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Bill Good And CKNW, What Is Wrong With Them?

What is wrong with Bill Good, what is wrong with CKNW, will they ever present honest talk radio, honest unbiased commentary, let me be clear, I certainly didn`t expect Bill Good to jump on the Adrian Dix bandwagon but..

But how can you bring on air Gordon Wilson to give what Bill Good called a honest assessment of last night`s television debate.

Gordon Wilson is not only a self serving pundit, he is extremely bias, he has been bashing Adrian Dix on Twitter, bashing Farnsworth, Horgan, Jenny Kwan and every other BC NDP...

How can you Bill Good bring on Gordon Wilson for an opinion without stating that Gordon Wilson is an angry old man who not only hates the NDP but has actually been actively trying to elect Christy Clark?

Bill Good took 4 phone calls on the topic before 9:00am....Regular caller Ed claimed, he figured out who he could never vote for, Adrian Din... Regular caller Erika, claimed Christy Clark spoke so globally, was looking at the big picture and Christy Clark was marvelous..

Then a regular caller named Tom(from Cobble Hill) Claimed it was pretty good for Adrian, stated Adrian finished strong....Then Billy Good chimed in, he actually stated that... "Tom is a partisan NDPer"...

Then Billy Good brought in the puppy dog named Sean Leslie to blather for a few minutes....Then there was one last call just before 9:00-am...

A caller named Eddy...Eddy claimed that..Adrian Dix was terrible, nervous, angry, Adrian refused to answer any questions, Adrian just made stuff up, made pie in the sky claims and that British Columbia has done better than every other country in the world since the Global meltdown under the BC Liberals...

And Billy Good never mentioned that Ed..Erika..and or Eddy was "partisan"

Yet Billy went out of his way to tell listeners that Tom from Cobble Hill was a partisan..And not a word about Gordon Wilson being a partisan...That my friends is sad radio from a sad old man...

Gordon Wilson on cknw ..8:35 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.


I wrote this post below about Gordon Wilson`s recent antics, from earlier this month..


Gordon Wilson, Lost In The Wilderness or A Man With A Money Induced Agenda?

What Happened to Gordon Wilson

        Written by Grant G

There are times when stories need to be told, I had no intention writing about this political has-been, however when Gordon Wilson injected himself into the current political process, a few facts needed to be put on the record..

Gordon Campbell hijacked the BC Liberal party, a political party that Gordon Wilson resurrected from the ashes, at the time I thought Gordon Wilson was a decent man, perhaps I was wrong, Wilson was a man on the rise and maybe it`s something about politicians named Gordon, for a public figure and party leader to be having an adulterous affair and get caught, that transgression brought a quick end to his leadership aspirations...Gordon Campbell once he hijacked the BC Liberal party he maintained the Liberal banner for but one reason, to hide the infiltration of old rejected Social Credit politicos, the Liberal party was never Liberal, it`s as far rightwing as one a political party could get, ...I`ll bet Gordon Wilson has nightmares and fits of anger to this very day, he lost control of the party leadership over adultery while Gordon Campbell had a decade`s long adulterous affair in plain view of the main stream media and none bothered to report it, well, those now long in tooth political beat reporters of that era, who are now winding down their careers, they have nothing to show for the last 12 years of legislative reporting, no scoops, no blockbuster revelations, they looked left, looked right, looked at the floor, looked at glaring conflict and scandal then looked the other way..

From 1996 to present day the Baldrey`s, the Palmers, the Bill Good`s and many more failed not only the public but failed in ethical journalism, a cozy quid pro quo relationship for hire, a feel good club for the weak minded, money over truth, fame over exposure of sins, an old boys club where membership granted came only with a vow of silence....Or as I wrote before..

Conflict of Ethics


I have a feeling that recently Gordon Wilson in the back of his mind mused about a comeback, another leadership bid, another revamping of the BC Liberal party, or perhaps leadership of the NDP party, who knows what party Gordon Wilson wants to join, after all he was a member of both..however..

Wilson by way of his fat mouth burned any and all bridges back to the NDP and with the Liberal party on the eve of annihilation Gordon realizes he`s too old for the rebuilding long-game, likewise he has never possessed the skill of a trauma surgeon, and I don`t believe Mr. Wilson fancies the job of road-kill carcass collector, that leaves him lost in the wilderness, leaves his lifelong goals unfulfilled and that has left Gordon Wilson with nothing but bitter callousness, a name-calling partisan sitting alone with his wheel-barrel full of dung which he flings and has flung...

While no one is perfect and we all makes mistakes, a moment of passion with a one night affair is common, only those of low character continue to slink and slither behind the back of the one they made martial vows to, only real men with integrity and backbone face their significant other and face the music, file for divorce and move on, Gordon Wilson did no such thing, not until his sins were leaked to the public did he come clean, maybe it was karma, maybe justice but on that day his leadership aspirations disappeared for all time so did his sanity,  all now that Gordon Wilson has left is the bitter pill of failure and a poison mouth..

Jealousy, agenda, payment for spew, I`m not sure why Wilson crawled out from his rock but like most, we wish he had remained entombed, and silent..

Funny in a way, the very first guest Christy Clark had on air at cknw after Gordon Campbell resigned in shame was one Gordon FD Wilson..

"On the day that Gordon Campbell announced his intention to resign, the producer of the Christy Clark Show on CKNW called me and asked if I would be a guest on her radio show. I accepted and as soon as Christy introduced me on air I asked her if she intended to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party. She told me emphatically that she did not plan to run. Smart move, I thought, you will save yourself from a lot of grief."


In that post Gordon Wilson went on to give Christy Clark advice on how to win the election, but in doing so he described how the corporate BC Liberal party operated, how vindictive the party was, how their members turn on their own if they don`t cooperate, Gordon Wilson describes how Gordon Campbell had a scorched earth social policy..


"The powerful Vancouver business elite who represent the “coalition” will be watching the polls over the next few months as the NDP choose their leader, and as Clark starts to weather the political storm that is heading her way. If the polls look good they will do nothing to rock the boat, but if they don’t, they will withdraw all their support for Clark, hide their money, stop investing in the province and prepare for four years of NDP government by causing the economic landscape to look as barren as possible, something that they will later accuse the NDP of creating.

