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Written by Robin Mathews


Something is wrong with all the recent terrorist incidents.  As if a part of deliberate policy, it seems, the “terrorists” are shot dead.  They aren’t disabled and held for important questioning and investigation.  Being dead, almost all information about them comes from controlled police or Intelligence sources – with a closely cooperating Mainstream Press and Media. 

Mr. Said Kouachi, alleged attacker in the Paris Charlie Hebdo offices, not only carried his identity card with him when he set off on that escapade, but he also left it (?) in the stolen Citroen used for getaway, enabling police to get on the trail of the Kouachi brothers.  The Kouachi brothers can’t deny that story; they are both dead.

If the two men were completely disguised, how else would the police know who to track unless one conveniently dropped his identity card in the getaway car?

Paul Estrin, president of the federal Green Party, recently posted a defence of Israeli military and political policy that could only create an explosion and bring about his resignation. No major official in any Canadian political party – I suggest – could innocently do what Paul Estrin did. 

To me, the question is not whether Paul Estrin was set up to write that piece.  The question, to me, is who set him up?  Was he – to use an increasingly popular phrase – a “False Flag”?  Was he pretending to be A Wide-Eyed Innocent Green who was, in fact, working for B’nai B’rith (say), or the Conservative Party of Canada?  Or was he really innocent of all political intention?

There is so much dishonesty in public affairs in our time that on-going suspicion has to be aroused in all people who care about public integrity.  The failure of all federal Opposition Parties to address Israel’s violation of law, of human rights, and of territorial claims, for instance, leaves those Parties wide open to being victims of False Flag activity.

Will it be a major Liberal Party member who next makes a ringing endorsement of Israeli crimes, placing himself/herself squarely as a supporter of mainstream Conservative Party policy?  And will Justin Trudeau do as Elizabeth May has done and state that the Liberals have “a posture of engaged neutrality” – a code phrase (in these dishonest times) which means  “in this one case we refuse to comment or take a position on globally recognized and continuing brutality and inhumanity”?  Every time that happens Stephen Harper adds supporters to his 2015 list.  If the Opposition Parties have no morality or courage, why not vote Conservative?

That Party has cheated and False Flagged itself to power … and has continued in order to maintain power.  Criminally guilty of financial fraud in the 2006 election, the Conservatives are generally accepted to have fought (and probably won) the 2011 election with election fraud and Robocalling.  After that, despite the huge outcry about the 2011 election fraud, the Conservative Party flooded Saskatchewan in 2013 with fake Robocalls to destroy honest Election Boundary re-drawing.  Caught red-handed (or, rather, blue-handed), the Party paid a fine of $78,000.00 for that fraud.

To quote Michael Harris (author of the book, Party of One) “Lying, cheating at the polls, suppressing free speech, cooking statistics at StatsCan with a bogus voluntary census, crushing individuals with full, institutional powers of government, pretending dirty oil is the answer while the planet gasps –all this would suggest that this group has failed.”


To quote Erik Anderson, economist: Harper “campaigned on a promise to reduce the debt by at least $3 billion per year each year in power”. “8 years later … the [debt] increase is $134,500,000,000”.
We know Stephen Harper fraudulently shut down Parliament to avoid questions about the Conservative government colluding in Afghanistan with on-going prisoner torture.  And we know the Conservative government is determined to continue an on-going, cruel and punitive policy towards wounded Canadian veterans needing government assistance.

The next question almost has to be this one: would the Conservatives in power initiate or go along with arranged murder as a strategy for holding on to power? That will seem to some an obvious …”next act”.

If the answer is Yes, ex-senator Mike Duffy will be advised to check carefully any food or beverage he intends to consume.  Strong Christian, rich Conservative, and long-time friend of Stephen Harper – Nigel Wright, on the other hand, will not have to bother with such precautions.

Joking aside … False Flag researchers are asking us to believe that the Quebec murder of a Canadian soldier and the October 22 killing of a Canadian soldier at the Ottawa cenotaph – and the following shoot-out in the Canadian Parliament Buildings were – yes – False Flag incidents to curry support for the Stephen Harper Conservatives and their War in the Middle East. Would that be a big step beyond all the other lies, frauds, and violations of this government?

Whatever the answer to that question, Anthony Hall (professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge) pulls together other specialists, and he works his own argument to make the case: that the Canadian murder of soldiers in Quebec and Ottawa were False Flag activities.
Make up your own mind.  I say that sincerely.  Go to


When Anthony Hall’s image appears in the run-past of contributing  

“Harper, The Ottawa Shooter, and the Selling of War”.

Read this and be shocked...


And … also … think about the Wonderful, apparently Innocent Piece by Paul Estrin.  Was that simply to inform fellow Greens…? Or was it a False Flag flown with the purpose of bloodying the Green Party and pushing ahead the chances of a 2015 Conservative election victory?


You decide.

Written by Robin Mathews


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Stephen Harper, LIar and Chief

 Updated once again, January 13, 2015....As reported here, Stephen Harper is a bold faced liar, in 2011 Stephen Harper stated he would bring in income splitting when the budget is balanced, not only did Harper make income splitting retroactive to the deficit fiscal year 2014/2015...He will continue income splitting for fiscal 2015/2016...That too will be a deficit year, as is/was 2014/2015...Directly below was the last update in December, 2014....That update confirmed that 2014/2015 fiscal year is in deficit...

So, the Canadian public needs to to know that Stephen Harper is borrowing $100`s of millions of dollars, adding to Canada`s national debt for one reason, to give Canada`s wealthiest people even more money through income splitting, a $5 billion dollar tax cut the only the top 13% of earners can take advantage of..

(This post is virtually the same post as this    http://powellriverpersuader.blogspot.ca/2014/10/stephen-harper-lies-to-his-conservative.html  ) The only difference is the latest update..


"The federal government looks set to continue running a deficit until 2016-17, two years later than it previously forecast, according to a report from TD Economics on Thursday.
Barring the introduction of any new fiscal restraint measures, the budget will not be balanced until then, said the report's authors Derek Burleton, vice-president and deputy chief economist, and Sonya Gulati, economist. TD Economics predicted a $2.5-billion surplus for the 2016-17 budget, but deficits of $1.8 billion and $5.2 billion in 2015-16 and 2014-15, respectively"



Updated here, December 22/2014......Exactly what The Straight Goods and The Powell River Persuader reported October 31/2014.....Stephen Harper is a Bald-Faced LIAR....Stephen Harper promised Canada`s wealthiest people income splitting tax cuts as soon as the budget was balanced or in surplus..

