me that Kash Heed will be gone just before the June deadline, he would be gone now except for Campbell needs his enablers to help him commit political suicide with the HST, but that`s the rub, that is exactly what the backbenchers are talking about, many Liberals concede quietly that the party is over, riding`s like the Caribou Chilcoltin, Comox valley, Oak Head, Mission and more are already considered orange and lost, also backbenchers admit that there will be no taking of other seats in other riding`s to offset the losses.

There are a few more prominent B.C. Liberals that think maybe the party can be saved if Campbell leaves fast, before "Recall in the Fall" but that reality is false, this HST freight train isn`t about Gordon Campbell, it`s about taxation that people can`t afford!

Despite the lies from Campbell and Hansen about the HST, there are zero studies and proof of benefits, Jack Mintz has been thoroughly discredited, you see folks the HST is so easy to figure the impact upon the middle class, Hansen states that 1.1 million low income people will receive a HST credit, Hansen also states that the low income earners will be further ahead with the tax credit, in other words Hansen states those low income earners won`t be paying any HST, so let us assume that is correct, so here is the simple math, once you take out the 1.1 million low income earners, that leaves 2 million taxpayers in B.C. (our population is 4 million but children don`t pay tax) so if you divide 2 million taxpayers into $1.9 billion dollars that means that each taxpayer will be out roughly $2000 dollars per year....

You can slice and dice and mince and chop and spin like a top but the bottom line is the HST will cost your average Joe $2000 dollars per year, simple math friends,my favorite kind!

Did you catch on CTV news tonight(how refreshing without bill Good) Bill Vanderzalm was in Mary Polak`s riding tonight, a full house of voters signing the petition, I can`t discuss the real numbers or totals but the number is huge, despite advertised totals, there is a method to the madness, a few people have been bandying around Dianne Watts name as the saviour of the Liberals, I have first hand knowledge that she`s out, Dianne is fine in a happy crowd but she can`t cut it under hostile fire, she doesn`t want to age fast like some unmentionable B.C. Liberal MLAs...Eh SB? Well I digress.

You see folks, 85% are against the HST, another separate poll has 80% wanting more funding for education, and as for budget revenue, like I reported earlier, $52 million has been allocated for firefighting, that number will be out by $300 million, natural gas revenue was predicated on $6 to $8 dollar range, the price is still below $4 dollars, that my friends translates into a $700 million dollar hole on natural gas revenue alone, it`s going to be "The long Hot Summer".

But what I really wanted to talk about was Campbell`s latest photo-op on Global news, a Euro/Chinese company bought the mill in Mackenzie, the company is called ...Paper excellence B-V ..a subsiduary of Sinar Mas....They have hired 80 people to get the mill ready for later this summer, so there was Gordon Campbell with camera`s rolling, hard hat and vest, thank goodness he wasn`t wearing one of his ego bling bling gold medals, otherwise known as a Gordallion,....

Here is the deal with this mill, not exactly time too celebrate, of course Gordo Vision, Global news played the fool and laid it on thick, blondie started the piece about how the great forest recovery is underway, LOL LOL HA HA.....The deal with this mill is, they will be milling log into cants, cants are squared off logs, the logs will go to China, and guess where 80% of the pulp is going, the pulp is going to China too, that`s right folks the pulp will be shipped out to our competitors in China, now don`t get me wrong, these jobs are welcome but this is not sustainable, foreign owned mills sending the pulp to China, cants going to China, but boy did Canwest play up this situation comedy propaganda piece on Gordovision television.

But I`m curious, Gordon Campbell has never met a camera he didn`t like(except the one in the Maui lock-up) HA HA, I couldn`t resist that one folks, I heard Jane Thornthwaite`s profile in North Vancouver lock-up was stunning, LOL LOL...When your on a roll.

But let me remind you and Canwest about this great forestry recovery, Pat Bell has stated that harvesting is down 35% this year over last year, and Pat Bell issued pink slips to 204 employees in the ministry of forestry, does that sound like a recovery? And how many forestry jobs have been lost since Gordon the Impaler took office? Answer 30,000 ....How many mills have closed? Answer 71 mills closed, but on Gordovision T.V. the recovery is underway, what about Government revenue from forestry, 3 years ago it was $1 billion dollars, last years number was $491 million dollars, I don`t know about you but that`s not much of a recovery.(read a good accurate story by Gerry Warner at the Cranbrook Daily Townsman here, a good read

And I was reading the Alberni times, the Big CEOs have stated there will be no recovery until lumber prices go up a bunch and until B.C. wages become more competitive with overseas wages, yikes! They only make $2 dollars a day in China, oh yea, isn`t that where the pulp and cants are going from the mill that has been bought by a foreign multinational, you betcha!