 Christy Clark will be relegated to the political scrap heap as they hand pick another Gordon Campbell who will do their bidding, and it isn’t at all clear if they will use the Liberal party to do so.

Clark needs to take a page out of the playbook written by the other Clark, former premier Glen Clark.

 She needs to do what he did in 1996 when taking over the leadership from Mike Harcourt...

 She needs to craft a careful agenda that reverses the slash and burn social agenda of Gordon Campbell. ....She needs to ACT in favour of children and families not talk about doing so. She needs to bring in a progressive budget and hit the ground running implementing it, and then call an early fall election and win a mandate from the people....

 That’s her best course of action if she wants to avoid the NDP snipers who will use her words to chip away her credibility and to avoid those within the coalition who are not happy that she upset their plans for their choice who is also the choice of the Conservatives: Kevin Falcon."


Don`t you find that interesting, on one hand Gordon Wilson is giving Christy Clark advice as to how to keep the BC Liberal/Social Credit party in power yet at the same time he describes how dirty the corporate party backers play, how nasty Gordon Campbell was towards the people, towards teachers and children, a party of big business and big business only...Why would Gordon Wilson want to have a political party like that in power, he obviously has an agenda that doesn`t include the well being of the joe average public at large, he seems very very confused, indeed..

In that post linked above is a very interesting bit of Gordon Wilson`s background..here it is, below

 "Gordon F.D. Wilson was responsible for resurrecting the BC Liberal Party in the early 90's, only to be wrestled to the ground by Gordon Campbell for the top job as liberal leader. 
Wilson and his wife Judy Tyabji then launched another political party which wasn't going anywhere fast,...

 then switched sides and became a member of the New Democratic Party of BC. Under the stewartship of NDP Premier Glen Clark, Wilson was elevated into cabinet, holding the position Minister of Transportation and BC Ferries. 

These days Gordon spends his time blogging on his website


Interesting, the NDP gave Gordon Wilson a home, made him a cabinet minister, and now Gordon Wilson sees that the NDP are about to take power comes out spewing vitriolic venom and bluster and unsubstantiated character assassination..And what brought down the BC NDP, fast ferries, who was minister of ferries? Gordon Wilson was, interesting indeed..

 Gordon Wilson`s first verbal assault came when the NDP were having their leadership contest, Wilson playing coy was giving the NDP brutal advice while simultaneously slandering the NDP`s brightest star...That being John Horgan, ..John Horgan, the most respected politician in British Columbia today, by far.....Here was Wilson`s hatchet job in the form of his personal advice..



"Nicholas Simons, my MLA from Powell River-Sunshine Coast, is an intelligent, good looking, soft spoken, somewhat hip and openly gay musician who presented the best hope the NDP had for a really fresh face who could articulate a new vision for British Columbia.

Simons dropped out a few days ago and moved his support to John Horgan. That is really too bad. It is too bad because I believe that Simons, the only elected candidate who was not part of the NDP government of the 1990s, was the best chance for the NDP to beat Christy Clark. It is also too bad for the balance of voters because had he been able to get unfiltered media exposure, he would have provided British Columbians with a real, compassionate choice in the next provincial election.
But the NDP have a long history in choosing leaders who have no chance of winning a general election. Simons isn’t part of the NDP old guard, so his campaign was written off by most from the beginning. Certainly the media considered him a lightweight"

Wilson wasn`t finished, not by a longshot.. ...Let me say this, Nicholas Simons is a good man, he`s in my riding, he is however NOT leadership material, and there was no reason to highlight that Simons is gay, let me be clear, Gordon Wilson wrote that article for a reason, subtle and not so subtle smear...Let`s peruse it a little more.


"Over the course of several elections in my riding, I have come to know Dana Larsen as a candidate who is no fool. He has often been presented more as a caricature than a candidate who holds passionately to his beliefs. Ironically, through his four point campaign using the “sustainability BC lens”, Larsen has presented policies that would likely resonate with many British Columbians if he were ever given the chance to present them to the public at large. But Larsen’s passion over the legalization of Marijuana and some of his past publicity stunts have created an uneasy feeling toward him within the NDP establishment, which is one reason they tried to block his ability to run.
In many ways Dana Larsen stands like a mirror to the NDP brass presenting a “real” NDP image, rather than the more “moderate” image they would like to present.

 Larsen is unlikely to go beyond the first ballot and may do far worse now that he has already declared his support for John Horgan on a second ballot. Many of Larsen’s supporters may put their first ballot vote to Horgan, fearful that if they don’t there won’t be a second chance."


Do you see that, Gordon Wilson is suggesting that Dana Larsen is the REAL face of the NDP, perhaps Gordon Wilson didn`t see Dana Larsen video of Larsen driving while using a crack pipe, my gawd, the NDP would be laughed out of the political landscape with Dana Larsen as leader...And it has nothing to do with marijuana, it should be decriminalized like Washington state has done, it`s unfortunate that Dana Larsen made that video, that made him toxic..

But the most interesting part of Gordon Wilson`s strange brew screed is this, those two leadership candidates that he liked threw all their support behind John Horgan, what comes next from Wilson is just bizarre, actually it`s personal hatred towards one man, John Horgan..


"Horgan, who has been elected as MLA for Juan de Fuca on Vancouver Island twice during the Campbell years in government, is better known to me for his backroom role during the NDP governments of the 1990s. Then Horgan was a bombastic, somewhat ruthless and unprincipled backroom enforcer whose temper was only surpassed by his lack of diplomacy. Maybe he has mellowed somewhat, although you know what is said about leopards and their spots.

In politics there are those who are best described as “party hacks”, people who do the bidding of their political bosses regardless of the impact of their actions. Horgan made a career in politics as a party hack at both the federal and provincial level until he stepped up to run for office. In fact, one is hard pressed to know what experience Horgan has outside of the political backrooms and his two terms as an elected MLA.

