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Stephen Harper Assists in Environmental Genocide

Would you allow industry to kill brother, would it be acceptable for our Canadian Government to poison children, to pollute the air they breathe, wouldn`t the public remove such a Government from power..

Over the top analogy, not at all, Stephen Harper at the behest of industry is aiding and abetting in murder, the murder of millions of Chinese, there is no difference in what Stephen Harper is doing in wanting to ship more Alberta crud oil to China, that goes for the BC Liberals too for boasting on record tonnage coal exports to China, more than just boasting but clamoring for more coal exports, if you knew your actions and exports were directly causing cancers, causing early death, sickening children and leaving them suffering a slow painful death from heavy metal exposure, innocent children being poisoned by the air they breathe and water they drink, there is no difference, murder by poison or murder by gun...

Canada is supplying the bullets for China`s environmental destruction gun, this isn`t assisting suicide of suffering Asians, this is complicity in full-scale industrial mass-murder.

How long can we sit back and just watch this slaughter,  corporate greed has infiltrated the Chinese Government and report after report are leaking out, reports on air unfit for human use, heavy metal laden water, poison in milk  and cat food, lead filled toys year after find their way onto north American shelves, our Governments will usually respond quickly and remove these offending products, so why does Canada not only look a blind-eye to millions of early, preventable Chinese deaths but actively lobbies for more, more toxic air, more poisoned water and sadly more dead Chinese children. Corporate profits at any cost, millions dying a slow painful toxic death, Canada  can`t wash the shame off our hands

China cadmium spill threatens drinking water for millions

"BEIJING -- A cancer-causing cadmium discharge from a mining company has polluted a long stretch of two rivers in southern China, and officials warned some 3.7 million people of Liuzhou in the Guangxi region to avoid drinking water from the river, state media reported on Friday. 

Pollution of waterways by toxic run-offs from factories and farms is a pressing issue in China, prompting authorities to call for policy tightening, though the problem shows no sign of going away. 

Officials opened sluices at four upstream hydrological stations on the Longjiang River, a tributary to the Liujiang that runs through Liuzhou, hoping to dilute the pollutants after the toxic metal cadmium was first detected nearly two weeks ago in Hechi, Xinhua state news agency said.

Many fish died despite efforts by local fire officials to dissolve the cadmium by pouring hundreds of tonnes of neutralizers into the river, and authorities reported panic buying of bottled water by local residents.

Xinhua said officials blamed the Guangxi Jinhe Mining Co. for the Jan. 15 spill, but it was not clear how long the company had been discharging the chemical into the river or how much had had been released.

As of Friday, elevated levels of cadmium were being detected in Liuzhou, more than 130 km downstream from the plant, according to the report.

Xinhua quoted Gan Jinglin, Liuzhou’s environmental chief, as saying the water in Liuzhou met national standards and was safe for drinking. 

But it added that local authorities had warned citizens not to drink water from the polluted sections of the river, and the government began looking for alternative water sources out of concern the pollution might spread further.
As of Friday, hundreds of residents near the source of the spill were still dependent on bottled water because wells there had also become contaminated, Xinhua said. 

Despite Beijing’s frequent pledges to reduce pollution, local officials often put economic growth, revenue and job creation ahead of environmental concerns."

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Exposure to smog is severe hazard 

"In Beijing, the lung cancer rate has increased by 60 percent during the past decade, even though the smoking rate during the period has not seen an apparent increase, said Mao Yu, deputy director of the Beijing Health Bureau.

"Increasing air pollution might be largely blamed for that," said Zhi Xiuyi, director of the Lung Cancer Treatment Center at Capital Medical University.
Lung cancer, the leading killer among cancers, claims more than 600,000 lives on the mainland annually, according to the Ministry of Health.
In the past 30 years, the mortality rate among lung cancer patients increased by 465 percent on the Chinese mainland.

"Long-term exposure to that (particulate matter) also substantially increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases," said Ma Changsheng, a cardiologist at Anzhen Hospital in Beijing.
"The smaller the particle, the more hazardous it is for public health," Shi Yuankai said. "Worse, protective measures like wearing face masks barely help because the particles are too small."
The disastrous effects of smog are nothing new.
In the winter of 1952, dense smog in London caused mainly by heavy coal combustion killed about 12,000 people in the city.
That incident prompted the British government to move to clean up the air, and the effort paid off, for today, PM10 concentrations read at the significantly lower level of around 30 micrograms per cubic meter in the city.
According to the World Health Organization, the main components of particulate matter are sulfate, nitrates, ammonia, sodium chloride, carbon, mineral dust and water.
Even in the EU, average life expectancy is 8.6 months shorter due to exposure to PM2.5, though the lung cancer rate has slightly decreased there in recent years, studies found.
"It is possible to derive a quantitative relationship between pollution levels and specific health outcomes," according to a 2005 World Health Organization report. Yet, in China, "we have few such studies", said Shi Yuankai.
The bad air has also disrupted traffic in the country.
Starting at the weekend, heavy fog shrouded northern and eastern parts of China. On Monday, about 219 flights were canceled and 118 delayed as of 3 pm at the Beijing Capital International Airport, according to the airport's website.
Apart from Beijing and Tianjin, nine other provinces, including Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi, were shrouded in heavy fog, snarling traffic.
Cars along the highway from Beijing to Harbin were backed up more than 50 kilometers in Liaoning province on Monday morning, China National Radio reported."

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China's Pollution Nightmare

"Unregulated industries contaminate local water sources, sickening thousands.
China is facing a "grave" environmental crisis, with more than half its cities affected by acid rain and one-sixth of its major rivers too polluted even to water the crops with, officials said recently.

Three decades of breakneck economic growth have taken their toll on the country's natural resources, sparking a huge increase in public unrest linked to environmental degradation and health problems caused by pollution.

"The overall environmental situation is still very grave and is facing many difficulties and challenges,"
deputy environment minister Li Ganjie told a news conference in Beijing in June.

Activists say that China has an exemplary set of environmental protection legislation, but that environmental officials lack the power to impose it on powerful vested interests at local levels.

Li said China's only clean coastal waters are to be found off the resort island of Hainan and some of the northern coastline, while the waters around Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Shanghai are rated as "severely polluted."

He said that 16.4 percent of China's major rivers have failed to meet the standard needed for agricultural irrigation, while the air quality is rated as exemplary in only 3.6 percent of Chinese cities.

He said the impact of heavy metal pollution on people's lives has been particularly severe.

"These heavy metal pollution incidents not only seriously threaten people's health, they affect social stability, and it ought to be said this is a rather severe issue," Li said."

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  The Government: drinking water for 32 million farmers, but ten times more are left without

 "The Government: drinking water for 32 million farmers, but ten times more are left without
Clean drinking water promised by 2010, but 320 million are left without and a further 190 million forced to drink toxic water. Beijing’s interventions are hindered by industrial pollution and the lack of cooperation from local governments who focus on economic growth to the detriment of the environment. The Bohai sea is in Danger. Fourth Dossier on pollution.


Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – The government will spend 6.4 billion Yuan each year to give drinking water to over 32 million rural villagers by 2010. Wang Shucheng, minister for water resources announced the move during a conference at the beginning of January. 

  But experts maintain that it is necessary to eliminate industrial waste and protect the environment first, even if that means slowing economic development.   

According to official data, in 2004 over 320 million rural farmers had no access to clean drinking water -34% of the agricultural population- 125 million of whom live in the western provinces, 138 million in the centre and 69.9 million in the east. Of these, 190 million drink water containing toxic substances above security standards. According to the States Administration for the protection of the environment, out of a total of 234 villages tested in 2006 only 8.81% had sources of clean drinking water. Wang admitted that “hundreds of thousands of Chinese suffer from various illnesses because they consume (unclean) water” and has assured his commitment to seeing that these projects are carried out. 

The project is part of a five year plan, begun in 2006, to bring drinking water to over 160 million farmers. Official sources point out that the government spent over 22 billion Yuan between 2001 and 2005 to bring drinking water to 67 million rural villagers, but has only reached a third of its target in tackling polluted rivers

90% of rivers and lakes are polluted, above all in the north with over 70% of river water from the Yellow, Huai and Hai rivers “too polluted for human."
  For the Chinese, pollution and the environment top list of problems
 " For the Chinese, pollution and the environment top list of problems
Water, air, contaminated food are “a serious threat” for 80 per cent of the population. There is trust in government but also concern. Few are those willing to file complaints against polluters. AsiaNews begins a series of reports on the issue.

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Environmental issues have become the public’s main worry, a study shows. The China Environmental Culture Promotion Association, an agency overseen by the State Environment Protection Administration, yesterday released the results of nationwide survey on the environment that supports that view.

The report shows that more than 40 per cent of those surveyed identified the environment as the issue of greatest concern, particularly in relation to food safety.

More than 80 per cent thought food contamination was an imminent environmental threat, and there was a similar level of concern about the dangers of water and air pollution.

Destruction of the environment is the result of unrestrained industrial development over the past 20 years. This has created a situation, according to official data, in which more than 320 million farmers do not have access to clean water and 190 million drink contaminated water.


Stinking polluted water is often used in irrigation, especially when drought limits other water sources.

Food grown on farms relying on polluted water ends up on the nation’s tables because it cannot be distinguished from the rest.

A lot of fish also comes from polluted areas."

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Stephen Harper and his big oil string pullers can`t be allowed to drag Canada into an environmental genocide, when there is proof positive that millions of innocent children are being poisoned by needed air, children developing cancers from merely drinking water and eating toxic food, we as a developed nation, educated, we can`t look a blind eye anymore we can`t pretend everything is all-right, it`s immoral to stand back and allow industry to poison future generation`s water, air, food, it doesn`t get any more basic than that...

Arguments of {If we don`t sell it to the Chinese someone else will}...Let them, let others engage in mass murder, what kind of civilized society watches their global neighbor slaughter and poison their children, the Chinese truth seekers are rising in power, demonstrations and violence is growing by the day, these people, these Chinese citizens aren`t fighting for money, they`re risking everything to save their children from death by TOXINS, 2012 is the year of the dragon it`s also the year of internal backlash the likes that haven`t been seen since tank-boy in Tiananmin square, back then the battle was for human rights today the battle rages for human health..


Further anti-pollution riots break out in China

 "controls have failed to keep pace with economic development, the country's environment minister has admitted as details emerged of another riot sparked by fears of industrial contamination.

In at least the third clash in as many weeks, 2,000 riot police fired tear gas and warning shots during a violent confrontation with anti-pollution protesters near an industrial plant in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.
The demonstrators destroyed cars, threw stones at police and took an official hostage last weekend in an attempt to sabotage a tannery and chemical plant that they blamed for a foul stench and high rates of cancer. Tensions have risen as the smell has worsened, locals said.

According to the local government, the "rioters" badly beat four chemical factory employees, the chief of the nearby Chengping village and at least one policeman during sporadic fighting over the past week.
The authorities said the hostages have been freed and calm has been restored, but locals told the Guardian that at least 100 protestors were still blocking access to the plant.
"Don't believe what the government is saying," a resident named Zhang said by telephone.
Images posted anonymously online showed upturned cars and long ranks of police carrying shields and batons.
On a local government website, the odour problem is blamed on a broken pipe at the Quangang Urban Sewage Plant.

But residents said the facility, built about three years ago, discharged industrial waste that polluted the sea shore and threatened the health and incomes of local people.

"The stench is awful," said a man, who gave only the surname Liu. "Nobody wants to buy our fish. We can't earn money. The fishing boats have been abandoned on the shore."
Calls to government offices in Quanzhou rang unanswered today.
Earlier in the week, the state-run Straits Metropolitan News, blamed "unlawful elements" for the trouble, but it said only 200 protesters were involved.
The clash in Fujian follows recent disturbances in Shaanxi and Hunan provinces, which has led to the arrest of 15 people, say authorities.
That unrest had been sparked by the lead poisoning of more than 2,000 children."

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This is why voices are disappearing in Chinajournalists, bloggers, whistle-blowers are being jailed tortured censured but they won`t be silenced, China is on the verge of domestic war, the first war of its kind, a war not for money not for land this war is for air and water that`s fit for human consumption.

Canada needs to take a long-hard look in the mirror, is this acceptable, when China awakes will Canadian oil whores move on, move onto a new set of victims, this story isn`t about global warming truth or hype, believers or deniers, I could care less about the CO,2 level argument, global warming is but a tiny part of a much larger inter-connected ecological picture, I`m talking about water pollution, sewer discharges killing oceans, poisoning fish, tailing ponds waiting to kill anything that gets near, I`m talking about coal particles..

What we are talking about is Stephen Harper`s Conservatives wanting to destroy British Columbia`s water supply, to eradicate our salmon, pollute our fragile pristine coastline, to risk everything British Columbia holds dear for the sole purpose of bigger corporate profits and that price, the price of those profits is the suffering and death of millions of Chinese children, along with damaging and risking  catastrophic spills in British Columbia`s salmon rivers or fragile coast..

My stomach turns just thinking about it, a goddam Stephen Harper implicating Canadians in an Environmental Genocide..

Time to wake up Canada, if Harper will assist in slaughtering these children...

When will your child be exposed to a river of blood, who`s child is next?

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A reason for Optomism!

 (Originally posted May 11/2011), It seemed appropriate to rerun it with new links

I don`t know whether to be happy sad or terrified, I on one hand am thrilled with the Federal NDP results and on the other saddened and scared of the Stephen Harper majority, the Canadian electorate is more polarized more divisive more confused than at any time in my memory...

The results may appear to some that the Conservatives have galvanized the Canadian public into a unifying force but the exact opposite is true, before we get going we need to examine raw vote percentages, the Conservatives had a minority Government with almost 39% of the total vote numbers and now they have a majority with about 40% of total votes, 40% of 54% of eligible voters, in other words about 20% of all eligible voters gave us a Conservative majority....