I don`t recall Gordon Campbell visiting any of the 71 closed mills for a photo-op, I recall 5 or 6 Evergreen line photo-ops, I don`t know how many times the construction office for that line has been opened and closed, it definitely opens up 6 months before every election! But as for forestry boy are the CEOs ever sending a dour tone over wages, over this years cut, even Brookfield management who owns WFP (Western forest Products) are worried, Brookfield management, where have I heard that name before, could it have something to do with Jack Mintz, Yes friends, Jack Mintz is on the board of directors with Brookfield management, Mintz also sits on the board of directors of Shell oil, or was that Imperial oil, It`s all so confusing, Jack Mintz sits on so many boards of directors of big HST loving companies, I wonder why he flip flopped on the HST and wrote a sloppy, poorly researched, faith based report on the HST, and a thorough report it was, a whole 12 pages for $1200,00 dollars, 1000.00 per page. (here is the story predicting nothing but bad in forestry here)
Anyway, the spin from Global T.V. is unreal, Gordon Campbell calls them up and they rush over to do his bidding, they never do a lick of research, they have a newsroom, they must have a reporter working somewhere, although investigative reporters and Global don`t mix, the only thing they investigate is some youngster grabbing a breast on facebook or the amount of fuel a cessna burns flying to the Ashlu on earth day, I wonder how much fuel 5 lear jets burn flying to Hudson`s Hope for a Canwest/Global photo-op ? Perhaps an investigative reporter could crunch the numbers, and don`t forget about the apologist Keith Baldrey, he is a great little toadie, no one can read a PAB press release like Baldrey, of course they could always get a few facts over here at The Straight Goods, ah, never mind.
There are a few festivals on the coast this week-end, and we will have our team of canvassers at all of them, we will be well over the top this week-end, although we aren`t stopping at 3600 signatures, were shooting for 10,000 in our riding`s, or more, I can`t tell you how happy people are to sign the petition, one more thing friends, the burning oil rig in the gulf of Mexico sunk tonight, now 300,000 barrels of oil are spilling into the ocean, they have to somehow cap the well, the oil is heading for the US coast, so who wants too talk about the Enbridge pipeline and oil tankers plying the inside waters of B.C........Risk management, it can`t happen again can it?
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Gordon Campbell turned his back on the health of Prince George

(Hello folks, I am re-posting this story, the reason I`m re-posting is because a commenter was disgusted with the post below about how Gordon Campbell hates children, the commenter thought I was one-sided and cruel, I would like that commenter to read this story about how Gordon Campbell and the ministry of environment ignored toxic air reports in Prince George, the air reports showed formaldehyde levels 20 times the highest acceptable standards, the reports were ignored, the report wasn`t made public until 10 months later, 1 week after the May election, by the way, Gordon Campbell broke the law by not reporting the toxic air report, issues of public safety must be reported, .......So anyone who thinks I am wrong about Gordon Campbell not caring about children and families, read this and leave a comment)

Friends, this is a huge story that the media has ignored, Global news never reported the story about Gordon Campbell concealing a damning air quality report about Formaldehyde levels 20 times the acceptable maximum Provincial level, negligence or incompetence or willfulness?

The story broke thursday by the CBC...Not a word by Global news on Thursday or friday,NOTHING....CKNW didn`t report the story on Thursday, not even on the cutting ledge with Bill Good,Palmer or Baldrey...Bitter Brian was on hold the whole show wanting to bring it up, apparently Brian is Banned, I guess the "Three stooges are afraid of him"...Imagine that!

The Story the Main stream media ignored.....I have learned a few more details on this shocking story.

  1. First off, it wasn`t that the ministry of Environment voluntarily did air testing in the Millar addition, no siree Bob...The air tests were done because the people,the children at the daycare and school in that area, the seniors living in that residential area, the locals resident were complaining about the Air quality and bad smell.

  2. So the testing was ordered, and guess what, the readings were off the chart with Formaldehyde levels nearly 20 times the highest acceptable standard.

  3. Well,well, well, so here the ministry ordered tests after the public complained about air quality, the results were sky-high.

  4. So what did the ministry do next, NOTHING, the local people were told nothing, the report was buried for18 months...Until the CBC broke the story.

  5. There have been a few statements from Shirley Bond and Pat Bell and from the ministry that, the readings were so high we considered the possibility that the readings were false readings.

  6. That may well be true but.....Wouldn`t you immediately order new tests? Wouldn`t you advise the public to avoid going out in that air,or exercising or jogging in that area?

None of those things happened, Gordon Campbell was asked about the air quality report for that area on CTV on Friday....And what Gordon Campbell said was..."It`s a very tricky air shed" snip

That is not much of an answer,is it? Formaldehyde,a known carcinogen, a known cause of cancers, it causes breathing difficulties, eye trouble, known to cause Asthma, and it is also used for embalming corpses!

Where was the ministry of healthy living and sport on this issue, where was the ministry of the Environment, where indeed.