Stephen Harper made his tax cut/income splitting announcement nearly 2 months ago... Stephen Harper the disgusting habitual lying Conservative made income splitting retroactive to this current fiscal year...That being 2014/2015....Well it has been confirmed today that Canada in in deficit, the Federal Conservative Government is running a $2 billion dollar deficit for this current year, and...Canada would not be in deficit for this current fiscal year if income splitting for Canada`s wealthy wasn`t made retroactive to the current fiscal year...

So, Stephen Harper the lying Conservative hiding in a closet coward is adding $billions to Canada`s debt, all to put borrowed money in the RICH voter`s hand before the next federal election....

Here is the proof that Stephen Harper is an effing loser and LIAR..


The Conservative government’s recent tax cuts have added $1.6-billion to the deficit so far this year, but Ottawa remains on track to post a smaller deficit than the year before

Finance Canada released monthly tracking figures for Ottawa’s bottom line on Monday that show the federal government posted a $3.2-billion deficit in October, in contrast to a $2.5-billion deficit in October, 2013. The report said this reflects a $1.6-billion downward adjustment to revenues based on the year-to-date impact of two personal income tax cuts announced that month that were effective immediately: income-splitting for families with children under 18 – which the government calls the Family Tax Cut – 

Over the first seven months of the fiscal year that started April 1, the federal deficit stood at $3.95-billion, a significant improvement over the $12.8-billion deficit recorded between April and October of 2013. However the figure is $1-billion higher than the government’s stated target of posting a $2.9-billion deficit this year. 

Monthly deficit and revenue figures can fluctuate significantly.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government announced several tax cuts this fall

The government also announced a two-year tax credit for small businesses in September.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s Nov. 12 fiscal update indicated that the expected cost of all of these measures will be $3.2-billion this year, $5-billion next year and then slightly less than $5-billion-a-year going forward. 

The update also indicated that the government expects a deficit of $2.9-billion this year, meaning the package of tax cuts announced this fall had the effect of moving Ottawa from a projected surplus to a projected deficit

The government is projecting a $1.6-billion surplus in 2015-16. The Prime Minister recently insisted that the surplus will be achieved even with lower oil prices, which have a negative impact on federal revenues.


below is The Straight Goods article highlighting what an habitual liar Stephen Harper is...Can you imagine any normal leader, a prime minister who would add $billions to Canada`s national debt to hand more money to Canada`s richest demographic...Only a deranged loser would do that...

Stephen Harper was crystal clear when he said in 2011....and I quote.."A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the Government returns to balanced budgets"

News flash, the budget isn`t balanced, we are in deficit this fiscal year and will be in deficit next year, so how does it feel, having a prime minister who is adding $billions to Canada`s debt to give money to his wealthy friends...Canadians having to pay $millions and millions of dollars in interest payments so the rich get richer!!!

Stephen Harper is the lowest form of slime, the worst prime minister in Canada`s history..

Stephen Harper Lies to Canadians, All Canadians

 Written by Grant G

Stephen Harper in 2011 promised income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced, so why has Canada`s mainstream media fallen asleep and not reported Stephen Harper`s latest betrayal and whopper lie?

Stephen Harper has slashed the income splitting measures he promised Canadians, when Harper proposed income splitting on the condition of a balanced budget in 2011 the benefit was supposed to amount to a $7000,00 yearly benefit....That benefit has been capped at $2000,00 yearly benefit, those who qualify(which I certainly don`t qualify for by a country mile) will now have to collect that benefit for 4 years to see that $7000,00 dollars, clearly that is a blatant lie..

Let me be clear, I totally disagree with income splitting, it rewards only15% of the population, that would be the wealthiest 15% of Canadians, the one group that needs no financial assistance, story after story about the growing gap between the haves and the have nots, medium income in 2014 is 17% dollars less than it was in 1970, and that`s not even adjusted for inflation...

Those who won`t qualify is separated parents, single parents, gay parents, only extremely wealthy will qualify and how shameful is Canada`s media, they all know that income splitting helps only the wealthy, every newscast I listened and read made the assertion that by lowering the income splitting benefit from $7000,00 to $2000,00 makes it all better, they claim that amount of money($2000,00) is hardly worth mentioning, ...Those statements show how completely out of touch with the majority of Canadians they are, how they only represent the corporate and well-to-do demographic..!

Not only will the wealthy get $2000,00 dollars they will also receive increased child benefits too.

No increase for those with disabilities, no increase to a meager old age Canada pension, Stephen Harper is raising the eligibility threshold to collect OAS to 67 years of age, 2 years longer for us peasants to collect that meager pension...

Stephen Harper stated in 2011 that income splitting would only come in when the budget is balanced, no sooner, no later...

I have a question for Stephen Harper....If Canada falls back into deficit will this income splitting measure be cancelled?

A bold headline atop this Straight Goods article, perhaps you are wondering what the other big whopper lie is?, what did Stephen Harper say in 2011...

"A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced" snip

I have a newsflash for all you Canadians reading this story...The budget is not balanced this year, it may be balanced and or in surplus next year(do to the deliberate timeline delay on every multi-$billion dollar military procurement, from jets to helicopters to transport vehicles and particularly those photo-op ship building contracts announced in 2011, not one piece of steel has been cut, no monies handed out, zip, zoodle, nada, not a damn red cent..

And perhaps you doubters of The Straight Good`s assertion are wondering why I`m saying the budget isn`t balanced...

It wasn`t me that said the 2014 budget isn`t balanced, Stephen Harper said it yesterday during his nauseating tax cut/income splitting photo-op...

Stephen Harper took a handful of questions...A Bloomberg reporter asked the 4th question...

"Sir what is your outlook for the budget balance with these cuts in place, do you have any concerns about eliminating the surplus you budgeted for this year"

Stephen Harper answered...and I quote......

"We didn`t budget a surplus for this year, we`re planning on running a deficit this year 2014/ 2015....It`s next year 2015 2016 we`re planning a surplus..We`re not planning on advancing that, we are budgeting to run a small deficit this year and a small surplus next year" snip

This income splitting is retroactive to this year, a year which is in deficit!!!!! remember this statement from Harper..

"A Conservative Government will bring in income splitting as soon as the budget is balanced"  Stephen Harper snip

So here`s the deal, here is the elephant in the room that all the mainstream media missed...