I don`t know if Harper`s bombastic assault on the Federal NDP in the last week stopped the momentum of the orange surge or the 2 year ad campaign against Ignatief made the difference....All I know for sure is less people, fewer Canadians are happy with the Conservatives and even more are deeply concerned ...Big media has had its clutches on the older uninformed Canadians (The Boomers+)for some time now.... and as I stated before Stephen Harper provoked this election for one main reason, his base of support is dying off by thousands, every month his core base shrinks while a younger generation leans clean, leans

Having said that we are about to enter the dark world of right wing Republican ideologues, a war wanting deregulating corporate elite mentality, a world where individual people and communal needs are of little concern, a place where a clean environment gets in the way of profits, a world of fighter jets, super max prisons and lower corporate taxes and a continuation of Harper`s Amercanization of Canada, a majority in the hands of a madman, unrestrained in his agenda with no impeding obstacles has me fearful of the future, projects like Fish Lake destruction and Enbridge pipeline through Northern BC, Jason Kenny (Con MP in Alberta) both campaigned and promoted the pipeline during the writ period, despite what BC`ers want the cornerstone of the Alberta`s energy plan is to ship its product west, tankers and risk, oil spills and river destruction will occur but these accidents and tragedies won`t be in Alberta but British Columbia, it`s very easy to gamble with other people`s ecosystems, Alberta can destroy their aquifers and rivers but how can any Province or Federal Government seize another Province`s environment and destroy it against their wishes, this battle will be epic and further polarize the electorate, rich against poor, the naive versus the informed, the militant against the passive, humanity versus madness..

Fighter jets, prisons, corporate tax cuts, $11 billion in Federal services to be cut or more, rumors abound of even steeper cuts

Here is a little tidbit on the fighter jets(cut n pasted from Wikipedia)

The F-35 is descended from the X-35, the product of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. JSF development is being principally funded by the United States, with the United Kingdom and other partner governments providing additional funding. It is being designed and built by an aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin.[12] The F-35 took its first flight on 15 December 2006.[1]
The United States intends to buy a total of 2,443 aircraft for an estimated US$323 billion, making it the most expensive defense program ever.[13] The United States Air Force (USAF) budget data in 2010, along with other sources, projects the F-35 to have a flyaway cost from US$89 million to US$200 million over the planned production of F-35s.[14][15][16][17] Cost estimates have risen to $382 billion for 2,443 aircraft, at an average of $156 million each. The rising program cost estimates have cast doubt on the actual number to be produced for the U.S. In January 2011, the F-35B variant was placed on "probation" for two years because of development issues. In February 2011, the Pentagon put a price of $207.6 million for each of the 32 aircraft to be acquired in FY2012, rising to $304.15 million ($9,732.8/32) if its share of RDT&E spending is included.[18][19]

Well, so much $50 million per jet...By the time we get one in the air the price will be a $1/4 billion per jet or better, and just how much would it cost us if we owned these jets and they were all engaged in conflict? It would be $hundreds of millions per week or more...

More planned corporate tax cuts will cost the Federal treasury $billions per year, $billions they don`t have and despite the right wing Fraser institute and Jack Mintz`s claims that further corporate tax cuts will create jobs, that assertion is false,  rightwing spin claiming corporate tax cuts create jobs is pure myth. Never at anytime in history have big corporations had so much cash, $trillions in cash, they`re not hiring, there are no product shortages, there is glut, big profits, lean mean and trim and asking for more, more cheap labour..

Canada as a whole has been losing manufacturing and value added jobs by the boatload and while increased exports may enrich Government coffers both Provincial and Federal those dollars are concentrated in few hands, BC as an export Province have seen towns and communities die a slow death, Teck Cominco, the tar sand whores and raw log shippers can increase their output exponentially with minimal hiring, the myth of corporate tax cuts and higher volume meaning more jobs has been debunked over and over again.....

With these high commodity prices and Governments around the world plundering middle classes the world is soon to fall back into recession, America is still hurting, third world countries can`t absorb these energy costs, food inflation, even Wallmart, yes believe it or not Wallmart is reporting its customers are running out of money, the world king of peddling cheap goods is worried,  Wallmart is the store of  middle class people and when the public can`t afford to shop there what next?...Wallmart is blaming their customers dwindling money supply on energy costs, in other words these energy and commodity prices can`t sustain this price for long, people around the world can`t afford it, maybe China can continue to buy expensive raw resources for now but let`s face it, countries are broke, soon, very soon China`s housing bubble with burst with a thud,  the next recession has already started and when it hits the corporations will write off any remaining taxes against paper loses, government deficits will persist requiring more and more cuts, perpetuating the race to the bottom....Conservatives will turn off the tap and Canada won`t have a tax base large enough to run normal needed services.

Europe has laid off millions of workers, the UK has fired hundreds of thousands, tourism worldwide will continue to decline and here in BC with the HST souring our economy our southern borders will be busier than ever...The Harper corporate tax cuts will bite us in the ass, expect the GST to rise very soon.

When the world`s middle class citizens can`t afford the likes of Wallmart the revolution and uprising won`t be far behind.

$11 billion in Federal fat to be trimmed that can only mean job losses and reduced services, lives could be lost with cuts to food and water inspectors, with the looming federal cash crash the cuts may be even more severe than one could imagine.....New Federal prisons will cost us all, expenses will be downloaded on already cash strapped Provinces, here in BC Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark shuttered 9 prisons and closed 25 courthouses for purely financial reasons in 2002-2004 and now the cost of running new mega-prisons will be thrust upon us, they don`t come cheap, BC has no legal aid now, a shameful judge shortage with our prisons operating at 400% of capacity

 I am thrilled about the rise of the new orange NDP star and when another election comes we can legitimately go for gold, that scenario must be playing in the back of Harpers mind, the left right divide, if he falters just the slightest the NDP will take power, coupled that with Harperites dying in droves, only the old and gray for the most part rely on and still believe mainstream spin.

The Conservative majority worries me and the only solace I have is the looming recession and commodity price retrenchment, for without money Stephen Harper and the Conservatives will be hard pressed to fulfill all their hard right agenda...

I pray for hard times to limit the funds of our Federal and Provincial Governments.....

We are headed down the rabbit hole, entering a long dark tunnel, hang on and hope for the best, I`m proud of the new wired Canadian, I am proud of all who voted orange, we made history yesterday, the Federal Liberal party may yet join with the NDP, one party of the center left against the moral wrong, we also have a loud, sometimes silly voice in Lizzy May speaking for us, her message needs to be heard too, the lay of the land politically also bodes well for the Provincial NDP, the battle lines are clearly drawn, the mushy middle is history, social Democrats against hard right ideologues and we have them outnumbered by far, the future is very bright indeed

So let`s take this train ride through the dark corporate void and hope we survive.