Of course new testing has been ordered but......The local Pulp mill the day before the CBC broke the story has shut down unexpectedly,ahead of a April scheduled shutdown to repair a boiler and do maintenance, so any new air tests being done wouldn`t tell us much, and of course all the Big industry in the area is aware that there will be testing.(read about the early mill shut down here),+mill+moves+into+maintenance+mode?id=143&st=20

Look folks, the shocking air tests are bad enough, the responsibility of Government is to protect public health and safety, if the air was bad,notify the people,find the source and fix the problem,that is what should have been done, but it wasn`t, that`s the big story here, not the bad air but the deliberate cover-up and or malfeasance and no new testing.

Gordon Campbell and his red mitts turned his back on the people of Prince George.

What kind of human being does that? How many parents are freaking out about the health of their children, you can`t go back in time and make it not happen, you don`t get a do-over when you have cancer, and in researching this subject Prince George has some of the highest cancer rates in BC,without a doubt.

Port Alberni 20 years ago stunk from the industry,it was enough to make people noxious, cancer rates in Port Alberni were well above Provincial averages, but over a decade ago,maybe 2 decades ago the mills in Port Alberni cleaned up their act, the water is clean, the air shed in Port Alberni is fantastic, my last trip to Prince George was like going back to the 80s, the town stunk, stunk like Port Alberni used to stink.

The story gets better from Shirley Bond and Pat Bell, Bond stated that she became aware of the air reports from a constituent who said the air report was on PGAIR website, well I looked there and there was no report, I tried several links they had but the links were dead, apparently wherever the links went are now gone,coincidence,maybe, or maybe the damning air report has been squelched,(here is the link to PGAIR)

I`m digging around for answers.(read what Shirley Bond and Pat Bell said here)

But I have to give credit to Gordon Campbell(The man who turned his back on the health of Prince Georgers)....Because guess what, there is a brand new state of the art northern cancer clinic recently built in Prince George, I`m sure the town will be needing it!

Can anyone come up with one plausible reason why the BC Government buried the report and did no further testing, especially since the ministry was so alarmed with readings that they mused to themselves that maybe the tests were flawed, but considering it was the local people complaining that spawned the initial air quality tests, and what are we talking about, these tests are how much, $100K.....$300K per test...$1 million per test.....Nope, the price is actually.. 6,000.00$.....6 thousand dollars....Less money than Gordon Campbell`s deputy secretary Jessicca McDonald made each week(before she resigned)....But apparently that was too big of an expenditure for the BC Liberals..

And there is the other possibility, perhaps the Gordon Campbell Government didn`t want to upset its corporate friends, and we were also heading into an election year, we wouldn`t want to lose votes..

After all, Gordon Campbell has the carbon tax, premier greenjeans top concern was future generations and his goal of reducing greenhouses gasses by 33% by 2020....I guess Prince George air shed slipped his mind, I guess people`s health slipped his mind, I am no brain surgeon but I bet dollars to doughnuts that there are thousands of freaked out parents worried about their children.

And this nothing little story that Global news and the cutting ledge all but ignored, yea, a nothing story, friends, people would give their last dollar not to die prematurely from cancer,some of the richest people in the world didn`t have enough money to prevent cancer from killing them, including recently Patrick Swayze....And a dear friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with cancer, real serious stuff from all accounts, inoperable, a person that has been fighting tooth and nail to save BC rail, to hopefully get our beloved railway back,or at least to find out all the dirty little details.

That person is right next to Alexandra Morton, both heroes but on different levels, an environmental hero and a justice hero.....I am of course talking about BC MARY...Stress is also known to cause cancer, and I know for fact that Mary has absorbed a great deal of stress on our behalf, my prayers and best wishes go out to my hero BC Mary, and I know you faithful readers of The Straight Goods are sending prayers Mary`s way....I like the sound of that ...

"Mary`s way".....I think it would make a good movie.

What kind of premier would turn their back on Prince George and bury that toxic air report, a demented power hungry premier, one with no regard for anyone but his corporate backers,a premier who has refused to raise the minimum wage even one penny in 9 years, a premier of a Province that has had the most children living in poverty for 6 years going on 7 years, a premier who cut funding for special olympics, a premier who cut funding for specialized treatment for young autistic children, a premier who capped insulin pumps for poor children at 200 per year when there are hundreds more waiting, a premier that has $600 million dollars for a retractable roof on an old stadium, those my friends are the priorities of Gordon Campbell.....And Global news, CKNW,Bill Good/Keith Baldrey/Michael Levy and many more are all complicit in giving the habitual liar Gordon Campbell a free pass!

The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gordon Campbell Hates Children

I am so ashamed of Gordon Campbell and every B.C. Liberal, what kind of a blood oath did they take to agree to harm the Province and hurt Children.

Margaret McDiarmid, the minister of education, a doctor by trade, she has plenty of personal wealth, so why would she keep denying the crisis in public education, did she not notice the hundreds of parents and students rallying in front of her constituency office, has she not noticed the rallies over the lower mainland by parents fighting tooth and nail to save their child`s education? What happened to the hippocratic oath

How can you Magraret McDiarmid look at yourself in the mirror, what blood oath did you take Magaret? What was your reason to run for Government, how much do you hate children Margaret?

