Monday, August 30, 2010

Sockeye Run

Wow, all I can say is wow, 30 million sockeye salmon, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.............

A trip into the big smoke, Maple ridge actually, duty calls, has the Province ever needed this good news story and all media from radio, print and television have been riding the sockeye bonanza, fish farmers needing an out, Governments and commissions looking for answers, definately the water has been muddied....

Don`t bother trying to Explain 30 million sockeye just celebrate it, I`ll be attending my second Sockeye salmon barebecue, my friend Dan has been catching his 2 fish limit every day, another buddy Lane made a "sockeye run" to Twawassen and got 6 fish from First Nations, what a bounty.....

Even in my travels, on the ferry to Horseshoe bay I noticed a lot more pleasure boats fishing, there was a definate Fish buzz throughout my travels, my friend Dan spends more money catching 2 fish than simply walking down the Steveston dock and just buying them, groups getting together for salmon barbecues, all the side dishes, Dan`s wife was filleting fish preparing for canning, they are also smoking fish, Lane has his sockeye vacuum packed,..........

My friend Neil is making a "Sockeye run" tomorrow, 10 fish for $100......Dan`s friend John is working double shifts at the cannery, he told me normally he`s not even working this late in the year, he also informed me that Sockeye are being shipped to Prince Rupert and Campbell river for canning, every newcast has had celebratorial Sockeye stories, the story has gone Global, what advertising for B.C.........

There are 4000 workers directly employed catching and processing fish, but that is only the tip of the ice berg, people are buying fishing licenses, rods, reels, bait, fuel.....Gasoline etc etc.....Everyone I know are making sockeye runs, there`s a run on rock salt, canning jars, smokers, pressure cookers, Lane told me there are Asians buying Sockeye by the the trunk load, freezers are being bought, Chinese restaurants are getting their fish,..........

Just imagine the power of media, advertising campaigns, "Come to B.C......No Oil tankers and pipelines but plenty of record salmon returns".....Think of the outfitters, guides, charter boats, fishing lodges, whale watching.....Green tourism, bear lookouts, watch the healthy bears forage on fish........Do you know that evey fishing town in B.C. at one time made the claim of salmon capitol of B.C......Port Alberni, Campbell river, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Sooke.....Pender Harbour...

Because at one time we had coho salmon and chinooks through out Howe sound, salmon rock, Texado, Gibson, Campbell river, Nanaimo, we had salmon every where and record runs, not every stream and every year but there were large returns, large returns on thousands of streams and rivers, charter boat companies flourished in all towns, our commercial fleet was strong, sports fishers and boaters made our fish towns thrive, local economies were buzzing...

But over time stream by stream river by river salmon runs got wiped out, logging, mining, development, thousands of small runs eradicated, it was imperitive to protect our remaining large runs, we failed, fish farm sea lice, gravel removals, toxic spill after toxic spill.......

Thousands of small runs decimated, thousands of streams and rivers that can have the fish returned to them through science and hatcheries, just imagine, strong salmon runs all through the Province, all the mothballed canneries re-opened, a strong commercial fleet, charter boats, fishers plying our waters bringing salmon home for supper, local fish towns with their local economy buzzing on salmon dollars, tourists from Germany, Japan renting boats, staying in lodges all throughout the Province spending dollars, eating mother nature`s bounty.......

We used to have salmon like that every where, we can have it again, Government is missing the boat, British Columbia`s most valuable resource is a vibrant thriving eco system with bountiful salmon, overfed bears and growing Orca pods, people from around the world will pay to see heaven, I ply these waters, our ocean economy has been neglected and abused, we as people can enshrine in law and with our actions can return B.C. to a mother nature powerhouse........

Go for a drive friends, don`t let the bounty go to waste, take a drive to Steveston, make a "sockeye run"........Let`s make it a tradition you can pass on to your children.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Grand Facade

Something is wrong people, drastically wrong, the numbers, the data, the economists, the spin, the grand illusion is unraveling........