"The tunnel is always darkest before the light shines from the other side"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Can Stephen Harper Be Removed From Office?

 Chinese leaders set to educate Stephen Harper on some new Governing tactics, new to Canadians anyway, Fear, censorship, bully pulpit, propaganda, a phrase comes to mind as I write this..

"Shoot one monkey to scare a thousand"

Former members of Forest Ethics have spoken up about high-ranking members of  Stephen Harper`s Government threatening them, threatening to remove their tax status, threats of audits, in fact Canada under Harper`s tutelage our Federal Government is prepared to label Forest Ethics and I quote...

"Enemies of the State"....Now that`s funny and very concerning, for now under a Harper Dictatorship Canadians cannot speak up against pollution, poison, human rights,...... the Government is backtracking claiming no such thing happened but proof is in the pudding, Joe Oliver and Stephen Harper along with their big oil mouth-pieces Vivian Krauss and Ezra Levant have and are on the record calling these groups, calling Canadians, calling me  "Ecoterrorists, Radicals, extremists", in other words, enemies of Canada.

Richard Fadden warned all Canadians in rare press conference that Canadian members of the crown, Canadian and British Columbian politicians are being controlled by foreign Governments, China to be precise..

As you know China is currently cracking down on journalists, reporters, writers, bloggers, whistleblowers and the like, these people are vanishing, tortured, murdered, voices are going silent and Stephen Harper likes it that way, China`s newest growing export to Canada is fear, censorship, state propaganda, state prisons and death...

For that`s what corrupted Governments do, if the propaganda and state media doesn`t win out they don`t stop there, they imprison those voices, torture, kill, for indeed that`s when that phrase comes into play, remember,  one must still shoot the first monkey...

China’s newest export: Internet censorship | David Rohde

BEIJING — This great city is the epicenter of a geopolitical battle over cyberspace, who controls it, and who defines its rights and freedoms. China’s 485 million web users are the world’s largest online population. And the Chinese government has developed the world’s most advanced Internet censorship and surveillance system to police their activity.
Yet the days of Americans piously condemning China’s “Great Firewall” and hoping for a technological silver bullet that would pierce it are over. China’s system is a potent, vast and sophisticated network of computer, legal and human censorship. The Chinese model is spreading to other authoritarian regimes. And governments worldwide, including the United States, are aggressively trying to legislate the Internet.......

The problem is not software or hardware developed in a secret Chinese government laboratory. Recent news reports have uncovered American and European companies selling surveillance technologies to Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Thailand and other governments that block the web and brutally suppress dissent.
While the Egyptian government’s attempt to shut down the Internet during the Tahrir Square protests drew headlines, western governments are increasingly using the web for law enforcement surveillance. In a biannual transparency report released earlier this month, Google reported a 70 percent increase in requests for content removal or user information from the American government or police in the first half of 2011. Brazil filed the most requests, followed by Germany, the U.S. and South Korea, according to The Guardian.
Western companies are also under fire. Research in Motion, the Canadian firm that produces Blackberry smartphones, acceded to demands from The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India for access to its users’ email messages. And the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an Internet free speech group, has accused Cisco of selling surveillance equipment to the Chinese government that is used for human rights abuses."

Wikipedia has the short list of sites with access blocked, it`s scary that Stephen Harper has embraced this style of governing, can we really sit back as spectators and allow Stephen Harper to look a blind eye, or worse, remember what Fadden had to say on this issue...

Canada's spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, CBC News has learned.
Several members of B.C. municipal governments are also under suspicion, Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC News in an exclusive interview.
"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries," Fadden said.
"The individual becomes in a position to make decisions that affect the country or the province or a municipality. All of a sudden, decisions aren't taken on the basis of the public good but on the basis of another country's preoccupations."

Read more here


Can a Canadian Prime minister be Impeached?

"Yes, in theory the Prime Minister of Canada or anyone for that matter can be impeached by the House of Commons. The House of Commons retains the power of Impeachment, inherited from the British Parliament, because our constitution states that ours is "similar in principle" to the constitution of Britain.

The US system of Impeachment is based on the British example, but the only penalty available is removal from office. This is not true in Britain where sentences can include fine and imprisonment and are not limited to persons holding office.

It should be noted the last person to be impeached in Britain was Henry Dundas in 1806, so the practice has long since come into disuse. It would be very unconventional to say the least for the Canadian Parliament to dig up these old powers and use them, especially against the PM. But in theory it is possible. Though how the procedure would be amended in Canada would need to be negotiated".........

"The role of the Prime Minister is not defined in the constitution, so there is no specific formula for his dishonourable removal from office. However, none is truly necessary, since, as the Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor General, should the need arise, the Governor General can simply replace him. No Canadian Prime Minister has ever been removed from office for committing a crime, so how and under what circumstances it would occur cannot be known. However, there are several ways that a Prime Minister can be removed from office, or reprimanded for his actions.

The House of Commons can force a deadlock with the Government by passing a motion of no confidence. When this happens, then either the Prime Minister has to resign (or be dismissed) or Parliament must be dissolved for a general election. If there has just been a general election, or for some other reason the Governor General rejects the Prime Minister's request for an election, then the Prime Minister will be replaced.

The Prime Minister's party can force him out of the leadership position, and choose someone else to be leader. If this happens, the incumbent Prime Minister will be replaced with the new party leader.

Either house of Parliament can censure any individual. The result of this can range from a verbal rebuke to expulsion from Parliament or imprisonment. A censure does not remove a Prime Minister from office, though depending on the severity and nature of the censure, I think (which means this isn't a fact) it is possible that the Prime Minister could be removed from office as a result of one, if only because of the political damage to him, or by loosing his seat in Parliament.

The Supreme Court of Canada can charge the Government with violating the law or the constitution, and order the Government to cease to act in violation, and/or to make reparations. I cannot find any hint of the circumstances under which the Governor General would dismiss a Prime Minister as a result of such a charge

For when environmental groups are threatened by Government, threatened for speaking out on behalf of millions of concerned Canadian people, threatened by a Government whose hands are tied to big oil, one has to wonder if indeed Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver are acting on Canada`s behalf, because the energy security argument is a lie, we on one hand import 780,000 barrels per day from  so-called unethical sources, there isn`t one argument to justify the pipeline to B.C. for export oil to China while eastern Canada imports 780,000 barrels per day, BC`s coast being risked for more profits to an already filthy-rich conglomerate.

Clearly a visionary prime minister`s goal would be to make Canada self-sufficient on energy, Harper is proposing the opposite, Stephen Harper is proposing that Canada stay reliant on foreign sources of oil for both the near  and long term

Would a mentally competent Prime minister remove 230 meat inspectors, dozens died from listerious food poisoning when industry was regulating themselves and now Stephen Harper is rolling the dice with human health and removing the inspectors, what happens when people die (again), will government media controllers hide the story, say oops or will someone be jailed.....My question to Stephen Harper would be, why were food inspectors needed in the past and not now, what`s changed?