If our Government was broke, if our Government could not borrow money it would be different, but that is not the case, $500 million dollars for a retractable roof, over $100 million dollar subsidy to big banks this year alone, over $150 million in direct subsidies to the Oil N Gas sector this year alone, do they need the money, are the banks hurting, is the Oil n Gas sector hurting, not on your life, I will show you their profits further down.

You Margaret McDiarmid are not worthy of being in Government, you are not worthy of being part of the Human race, childhood comes once, children can`t wait until recall or 2013, you margaret Mcdiarmid are directly responsible for inflicting harm on children and families.
Mary Polak, why are you in Government, why did your ministry cut the EIBI early learning, the highly successful program for autistic children? What blood oath did you take Mary Polak to agree to harm children? Mary Polak your ministry cuts will inflict dire consequences on families and Children, there is no do-over with children, you get one kick at the can with kids, your blood oath, you agreeing to allow Gordon Campbell to destroy hope, destroy life, how can you sleep at night, the cuts will affect autistic children for the rest of their lives, there will be blood on your hands Mary Polak, why Mary have you cut the (SAY) suicide prevention program in Victoria, a program that has saved lives, when a teen-ager commits suicide in Victoria will you Mary Polak attend the funeral with the family and explain why you cut the program and why you feel it wasn`t needed? Mary Polak, why would you work for Government that has cancelled regional suicide lines on Vancouver island and replaced it with a 1-800 generic number, will you attend those funerals too.

You Mary Polak are not fit to live amongst human beings, why won`t you resign, will you be attending any events under the $500 million dollar retractable roof?
Kevin Falcon, you do have blood on your hands, you are already on the record for saying "Boo Hoo" to a suicidal man on the Iron Workers bridge, you were upset that he delayed your travel, how many funerals are you going to attend Kevin Falcon, the mess in our emergency rooms, the severe cuts to MRI`s, the closing of hospital beds, the dirty hospitals in Nanaimo that have claimed 6 or more lives, people dead from germy under cleaned hospitals, what blood oath did you take Kevin Falcon to look the other way as people die.
I know you sleep well Kevin Falcon, you could care less, your prepared to sell our beds to Americans while BCers wait for years, people who built this Province and you laugh and chuckle as my friends wait to die, you Falcon are not human, you are a dirty piece of scum, you will be heading south to hell when you die, and no one in this Province will shed a tear, how can you look in a mirror without throwing up!

Each and everyone of you B.C. liberals are disgusting, why did you run for Government, how come you hate children, hate seniors, billions and billions of dollars for un-needed infrastructure while suicide prevention lines are cut, meals on wheels are cut, EIBI cut, MRIs cut, hospital beds cut, schools closed, special Olympic`s funding cut, how come all you B.C. Liberals hate children, what blood oath did you all take to destroy lives and families?

The life of a child, 1000s of children who need insulin pumps will never receive them, they will be adults before their lotto number is picked among the waiting, many of these children may die, why don`t you B.C. Liberals care?

I`m saving the best for you Gordon Campbell, are you insane? Why do you lie to us, why are you stealing lives, are you exacting revenge, self perceived revenge against invisible enemies, why do you hate Children Gordon Campbell, why would you spend $500 million dollars on a retractable roof while you direct your ministers to cut suicide lines, EIBI, even the HST is harming children and families, the Gordon Campbell I ....Hate Students Tax....$2 billion dollars per year being taken from families and given to Encana gas and Teck Comenco, how many Children will suffer from you taking $2billion dollars from families?

Why do you lie Gordon Campbell, we know your wife left you in disgust, no one will cry when you die Gordon Campbell, I suspect the majority will cheer.

Do you remember what you said 18 months ago on the run-up to the election? Do you recall, maybe I should remind you of one of the thousand lies you and Colin Hansen made.

Here is what Campbell and Hansen stated during a dramatic televised economic announcement in October 2008.

VICTORIA — Premier Gordon Campbell unveiled a dramatic 10-point economic plan Wednesday that promised cuts to taxes,

In a 12-minute prime-time televised speech in which he struck the most dour tone he has taken on the economy since the beginning of the current global crisis, Campbell introduced a new private-sector pension plan.
Campbell promised to re-evaluate all government spending.
Campbell did not announce any changes to the carbon tax, In other measures He said the government will ensure ferries return to a full sailing schedule.He announced a voluntary pension plan for the estimated 75 per cent of private-sector workers who do not have access to a plan through their employers.