Given his service to Ministers better associated with the governments of Mike Harcourt and Glen Clark, it is little wonder that NDP cabinet ministers from the 1990s Elizabeth Cull, Anne Edwards and Paul Ramsey have all provide support to his campaign. Outside of the ranks of the NDP, however, such endorsements are likely to go over like a lead balloon.

Dan Miller’s endorsement was fully expected. Miller and Horgan have a long history together in the Legislative Halls of power in Victoria. Miller was the NDP Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister responsible for BC Ferries, and was arguably one of the most incompetent ministers in the Harcourt and Clark governments.

One has to hope that Miller, who has been the loudest and most consistent voice calling for the removal of the moratorium on off shore oil and gas drilling in the Queen Charlotte Sound has limited access to Horgan if he wins. But I doubt that will be true. Horgan was Miller’s choice for Chief of Staff when Dan Miller was appointed interim Premier until Ujjal Dosanjh maneuvered his way into the office after the fall of Glen Clark. I can attest firsthand to the callous disregard for due process that was practiced by Horgan and his boss at that time. But then, perhaps he has changed."


What is clear to me in that Gordon Wilson post, Wilson as a BC Liberal and Christy Clark supporter feared John Horgan above all else, and to be honest I stumped for Horgan, in my opinion if Horgan was leader today the NDP would have a 50% percentage point lead, however, we can`t undue the past and to be totally honest, Adrian Dix has thoroughly impressed me, his no running negative attacks, nothing personal, policy first and policy second, good policy for the masses, not policy for the corporate sector which under the BC Liberals have scorched both our treasury and environment..


A couple of weeks ago Gordon Wilson managed to get the Tyee to publish more of his NDP hate speech, in that article, where the commenters blasted him, in that article he brushed aside all the BC Liberal scandals in two sentences and promoted Christy Clark while tee-heeing and disrespecting the NDP, a very poorly written article with the same not so subtle messaging, that being NDP bad, BC Liberals and Christy Clark good..


"The Liberals' banner touts them as "Today's BC Liberals," presumably to contrast Clark's Liberal team from the decade of rule by Gordon Campbell. 

To be fair to Clark, she has reshaped the party considerably and there is tangible evidence that the BC Liberals under her leadership are a very different party from that of Gordon Campbell. She has removed Campbell's training wage, increased minimum wage to $10.25 per hour, and imposed a tax on those earning more than $150,000 per year, to mention only three out of many initiatives that would not have happened under Campbell.

The NDP, running under the rather lengthy banner of "Change for the Better – One Practical Step at a Time," is filled with veteran candidates who, to these tired eyes, are more a reflection of the past than a view to the future. MLAs like Leonard Krog, Sue Hammell, Harry Lali and Mike Farnworth, all running again, were first elected in 1991. NDP heavyweights Bruce Ralston and John Horgan, who weren't elected members during the 1990s, were omnipresent in Victoria during that decade. Ralston was NDP President/legal counsel and Horgan was a senior staffer. In addition, current Leader Adrian Dix served as right hand to Glen Clark during his years in cabinet and later when Clark was premier.



Do you see the continual slights against the NDP, he praises Christy Clark, and alludes to Clark raising the minimum wage therefor correcting all that was wrong with the Gordon Campbell era, forgetting about debt, BC Rail, BC Hydro, run of river robbery, tearing up contracts, he seems to have completely forgotten Christy Clark`s record in that same BC Liberal Government, Christy Clark took away teachers constitutional rights, a bill the Supreme court found illegal, Gordon Wilson seems to have recently developed a very selective memory, indeed..

Anywho, here I had thought we heard the last of Gordon venom spewer Wilson, I was wrong, I saw a Tweet by Diamond Isinger promoting an article in the Georgia Straight, an article with more inflammatory statements by Gordon Wilson..


New Democrats are promising change. However, the more that former B.C. NDP cabinet member Gordon Wilson looks at some of the familiar faces that may constitute an Adrian Dix government, the less he’s convinced.

It’s old and tired and bent and busted,” was how Wilson put it in a phone interview with the Georgia Straight.
British Columbians will be “reelecting, effectively, the NDP of the 1990s”, he said.
“Because I knew all of these guys when I was elected,” said Wilson, who was MLA for Powell River–Sunshine Coast from 1991 to 2001. “I don’t see too many fresh, new, bright faces.”

Wilson noted that he hears people say they’ve made up their mind that it’s time to change and dump the B.C. Liberals. “But then I keep saying, ‘Okay, we’ll take a look at who’s going to get in,’ and then I start talking about the people who are standing to get in. And the response is, ‘Oh, my God! These are the same old people.’ ”

(Carole James fired back at Gordon Wilson)

Former party leader Carole James was quite amused by Wilson’s opinion. “I have to chuckle because we did have two seats in 2001, and when we were elected in 2005, we brought in almost a brand-new team,” James told the Straight in a phone interview. “In fact, many people said some of the challenges we had in 2005 were because we had so many new people and so few were returning MLAs.”

In 2005, a total of 33 B.C. NDP MLAs—including James, representing Victoria–Beacon Hill—were elected. “Anyone who talks about a return to the ’90s just needs to look at our team and look at our numbers,” she said.
With 31 MLAs running for new terms and the balance of the 85 seats to be contested by nonincumbents, James said she believes that New Democrats have the right mix.

I think that’s exactly what the voters are looking for,” James said. “They’re looking for new energy. They’re looking for experience. They’re looking for a team that will bring new approaches and new ideas but also understands the real challenges that you face when you’re in government, and the tough choices that have to be made ahead.”



There is something very seriously wrong with Gordon FD Wilson, he admitted in 2011 that the BC Liberals only represent corporate interests, he stated the the BC Liberals had a scorched social policy, we know Gordon Wilson doesn`t believe in marriage vows, the mild mannered persona he once presented is now proven to be nothing but a facade..