Why are Salmon scientists being muzzled, why is the Stephen Harper and Christy Clark Government covering for Marine Harvest, why are reports on Sea Lice blocked, why is random testing in fish farms not allowed, why indeed, when are people like Alexandra Morton and others going to simply vanish, after all it is the next step, for the message isn`t being stopped the message is getting louder and louder, the harder the Federal Government pushes propaganda and fear the harder bloggers armed with cold facts push back.

Canada can`t hide the facts, like the fact that Environment Canada just released a secret damning report on the devastating ecological damage processing Alberta tar sands causes, all the poisoned water, the 1000`s of square miles of toxic lakes, tailing ponds, a report in the making for years had to be leaked for the federal Government was moving to not only to slash Environment Canada but to bury the report in the dustbin of denial...Whistleblowers risked everything leaking the report, retaliation is in full bloom in Harperland, such severe cuts are happening at Environment Canada that more lives will be lost...

A prime Minister who is deeply connected to tar sand industry, a tar sand industry who sold land, lock stock and barrel, sold an entire land-locked chunk of tar and said go ahead, destroy British Columbia, pipe it, tanker it, pollute it, a prime minister who has labeled Canadians eco racists, radicals, a prime minister who has gutted Environment Canada, muzzled scientists, threatened citizen groups, a prime minister who allowed a totally foreign owned tar sand operation to be bought knowing full well there was no way to get the toxic product to the coast, that`s incompetence, what prime minister would allow this type of transaction?

 Stephen Harper has embraced the tyrannical Dictatorship Governing style China employs with open arms, one has to suspect mental issues,  Mr. Harper is acting treasonous to Canada, what drives his treasonous actions,  he had meat inspectors removed, expert thinkers in all areas environmental silenced, scientists muzzled, the Harper Government is risking meat safety, fish safety, now water safety and the viability of British Columbia itself, the environment clean and pristine is what makes British Columbia unique., the inevitable spill will be what breaks British Columbia`s soul. ...Harper has had reports buried, biologists fired, their studies taken and as their scientific data is burned and removed new different facts are becoming clearer by the day,...Like the fact Harper is not acting in sound mind, it is like he`s controlled by the government of China, even the Enbridge pipeline itself, a pipeline that took the cheapest route possible to the coast, a route that brings super tankers into the 3rd most treacherous waters in the world, a pipeline to Prince Rupert would have cost $1.5 billion more, but then tankers could go straight out to sea, only a prime minister suffering from sickness would even entertain this pipeline, only a prime minister who`s controlled by others, it`s as if Kitimat was chosen for super tankers on a dare, meaning I dare you to even consider such a dangerous spot!

This pipeline will leak, Enbridge`s own documents estimate inland spills in the 1000`s of barrels per year, BC has earthquakes, we also have a forever sustainable $billion dollar yearly commercial salmon industry and it`s being put at risk...Clean water, 1000`s of fish bearing streams and rivers being threatened, a fragile northern coast put at risk because Alberta and the Federal Government sold Petro China land-locked oil in an energy ponzi scheme, did they sell that oil knowing they would have to force through a pipeline or did they sell them that land-locked oil knowing BCers wouldn`t allow it....What was in the contract?

I hear an outfit called Adventure tours advertising on cknw, advertising nature tours to Haida Gwaii and surrounding areas, I hear advertising for Super Natural British Columbia using Orca songs, I see bears feeding in the wild and on the wild, as in wild salmon, fancy commercials showing clean white snow and jumping fish..

  Pipeline and super tankers harm British Columbia in the pocketbook,  our entire tourism industry is put a risk of collapse even without a leak or spill, our British Columbia brand would be forever tainted, again, only a prime minister suffering from mental sickness would push this through, that in itself points to mental instability..

 "Super Natural British Columbia", tar pipeline and tankers hurt not only our brand name but tourism dollars, $billions in tourism dollars, clean pristine nature, fresh air, bears, orca, salmon, the last northern temperate tidal zone in the world, a paradise doomed to extinction if Enbridge northern gateway pipeline is allowed

Christy Clark, her incoherent mumblings and fencepost sitting won`t add anything to this debate, this battle has been taken away from Christy Clark`s and Stephen Harper`s corporate controlled political party,....Leadership and governance have been missing for 12 years in B.C., we won`t find any leadership under Christy`s Clark`s seat, just a fencepost,  we will soon make our own rules again, once Stephen Harper is removed, or deposed..

I believe that Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver are in conflict of interest for they are too connected to big oil, but even more disturbing is both Harper and Oliver are making decisions that call into play their mental fitness, or lack there-of, the Enbridge pipeline can`t pass the environmental risk phase, Harper`s said reason for their pipeline itself is false, it neither helps Canada`s energy security or economic future prosperity, it`s a pipeline, one pipeline won`t make Canada or BC rich.....Let`s recap, we have a Federal Government who allowed a 100% lock-stock-barrel purchase of tar sand land tracts and operations, a resource that is land-locked, no easy route to Asia, who told Petro-China what about moving that tar oil?, Who told Petro-China that British Columbia would surrender it`s economy and risk all that we hold dear to facilitate oil transport?...

Who muzzled Kristi Millar on our wild-salmon, who wheeled and dealed with Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen on the HST...

Who tried to muzzle environment Canada, what Government is silencing critics, damn Harper that`s who, who sent the most despised back-stabbing BC Politician Gordon Campbell to London on the public`s dime, Harper did....Harper threatened the eco group Forest Ethics, Suzuki foundation, Tides Canada, Eco-Justice, WWF, what message is Harper afraid of, how come Stephen Harper believes we no longer need meat inspectors, why is the Alberta oil obsessed Government hiding reports on water quality tests, reports on pollutants in drinking water, hiding reports that link people getting sick and cancer filled because of big oil, poison..

Even today in Abbotsford  B.C....Oil pukes from a pipeline...

"An oil spill at Kinder Morgan Inc.’s Sumas Terminal site in Abbotsford, B.C., has spread 110,000 litres of light crude oil into a containment area, sending fumes into a residential area through much of Tuesday.
Residents in the area began complaining about the strong smell of oil early Tuesday morning.
Abbotsford police started getting calls around 4:30 a.m. PT, said Const. Ian MacDonald.
“The folks at Kinder Morgan are working pretty quickly to try and do what they can to dissipate and reduce that odour,” MacDonald said."

What Government poisons its own citizens?

Why is the Government of Canada(Stephen Harper) going to China again, is it to talk air quality in Bejiing..
or perhaps Harper is going to talk increased coal exports..

Maybe Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver will be discussing Airport security...
This is China, we as Canadians have a right to say no, no we won`t sell you more oil, we won`t sell you more coal, only a prime minister with mental problems would contribute to the madness, Harper`s pipeline to Hell..
Imagine true Canadian perspective then imagine the insane mind of Stephen Harper, portraying Canada`s economic future and prosperity as relying on a pipeline, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Crack pipe Head"
Funny stuff, Canada`s future not relying on technology, not on our children or on a safe secure food supply, clean drinking water and human rights,...Our corrupted leader believes prosperity comes in a leaky crud pipe, sad, very sad indeed.