“British Columbians have every reason to be confident about their future,” Campbell said.“We have faced tough times before and come through with flying colours. This time will be no different,”
The rare prime-time address struck a much more dramatic tone than Campbell’s government has been sounding in recent weeks on the ability of the provincial economy to weather the global financial storm.
Finance Minister Colin Hansen told reporters in mid-September, the day the Wall Street firm Lehman Brothers collapsed, “We’re saying to British Columbians that while we have challenges on the economic front, we continue to have a strong economy; strong revenues that flow into government." Hansen also said

“We still see our forecast economic growth in British Columbia to be higher than pretty much any other jurisdiction in North America, and we expect that will continue,” Hansen said then.The B.C. government had projected it would have a cushion of more than $1.7 billion this fiscal year — comprising a surplus and a $750 million forecast allowance — that it could translate into everything from tax cuts to extra spending.Hansen did not update those numbers Wednesday, but acknowledged the turmoil of the past month.“The world has changed very dramatically since Sept. 12,” Hansen said.

Campbell told reporters after the speech that the plan is meant to give people money they can use to keep the economy strong....(And here is the real big thing Campbell said)

“I think the bottom line is want to make sure we put more money into the economy,” Campbell said.
Gordon Campbell also said this during that televised speech......

“We’ve watched as our province has gone through difficult times before and when you put more money in people’s pockets, more money in small business, I think that actually stabilizes the economy and helps people make choices for themselves,” he said.“We know tax cuts drive healthy economic activity.”
Marc Lee, senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, was critical of the Campbell’s speech, saying the government needs to start talking about deficits, not tax cuts. “That’s a political no-go zone ... but everybody is talking about deficits right now and they need to be pretty sizable given the storm that’s coming is huge,” Lee said.“The premier is suggesting a modest retouching of the living room, when we have a hurricane coming that threatens to blow the house down.”Lee said he didn’t see anything that would benefit low-income families and those most vulnerable.“
While Campbell’s address was meant to respond to global financial uncertainty,
Here is what M r. Ruff said about Gordon Campbell`s speech...

“There is a civic role to play here, so it’s partly that, but one can’t forget he’s a premier facing a general election in May,” Ruff said.“One doesn’t have to be an old hard cynic to realize this is the kickoff for the May 2009 election.”(here is the complete story from Johnathon Fowlie on that televised economic announcement)
So what happened Gordon Campbell, that night you said the best way to stimulate the economy was to put as much money as possible into the hands of the Public, why are you a Habitual Liar, your credibility is so shot, you are going down, I Grant G will put the last nail into your political coffin! Where is the private pension plan? Did you evaluate Government spending and decide to spend $500 million dollars on a retractable roof for your friend Richard T Turner, that is your priority? What about you saying we need to money in people`s hands? Oh I know, you hate the common man, you mis-spoke that night, you meant to say that the best thing you can do is take money from the middle class and give it to EnCana Gas and Teck Comenco!
So a year after Gordon Campbell states that the consumer drives the economy, you win a fraudulent election and within weeks after the election you decide to take $1.9 billion dollars per year from consumers, you are insane aren`t you?
And just who benefits from the HST, the Oil n Gas sector, are they hurting? Perhaps Gordon you can explain why Natural gas prices are down on the mercantile exchange and you raised Teresan prices? Perhaps you can explain why EnCana Gas hasn`t lowered their price to the consumer, after all their profits for the last quarter are triple expectations, but they won`t lower prices ever, will they Campbell, and why are you giving them a tax break, you are a sick individual!(read about EnCana profits for the last quarter here)

And how much money did Teck Comenco make in the first quarter of 2010?

$205 million dollars, and you want to give them a tax holiday and make the BC middle class pay(read how much Teck Comenco made in the first quarter of 2010 here)
You are such a child hater Gordon Campbell, there could be no other explanation, you talk about saving forestry, yet you just gutted the ministry of forestry, the HST won`t do anything for forestry in B.C. ....The CEOs of big forestry say there will be no recovery until the price of lumber rises and wages get more competitive with Chile and Asia, should foresters work for $2 dollars a day like China? Is that what you think Gordon Campbell? You have zero clout and zero credibility left.(read about the big trouble for B.C. mills here)
What blood oath did you B.C. Liberals sign with Gordon Campbell, how come on mass you all hate children, where do you hide in your own home towns, what does your family and neighbors think of you, how can any of you sleep at night, do you dream of watching soccer under a $500 million dollar roof, each and everyone of you have the blood of families and children on your hands, I have never been so ashamed of any Government in Canada before, you bow to a third rate lying dictator who is resigning before recall in the fall, and not one of you have the courage of your convictions to stand up to Gordon Muir Campbell, what an oxymoron, B.C.Liberal and courage in the same sentence....What blood oath did you sign? You`re all going to hell.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gregor Robertson`s Olympic Sized Headache

It was only a matter of time before the NPA`s Olympic athletes village boondoggle came back to bite Gregor Robertson and more importantly bite the Vancouver taxpayers where it hurts the most, in their wallet!