Ill John Kim was recently in China, who is he, the leader of North Korea, a ruthless dictater who is on great terms with China`s leaders, he went there to introduce his son, the next leader of North Korea, ill Jong Kim is a vicious killer, he stomps on freedom, human rights, a destroyer of free expression and thought, how far has China really come, not far enough....

Approved destination status, recently China gave Canada that ranking, why, not why were we given that status by China but why did we accept it, a totalitarian state that poisons and pollutes and stifles creativity, a country that supports the actions of a North Korea, I won`t even get into the Tibet argument today....

Harper, Habitual liar Gordon Campbell, can we as Canadians who fought Hitler, fought for freedom, fought for democracy, can we be proud or accepting of China, I am not talking about the people of China, workers, those who fight on the internet, I am talking about the Government of China, I don`t know as Canadians what we stand for anymore.......

The Great recession of 2008/2009......The recovery, banks and Wall Street bailed out, money printed, what about the people, right now corporations are hoarding cash, over $1 trillion dollars of cash is being hoarded by companies in the S&P alone.......The brokerage houses are making money, recently Canadian bank earnings numbers for the last quarter were released, our banks made billions, yet the "Street" was expecting bigger profits.........

I read money.....Financial pages, the "economists"....Whenever oil falls a dollar or $2 and or when it rises, the wording used is strange, phrases like..."oil recovers from July lows"......

I remind you that oil was $23 dollars a barrel when Bush invaded Iraq......Now it`s reported as somewhat of a tragedy if oil slips to "New July lows of $76 dollars a barrel"......

Wall Street again is flush with cash, banks are healthy, corporations are sitting on wheel barrels full of cash, companies from around the world, from countries with VAT taxes(HST), from countries without VAT or HST, the miners are loaded with cash, BHBilton recently offered nearly $40 billion for Saskatchewan Potash, Rio Tinto is loaded with cash, Gold is at record highs, copper, metals are priced well for mining profits.....

Yet around the world Corporations are looking for even cheaper labour than China can deliver, their looking to Vietnam, why pay $2 dollars a day for a man when you can get one for nothing?......
The jobless rate in the US is a staggering 20%, housing prices continue to fall, equity has vanished, record low mortgage rates don`t help the jobless, and I hear the garbage from Gordon Campbell`s brother Michael Campbell, the bullshit from the Habitual liar Michael Levy, the talk about Greece, Ireland, how the people must give up their pensions, go back to work, the talk about services that are needed to be slashed because of debt crisis....

The Jobless recovery, I spoke of this last year, technocracy, we no longer need workers, automation, the US jobs market will never recover, Canadian home prices will crash too, just wait, and corporations are sitting on trillions in cash beholden to their share holders and damn the health of the nation.....

The markets, credit default swaps, derivatives, hedging, a companies value and stock price gets lowered even if they make money, if the "Street" thinks they were going to make $10 dollars but company X makes $9 dollars their stock price falls, just like the recent Canadian bank earning numbers, gee whiz, the TD only made $1.4 billion for the quarter, oh the tragedy, the humanity.......

People are slowly waking up to the stock market fraud, even though companies are sitting on mountains of cash, the brokerage houses are raking in billions, the players, the little guy with his pension or mutual fund has lost money, the stock markets are down, the TSX,the Dow 30, Asian Markets, Europe, if you bought the broad base of stocks you lost money......

The pryamid scheme is faltering, Wall street needs the little guy to keep dumping their money in the markets to prevent a total collapse, the Bernie Madoffs, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, all of them are thieves, con men, snake oil salesmen.....

The HST will not create 1 job, it will cost jobs, millions of jobs, the corporation raping our rivers or mining gold or shipping our old growth forest to China for $2 dollar a day workers to mill care not about the HST, the HST is nothing but a few more pixels on a screen for shareholders to mull over...................