  1. Come on George you are a better man than this. Never mind straw men, give us the specific NDP fiscal plan.
  2. Ralston's release thoroughly disapointing. Still we know nothing about NDP fiscal plan.
  3. and you say it with such conviction as though it were a fact, David. Still best to stick to your speaking notes.
  4. NDP don't release detailed financial platform. Instead, a straw man "real Liberal deficit" and their minions to set it on fire.
  5. You have your Star movie analogies mixed up Mike. In 1991 Dix was in early assimilation process with the Borg.

Adrian Dix`s Proposed Ten Million Dollar Judicial Inquiry Into The BC Rail Scandal


Adrian Dix`s Proposed Ten Million Dollar Judicial Inquiry Into The BC Rail Scandal

Written by Robin Mathews 


The B.C. election draws near....

The Mainstream Press and Media are hard at work ... campaigning for the re-election of the Christy Clark neo-Liberals. Refusing throughout the four years of the (BC Rail Scandal) Basi, Virk, and Basi case to report the most important revelations (and covering up where possible), Mainstream Press and Media are now attempting to foil the proposed Inquiry by working to defeat the NDP.

The Mainstream Press and Media have helpers with their campaign against the B.C. New Democrats. Their most effective helper is the B.C. New Democratic Party itself,  which has decided that informing the public in an election period is bad taste, impolite, confrontational, unworthy of nice people. 

Every statement made by Christy Clark could be met by truth that wipes her out.  She violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom as Education Minister by imposing a dirty contract on teachers.  She was deputy premier through all the filth that became the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to CNR. She oversees BC Hydro – that hasn’t had its accounting approved of by the Auditor General FOR TEN YEARS.  She sits on the biggest accumulated budget deficit in British Columbia history.

She is in bed with the Mainstream Press and Media in B.C. She dominates a pile of fake book-keeping accounts that attempts to hide millions in debt and deficit. She appoints the worst manipulators out of giant corporations and the Stephen Harper swill-pot.  I could go on … and on … and on.

The public forgets, and needs to be reminded of facts – especially amidst the brainwash spray of amnesialogical pre-election non-truth pumped out by the Vaughn Palm-reading Mainstream Press and Media. Real, honest, fair campaigning is about telling the truth concerning the government in power, informing the voting public, giving them facts about mismanagement, cronyism, cover-up, bad policy, illegitimate activity, as well as announcing good policy.

The NDP thinks it will float into power without informing the B.C public about why a change of government is absolutely essential.  Maybe it will float into power….

And then”, say the faithful among the NDP, “we will have an Inquiry into the foul transfer of BC Rail to the CNR.”  Will we?

Canadian Public Inquiries are not what they used to be.  Now they are, very often, expensive cover-ups, manipulated in two ways to end with confetti and streamers and drum-rolls – and NO RESULTS.  The first destroyer of an Inquiry is its “terms of reference”. The second destroyer is the person appointed as Chief Commissioner. 

Think: the Scandal that made Stephen Harper set up an Inquiry (2009) into the financial relation of Brian Mulroney and lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber was most visible regarding the $21 million apparently placed in Schreiber’s hands to buy (Air Canada) business for European Airbus. RCMP suspected Mulroney may have been a recipient.

The Justice Jeffrey Oliphant Inquiry cost taxpayers close to $13 million. Justice Oliphant appears to have been honest. But,  maybe he should have rejected the “terms” of the Inquiry.  He was forbidden to ask about the $21 million and the relation of Mulroney/Schreiber in the Airbus deal! He was forbidden to express any conclusions regarding civil and/or criminal liability.  Justice Oliphant reported that he made special effort to conform to that requirement.

How was he gagged?  Stephen Harper appointed Conservative president of the University of Waterloo David Lloyd Johnston to set up the terms of reference for the Inquiry.  Johnston effectively gagged the Inquiry and Justice Oliphant – so successfully, that a little later Stephen Harper (one might conclude) appointed Johnston to be his personal errand boy and messenger, giving him the name Governor General of Canada.

The B.C. Missing Women Commission of Inquiry used its Chief Commissioner (2010 to 2012), in my opinion, to destroy the possibility of any genuine results.  Costing $9 million the Inquiry was headed by Wally Oppal former judge, former Attorney General, etc. etc. etc.

Not long before being appointed to the Missing Women Inquiry, Oppal attempted as Attorney General to get a case started against the so-called Bountiful (B.C.) Bigamists. He began with the Crown Prosecutors office where none wanted to take a case because of real doubts about its constitutionality. So Oppal went to independent Special Prosecutors. Richard Peck refused to act, recommending a court ruling on the constitutionality of such a case. Oppal went to Len Doust – who gave the same advice.  Oppal went to Terence Robertson who agreed to act in the case.

Wally Oppal was violating – in grand fashion – the use of prosecutors and Special Prosecutors by shopping and shopping to get (what I believe was) a political advantage for the Gordon Campbell government: a show trial of “real bad guys”.

In court, the case beginning, the accused told the judge of Wally Oppal’s antics. Madam Justice Sunni Stromberg-Stein stopped the trial and threw it out.  But not before saying Wally Oppal went Special Prosecutor shopping and that the appointment of Terence Robertson was “unlawful”. As former judge and Attorney General, Wally Oppal was responsible for knowing his actions were outrageous and – as Justice Stromberg-Stein said “unlawful”.

Wally Oppal should never again have received any kind of public appointment in British Columbia – which may well have been the reason he was made Commissioner for the B.C. Missing Women Inquiry. Many observers believed they watched him guide the $9 million Inquiry away from any subject that would imperil the powerful or implicate more than only Robert William Pickton in the murder of unnumbered women at the Pickton Farm.

Another B.C. Inquiry of note was the Braidwood Inquiry into  Taser death and into the Robert Dziekanski death at Vancouver International Airport in 2007.  Mr. Justice Braidwood, Commissioner, appears to have been perfectly honest.  His Inquiry cost $4.5 million.  It ran until 2010.  Both Braidwood and the B.C. Coroner Service declared the death was due to repeated tasering and the strange circumstances of confrontation with four RCMP officers. The Coroner Service declared the death a homicide.