One by one the Olympic benefits touted by the Campbell Government are being unravelled, there was a report out last month that said the 2010 Olympic games infused $700 million dollars into the economy, that sure sounds like a big number, but you must remember this folks, that $700 million dollar number is a gross number, what that means is Olympic visitors and locals BCers spent $700 million dollars, that does not equate to $700 million tax dollars returning to the Province, there was another number released last week, the City of Vancouver expended $550 million dollars on the Olympics, that does include a handful of new amenities, nothing the city really needed but a few amenities were built.

Let`s examine that number of $550 million spent by Vancouver, that number is completely different then the $700 million figure, the money Vancouver spent are DIRECT TAX DOLLARS....So if you crunch the two sets of numbers, one being gross spending and the other being actual dollar for dollar resident tax dollars, in other words the City of Vancouver lost hundreds of millions on the Olympics, the numbers can`t be disputed!

But what I wanted to talk about was the $1.3 billion dollar athletes village, let me first say that I don`t blame Gregor Robertson for the Athlete`s village boondoggle, clearly the previous NPA Mayor and council failed badly, in my opinion it was a complete dereliction of duty to protect the City and more importantly the taxpayer, Peter Ladner and Sam Sullivan are directly responsible for Vancouverites getting soaked for probably hundreds and hundreds of million`s of dollars, that is a fact that can`t be disputed.

But this friends is where the rubber meets the road, I predicted today`s problem last year, I will provide links to my archives further on down this story, Gregor Robertson I believe has some good intentions at heart, but right now good intentions cost too much money, yes there was a commitment of social housing in the athletes village as part of the social contract to host the Olympics in Vancouver, but that promise went out the window when the athlete`s village spiralled to over $1billion dollars, sorry folks, we can`t afford to put pensioners and welfare recipients in $1 million dollar waterfront condos, and I don`t mean any ill will with that last statement, Gregor Robertson`s other flaky announcement today was about having police officers and firemen,paramedics paying 1/5 of their their gross pay to live in these same million dollar suites, that works out to maybe a rent of $1200.00 to $1500.00 dollars per month for rent, well that is unacceptable, a million dollar condo even with a 20 year mortgage would have a $4000.00 dollar a month mortgage, the City of Vancouver would be eating a huge cost every month.

There is but one answer to this pickle of a situation Gregor Robertson has found himself in, everyone of those units have to be sold at market value, even with that the City of Vancouver will take a huge financial bath courtesy of the inept (possibly criminal) actions of the NPA(non Partisan association), sorry friends, that is the cold hard facts, no matter how much lipstick you put on the NPA pig of a deal it`s still a pig.

I don`t even see that many people in Vancouver wanting to spend $4 thousand dollars a month to rent a condo, anyone with that kind of money will be buying, and believe me friends, there are so many nicer units, condo`s with far more value for money than the athlete`s village, there has been a lot of cluck clucking from Susan Anton about selling the units at the athlete`s village,using the money to build triple or more social housing units, that idea makes perfect sense, but let me be clear, her hands are not clean on the Millennium deal......

I know one thing for sure, there will be no profit, even when all the units are sold, social units and the rest, there will still be a massive financial shortfall, the NPA deal was so bad, Vancouver will have huge carrying costs, because if they attempt to sell those units all at once the price will fall and fall, but that creates another problem, Gregor Robertson should attempt to rent units out for whatever the market will bear while selling X amount of units per month, Gregor would have to ensure that the rentals were a month by month rental, the City of Vancouver would have to ensure that as each renter is one by one removed, that it is a courteous, respectful process, the renters must know that only a few month`s notice is required for them to leave.

But I can guarantee that if Gregor Robertson goes down the road of subsidizing police,fire and or medical personnel in the athletes village he will be roasted at the polls, the same goes for low income people living in million dollar waterfront units, I know folks, there was a moral contract, but look who we were dealing with, Millennium development, the IOC, VANOC, and of course the all time worst financial deal ever inked in Vancouver, a deal inked by the NPA.

So heed my advice Gregor, let it go, secure some funding from Gordon Campbell(LOL) or Stephen Harper, build some three story walk-ups, build a 1000 units, half for social housing, the other half for police,fire, and paramedics, I really like the idea of a large inexpensive social housing development occupied by police and fireman, that`s one way to make sure the social housing development doesn`t turn into a gong show!
I know Gregor doesn`t want to break the commitment, he didn`t, he won`t, the NPA broke the City of Vancouver with the Millennium development deal, we can`t go back in time and undue the really bad NPA deal.....
So Mr. Robertson, the chickens are bad enough, bee`s are problem, I can live with gardens, but you must abandon this silly idea of putting low income people in million dollar units, you must forget about subsidizing condo`s for police, firemen etc etc etc, they make more money than most, even higher incomes can`t afford million dollar waterfront condo`s.
Here is my best advice Gregor Robertson, fogetaboutit, build low cost housing elsewhere, tell the people of Vancouver you are making the best financial decisions for the taxpayers, and when the heat comes from the partisans, put the blame where it clearly belongs, in the lap of the previous NPA Mayor and council!
When ever you are stuck in a pickle, spread the relish onto your political foes!
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Bad Moon Rising

(A fictional opinion piece story(or is it) by Grant G)

I can`t fight this feeling anymore, the Gordon Campbell Government is going to be removed through recall, it`s not a matter of if, the clock is running, the public has tuned out Colin Hansen, Gordon Campbell is despised, Kevin Falcon is a dirt bag and the masses know this to be true, Shirley Bond and Pat Bell will never win another election, nor will Mcdiarmid, in fact the only B.C. Liberals who stand a slim chance of surviving another election are those in the bible belt.