Stephen Harper is borrowing money against our Canadian accounts to advance monies to his Conservative base, that`s right folks, Stephen Harper is borrowing money, adding to Canada`s debt to give money to the wealthiest people in Canada...

Stephen Harper is a liar, he said no income splitting until the budget is balanced, Harper`s own words prove him to once again be a bald-faced LIAR

Those want to see the smoking gun proof....watch this video courtesy of CPAC(Canadian public affairs channel)


The question and offending answer comes just past the 27 minute mark in the above link, ..It`s Stephen Harper`s answer to the question from the Bloomberg reporter .....


How come no one in the mainstream media is reporting on this Stephen Harper lie, the budget isn`t balanced for 2014/2015...Therefore Harper is lying to all Canadians...Harper is adding to Canada`s debt to give the richest among us more walking around money..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Monday, January 12, 2015

Liquefied Natural Gas, Christy Clark And Rich Coleman Running Out Of Gas

Written by Grant G


More bullshit headlines about BC`s super duper on its way LNG industry, this time the filler piece, err, I mean story was posted in the Globe n Mail and written by Brent Jang(pictured above).

I really don`t understand why this particular article was assembled, the only conclusion I can come to is, clearly someone in the British Columbia Government or in the BC Liberal party holds sway over what articles get printed and what contents they hold...

 This article by Brent Jang was very revealing in a cryptic way, it exposed some bitter truths and laid bare the reality of the coming welfare industry, also known as LNG exports...

I have cut n pasted the relevant points, and to tell you the truth as I see it, the pertinent points appear to have soared over Brent Jang`s pay grade..

First off, look at the very bold and eye catching headline(directly below)


  Exxon plans to spend up to $25-billion to export B.C. LNG



"Exxon Mobil Corp. plans to spend up to $25-billion on a B.C. terminal to export liquefied natural gas, saying it has the global expertise to make the Canadian project viable.

The U.S. energy giant is positioning itself to make up ground on Malaysia’s state-owned Petronas, which is widely viewed by industry experts as the front-runner among 18 entrants in the race to export LNG from the West Coast. But Petronas decided last month to delay its decision on whether to forge ahead with its Pacific NorthWest LNG joint venture near Prince Rupert, citing the need to decrease anticipated construction costs, overcome environmental hurdles and consult further with First Nations."


Did you read that opening statement directly above?... It contradicts itself, Brent Jang states that Exxon is trying to make up ground on front-running Petronas..But Petronas has deferred any decision to build for years, probably no decision from Petronas until 2020...Brent Jang then utters something to the effect that there is a horse-race between energy companies, but that`s not true, British Gas, out..CNOOC out...EnCana, out...Quicksilver, out...EOG, out...Japan Gas Co, out...Apache, out....And even more LNG energy companies are abandoning British Columbia..

There is no race, pure spin, data twisting to reflect a fake headline..

Brent Jang makes sure to say Exxon Mobile Corp has the "global Expertise"....That`s good to know, is he implying that British Gas, Petronas, EnCana, Apache etc etc etc do not have the expertise....?

Then further down in the article some very revealing facts come to light, freudian slips from Brent Jang, perhaps?

(WCC LNG, ...That is Exxon Mobile`s chosen name for their British Columbia LNG proposal)


"WCC LNG hopes to secure a provincial environmental assessment certificate by the end of 2016. Engineering studies are slated to be completed in 2017. That would clear the way for WCC LNG to make a final investment decision in 2017 on constructing an export terminal at Tuck Inlet, near the community of Prince Rupert in northwestern British Columbia."


If Exxon Mobile submitted a request for an environmental assessment Christy Clark and or Gassy Man Rich Coleman would fast-track provincial permissions, this LNG obsessed government would make sure Environmental go-aheads would arrive on Exxon Mobile`s doorstep in less than 6 months, guaranteed...Brent Jang then mentions a horse-race for building LNG export plants?...Huh...Exxon Mobile has a vague timeline for an environmental assessment completion, sometime in 2016, 2 years away, then an engineering study in 2017...To perhaps allow for a Final Investment Decision in late 2017...That is no horse-race, that analysis is HORSESHIT...

Pure propaganda garbage, late 2017...Does that timeline seem familiar, that by chance just happens to be just past the next provincial election...This story was created, written to give strategic cover for the BC Liberals....In other words, vote in the BC Liberals in 2017 because LNG final investment decisions and 100,000`s of jobs are justttttt around the corner... Boy oh boyare these BC Liberals getting creative, 2 1/2 years out from the election and they are already spinning the next batch of futuristic lies!... 

Brent Jang then reveals some very disturbing facts about this LNG industry, ... 

The capital cost for the first phase could range from $15-billion to $25-billion, depending on factors such as whether a barge-based marine facility or an onshore terminal is built.

A cost projection between $15 to $25 billion dollars, that`s quite a spread, why...Because, read what it says..Exxon Mobile could either ship in LNG plant modules from South Korea and Japan for a land based facility or Exxon Mobile`s LNG export facility could be entirely placed on mobile barges, meaning floating, meaning the entire plant and the majority of costs associated with building it would be spent in other countries, those countries being South Korea or Japan...

So here we have Exxon Mobile talking about floating facilities, a plant on barges, in fact with Exxon Mobile`s timeline they may even have one of these little darlings come to Prince Rupert..

That pictured vessel could be what is coming to Prince Rupert.. Then what, with a LNG facility like that literally all that would be required in way of construction in British Columbia would be a pipeline from northeast B.C. to Prince Rupert..

Brent Jang then makes another outrageous statement, ....


It would mark one of the largest investments in British Columbia’s fledgling LNG industry.
While there are 18 proposals to export B.C. LNG, no project has rendered a final investment decision yet.


It would be the largest, because we have NO LNG industry as of yet, therefore no investments have been made...But the major faux pas Jang makes is....The money total Exxon Mobile is quoting is not money spent in British Columbia, the engineering work is done primarily by offshore tax-havened companies, and as for the hardware, the LNG modules and mainframes, they will be built in other countries, South Korea, Japan, Poland, Turkey to name a few...

I find it outrageous that Canadian mainstream media columnists state, write, scribe such nonsense, how is it called investing in Canada when the money is spent in other countries..

Here in B.C. all the main media stooges do the same thing..Baldrey, Stooge Sean Leslie, and of course gassy man Rich Coleman and Christy Clucking Clark....All of them have stated time and time again that Petronas has invested $6 billion dollars on LNG in British Columbia...That is a big fat lie...
Petronas did no such thing....Petronas paid $5.4 billion dollars for Progress Energy..