Stephen Harper`s future depends on mega-prisons, F35s, on a scared silenced fifth estate, Harper`s prosperity comes in the form of black oil spewing from a pipe and any environmentalists, Canadian children, fishermen, scientists or tourism board that gets in his way will be branded extremists, eco-terrorists, Socialists, Harper will persecute them, tax them, prosecute them, we will be vilified, laughed at and eventually...
Tortured, murdered, hunted down like vermin, voices will just vanish because in order for "Shoot one monkey to scare a thousand" to work...

Monkeys will be shot.

For if a prime minister acts against the common good or goal, if a leader acts preferable to the one while detrimental to the majority or society as a whole, if an elected official has been corrupted by either foreign government or business interests , if it`s apparent that said elected politician is suffering from blatant conflict of interest or exhibits clear signs of mental sickness ...

Then the Answer is Yes.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stephen Harper Will Not Be Permitted to Brush us Aside

150 outraged citizens protested outside the Ramada inn in Prince George last night, they were protesting against Enbridge, against Stephen Harper, against the Northern Gateway pipeline, against super tankers loaded with Alberta crud oil on our coast, the weather was freezing, minus 30 degrees, I remind Mr. Harper that this protest took place in right-wing Prince George..

The joint review panel, let`s be clear, this panel will have no choice but to reject the project, Enbridge has lied over and over again, their record on pipeline safety is brutal, 805 major spills in the last few years alone,  including last year when Enbridge`s pipeline rupture in Michigan poured 844,000 gallons into the Kalamazoo,  decimated the water in the Kalamazoo river, human activities like swimming, fishing and even drinking water are still restricted there, limited remediation will top a $billion dollars and still the water will be poisoned..

Super tankers sink, oil rigs, cruise ships and submarines, they all sink, there is human error, terrorism, mechanical problems and weather related accidents and let`s don`t forget bad luck, Enbridge`s BC pipeline proposal would have to traverse over 1000 fish bearing rivers, including major river systems like the Fraser river, the Skeena, we are talking about water supply, animal safety, human safety, Enbridge have offered no guarantees, they can`t, in fact Enbridge has self-admitted there will be inland pipeline leaks to the tune of 1000`s of barrels of oil per year..

One big tanker spill on our inside waters will decimate our commercial fishing industry, our eco-tourism industry, we would lose our precious orca whales, tens of thousands of First Nations would lose their food source..

The National Energy Board(NEB) has only one choice, they must and will reject the project, it`s their only choice, unless the decision has already be made, the NEB board in my opinion will reject the project or be labeled the most incompetent panel group in history or the most corrupt, if the panel approves this project I suspect they would be forced to leave Canada, or live the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders...

That leaves Stephen Harper one choice, a Cabinet over-rule of the NEB decision, but legally he can`t do that, Stephen Harper would be forced to write legislation giving him and him only sole power, the power of a king, a dictator, all encompassing power, a one-man band with Stephen Harper running everything, Canadians and even many of his own party wouldn`t let that pass, we as Canadians would have no choice but to forcefully remove Stephen Harper from office, it can be done, it would be done..

Stephen Harper`s ties to big oil in Alberta become painfully clear once someone, anyone looks at this..Stephen Harper has too many direct ties to big oil, he`s in conflict, so is Joe Oliver, it looks too like Richrd Fadden of Canada`s spy agency(CSIS) was right too, remember a couple of years ago when he made shock-waves when he came out ringing the alarm bells about Canadian politicians in British Columbia and in the crown who were controlled by foreign Governments, it was a rare occasion,  the head of Canada`s spy agency firing a shot across the bow of both the BC Government and Federal Government...

"Canada's spy agency suspects that cabinet ministers in two provinces are under the control of foreign governments, CBC News has learned.

Several members of B.C. municipal governments are also under suspicion, Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told CBC News in an exclusive interview.

"We're in fact a bit worried in a couple of provinces that we have an indication that there's some political figures who have developed quite an attachment to foreign countries," Fadden said.

"The individual becomes in a position to make decisions that affect the country or the province or a municipality. All of a sudden, decisions aren't taken on the basis of the public good but on the basis of another country's preoccupations."

He said the politicians and public servants see it as a long-standing relationship and have no idea they are being used.

"There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government."


Harper is prepared to destroy British Columbia`s water, Salmon, coastline, no jobs for BC, all risk, the only benefactor is Big oil and China, this is exactly what Richard Fadden was talking about, the "Energy return on investment" makes this project a non-starter, the energy required extracting, steaming, pumping, trucks, tankers to and fro, the vast quantities of clean natural gas used in the processes, the water, the vast volumes of clean water wasted in the extraction process could irrigate many African Nations. it`s an energy ponzi scheme, Canada looks like hicksters being fleeced by the carneys, the amount of clean natural gas used if the expansion levels of Big Oil came to fruition would be enough to heat 30 million homes each day...It`s folly.

I could care less about the liars at Ezra Levant`s big oil front group Ethical oil and what they have to say, they are bold-faced liars who are funded by big oil, their argument is dead, Canada imports 52% of its own domestically needed oil from the same places Ezra Levant calls "Unethical"...Ezra Levant, Joe Oilver, Vivian Krauss, Bill Good, Stephen Harper can get stuffed with their argument about environmental groups funding the Enbridge protests, I don`t care, Ezra Levant is a bold-faced liar, they are super-funded by big oil, Canadians are opposed to this pipeline and tankers on BC`s coast, BCers are 80% opposed to Enbridge, those are facts..

We won`t argue with Vivian Kraus, we won`t argue with Ezra Levant, Canadians don`t give a rat`s ass about Vivian or Ezra, no one watches Sun Media in Eastern Canada....... "there are more people in a Toronto shopping mall on a Thursday night than there is watching Sun media and Ezra Levant,"

The big-enviro money argument is specious(TY, KC), I don`t care, BCers don`t care, only paid media hacks like Bill Good and Craig Oliver care, they`re wrong and hopefully karma takes care of those paid spinners..

British Columbia won`t argue on their terms, Joe Oliver can stomp his feet, Stephen Harper can break his office furniture, the argument is about extreme environmental risks on land, over 1000 salmon bearing rivers and streams at risk, pristine clean land, a fragile northern coast that is an ecological treasure, a one of a kind jewel, no where in the world can compare, like the Galapagos islands, or the Hawaiian Island chain, like the Garden of Eden, this is Canada`s eco-tourism jewel that will not, that won`t be destroyed by the spills, Canadians will make sure that will never happen, this project will be stopped!