Mr. Justice Braidwood left it to the Prosecution services of B.C. to decide whether to lay charges and which charges to lay.  Richard Peck was named Special Prosecutor to manage the matter.  It took Richard Peck nearly a year to read the Braidwood Report (?) And then he decided there was not enough evidence (?) to lay any charges relating to physical violence – despite the findings of both Braidwood and B.C. Coroner Service.

Richard Peck decided (as was blatantly clear in the Commission transactions) that perjury charges should be laid against the four RCMP officers.  That was in May of 2011.  In October of 2012 – eighteen months later - Robert Dziekanski’s mother expressed alarm that no trial had taken place. But now we have dates: RCMP officer Bill Bentley will begin trial on June 3, 2013, officer Robinson on November 22, 2013, officer Rundell on January 13, 2014, and officer Millington on February 11, 2014.

A former RCMP and CSIS officer suggested to me that when he watched the film made by the witness of the tasering of Robert Dzeikanski in 2007, he believed criminal charges against the four officers would be laid within a week.  But in such matters,  a Commission of Inquiry serves justice ever so much better than a fair trial conducted expeditiously before the public. It is now five years and six months since Robert Dziekanski was killed in Vancouver International Airport.

Who is betting the trials of the accused men will begin as announced?

The NDP (about to be) established Commission of Inquiry into the BC Rail Scandal will, doubtless, have to bring Gordon Campbell back to B.C. for questioning.  He is political kingpin in the corrupt transfer of the railway. He is presently Canadian High Commissioner in London. The Commission of Inquiry will have to question Christy Clark who was deputy premier during the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to CNR.  It will have to question many cabinet ministers who were in place between 2001 and 2005.  William Berardino who was illegitimately named Special Prosecutor in the affair and on the case against Basi, Virk, and Basi will have to be questioned – as will the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General and assistant Deputy Attorney General who improperly appointed him.

The Commission will have to question Board members of BC Rail as well as the civil servants who set up the methods of destroying the value of the railway. The Commission will have to question  RCMP officers who refused to investigate Gordon Campbell and his associates. It will have to go through thousands of pages of (dirty?) evidence of RCMP ‘investigation’’. RCMP partisanship and bias were declared as the Search Warrant “raid” on B.C. Legislature offices ended in December, 2003.  RCMP announced that no elected person was being investigated. From 2003 to 2010 RCMP spent millions of dollars entrapping Basi, Virk, and Basi – lower level Sikh appointees. As Defence counsel said, the three men were “targetted” and “tailored”. And as one of the accused men said to me: “the elephant in the room in this trial is race”.

 BC Rail and Gordon Campbell cabinet records will have to be studied. Etcetera. And maybe Dave Basi, Bobby Virk, and Aneal Basi may be able to shed some useful light on the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR. All that and more will surely happen,  unless ….

Unless a bland, do-nothing, carefully chosen, ineffective person is appointed as Commissioner of the Inquiry, and unless strange and cloudy terms are set out asserting things like … that no elected representative may be questioned and no person ever connected to or employed by BC Rail may be questioned and no police officers may be questioned and that no one from CNR or any of the other interested bidders may be questioned.

In that way a wonderfully expensive and completely useless Inquiry could be held and, forever after, the NDP could say “we were the party that dared challenge the powerful criminals involved in the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to the CNR. We held a Public Inquiry!”

Commissions of Inquiry are set up for many, many reasons – one of the rarest reasons is to find out honestly, expeditiously, and fully what the public wants and needs to know, and then to act swiftly against criminals and other wrongdoers involved.

The honest reasons for such Inquiries are often smothered – but the B.C. NDP is about to show what a rare and honest political party it is and what it can do as government to have a Public Inquiry with real power, real independence, real investigative effect, and genuine integrity. And let the criminal charges fall where they may….

 Written by Robin Mathews


 The future looks bright and full of Sunflowers

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, April 29, 2013

Adrian Dix Wins Debate, Christy Clark Snickers(Updated 9:00 p.m.)

Adrian Dix was the clear winner tonight, Christy Clark did too much giggling at inappropriate times..


UPDATED 9:00 p.m.....According to Kyle Braid of Ipsos Reid.. ..At 9:00 p.m...He conducted a quick post election debate poll, and according to Ipsos Reid,...The question was, Who won the debate?...The winner was...

Adrian Dix..35%....Christy Clark..30%

A second question, Who has the best policies...the winner was..

Adrian Dix..37%...Christy Clark..24%

Forget Alise Mills, all spin, no substance..Forget Baldrey, he was having hair issues.....

This pundit called it seconds after the debate ended


The line of the night was delivered by Adrian Dix..

Christy Clark talked about growing the economy, Clark stated

 "you don`t rob Peter to pay Paul"

Adrian fired back..

In British Columbia.."neither Peter nor Paul is working"..

But by far, the most exciting line of the night was delivered by the moderator Jennifer Burke, a line she threw at Christy Clark..

Jennifer Burke said to Christy Clark....

"The people of British Columbia deserve.....

The Straight Goods"

And I couldn`t agree more..

Thanks for that Jennifer Burke, I really didn`t think you would cooperate..

More to come later, or tomorrow..

And a rare thing happened tonight, Harvey Oberfeld has seen the light, Thanks Harvey Oberfeld!


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Christy Clark Throws Hamish Under The Campaign Bus

My sincerest condolences goes out to the family and relatives of those who were killed in the horrific car accident in Surrey today..Hundreds of lives affected for the worse, and forever

I wasn`t going to write anything about Christy Clark running red lights in the early morning hours with her son Hamish, until this evening when another article was posted.

Before I get started, my ex, my Marcy who has succumbed to society`s hurt..

When I met Marcy, she was 25, I was 23...She was very shy and timid, after we got together I soon learned that she had suffered early childhood horrific news too, Marcy was five years old, it was New Years eve, she and her four siblings, Marcy and her four sisters were at home with a babysitter, Marcy was the second oldest of the five girls, a bright eyed child full of spunk and little girl dreams..