The Economists, Michael braindead Levy, Michael Campbell, liars, they talk about dismantling health care, removing pensions, pensions that Government agreed to decades ago, private company pensions have been faltering around the world, and or renegotiated by companies that haven`t honoured their commitments, here in Canada every other day I read about Canada`s health care is unsustainable, the beating of the drum from the Harperite`s, the Falcon`s, the Levy`s, the Campbell`s....

Consumer taxes up, hidden taxes up, utilities up, food up, gas up, city taxes up, provincial taxes up and less and less health and education services delivered yet the Corporation.......

Yet the corporation is sitting on trillions of dollars and their tax load has been lowered every year for decades, and all my instincts tell me this is by design....There are no more good corporate citizens, the machine cares not about the town, the Jone`s, the Smith`s, the public, what is wrong with a corporation making no money? How about breaking even with maybe a small profit, how much money can get siphoned from the system........

The monopoly game is over friends, they got all the money, 20% unemployment in the US will be the new normal, house equity will be a thing of the past, here in Canada heath care will slowly be privatized, pensions eliminated, no amount of Government stimulus or Michael Campbell bullshit will change anything, enjoy what`s left of the economic ride, don`t count on your home to save your retirement, the players, the elites, all they are doing is running out the clock, serving their term, as long as the collapse, the big meltdown doesn`t occur under their mandate, the economic collapse can only be held off so long, be ready my friends.......

Identify the enemy, Wall Street, Michael Levy,Michael Campbell, the banks, the BC Government, Harper, China, North Korea, Plutonic power, the stock market.......

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Bile Hateful Piece of Garbage

I was reading some garbage posted by Alex Tsakumis today, what a mistake............

Again the St George`s private school spoon fed flunkie has come out spewing his hatred towards decent folk....

This time his target was Linda solomon and the subject is Marijuanna.......

He starts his post bragging about who he was eating lunch with, does he ever stop eating lunch, I found it amusing and so Alex like hypocritical, his phone rang while eating lunch..... As Alex Tsakumis states he was....

"Enjoying some Grappa"

For those not familiar with the term it`s wine...Italian wine......

Read this first, it will give you a better understanding

In fact he was so busy with chat and grappa that he didn`t answer his phone or see what is was about for hours, and it was a woman complaining about Alex and his hatred. Which spawned his latest barb filled drivel!

I have seen first hand the destruction and carnage caused by alcohol, wives beaten, thousands every year slaughtered on our roadways from drunk drivers, lives ruined, careers destroyed, minds turned to mush from booze...

I wonder how Tsakumis went to and from said grappa serving restaurant, my guess is he was behind the wheel but I don`t know that for sure, he can answer that question...

A couple of weeks ago Tsakumis and his corn cob pipe filled with his favorite tabbacco launched a rude verbal assault against the gay pride parade, no doubt he was in a grappa induced state of mind, what other explaination could there be for his "Going postal" hypocritical attack...

I care not if the hater attacks Vancouver`s juice boy over renovations to his city hall office .....

Even his ruthless attack about empty floors at city hall, (although he sponged the story from Vancouver Sun`s Jeff Lee)....

Yet Tsakumis fails to mention the empty floors and corresponding leases were approved by the previous city council, and no mention of the hundreds of millions of dollars Vancouver will lose because of the Millennium development, athletes village deal that Sam Sullivan and Peter Ladner inked, no sirree...The silence is deafening on that subject, what`s hundreds of millions compared to a few hundred thousand on renovations....

Let me be perfectly clear, Gregor is flaky, I don`t approve of many of his decisions but the damage to the city`s finances by Gregor are but a drop in the ocean compared to what the previous NPA run city did.

Alex the whiner and his diminshing complimenters are dinosaurs, repugs, self proclaimed proctecters of religious and moral standards, oh the hypocrisy, tobbacco has killed millions, alcohol by far is the most dangerous drug on the planet......