Petronas bought an existing asset, a Alberta based energy company named Progress Energy,...Progress Energy has assets in Alberta, in Texas, in other parts of the USA and assets here in British Columbia...Yet every one of those media stooges mentioned above as well as BC Liberal government mouthpieces have made statements claiming Petronas has already invested $6 billion dollars in BC`s LNG industry...It`s a lie, a soft lie, ..propaganda, ..Brent Jang`s Globe n Mail article is nothing but propaganda riddled with some scary truths...An article describing how Exxon Mobile is going to be doing nothing in British Columbia for years, and even if they do something in British Columbia most likely it will be a facility floating on the water, on barges, all built and designed in foreign countries..And there is even one more fact Brent Jang let slip. and it has to do with LNG plant employment..


If all goes well, more than 250 plant workers will be hired for WCC LNG’s opening in 2024. Another 150 people could be required on contract to run services such as cleaning and catering to support the operation.


Do you see that, Exxon Mobile`s large LNG exporting facility will employ a mere 250 persons in the plant with another 150 spin-off jobs supporting the operation..

Okay...Let`s take a leap of faith, let`s assume for a moment that 3 large Exxon Mobile in size LNG export plants get built....And for now we won`t talk about temporary construction jobs....

3 large LNG export plants, all employing in the range Exxon Mobile has expressed...And it`s not just Exxon Mobile...British Gas, before they bailed on building an LNG facility in British Columbia said this about employment at their proposed LNG plants,... British Gas also stated that the LNG mainframes and Modules would be built overseas..


 "BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.

 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.
The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" 


So here we have British Gas...Exxon Mobile claiming their plants would employ 250 person each with an equal or so amount of  spin-off jobs....Let`s assume 3 of these plants are built...500 full-time employees apiece...that`s 1500 employees...Yet last year(2014)...Rich Coleman said this about employment levels for 3 LNG plants...And I quote..

Rich Coleman on February 22/2014 made this outrageous statement while giving a 30 minute speech on LNG..

Read it carefully..


"I get a kick out of some of the other folks out there saying: 'You're behind schedule.' "No we're not. We're actually right on the time frame that I established."

One thing that works in the government's favour is the scale of the enterprise. The values are so vast that even delivering a fraction of the potential could count as a win.

Coleman said: "They say: 'They can't all go ahead.' "I say: 'OK. Let's have three.' That's $100 billion. That's 100,000 jobs."

It's that comfort level that's giving him the kicks, and the amusement. snip..



I reported that in this Straight Goods article....

So, 1500 full-time employees from 3 LNG export plants....Where are the other 97,000 jobs going to be???....Can you answer that Rich Coleman...

For round numbers, let`s call it 100,000 jobs.. ...Where are those 100,000 jobs going to be Rich Coleman?...3 LNG plants equals 100,000 full-time jobs, that IS what you said Rich Coleman...And these are supposed to be high paying jobs...Let us say, for argument`s sake..Each job counting benefits is worth/cost, $100,000.00 per year($100K per year)...

Simple math people....100,000 jobs paying $100K per year is $10 billion dollars in wages alone...Are you BC Liberals really expecting us to believe that $10 billion in wages per year are required to make 3 LNG plants operate...HA!  Whatever you are smoking Rich Coleman, can you please share with Straight Good`s writers and readers..

Rich Coleman is either delusional or a habitual liar....You choose.

And....Rich Coleman repeated those lies again just days ago, and I quote..


The Province of British Columbia expects its LNG industry to take flight in 2015 as it expects developers to make final investment decisions on several projects. 

"According to the Minister of Natural gas development, Rich Coleman, as many as 100,000 new jobs could be created through diversification with the natural gas sector.

First Nations also stand to gain from the promise of LNG with the finalization of many new benefit agreements in 2015, similar to the one recently signed with the Nisga’a Nation that allows them to collect property tax on their land for industrial operations.

Coleman added that over the last year, the Province has put in place a competitive policy framework that defines the playing field. The LNG income tax framework gives companies the certainty they need to make investment decisions, while legislation has been passed to establish greenhouse gas emission targets that will make B.C. LNG facilities the cleanest in the world.
B.C. currently has 18 proposals for LNG export operations while five have been issued the Environmental Assessment certificates.

Coleman further said that realizing British Columbia’s LNG goal will take time, and a lot has already been achieved"  



And as reported here....In a Financial Post article from 3 days ago, they commented on Rich Coleman`s above statement...They literally called Rich Coleman crazy as a shit-house rat..

 So let`s finish up with the facts, just the facts maam..

Each large LNG export plant will employ about 250 persons, with an equal amount of spin-off jobs supporting plant operations...LNG mainframes and modules will all be built in foreign countries and barged to British Columbia, these companies may in fact bring floating facilities to British Columbia thus requiring only pipelines from the gas fields to the west coast, also, the designing, engineering and technical work required to make these LNG plants tick are almost exclusively offshore companies with home bases in tax haven countries like Bermuda or Panama...

That means the investment dollar amounts quoted by industry and especially by our BC Liberal Government, giant $dollar amounts being called investments in British Columbia, that is nothing but gibberish..That`s like buying a fleet of France`s commercial Air Bus jets for $5 billion dollars, flying them to British Columbia and claiming I just invested $5 billion dollars in our province..


Brent Jang...When the BC Liberals request you write articles hyping, promoting and spinning about wishy washy vague LNG investments 3 and 4 years out, with operations starting in 9 to 10 years from now(2024)....Your nose starts growing..

Maybe it is time to change your name to Pinocchio Jang

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Sunday, January 11, 2015

LNG Proponents in British Columbia, Another One Bites The Dust

(Updated January 10th/2015)

Written by Grant G

B.C. Liberal`s over-hyped under delivered LNG pipe-dream takes another step backwards..  British Gas, gone, Apache, gone, EnCana gas, out the door, EOG Resources done like dinner, Petronas, caputsky and today another BC LNG player bites the dust.

Oh the hype, spin and bluster, Christy clucking Clark and full of gas Rich Coleman, ...remember their LNG revenues promises, for 4 years we have heard the bullshit from our provincial Government, bullshit that the media fell for, Baldrey, Palmer, Bill Good, ...Global BC ran with spin, The Province and Vancouver Sun newspapers actually created new sections in their paper, a section called BC LNG, now of course those new sections long gone and scuttled, you can only rerun the same stories for so long, hard to sell the public a pipe-dream with empty pages..