The year was 1965, Marcy`s parents were out on the town celebrating New Years eve, her parents weren`t drinking, they were driving though..

Her parents were broadsided in an intersection by a driver who blew through a stop sign, a driver that just happened to be an off duty police officer, a police officer who was drunk as a skunk, he slammed into the side of her Marcy`s Dad`s car, both her parents killed instantly..

Back in 1965 they didn`t really have grief councilors or specialized staff to break the news to victimized families ....Marcy recalled the moment forever, she could never let it go, she went into shock, it affected her entire life, ultimately Marcy could never get past it, I wept many a night with Marcy squeezing me for comfort, her nightmares were regular, sleeping beside Marcy while suddenly being awoken to her screaming, crying and trembling, I did my best to help, a simple man of modest means, in thinking about it today I regret I didn`t borrow monies for professional psychiatric help, eventually the endless nightmares emanating from her early childhood stole her entire adult life, she now resides in a specialized unit in Maple Ridge..

That fateful day, 1965, a knock on the door, babysitter answered the door, Marcy, the only one of the five daughters still awake, still awake awaiting the return of her beloved parents..

It was a police officer, Marcy standing behind the babysitter, the police officer stated to the babysitter, unaware that Marcy was standing directly behind her..

 "I`m sorry to inform you, Mr and Mrs Parsons have been killed in a car accident"...

Shortly thereafter, five girls, two sets of grandparents, the girls were separated, Marcy went one way the other girls another, Marcy looked like her dad, or should I say, she had many of his handsome features, the grandparents where Marcy went were ill-equipped to raise another child, especially one that went into shock after the terrible news for months,  where Marcy went her Dad`s brother also resided, he was an alcoholic, he beat Marcy regularly, no one would listen to Marcy`s childhood cry..

Until I met her, a sucker for a sob story, a white knight riding to the rescue..I could save Marcy, turn her life around, I tried everything, we had many good times and many more real bad ones, Marcy could never let her personal nightmare go, now it was a nightmare for both of us, one on-purpose accident in 1965 kept on killing for decades more..

 The drunken driving police officer was barely reprimanded, the RCMP circled their wagons and protected him..five lives shattered, and more, it cost me decades too, for I never realized that eventually I would lose the battle to save Marcy, thus costing me my best years too..

I wrote about Marcy before, in this post, it`s on my frontpage side-bar, in a section titled..My favorite post..here it is below



The Storm of Tears, (In Your Eyes)

Having immersed myself in the dark void of soulless data I find myself becoming increasingly bitter and callous......

If only you could see the world through my eyes, maybe you can, that is my ultimate goal, enlightenment, perhaps that is part of the media`s problem, do journalists see what we see, I can`t sleep anymore, the nightmares don`t stop...

I woke up to tears again this morning, how many of you wake up every other day with salty drops running down your cheeks, have the reporters and journalists stopped seeing, reporting, feeling so they can sleep, I have not that answer but I,..........But I need the tears, it reminds that I still care, my dad has been fishing without me all month, how he does it is beyond me he is over 80, he drags my mom up in the morning and prods her to the boat,a difficult task 20 years ago but now that my mom`s legs don`t work is amazing, a recent colon cancer survivor, lumps, bumps and breakdowns of body will not stop him, not only is he fighting the clock but also the demons.....

A fear of losing his mind has shaped his routine, no one wins that battle with time, at best you can hold the swinging pendulum at bay but for a moment, recently I was in a special section of the Maple Ridge hospital, the woman I was visiting is fighting for freedom, a girl too young to be looking for freedom, society stole her sanity and left her to fend for herself.......

Will her mind return is unknown, the vast majority of patients, victims, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in this unit are lost, the visitors to this place are me, sons, daughters, lovers and as I observe, watch, document, sons talking to fathers, daughters to mothers and I see blank stares and fear, blank stares from these loved ones whose minds are gone, memories purged, emotions ripped from their souls only to be replaced with pills and water......And fear in the eyes of blood related visitors........

Fear of ending up in the same place, crossword puzzles and Sudoko have been standard fare for my dad for years, I know what his fear is, not the clock but the blank stare, he has no worries as he still betters me when watching/playing Jeopardy, I am looking forward to spending labour day weekend with my parents, fishing with mom and dad has always been a temporary tear stopper for me, China Creek and Bamfield will provide the backdrop......

Recently mom told me dad said to her that despite his fits of anger towards me at times that he thinks I`m brilliant, I have been waiting a lifetime to hear that, not that I am brilliant or special but who doesn`t need the occasional compliment, with my dad emotions have always been hard for him, where as my mom it`s the complete opposite, passion and anger bubbles through......

Someone blessed me with a mix of both, cold calculated analytical with uncontrollable emotions, I was raised with warnings about being cannon fodder, taught to think and decide, to examine all sides and be vocal, yet that price is tears when I sleep and thoughts that can`t be stopped, happiness is fleeting and eludes me and I can`t help but think of the blank stares of fathers and mothers whose minds have been purged and the children who live in fear of ending up in the same state.......

Why? Those empty minds sleep without tears and peace seems to be in their grasp, I have not any answers only more questions, I`ll be gone fishing next week and I will have arguments with my dad and lose every one of them and he won`t call me brilliant, he`ll call me something and when I sleep I will wake up to tears and any happiness will be but a facade, my earliest memories are of fishing with dad and mom wiping my tears away, I was never promised happiness, all I look forward to now is completion, you know what our goal is and damn it, even if it kills me we will continue......

And I wouldn`t want it any other way.


Jonathan Fowlie wrote on op-ed piece featuring Christy Clark, the story was about the day in the life of a politician, a day with Christy Clark, a day that started very early in the morning, roughly 5:00 am, Christy was driving Hamish to a goalie training center/hockey practice, something many parents do..