And then there is today`s biggest drug dealers, Eli Whitney, big pharma, dealers of death, oxi, anti-depressents, mood altering drugs, approved drugs that have killed thousands, doctors that over prescribe.....

And these self proclaimed moral authorities want to attack Cheech and Chong over smoking some herb, well excuse me, I can tell you this folks, the benefit to BC`s economy is in the billions, BCHydro without grow ops would nary need to import a single mega-watt of power, yes, there is harm to homes and fire hazards associated with indoor grow-ops but statistics show that more home damage is caused by bad plumbing and more homes burn because of grease fires and candle use than grow-ops....

California will be legalizing Maijuanna this year, an entire legal industry will sweep through that state and badly needed tax dollars will flow to the state, yet dinosaurs and ugly little haters like Alex Tsakumis will persist, just like prohibition with alcohol, the speak easy`s, booze cans, Governments couldn`t stop alcohol, moonshiners and distillers were killing people with toxic liquor.....Even early Canadian distillers slaughtered people with their poison, the answer was in legalizing booze, regulating and making sure the product was safe...

More people die from alcohol and prescription drugs than any twisted rocket ship....

I am not defending any drug use, the war on drugs has been lost, legalization will happen, Governments are starved for revenue and drugs are the last untapped revenue source, millions of people in American jails costing hundreds of billions per year for drug offences, why people desire an escape route from reality is complex...

Man has always looked for stimulus, from cocoa leaves to licking orange frogs to munching on payote buttons, how do you think civilizations discovered spirit bears and animal gods, these people have been tripping for eternity....

Walk down through the east side, or Abbotsford for that matter and crack cocaine is easier to buy than tobbacco....

The dealers of death, heroin, crystal meth, oxi, these people live in the British properties, the money flows to the top of the food chain, with regulation and controls maybe the money can flow to Government coffers.....

When mankind finds utopia and internal peace maybe drugs will no longer be needed, when people no longer have to live under bridges or in totalitarian state maybe, just maybe rampant drug use will cease.....

But for haters to sit around swilling "grappa" and choking on their pipe preaching morality, this persuader will stand up and call them out for what they are....."Pathetic"

Now where are my Crispy creme doughnuts and Oreo cookies!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Natural Gas Prices Crash!

Colin Hansen`s forecast for natural gas prices in this years budget are way off.....

Perhaps somebody should ask Hansen how big of a whole this will leave in the budget....

The latest Natural Gas futures prices is well below $ 4 dollars, the Province, the BC Liar Government had projected prices between $6 to $7 dollars....

3.87- 4.18%-0.169

Maybe Canwest Global can ask the Province what this means to their budget projections .......HA HA....Never mind.....

We`ll hear the excuses next spring, providing they survive "Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Bill Tieleman`s, Sal Vetro`s, Chris Delaney`s, Bill Vander Zalm`s New Political Party

"What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

The "B.C. First Party"

Well well well, there are more NEW revelations involving the latest defection(Justifiable abandonment) from the quazi B.C. Conservative Party by Blake MacKenzie, first off the picture is quite clear to me and soon will be bright as day to all BCers that the Provincial party known as the B.C. Conservative party is nothing but a silent BC Liberal and Federal Conservative party slithering through British Columbia like a snake in the Grass......

Vaughn Palmer after interviewing Blake MacKenzie and a subsequent leak to Palmer pointing him to Elections BC and a new registered name for a new political party ......Elections BC, through Sal Vetro .......Sal Vetro has registered the name "BC First party".....

Personally speaking, I like the name and from what I have read lately by pundits and contributors to my blog and many others that B.C. is desperate for a new political party, the Gordon Campbell liar party is dead and beyond revival, Campbell`s legacy will be one of deceit and corruption and ruinous economic policies, Gordon Campbell will be a long forgotten political name in BC, a nightmare that never happened, similar to the Spanish Flu, the Spanish flu killed hundreds of millions of people around the world, it was horrific and terrifying yet that human disaster is rarely spoken of, it`s almost as if the event was deliberately purged from people`s memory.....