"Ignorance is Bliss" I have said it many times, Gordon Campbell is criminally insane, he knows he is a dead duck politically, I welcome his demise and relegation into the abyss of forgotten history, the 1919 Spanish flu, there are some things so terrible they seemed to vanish from memory and the history books, the Spanish flu killed an estimated 200 million people, it spread from town to town killing indiscriminately, people went to bed sick and drowned overnight, lungs full of fluid, a defense mechanism of the human body, natural antibodies over-reacted and people drowned, the meat wagon would roll into town each morning picking up the dead that survivors would place at their door steps, many thought it was the end of the world.

But something happened, a few of the sick survived, the folks that didn`t get sick had a natural anti-body, and as fast and lethal as the Spanish flu was, as quickly as it came it was gone. The quiet horror children endured, returning to school and half their friends were gone, it was so scary, no one spoke of the horror, it was almost as if they pretended it had never happened, it truly was hell on earth. Some of the few interviews decades later were surreal, did it really happen, many lived in fear that it might return, it was a classic case of almost forgotten history.

The scary thing we in B.C. are facing is a politically dead Gordon Muir Campbell and a decimated party, Gordon Campbell also knows this,the criminally insane Gordon Campbell, a vicious man with nothing left to lose, an adulterer, a liar, a criminal, his power is gone but he`s still steering the ship and he is deliberately heading for the rocks, he doesn`t care, his intent is too inflict as much harm to the education system as he can, to dismantle the health system, brick by brick, one child at a time, perhaps an insanity gene runs in the family, I honestly believe the Site C announcement was more about retribution to the Peace River area, they have 25% sign up on the HST, a vindictive little man, he has a history of vengeance, NDP ridings have seen his fury,ferry dependent communities have felt his wrath, the Vancouver school board who spoke up loudly now have a Comptroller General lackey to burn the board.

It has become so clear to me, this revenge streak was there early on, Gordon Muir Campbell was interviewed in the Guardian magazine in the run-up to the 2001 election, he was specifically asked about honouring the HEU contract, he said he would, with a smiling and friendly charm he gave a nice interview but once in power called a special week-end session in the legislature, no reporters, just his yes men and he, Gordon Muir Campbell said to his cult that the HEU contract was to be shredded, a deliberate and illegal act, the Supreme court of Canada and the UN called his actions illegal, we as a Province saved zero dollars tearing up this contract, the lowest paid hospital staff, 9000 females workers fired without cause, their wages given to a service provider, it was nothing but deliberate vindictiveness, Gordon Muir Campbell is criminally insane.

B.C. Rail, Gordon Muir Campbell talked of selling B.C. Rail during the 1996 election, it cost him the election, the revenge would be his, he knew what to say in 2001, "I won`t sell B.C. Rail, I won`t tear up contracts" he knew once in office revenge would be his, BC Rail was making money, a recently upgraded track to accommodate high speed rail, the more and more I think about it the reason for tearing up contracts and selling B.C. rail was about nothing but revenge against Gordon Muir Campbell`s self perceived enemies!

The fact that he rewarded our money and assets to his friends and insiders while he was exacting his revenge is another issue, the same revenge was exacted against B.C. ship builders and ferry dependent communities, he sold our B.C. ferries through debentures and guile, nobody seems to know that we don`t own B.C. Ferries anymore, we can maybe get ownership back by paying off B.C. Ferries $1.6 billion dollar debt, maybe. He has shown a continual dis-respect towards the common man and those less fortunate in our society, every time the going gets tough he has launched an attack directly upon the masses, stitch by stich the fabric of British Columbia is being unwoven, I refuse to allow this idealogue to continue raping and pillaging my home.

The more I think about it I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gordon Muir Campbell is deranged, "The last desperate act of a scoundrel is to wrap them self in the flag"......I don`t know about the rest of you but during the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympics and Paraolympics games, those red mittens, the giant flag and he was screaming the National anthem, it was utterly embarrassing, it was a telling sign, there is a mental defect there, and there is so much more, the revenge against paramedics, teachers, and now with the HST revenge he is going after everyone who`s left.