Not much traffic at that time of day, here they(Christy, Hamish and Fowlie) are at an intersection, Hamish talks his mom(Christy Clark) into running the red light, yes they were stopped first, and yes no traffic was coming, and yes Christy Clark took her foot off the brake and plowed through the empty intersection...I`m offended, especially after the language, the conversation, a conversation recorded by Jonathan Fowlie...


by Vancouver Sun reporter Jonathan Fowlie, comes this shocking illegal and dangerous driving by Clark:

“Let’s see you go through this red light,” 

 Hamish challenged as they pulled up that morning, at 5:15 a.m., to an abandoned Vancouver intersection.

“I might. Don’t test me,” Clark replies.

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Should I?” Clark

“There’s no one.”

Would you go through? You shouldn’t because that would be breaking the law,” she says.

And with that the car has already sailed underneath the stale red stoplight and through the empty intersection.

You always do that,” says Hamish. 



You always do that states Hamish...Alright, so Christy doesn`t obey the law, she takes motoring shortcuts whereas most obey the laws, as pesky as they may be..On Saturday(April 27th) Christy is questioned by reporters on this activity, she responded with..."It was 5:10 am" with her usual teethy smirk....In other words, no traffic, no foul, no harm..

And then today, five people, three adults and two children had their lives snuffed out by a driver who went through a red light....Dozens, maybe hundreds of lives forever altered for the worse, again Christy Clark was questioned by reporters about running red lights, today her answer was more contrite, at least I thought it was more contrite..


As I said, I wasn`t going to write about this tragedy and or Christy Clark`s stupid red-light running decision making until...

Until this story was posted in the Vancouver Sun (Sunday evening)..And what Christy Clark said, which angered me to my core..


"Clark said Sunday at a North Vancouver campaign stop that it was wrong of her to run the red light, she refuted her son`s assertion that it is something she does frequently" ..

That`s it, the final straw for me,  I have left Hamish out of my political stories, candidate families were out of bounds, a no go zone, Christy Clark infused Hamish into the political spotlight, and now she threw her own son under the bus by calling him a liar, Hamish tells the truth and Christy Clark lambastes her own son to try and save her own skin, this is too low, even for Christy Clark.

Are we to believe the very first time Christy Clark runs a red light is with Jonathan Fowlie aboard doing an interview, and her son lies to Fowlie, and Christy Clark doesn`t correct Hamish at the time, not until Christy Clark is questioned again by reporters, questioned after this horrific on-purpose accident that slaughtered three adults and two innocent children, Christy Clark trying to save her sorry butt tosses Hamish under her political campaign bus..

Will you ever stop lying Christy?

For shame Christy Clark, for shame.

My Kindest Condolences to those affected, I`ll be looking for five new bright twinkling stars in the universe..

Watch the debate tonight here, live..


and here.


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Full Of Tears

Adrian Dix, Fighting Against Stephen Harper To Protect British Columbia

Adrian Dix, firm, concise, the only leader fighting to protect British Columbia from the heavy tar stained hands of Stephen Harper.

Grab a coffee, put your feet up, watch the next premier of British Columbia speak to a national audience, and unlike Christy Clark, Adrian doesn`t embarrass us with sounding like valley girl.."I think, ya know"


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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hydraulic Fracturing [“Fracking”] Worldwide, Answers Not Forthcoming, Questions Not Allowed

 Jessica Ernst of Rosebud, Alberta. Encana Corporation. Market Manipulation. Derivative Bubbles and The Fracking Wars.

 Written by Robin Mathews


They merge.  They interpenetrate. The thread of one weaves into the fabric of the others. “Fracking” operations rush past law, past regulation, past health and environmental concerns. Supporters of ‘quick cash’, gas ‘futures’ pass corporate-written law to silence land-owners, elected councils, voters ... you and me.

Narrowly - “fracking” legislation and regulatory behaviour push aside, silence anyone questioning a dangerous procedure. Broadly – they strip away the Rule of Law, disenfranchise populations, ‘despotize’ governments.

In Alberta, Stephen Harper, Alison Redford, Encana Corporation, the newly appointed Alberta Regulator Gerard Protti (enforcing newly written law), and – so far – The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Neil Wittmann all merge … interpenetrate to hold off remedial action - to create toxic law, toxic wealth, toxic environment.

People waken worldwide and begin to battle corporations, “regulators”, police forces, legislatures, courts - the dominators determined to engage in “unconventional drilling” (hydraulic fracturing, ‘fracking’). Conflict on the subject continues.  France (2011) Bulgaria (2012), and Tunisia have banned hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’). It continues in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, the U.S.A., and more.

Hydraulic Fracturing is the intensive assault on shale, and coal beds, through multiple well bores (often invading water tables) to release marketable gas.  “Fracking” uses giant amounts of sand, water, toxic chemical-mixes near the surface or miles down to fracture strata - ‘fracking’ - for marketable gas.

Said to be ‘old hat’ (sixty years old), present hydraulic fracturing to release marketable natural gas has new aspects and possesses multiple knowns and unknowns. Hyper-industrialization of agrarian sites: outcomes unknown. Increased earthquake activity: recorded. Unforeseen “leak gas” explosions: recorded. Increased cancer incidence close to oil and gas wells: measured.  Ground water sources polluted: common, but extent and health effects unknown. Water Tables lowered: unpredictable but occurring. “Migration”/leaks of gases over time: unpredictable but certain and increasingly frequent. Toxic effects on water, soil, animal life, human health: certain, unregulated, largely unresearched, information repressed.

The commonly named ‘radioactive threat’ is only now starting to be researched.  A. Rich, E.C. Crosby, University of Texas  [New Solutions, Vol. 23 (1), 117-135, 2013] reveal (in layman’s language) that a cocktail of radioactive agents are set free especially by ‘unconventional’ (‘fracking’) gas operations. Radioactive agents are found in depositories [sludge storage, waste pits, storage pools] - AND in the land no longer used for those purposes.

“Out of Control: Nova Scotia’s Experience with Fracking for Shale Gas”, Report Summary, April 2013” reports that from the few test wells undertaken radioactive materials were found to be present “only several years after drilling and disposal of some of the waste….” (p. 4)

 Jessica Ernst (Rosebud, Alberta) reports that sludge from fracking operations is spread on agricultural lands in Alberta.