And with the NDP under the wet noodle leader Carole James seems to have lost its way, are they for big business, are they for the people, the environment, for workers, under Moe Sihota and Carole James the NDP traditional strength, the little guy, the worker have been marginalized, Carole James is under the mis-guided illusion that the corporate world will accept her or the NDP, they won`t, yet under Moe Sihota`s direction Carole James and backroom NDPers appear to be squandering their base in an attempt to lure big business, that policy direction will surely fail....

And using my photographic memory I recall a story by no other than Bill Tieleman, it was titled NDP must move left to save the party or something like that, and after a little digging I found the story, and to be honest with you fine folk I agree totally will Bill Teileman on this one, Moe Sihota and Carole James are making a huge mistake by pandering to big business and drifting from their roots, and being wishy washy on the HST....All Carole James has to do is make a public statement saying she and the people`s party will do everything possible to remove the HST, she could threaten to make things very uncomfortable for any Federal party that will block B.C. from getting out of the HST and going against the will of the vast majority of the BC electorate......I believe that no Federal party would risk losing seats in B.C......So to me it appears that Carole James and Moe Sihota are attempting to be deliberately confusing on the HST issue.....You can read Bill Teileman`s story here

Tieleman`s story back in November 2009 was definitely a shot across the bow directed at the NDPs higher ups, are they listening? I don`t think so, I would vote for any Provincial party that puts the middle class and BC home grown business first, business like BC Rail, BC Ferries, ship building, service industry, food and agriculture, I reject any Gordon Campbell corporate shill party or the BC CONservative party that is willing to bend to Ottawa and sell our BC Farm to big American or foreign Multi-National Companies, we have seen the tragic results of Gordon Campbell`s policies, the BC Middle class is reeling and has lost its spending power under a barrage of user fees and hidden taxes, the Gordon Campbell formula is one of failure, look at our forest industry, ship building, look at what is going down at BC Hydro, the ruinous economic disaster of power purchase agreements with no buyers all to be subsidized by a broke middle class, ultimately when even the lowly BC middle class falters and can`t afford the hydro rates eventually BC business too will be subsidizing Gordon Campbell`s corporate thieves!!!!!!

Gordon Campbell couldn`t run a lemonade stand, the man? Is an economic failure, he has always failed with money, he`s clueless, his brother and corporate stooge Michael Campbell must be his advisor, believe me folks they are both economic losers!!!!

So who is Sal Vetro, from everything I have read he really does believe that B.C. should come first and he played a major role in the anti-hst campaign, he believes that BC ceding its taxing authority to the Feds is a grave mistake, I agree....

And what about that name..."B.C. First party"...I like it........

But something about that name friends is haunting me, where did I hear that before, "feets don`t fail me now", where is that photographic memory when I need it......Oh, there it is......

That name "BC First" was coined by no other than........

Bill Tieleman! I will cut and paste it for you and provide the link.

The below is cut and pasted from an article written by Doug Ward of the Vancouver Sun on May 28th 2009

Tieleman described Vander Zalm as a "B. C. firster" and as a right-wing populist just as former premier Dave Barrett was a left-wing populous.

You can read the whole story here


What are the odds that tieleman would use that phrase..."B.C. Firster"..... Without first hand knowledge of that name being not only registered but registered by a key member of our anti-hst team?????

And coincidentally Bill Tieleman has gone on holidays today, I doubt he`s prepared to answer questions.

So either Bill Tieleman is a phsyic or seer he inadvertantly or on purpose put the new Provincial party name out there for all to see in May of this year....

I recommend that you read Doug Ward`s entire article, it`s a real good read, where are the Vancouver Sun hiding this guy....

This Powell River Persuader will be "B.C. First Party`s" most staunch supporter and will promote and put your platform out there for all to see.