Christy Clark and Rich Coleman made these statements about LNG export revenue and jobs.

"Three LNG plants will create over 100,000 jobs for British Columbia"

"LNG revenues will eliminate our BC debt"

"LNG revenues will fund a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund"

Those two above mentioned liars Christy Clark and Rich Coleman said a whole lot more than that....

Christy Clark said during our 2013 provincial election that British Columbia would have two LNG export facilities up and running by 2015...

Here we are, 2015 is here and there is still not one shovel in the ground, no final investment decisions by any energy companies and not only have oil prices crashed but natural gas prices have retreated to near record low levels, even spot market rates for LNG are but half of what there were in 2013....And with LNG prices linked to oil prices, or as they say, indexed to the price of oil, future forecasts for LNG pricing makes the prospect of any Canadian LNG export projects going ahead very unlikely, unless the BC Government offers more substantial tax and royalty concessions, ....Which they could but to what end, fiscal numbers projected early on are out the door, no longer would B.C. see any debt reduction and as for debt elimination or a prosperity fund, pure fantasy, adding more concessions, bigger rebates and scaled up tax-breaks British Columbia would dive even deeper into debt...And for what reason, to prove a point, to pretend we know what we are doing or to punish us BCers for having fiscal doubts.

Yes indeed, it is possible to cook the books on an LNG industry(If one actually starts)for at least decade while companies write-off facilities and recoup inflated build costs but eventually someone would have to break the news to the public that an LNG industry riddled with concessions, tax breaks and provincial credits is not making us money but costing us $billions, putting us in the proverbial poorhouse..

The LNG game in British Columbia is virtually over...Today more bad news on the LNG front arrived on British Columbia`s shoreline......First things first..

Let`s go back to April-20th /2011 shall we....The beginning of Christy Clark`s LNG wet dream..


 Quicksilver boosts Canada’s nascent LNG industry 

20 April 2011
"Export plans to speed Horn River development; all three planned LNG export projects are viable

THE US’ Quicksilver Resources boosted the prospect for Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports to Asia as one of several outlets for steadily building production from British Columbia’s (BC) shale-gas deposits. Should one, or all of the three proposals to establish LNG export terminals on the BC coast come to fruition, Texas-based unconventional gas player Quicksilver will "be an important part of the marketing picture for the Horn River play", said company chairman Toby Darden. Quicksilver said the three projects are "likely to benefit all producers by [opening] additional markets for the massive resource potential" of the Horn River basin. The most advanced of the three is Kitimat LNG, a partnership of Apache (operator), EOG Resources and Encana. The 0.7bn cubic feet a day (cf/d) plant would come on line in 2015, assuming it has firm sales commitments by the end of this year"

Read more: http://www.petroleum-economist.com/Article/2811029/Quicksilver-boosts-Canadas-nascent-LNG-industry.html#ixzz3OKpbPrxf


This was around the start of Christy Clark`s hyping, spinning, blustering, and honing her election lies, a total fabricated con job designed to fool the public into thinking we would become rich, a ruse that BC`s lame, lazy and spineless media ran with ....For over four years we have been hearing BC Liberal white noise announcements on LNG projects and the coming riches.

Keep the bluster going, let`s get the people on board..September/2013...


Excitement builds over Campbell River LNG plant

 "But Quicksilver Resources is serious about seeing the project happen, says senior vice president and chief operating officer David Rushford.

“Obviously, we’re very serious,” Rushford said, during an interview at a community meet and greet held at the Elk Falls Mill site Monday.

Interest in the project is high amongst Campbell Riverites. People were asked to RSVP to the advertised informational event and 400 took the time to indicate they were coming. For every person that RSVPs, there’s an exponential number that plan to drop by so Quicksilver staff were prepared for up to 800 to show up.

The interest and support shown by Campbell River has impressed Quicksilver officials.
“When you try to develop these projects, one of the things you look for is a supportive community,” Rushford said. “The community is totally behind us.........

The challenge for the company is to find markets for its Horn River property, the most likely target being Asia – Japan, South Korea and China. With its Elk Falls purchase, Quicksilver has the means to ship LNG to Asian markets.

A previously-identified hurdle to the project is the size of the existing gas pipeline that supplied the former pulp mill. That 10-inch line is not big enough, Rushford said. A 36-inch line will be needed. A route for a new pipeline has been identified and negotiations are ongoing with landholders.
Rushford said the company is “very confident” they can get a pipeline to the project. He pointed out that the plant developers don’t usually build or own the supplying pipeline, that would be done by any number of possible pipeline builders.

Before a pipeline is built and hooked up, the company has two major processes to go through – a regulatory path and a financial certainty path.

“A development of this size is much bigger than we can do on our own,” Rushford said.
Quicksilver is searching for an investment partner, likely a company from Asia.
With regards to regulatory approvals, both the federal and provincial governments have their environmental assessment acts to be satisfied.

Quicksilver intends to begin the regulatory process later this year. Pending regulatory approvals and permits, construction for the first phase of the potential project is expected to take approximately four years, with the project anticipated to be operational by 2019."



From the hype in 2011, everyone jumping on Asia`s deep pockets, ready to shake-down our Asian neighbors, including Christy Clark who repeatedly through our 2013 provincial election told British Columbia`s voters that..

"We can receive 5 and 6 times the north American price for our gas, we can retire our debt, create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund by shipping our gas to Japan"

Japan had just suffered a big earthquake and massive tsunami, that geological event resulted in a nuclear accident, Japan was suddenly forced to shut down most of their existing electricity sources, leaving Japan starved for power...And dear old "families first" Christy Clark was there at the ready to shake-down our friends from Japan...Japan to go broke while BC lives in the lap of debt free luxury.....Oh indeed, Japan has no better friend than Christy Clark....?

The shoe is on the other foot now with Japan restarting their nuclear plants and with current Asian LNG pricing, and more, the price of LNG futures going forward is less money than what we can produce LNG for..Thus destroying Christy Clark`s LNG wet dream before she be(came) satisfied..

LNG price contracting going well past 2020 is now at a price point below the cost British Columbia can produce LNG for, a massive LNG glut exists today with staggering amounts of new supply under construction around the world..Australia, Qatar, Russia, East Africa to name but a few... 

And it`s not just Quicksilver Resources having trouble, look at the players QuickSilver was to partner with in their 2011 press release(above)

EnCana Gas...EOG Resources...Apache...Everyone of those major energy players have said goodbye to British Columbia...