Human error, terrorism, mechanical breakdowns, tankers having to navigate hundreds of kilometers in narrow reef filled channels where hurricane force storms occur almost weekly, fast tides, sharp turns, a recipe for armageddon, a disaster is certain, those dangers can`t be mitigated, those are the facts, Enbridge admits that their pipelines will spill 1000`s of barrels on land and rivers each year, those are facts, British Columbia doesn`t care what Vivian Krauss, Bill Good, Joe Oliver, Ezra Levant, Craig Oliver or Enbridge  has to say about Environmental groups funding, we won`t argue on those terms, those are the arguments of the weak...Arguments that Enbridge stock is held in pension plans, we don`t care, Canadians don`t care...That argument means what, that  SNC Lavalin can build a nuclear plant in Point Grey, that Petro-China can destroy BC`s coastline because people have shares, we don`t care, ....Let me repeat, those arguments are made by the weak,  those arguments are made by paid shills who have nothing else, for shame big media, for shame.

The XL-Keystone pipeline ran into strong opposition, that pipeline would have ran through some sensitive areas in Nebraska, the Northern Enbridge pipeline would run through and traverse over 1000 streams and rivers, it`s at least a 1000 times more sensitive than Keystone, and once there through dangerous channels where screeching winds and waves as high as seven story buildings occur almost weekly.

"Of equal concern was the stability of the ground. Part of the pipeline’s final route into Kitimat would pass through an area with clay soil that has been known to trigger major landslides. In 1962, a slide took out 600 metres of the highway to Kitimat and left bulldozer-swallowing fissures, some four metres wide and 10 metres deep. Earthquakes occasionally trigger submarine landslides that set off local tsunamis.
The marine environment at the surface can be equally brutal. Some tankers would traverse Hecate Strait, which Environment Canada ranks as the fourth most dangerous body of water in the world. Waves in South Hecate Strait have reached 26 metres – the height of a seven-storey building."

 B.C. coast is hostile country for oil, pipeline panel told - The Globe and Mail

ferries breakdown and crash when electronic propulsion panels fail, cruise ships sink, submarines run aground, oil rigs sink, pipelines break, human error, terrorism, suicidal captains, those are the facts that can`t be mitigated so I don`t care what Enbridge, Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper, Vivian Krauss, Ezra Levant, Craig Oliver, Bill Good have to say, I and all Canadians will not argue on their terms...

We will argue on our terms, and if Stephen Harper has to be removed from office for treasonous actions, so be it!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Enbridge Hearings can be Heard Here, Live on WebCast

Good afternoon friends, readers, contributors and of course those who cherish our fragile pristine Coastline...

I`ve come across a way to listen to the hearings, press this highlighted HYPERLINK HERE and presto, you`re there..

It`s of the utmost importance that as many sane people, as many VOTERS as possible hear what`s going on...

I will establish a permanent link on my Website.....

Please everyone concerned, use Facebook, Twitter, social networking, newspapers, radio, spread the word but even more importantly...Pass it around, don`t be shy

Here is the link again...

On occasion this link is troublesome, internet spooks and Pab-Bots are attempting to monkey-wrench the people`s right to hear what is going on.

If that link doesn`t work you can try this link that Contributor extraordinaire Hugh has provided.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christy Clark, Unqualified, Uneducated, Unprincipled, Unelected!

Giant cruise ship sinks yesterday, many dead, dozens missing, today a fuel tanker explodes, more dead, another ship headed to the bottom of the sea...

This is why the Enbridge Northern pipeline will not be allowed to proceed, this is why the moratorium on oil tankers in British Columbia`s inside waters will never be lifted.

Read about the latest disaster here....


Where is our Provincial Government, where is Christy Clark, stand up for British Columbia, stand up for salmon, whales, herring, sea birds, otters and eagles...

You can`t sit back Christy Clark and allow this Federal review to happen, you can`t negotiate after Harper rams it through, BC gets nothing but the risk, no jobs, just risk.

If you aren`t prepared to lead Christy Clark than step down, resign, Alberta oil pushers and Federal Harperites are running rough-shot over our province and what are you doing about it?

You are doing nothing but hiring ex-Enbridge lobbyists from Alberta as your new chief of staff...

Enbridge admits their pipelines will leak 1000`s of barrels of oil in BC`s wetlands and it`s now apparent that a CATASTROPHIC oil tanker spill on BC`s coast is inevitable...

Gordon Campbell lied about wanting to protect the earth for future generations with a phony green spin, BC advertised the 2010 Olympics as the greenest, we portrayed BC as a natural heaven, and now that Gordon Campbell has been sent to Europe to sell Alberta Tar oil, now that corporations occupy the BC Liberal backrooms you Christy Clark are sitting on your ass doing nothing, fire Pamela Martin, fire your other cronies, this is British Columbia...

You sit there doimg nothing while corporations prepare to scorch British Columbia...

You are unfit for office Christy Clark, you quit S-F-U- after they threw you off the student council for cheating on elections, now you are cheating our province...

Tell British Columbia today how you are supporting Alberta and Enbridge, tell us today..

You Christy Clark lied your face off on CKNW radio, you cheated on elections at S-F-U-..You quit S-F-U-...No degree, uneducated, a spoiled political brat with nary two brain cells..

Take a piss or get off the pot Christy Clucking Clark!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bill Good, CKNW, Enemies of British Columbia!

....................................Everything highlighted in red is a link....................

Yes indeed, Bill Good and CKNW is one of the worst enemies of British Columbia, a corporate BC Liberal promotional radio station inhabited by corporate stooges

Let`s go back to the HST debate, Christy Clark and all BC Liberals fought the vast majority of British Columbians to the bitter end, CKNW had the BC Liberal front group {The smart tax alliance} on air almost everyday, they had media spinners, Phil Hocstein, day after day CKNW promoted the HST, they ran misleading stickmen ads, they allowed Michael Campbell to lie about the HST every week....

Every radio voice on CKNW endorsed the HST, Sean Leslie endorsed the HST, Bill Good endorsed the HST, Christy Clark promoted the HST on NW`s air...Gord MacDonald, John Macolm promoted the HST, morning radio voice Philip Til endorsed the HST, in fact Philip Til proclaimed on air..And I quote..."I like the HST because at a 10% tax-rate even an old guy like me can do the math" snip..Yet the HST was 12%, not 10%

Michael Campbell routinely lied about the HST on CKNW, and get this, Bill Teileman was removed from the Monday morning quarterback show because he was leading the fight HST group, Michael Smyth who replaced Christy Clark`s time slot was removed from the station because he too was against the HST, think about it, only those opposed to the HST were removed from CKNW....

Michael Campbell, after the HST was defeated on one of his Saturday shows made this demand....And I quote.."Everyone who voted against the HST should send Ottawa a cheque for $2600.00 dollars"..Snip....Stickmen ads, Smart tax alliance ads, and there was more, Michael Levy promoted the HST on CKNW, Sam, Bill Good`s regular stooge caller was given  a soap box twice a week to promote the HST, every corporate shill was given tons of airtime on NW to promote the HST...