In Alberta, (using Joyce Nelson’s words) “the government has introduced draconian legislation (Bill 2) that would strip landowners and others of their right to object to any energy project that would adversely and directly affect them.” (Watershed Sentinel, Jan-Feb, 2013)  The determined action envisioned in Bill 2 is doubtless a response to Jessica Ernst’s $33 million lawsuit against Encana Corporation and Alberta’s regulator. And so - one may conclude - is the switching of judges on her case.  And so is, one may conclude, (what I would call) the concerted delay engaged in by Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, Neil Wittmann.  He is the highly dubious present judge on the Jessica Ernst case.

Something is seriously wrong in Canada. And globally. Evidence is mounting of real, multiple dangers in hydraulic fracturing. Legislatures should be restraining, researching, proving, regulating ... preventing ... at high speed. But legislatures, joining with corporations, courts, security forces are – often - deregulating, erasing evidence, punishing protesters, repressing criticism.

The whole operation world-wide is so dangerous, so untested, so irresponsible, so despotic, that reasons have to be available for largely unresearched, unregulated hydraulic fracturing in the face of its perils. 

And reasons are available.

First. Think of Wiebo Ludwig (1941-2012) of Trickle Creek farm, Peace River, Alberta, fighting “Sour Gas” fracking.  Sour gas “a potent neurotoxin, has left a legacy of death and destruction….” (Andrew Nikiforuk). Think of the attacks on Sour Gas operations around Trickle Creek. Think of the millions of dollars spent to investigate the attacks on Sour Gas fracking around Trickle Creek.

Think of the threats and attacks in B.C. near Chetwyn against Encana Corporation operations and the millions of dollars spent to investigate.

Think of the RCMP/Encana Corporation, alleged to have created a “false flag” and blowing up an Encana well site to spur on distress – no charges laid. Then think of the millions of dollars spent to investigate, charge, jail, and reinvestigate Wiebo Ludwig. One example of many: “RCMP conducted a four-day [fruitless] search of Trickle Creek (2010) involving over a hundred RCMP officers.” (Wikipedia)

Think of Wiebo Ludwig (but do not speak of him).  Think of him driven to desperation by Sour Gas fracking. (But do not speak of him.) Think of his repeated (unanswered) pleas to Alberta government for regulation, for research, inquiry, and investigation of hydraulic fracturing. (But do not speak of him - or risk being accused of sympathizing with lawlessness, terrorist activity.)

Who will speak of the terrorism of Alison Redford, Stephen Harper, Encana Corporation, Gerard Protti and the Alberta Regulators, legislators of Alberta, and – so far – of Neil Wittmann, Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench in openly, or tacitly, or passively accepting and/or furthering what many believe is a ruthless attack on the health, the well-being, the security, the privacy, the property, and the reasonable tranquility of honest, law-abiding, innocent Albertans?

Alberta may be seen as a poster-location for the kinds of violation named above. But – in various ways – such invasions are happening widely on the planet.   And there is a reason. 

LSE professor Lord (Nicholas) Stern and thinktank Carbon Tracker state in a recent Report noted by Damian Carrington in The Guardian (Apr. 19, 2013) that instead of “reducing efforts to develop fossil fuels, the top 200 companies spent $674bn…in 2012 to find and exploit more….” That is about the sum named in a 2006 report that would “pay for a transition to a clean and sustainable economy”. 

Stock markets “are betting on countries’ inaction on climate change”, the Report says. Stock markets are creating a Carbon Bubble not unlike the massive mortgage/derivatives/fake credit scandal of 2008. “If all goes well” – I say - countries will insist on internationally agreed Climate Change targets, and the “Carbon Bubble” will burst because of over-valuation of oil, coal, and gas reserves held by fossil fuel companies.  If all does not go well – Climate Change will ramp up beyond control.

 It may be fair to say the same kinds of ‘investors’ are engaged in the present Carbon Bubble as were engaged in the 2008 blow-up … criminally irresponsible people willing to cause any kinds of destruction in their drive for wealth. The whole fossil fuels Bubble is being driven by greed … by big, irresponsible money.

To meet only present agreed Climate Change targets, it is estimated that at least two-thirds of present so-called fossil fuel ‘reserves’ will have to remain unexploited. But … instead of diminishing the push presently going on for hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’), it will probably intensify the push. As long as the pollutions created by hydraulic fracturing, by the huge environmental disruptions involved in its activities, and by the waste dumps it creates – as long as they aren’t registered by the present ‘Climate Change/global warming’ regulation machineries, the obviously destructive and dirty activity will be called “clean”.

(But science knows the methane gas leaking and leaking into the environment (almost unmeasured and unrecorded) from oil and gas operations is a potent climate changer! Methane is said to be 25 times more potent in relation to Climate Change than carbon dioxide.  Who will bell the leaking methane cat?)

Redneck and Redford governments in Ottawa and Alberta (and elsewhere in the world) will attempt to criminalize any who resist “unconventional gas drilling” (‘fracking’). They will provide aid and comfort to corporations like Encana Corporation, and they will work to undermine courts seeking just adjudication of disputes about injury done from hydraulic fracturing.  They will do what they can to push for Liquid Natural Gas pipelines – hoping that a Climate Change clampdown on conventional extractions will raise prices on Hydraulically Fractured Gas.

Here is huge field for environmentalists, many of whom are already engaged in the gigantic task of revealing that – however it may (or may not) register on Climate Change measuring devices - the pollution from unconventional gas drilling (hydraulic fracturing, ‘fracking’) is a very, very Dirty Wildcat. Out of (seemingly) nowhere, in the last twenty years at most, one of the dirtiest “mining” operations in history has come into play and into visibility.

The more governments – like the Redneck government in Ottawa and the Redford government in Alberta – are absorbed into private corporate operations and dictated to by those corporations, the more they will resist just demands by citizens and populations for regulation. 

The fight is worth it. The outcome certain. People all over the globe will not, ultimately, permit huge corporations and huge governments to desecrate the planet.  “The bigger they are”, remember, “the harder they fall.”

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

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