And still Rich Coleman and Christy Clark cling to LNG revenue and job promises, only now the projections are vague, time periods extended and money totals watered down..

Now we move up 2014....Quicksilver is now again looking for partners, actually Quicksilver is looking for someone, anyone with money...


  Friday, 14 November 2014 10:15

Quicksilver seeks LNG partner

 "Proponents for the Campbell River LNG project, Texas based Quicksilver Resources has deferred further spending on its shale-gas assets amid negotiations for an LNG project partner. Current planning calls for the proposed LNG export terminal to be operated by a downstream partnership between Quicksilver and a third-party company as yet unnamed. The feed-gas for Discovery LNG would come from the Horn River Basin in northeast BC, one of Canada's prolific shale-gas areas and already earmarked to supply resources for several other LNG export plants. The company has filed an application with the NEB to export up to 20 million tons/year with a start up date of 2021."


The new start-up date for Quicksilver....2021.....How about I tell you Quicksilver`s real timeline for exporting LNG.....NEVER....They are now caput too..


Quicksilver gets NYSE de-listing notice

 "Cash-strapped Quicksilver Resources has been notified by the New York Stock Exchange that it is in danger of being de-listed due to its stock trading at below $1 for more than 30 consecutive days"



So let`s have a look....Petronas....Gone.....British Gas...out the door.

EOG Resources...Moved on....Apache.....Caputsky..

EnCana Gas....Not interested in LNG in BC....And now Texas based Quicksilver Resources cast-strapped, broke, de-listed and no longer playing the game..

Meanwhile our minister of hot air, full of gas Rich Coleman is still blathering up a storm....What you need to remember about Rich Coleman is this..

Rich Coleman is set to retire within the next year or so, he doesn`t care what he says anymore, he won`t be around to criticize over British Columbia`s LNG failures..

How much more evidence do you need or require to realize LNG in British Columbia is dead issue?  Even the BC Liberal Government must know in their heads that LNG in British Columbia is done, caput..

Proof of that is the Translink referendum, BC Hydro increases, ICBC increases, ferry fare increases, MSP increases...Every thing, every tax is scheduled to rise and rise and rise some more...There hasn`t been one statement from the BC Liberals about rolling back taxes, or adding to our BC debt temporarily as we await the $trillion dollar LNG industry to soar...

UPDATED HERE(January 10/2015)

 DROPPING LIKE FLIES these proponents be, one of our regular contributors Elwood, in comments left information on another proposed LNG project that was getting out of British Columbia..And a little search revealed this..

From November 2013......



Aurora LNG applies to NEB for Grassy Point export licence

CNOOCNexenLogo125Aurora LNG, a partnership headed by Nexen, the Canadian branch of CNOOC, one of China’s largest energy companies, has applied to the National Energy Board for an export licence to ship 24 million tonnes of liquified natural gas over 25 years to Asian customers from Grassy Point near Prince Rupert.
Two Japanese companies, Inpex Corp and JGC are partners with CNNOC in the joint venture.
The application comes just two weeks after the BC government  gave Aurora “the right to pursue long-term access to Crown land” at Grassy Point, which is just south of the border with the Alaska Panhandle.



This week(January 6th/2015) Aurora LNG made it official, they`re out too, adios, out of British Columbia for good!


REF 271001

January 8, 2015

Darcy Janko

Aurora LNG Ltd.
801 7
Ave SW
Calgary AB T2P 2V7

Dear Mr. Janko:
Thank you for your letter dated January 6, 2015 Requesting that the Aurora LNG Grassy Point Project(proposed project)be withdrawn from the provincial environmental assessment(EA) process. The Environmental Office(EAO)is in agreement with your request and has reflected the "withdrawn status" on our website.
EAO intends to post this letter, with your letter attached to our website and to reflect the status of the EA for the proposed project.
If you have any questions, please contact me by email at  
or by phone at 250-638-5172

Yours truly,
Tavis McDonald
Project Assessment Manager


CNOOC(Chinese National Offshore Oil Company) out of British Columbia...JAPAN`S INPEX--See you later and JAPAN GAS CO. --Adios Muchachos...
Meanwhile, like I said, Rich Coleman will blow hot air about LNG until the very last day before he retires with his taxpayer`s funded riches...

The Province of British Columbia expects its LNG industry to take flight in 2015 as it expects developers to make final investment decisions on several projects. 

"According to the Minister of Natural gas development, Rich Coleman, as many as 100,000 new jobs could be created through diversification with the natural gas sector.

First Nations also stand to gain from the promise of LNG with the finalization of many new benefit agreements in 2015, similar to the one recently signed with the Nisga’a Nation that allows them to collect property tax on their land for industrial operations.

Coleman added that over the last year, the Province has put in place a competitive policy framework that defines the playing field. The LNG income tax framework gives companies the certainty they need to make investment decisions, while legislation has been passed to establish greenhouse gas emission targets that will make B.C. LNG facilities the cleanest in the world.
B.C. currently has 18 proposals for LNG export operations while five have been issued the Environmental Assessment certificates.

Coleman further said that realizing British Columbia’s LNG goal will take time, and a lot has already been achieved"  



And in the even more British Columbia bad LNG news department, in the below linked article posted in the Financial Post, no one believes Rich Coleman, the article linked directly below is literally calling Rich Coleman`s above prediction/statement...Very suspect!



Yea, sure thing Rich Coleman....Can you say DE-LUS-IONAL?

Snake eyes indeed..!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Friday, January 9, 2015

Translink Funding Referendum and Bill Tieleman, Hell No To Both Of Them

Written by Grant G

Bill Tieleman appears to be drunk on more than just cheap wine these days, perhaps drunk with the power of taxpayer`s money..

First let me say this, I was planning on writing a post explaining why we must vote down the Translink referendum on more taxation...

However, we must first clear up a few things...Bob Mackin and his relentless digging deserves credit for the first part of this posting...

Bob Mackin has found out that Bill Tieleman and his company are vying for lucrative Translink contracts, contracts that are to be let out after the referendum, depending of course on the result.

Bill Tieleman as the lead man, as the media point man on the Yes side of this ridiculous Translink funding referendum..

If the yes vote wins the referendum Translink will receive roughly $250 million more dollars each year, and with Bill Tieleman leading the yes vote charge clearly West Star communications(Bill Tieleman`s company that is in line for lucrative Translink contracts after a successful Yes vote) would receive preferable treatment, a yes vote win would most assuredly result in Bill Tieleman acquiring a very lucrative Translink contract..