And now that he and his party are lame ducks he`s awarding stinky contracts, 1/2 billion dollars lids, giant casinos, power buying contracts to companies with but a desk and Gordon Campbell`s secret phone number, Finavera, that contract award is a joke, he has billions of our dollars for stadium lids and casino`s but has no money for meals on wheels or the autistic, Gordon muir Campbell is criminally insane, and what`s scary right now is that he knows he`s done in a year and he`s inflicting as much harm as he can and as fast as possible before he`s dragged out of office and arrested.

Anyone who can`t see what is happening is stupid or willfully blind, brick by brick, piece by piece our Province is being gutted, he will be dragged from office and hopefully arrested, and when Gordon Campbell is gone and when people see what he has done to our education and health system, to our natural assets, the legacy of debt, the 30 and 40 year contracts, he has conspired for your children to feel the pain of his devious manipulation of today`s people and press, and just like the Spanish flu horror of 1919, a blip in time that has been purged from people`s memory, Gordon Campbell will not be spoken of, no legacy, it never happened, Gordon Muir Campbell will be relegated into the abyss of forgotten history.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, April 19, 2010

HST Scam Exposed!

The B.C. Liberal death march is a welcome site to me, and I suspect it`s a welcome site to most British Columbians, the pure gall of Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen to lie their faces off, lie about the deficits, all the excuses of how great the HST is, all the lies about it helping manufacturing, all the lies about helping exports, and again I say, the word lie is a strong word, I would never use it without proof!

We have in Canada several Provinces with the HST, so certainly we should be able to look to those Provinces and see economic bliss, which Provinces should we examine to get the point across, should we look at Quebec, they have had the HST since 1991....Lets look at the Atlantic Provinces, New Brunswick...Nova Scotia...Newfoundland...They have had the HST since 1996.

Those Provinces must be doing better that the non HST Provinces, the manufacturers in those Provinces must be doing better than the rest, are they? Well I was perusing through the Province newspaper last night and ran into a little story, well guess what, Canada as a whole, the manufacturers, the exporters, the experts were predicting a bigger rise in manufacturing exports, as a whole there was a teeny weeny increase in exports from manufacturers, a measly 0.1% increase, that`s pretty good right?

Now you would expect that the best manufacturing export numbers would be coming from those Provinces that have the HST, because the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen have stated that the HST would be good for exports, that means that the HST Provinces have a big advantage over us back in the dark ages non HST Provinces, well friends, lets look at the raw data!

Here are the latest numbers, Province by Province numbers, who`s up,who`s down with manufacturing export numbers.(cut and pasted from this Canwest article)

Manufacturing sales by province

(% change February from January):

Canada 0.1

Newfoundland and Labrador -33.8

Prince Edward Island 1.3

Nova Scotia -4.2

New Brunswick -7.1

Quebec -1.0

Ontario 0.7

Alberta 4.4

Saskatchewan 1.9

Manitoba -0.3

British Columbia 1.1


Now friends, have a good look at the above numbers, why, why the heck are the Provinces that have the huge economic advantage of the HST are all in negative territory and the Provinces that don`t have the HST with the exception of Manitoba are all in positive territory?

So how come the HST Provinces aren`t doing better, don`t they have an advantage? Obviously not! Quebec is right next door to Ontario and Quebec is the biggest debtor Province and is fiscally broke!

The other lie about the HST is about all the embedded PST, Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell both have said that business doesn`t pay tax the consumer does, and business will ultimately pass the tax on to the purchaser, so friends if you examine that statement carefully....We are already paying big business`s tax load, also the pure spin about the savings to business, it`s a ruse, business can already write off business expenses!

This my friends is a tax shift that raises the cost of thousands of goods and services that were previously PST exempt!, it`s a tax shift.

Also, lets look at the big number, a $1.9 billion dollar yearly tax shift from big business to the consumer, yet Colin Hansen claims that the HST won`t cost BCers that much money, Colin Hansen also states that 1.1 million low income BCers will receive an HST tax credit, well let`s examine that a little bit closer.....

Let`s assume that those low income BCers with the tax credit won`t pay any HST over and above the tax credit paid to them, after all Colin Hansen has stated that low income earners will be ahead......That leaves 2 million tax paying middle class people that have to pay the $1.9 billion dollar tax shift, someone has to pay it, that works out to almost.....Drum roll please....Each middle class taxpayer will have to fork over almost $2000 dollars per year in taxes, but even that number is wrong, because those low income tax credits have to be paid by someone, Government has no money, it`s tax payer money, so in reality the 2 million middle class taxpayers will be out more than $2000 dollars each year with this tax, you can slice and dice and chop and mince and spin like a top but the bottom line, The Straight Goods is that someone has to pay this $1.9 billion dollar yearly tax shift, there is only one taxpayer, This my friends is the biggest scam ever perpetrated in B.C. history!

I`m going to beat this drum until Gordon the Impaler and the enablers are a dead and buried political party, this freight train is steaming down the track, you can get out of the way or get flattened!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open