The board of trade, port of Vancouver, CEO`s from forestry, mining, the movie industry, it was  propaganda overload thumping the hst drums day after day, business leaders decried poverty, doom and gloom, these corporate hogs claimed the world would end if the HST was defeated, Kevin Falcon, Colin Hansen, Pat Bell, every BC Liberal stooge was given a free microphone and leading softball questions......CKNW conspired with the BC Liberals to run the most dishonest lying false-factless propaganda campaign against their own listeners, against British Columbia.

The HST which is still in play, still being paid, it created no jobs, we lost jobs, prices went up on everything, the HST wasn`t revenue neutral to Government, it was a $800 million dollar per year Government cash grab and a yearly $2billion dollar consumer tax hit, everything we were told by the BC Liberals and CKNW about the HST was a lie, Alise Mills promoted the HST on NW, Keith Baldrey promoted the tax, so did Vaughn Palmer, no one got air-time on CKNW unless they promoted the HST....And guess what happened?

Despite a $75 million dollar BC Liberal/ big business ad campaign, a misleading if not lying ad campaign against a $500K anti-HST ad campaign we crushed them, 60% against to 40%...The anti-HST forces were outspent by a ratio of 150 to 1.....And still we won big, so you think maybe CKNW learned their lesson....

Well they didn`t, Bill Good, Sean Leslie, Gord Macdonald, John Macolm, Philip Til, Michael Campbell, Michael Levy, everyone of these radio voices are already pimping the Enbridge pipeline.

Why did you move to the Sunshine Coast Bill Good?

Today, Friday January 13th/2012...bill Good advertised his 9:00 am to 10:00 am show as a debate on Enbridge....His guests were and Vivian Kraus and Eco Justice`s Jessica Clog...There was no debate, the whole show Bill Good and Vivian Kraus blathered about one thing and one thing only, it wasn`t a spill, it wasn`t a tanker disaster, there was no talk about Enbridge admitting that 1000`s of barrels will be spilled in BC every year, Bill Good was like a dog with a bone, he echoed Vivian Kraus, Joe Oliver and Harper`s assertion that  environmentalists were hijacking the debate, Bill Good was not concerned in the least that China, a ruthless dictatorship with no human rights, no working rights, no safety net, no environmental regulations, a tyrannical dictatorship that is literally killing millions per year with pollution has contributed $100 million dollars to Enbridge to advance this project, Bill Good ignored the fact that China has poured $billions in the Tar sands and have even bought their 100% foreign owned chunks of the tar sands, Bill Good just kept blathering away about Tides Canada and the Rockerfeller foundation contributing a few million dollars to aid in the fight against Enbridge,....

Bill Good didn`t mention the fact that Ezra Levant`s group ethical oil is being funded by, and is nothing but a front group for big oil, that did not concern BC Liberal promoter and liar Bill Good, there was no mention of Enbridge`s 805 pipeline spills in the last few years, no mention of the Exxon Valdez oil spill still poisoning the west coast, no mention of the Enbridge leak happening right now in the Gulf of Mexico, there was no mention of the 2800  sea otters that died from the tiny Exxon Valdez spill, no mention of losing half of our BC Orca in that spill, the 250,000 dead birds, billions of dead salmon eggs, herring eggs, the loss of kelp forests, no mention of the Queen of the north that sank there a few years ago, no mention of the almost weekly hurricane force winds that blow on our north coast, no mention of the 40 foot waves, there was no debate, Bill Good received his marching orders in between all the BC Liberal/BC Government ads currently running on CKNW, ads all day long promoting the $1billion dollar smart meter boondoggle, ads all day long promoting Christy Clark`s pathetic offshore and Premier`s office jobs agenda, ads for BCLC, ads calling Adrian Dix risky, without all these BC Government/BC liberal ads CKNW radio would go silent...

The 9:00am to 10:00am radio program today, January 13th/2012 was no debate on Enbridge at all, it was Bill Good performing his bias BC Liberal promotional show, all to the detriment of every BC resident!

Why did you move to the Sunshine coast Bill Good?

Why is this important, because I have the details, the CKNW phone lines lit up today, 95% of every caller was opposed to Enbridge, he had to wait, he had to struggle to find even one caller who wanted the pipeline, the listener line received hundreds and hundreds of callers demanding a stop to this project, CKNW received hundreds of emails from average BCers screaming hell no to Enbridge...Bill Good is totally aware that British Columbians by a measure of 80% do not want the northern pipeline at any price, but Billy Good doesn`t care, he has his own personal financial agenda!

 Bill good played the fool, a BC Liberal fool, Bill Good had but two arguments, two stale arguments only a moron would use to justify the northern Enbridge pipeline being proposed for oil exports to CHINA...

Bill Good said..."You drive a car don`t you" and..."Enbridge stock is in many pension plans"

Wow Billy Boy Good, your right, lets build a nuclear plant in Sechelt because SNC Lavalin is in some pension funds...Let`s run leaky pipelines everywhere, through Halfmoon bay, through Gibsons, through Powell River, lets run Enbridge pipelines through the Galopagos islands, the Great Barrier reef because Enbridge is in your pension plan, let`s just risk every goddaam paradise on earth because Enbridge is in a pension plan and people drive!..

Why do you live on the Sunshine Coast Bill good?

Canada still imports 52% of its own domestic needed oil from the North Sea and Saudi Arabia....Saudi Arabia, the home of 19 of the 21 Terrorists who brought down the twin towers...How about those apples Ezra Levant, Billy good, ethical oil bullshit when the same people you call unethical are selling Canada half of its domestic oil, and at the same time Billy Good and Ezra Levant want to risk a catastrophic oil spill on BC`s pristine Northern coast for 200 jobs and $14.3 million dollars per year!

You are the enemy Bill good, CKNW is the enemy of British Columbia, your argument Bill good is that of a child-mind(No offense to children)...You betrayed the public on the HST, on BC Rail, on child poverty, on corruption, now you are betraying British Columbia`s pristine one of a kind coast, our one of a kind marine life all to prop up your next door neighbor Gordon Campbell and his corrupt BC Liberal party...

Why do you live on the Sunshine coast Bill good, what do you see from your waterfront property? Pristine water, jumping salmon, hundreds of different birds, clean air, clean water, amazing flora, amazing views, why Bill Good do you live on the Sunshine Coast?...

How about giant tankers in your front yard and Enbridge leaky pipes in your backyard...

How much Bill Good, how much are you paid to lie and spin for the BC Liberals, how much to sell out the future, how much to sell out future generations...

How much money did it take for you to betray everyone on the Sunshine coast and the rest of British Columbia?

Accidents don`t happen eh Billy, what about this brand new Ocean liner running aground on a reef in calm water in daylight hours, 8 dead, 4000 rescued, a brand new cruise ship with the most modern equipment.

Bill Good, perhaps you missed this tweet from your good friend Keith Baldrey.


Keith Baldrey
"Let me get this straight: it's bad for US to fund enviros, but good for China to buy up oil sands? Not exactly logical."

Special thanks to blogger extroadinaire Allison over at Creekside for this video

The Straight Goods

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