And the worst part of this whole scenario, Bill Tieleman, a seasoned politico, knows all too well about conflict of interest, perceived and or real, in this case the conflict of interest is glaring, it`s offensive, it`s downright disgusting and Bill Tieleman knows it, and yet he has refused to divulge his glaring conflict of interest..

If the shoe was on the other foot and the No vote was in clear conflict of interest or if Bill Tieleman was representing the no vote and the yes side lead point-man was in a similar situation of clear blatant conflict of interest Bill Tieleman would be screaming from the rafters..

I was wondering why Bill Tieleman in a Christmas post on his thin gruel blog site lavished praise on Christy Clark and Stephen Harper...I thought it was too much Christmas sacrificial wine, little did I know Bill Tieleman was going to bed with dogs, resulting in Tieleman being infested with Conflict of Interest Fleas....It explains everything..


Bill Tieleman knows the right thing to do is to resign as leader of the Yes side of the Translink referendum..If he doesn`t resign Bill Tieleman must admit to, acknowledge that he has vested interests in acquiring Translink contracts...In other words Bill Tieleman must admit he has aspirations of joining Translink`s gravytrain..

Here is the good stuff from Bob Mackin..


"Finally, there is a very long list of more than 50 companies that responded to TransLink’s invitation to pre-qualify for “Professional Planning Research and Policy Services” under RFP Q14-155.
Who might some of those companies be that are in line, hoping to score a TransLink contract?

Bill "Yes to TransLink expansion" Tieleman
Tieleman: touting TransLink
You’ll recognize Aecom, CH2M Hill, Parsons, Stantec and SDG, who are seeking the Surrey and/or Broadway technical services contracts (see above). Interfleet Technology is on the list. The U.K-based consultancy is a division of SNC-Lavalin.
Also seeking TransLink gigs under the same tender notice are Counterpoint Communications, Kirk and Co., Stratcom and West Star Communications Corp.
Kirk and Co. is a BC Liberal-allied firm that already has a TransLink gig which was extended without bid. A Nov. 25, 2014 notice of intent re-upped its “Public Affairs and Engagement Consultant” contract. Mike McDonald, the BC Liberal campaign manager when Premier Christy Clark promised a TransLink funding referendum, is part of Kirk. See above for more about Counterpoint. Stratcom is the polling, research and robocall arm of Vision Vancouver.
West Star is a surprising entry on the list. It is the firm run by Bill Tieleman, perhaps the most-prominent public face of the Yes campaign,.....

 Bill(Tieleman---Grant G) was unavailable for comment much of Jan. 8, but I look forward to updating this post when he responds."



Why we should vote no on the Translink funding referendum....

First off....Translink as an entity needs to be blown up...The NDP wanted the Translink structure blown up, and also wanted to scrub the proposed Translink funding referendum during our 2013 provincial election...All that has changed since prominent NDPers are lining up at the taxpayer`s trough and wanting to get in on Translink`s Gravytrain Express.

The Golden Ears bridge was a Translink responsibility, it was built as a toll bridge, the builder of the bridge was supposed to recoup their build costs through tolls, but...At the 11th hour of construction the builder got cold feet and didn`t want to collect tolls, they saw the traffic projections for that bridge and wanted a new deal...Translink came to the private bridge builder`s rescue...

Translink gave the builder guaranteed income regardless of the traffic...Call it crony capitalism..

As a result Translink is losing $20 plus million dollars every year on the Golden Ears bridge..

Clearly this 11th hour swap was planned ahead of time, Translink bails out Gordon Campbell`s bridge building buddies and Translink(taxpayer) foots the bill...This alone should have been enough to have Translink blown up as an entity..

You can read the shocking viral story here..


And after The Straight Goods reported all the bad news on the Golden Ears bridge..Years later and many days too late the MSM media followed our lead and reported this...


Golden Ears Bridge losing millions of dollars each year




"Well, Rail for the Valley told you so, but with the hoopla in the mainstream media and on certain radio station, to a certain lobbyist’s delight, fueled a public frenzy on the subject of fare evasion. So much so, was the public’s anger over fare evasion, the public demanded fare gates be installed at all SkyTrain stations. The fact of the matter was different, the percentage of people avoiding to pay fares was about the same as on other transit systems. Fare evasion is a cost of doing business.

Should not this study have been done before TransLink wasted hundreds of millions of dollars retrofitting the mini-metro stations with fare gates?

The real winners in the fare gate fiasco is Cubic, who supplied the fare gates in a market that is seeing most transit agencies ridding themselves of them and former premier Gordon Campbell’s good friend and former Vancouver City manager under the Campbell regime (who’s thumbprint is behind many of TransLink’s expensive fiascoes) and Cubic highly paid lobbyist, Ken Dobell!

I think we can call it “bait and gate!”
The fare evasion/fare gate fiasco is just another reason why there should be a full independent audit of TransLink, including the light metro system.
Memo to Adrian Dix: Do you have the moral fortitude to order such an audit?
Study finds transit fare gates don’t curb crime

Janet Brown

Fare gates on public transit systems have very little impact on fare evasion, crime and public disorder.
That’s the finding of a study carried out by Criminologist Darryl Plecas at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Plecas says while the introduction of turnstiles and fare gates is perceived by the public as a panacea to deal with fare evasion it’s really not the answer.

He also says there is little data to suggest the gates have a measurable impact on crime and/or public disorder.

“These gates are very expensive to install and when you look at how long it takes to get the payback from what you lose on fair evasion i think that at least some people conclude that at the end of the day they certainly don’t pay for themselves.”

The study – which cost five-thousand dollars – was commissioned by Transit Police whose role is already being questioned once the fare gates come in.

The first fare gates on Skytrain and Canada Line are expected to up and running in the fall."


Compass cards, over $200 million dollars spent and still no working compass cards, the reason, with a transit system with three different fare zones, three different fare prices Compass cards are virtually useless...Translink needs to go to a single zone fare system to make the Compass card system work..It may be years or never before a Compass card system works for Translink..

Again, with an assist from Rail For The Valley..Translink Compass card system was supposed to cost about $173 million, the new price is well over $200 million and is still doesn`t work, the price will go up and up and up some more

 Well, here we go again, new numbers from TransLink clearly shows that the much touted Compass Card is $23 million over budget and Cubit Industries will be paid $12 million annually to operated the system – more money than was thought lost through fare evasion!
So, let’s look at more TransLink expenditures.

*TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis earns $400,000/yr and just got a $12,000 bonus.
*141 TransLink Executives make over six figures.
*TransLink spends $120,000/yr on gourmet coffee for it’s Executives.
*The Compass Card system is $23million over-budget.
*TransLink will generate over $6million annually from riders paying double under the new Compass Card.

Yes, just what Zwei thought, the real problem with Translink is that it has become a trough for management to suck off the taxpayer’s teat and what do those 141 TransLink executives do to deserve being paid over 100,000 a year?

Transparency is another word not in TransLink’s lexicon."



Why we need to vote no on giving Translink more money...We all heard about the many breakdowns Translink had on their Skytrain system...Well guess what...Translink wants $73 million dollars to put a intercom system and flashing neon lights at each station so as to be able to better inform the public what to do next time the system breaks down...

Huh!...How about blue-suited Translink employees telling the public what to do, the same employees who could have been hired to actually stop fare evasion...Clearly some political insider is planning on making a fortune on an intercom and neon lights installation contract..

Here`s another newsflash...Skytrains have intercoms at the stations and in each car already...And there are neon message boards already at each station...What Translink wants to spend $73 million dollars on already exists at the stations...And guess what, any transit systems that moves 100,000`s of passengers each day...If that system breaks down there is NO BACK UP SYSTEM, THERE ARE NO STANDBY BY BUSES AND DRIVERS AVAILABLE TO MOVE THOSE STRANDED PASSENGERS..


Need more reasons to vote no....This proposed sales tax increase isn`t enough money, the mayors admit that more funding is required, there are suggestions that road pricing is coming too, road pricing is charging car drivers by how many miles they drive on our roadways...Which means that $hundreds of millions will need to be spent on monitors, transponders, cameras, drive over counters and another corporation to collect this money..Translink`s wishlist of projects over the next 10 years has a projected cost of well-over $10 billion dollars...The sales tax increase will only raise $2.5 billion over 10 years..

Where is the other $9 billion to come from?..Road pricing, Cay levy and bridge tolls?...Oh indeed..

The provincial Government gave to Translink many old, in need of replacement bridges...that`s right folks...Translink was given, for free the Puttella bridge and others, for free, the caveat, Translink is now responsible for maintaining and replacing those bridges...The Puttella bridge is 80 years old...

And now Translink owns it...A classic bait n switch...The BC Government took the responsibility for old bridges out of the ministry of transportation and dumped it onto Translink, thus forcing Translink to find (in the case of the Puttella bridge, $2 billion dollars for replacement) the money..

This Translink referendum, the mayors state that the sales tax increase will fund the Puttella bridge replacement....But guess what..

The mayors have also admitted it, the BC government has admitted it too....Translink and Bill Tieleman have been deafly silent on this fact..

When the Puttella bridge is replaced it will be a toll bridge, leaving the Alex Fraser as the only free alternative to cross the Fraser river..

But....That`s a classic double dip...Using a sales tax increase to fund the building of a new Puttella bridge then once it is built charging drivers($1700 per car n driver per year) again...

That is complete bullshit.... Only Burnaby`s Derrick Corrigan is correct..Blow Translink up...

Charging sales tax to replace the Puttella bridge then charging those who use a big toll...

Why the hell do we have a ministry of Transportation, they have downloaded their responsibilities onto Translink..

How about raising corporate tax for Transit...How about that...BC has the lowest corporate tax in Canada...

Need more...Small businesses have enough costs...car dealers and big item businesses have cried foul over this sales tax increase, a Maple Ridge car dealership will lose sales to a Mission car dealership...

Thus the BC Government is actually creating a third tax...Businesses will now have to file PST...GST..and the new Transit ST(Sales Tax)...Another layer of red tape...The BC Government has admitted that the money raised from this 1/2% tax will not all go to Translink...The BC Government will keep a portion(unspecified amount) of this new money to pay for the administration of the tax..

In other words, who the hell knows what extra money Translink will receive..

On top of that...

Translink already receives 17 cents on every litre of fuel we buy....Translink gets property taxes...Translink receives parking taxes...Translink receives money from a BC Hydro transit levy, and now they want more...

Gregor Robertson`s UBC subway will cost over $3 billion dollars...We can run a whole lot of buses for a fraction of that...I have not heard of one case where students couldn`t get to UBC..

Gregor`s subway line isn`t about moving people it`s about pleasing developers who are drooling in anticipation of building condos near transit hubs..

Here is a very interesting article from David Beers of The Tyee...It would be cheaper to give every student a Prius for traveling back n forth to UBC than to build Gregors over-priced subway line..



"Instead of building that train, you could give every new UBC undergrad the keys to their very own Prius automobile. Year after year. Forever.

That's right. As Condon calculates in a new study, you'd start by putting the $2.8-billion price of the train into a trust that earns six per cent interest. That would generate $168 million a year -- about enough to give every full-time undergrad entering UBC a basic $25,000 hybrid vehicle. (No leather seats -- we're in crisis mode, you know.) Now wouldn't the planet -- not to mention UBC's recruitment officers -- like that approach more than just one measly new subway line?"


I`ll have more to say on this bogus Translink referendum in the near future...For those interested, it is time to put funding for transit back in the hands of our elected Government, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals need to govern, and stop passing the buck and responsibility to others..

When the Translink referendum fails, which it will, Government will be forced to do what they must, including lobbying Ottawa for money...If Ottawa says no..Well, Harper is on his way out very soon..Maybe Justin Trudeau`s Government will be more Transit infrastructure friendly...One way or another transit will get funded..

The Puttella bridge when replaced will be a toll bridge...Thus those being tolled will pay for the replacement, just like the Port Mann bridge..

No need for this sleazy attempt to double dip funding for the Puttella bridge...Sales tax to pay for replacement and tolls too...That is pure bullshit..

lastly....If one remembers my posting about not building Site C dam...Rather than build Site C dam  we can save a fortune by building a clean, new efficient natural gas electrical power plant..


The interest payments alone on Site C would be more than double what a sales tax increase would bring in to Translink....Meaning there are real options available..

If we built a natural gas electrical generating power plant...We could also build Surrey`s light rail ground level transit system...Replace the Puttella bridge, add buses south of the Fraser river and still have $5 billion dollars left over..

For all those reasons and many more...

I, along with hundreds of thousands of others will be voting....

Hell no To Translink`s Funding Referendum..

 As for Bill Tieleman...Thanks to Bob Mackin...You Bill T have been..


The Straight Goods
Cheers Eyes Wide Open