So do the right thing Carole James and step down as leader before the next Convention, and Moe Sihota.....

Remember your party roots, the working middle class, the underdog, big business will never accept you or your party and by pandering to big business and "The Corporation" you risk losing your base.....And remember this Moe....

"One in the hand is worth two in the bush"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Real Backstabbing BC Conservative Party.


BC Conservative Director Bolts From Party

Monday, August 23, 2010 10:00 PM

It is with deep regret that I wish to inform you that I am resigning effective immediately from the Provincial Board of Directors as Director at Large, and canceling my membership in the party.

I have lost confidence in the leadership of the party and the direction it has chosen to follow.

I have been deeply concerned by the backroom dealings and the amount of power that has transferred into the hands of an unelected group of self ordained political brokers to guide the party. Those of us who were actually elected back in September are being trampled and moved out of the way in favour of appointed, unelected people who are now controlling the party. I would have thought the party would have learned its lesson from 2004 where operatives working for both the BC Liberals and the federal Conservatives came in and caused maximum disruption and prevented BC Unity from merging with the BC Conservative Party.

The Party is now dominated with mostly political appointments by the TAG group and their leader Randy White. The Provincial board has been taken over by those closely allied to the federal Conservative Party and their members currently involved in the BC Liberal Party.

I cannot and will not support this type of activity in the party. Some of our finest talent in the party is being marginalized because of their opposition to the HST. Chris Delaney is the most public figure in our party and the leadership regards him as though he is a liability to the party. His treatment by the TAG leader Randy White, President Wayne McGrath, and Conservative MP John Cummins can only be described as disrespectful and disingenuous. The one person who could point thousands of people to our party and has, with his involvement as a leader in the Fight HST organization, helped to demolish the BC Liberals, is considered by these unelected newcomers as not good enough to side with or mention his name in conjunction with the BC Conservative Party name. Shame!

I can no longer support a party that sides with the BC Liberals and the federal Conservative Party over the HST and over the people of BC. The people of BC have spoken and the party leadership in the BC Conservative Party will not listen. Pretending to listen is not listening. We all know where the HST policy is going to come from; it will be developed by federal Conservatives as a watered down version that still accepts the HST to make sure their political masters in Ottawa are satisfied. I know the people of BC will not approve.

The party is now in the hands of outside, unelected interests which contradicts one of our most important constitutional philosophies - representing the interests of British Columbian’s first above all others.

The party leadership considers working with failed BC Liberal politicians and federal Conservatives who supported the HST, over attracting the hundreds of thousands of people in BC who oppose the HST, and oppose those who gave it to us. I for one will not be part of watching the party be taken over by a group of people, only to see them bring forth the same type of top down, backroom, undemocratic politics we were trying to replace in the BC Liberal Party.

I believe the choices made by the leadership of the party, including the TAG leader Randy White and the Fed Cons will fail, and the BC Conservative Party will collapse into obscurity.

I will continue to work together with all others of good faith for the betterment of British Columbia to ensure BC stays in the hands of the people of BC, and out of the clutches of those who would use her for their own ends.


Blake MacKenzie


The B.C. Conservative party is finished, Randy White is nothing but a back stabbing Ahole, he is nothing but a Stephen Harper BC Liberal Lackey....The ruse is over....

The NDP will be the next Government.....If I am wrong, if Blake MacKenzie is wrong, stand up and tell us in no uncertain terms what your HST stance is Randy White.....If not, drop dead traitor!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, August 23, 2010

Gordon Campbell Lies Again, This Time About the Port Mann Bridge

Well well well, on 2 separate photo-ops Gordon Campbell lied, last year a month before our BC Election Gordon Campbell made the false claim that......

"Because of new found efficiencies by the builders of the Port Mann bridge it will be open a whole year ahead of schedule" Snip.......And just a few weeks ago Gordon Campbell had another photo-op next to the Port Mann bridge making the same claim.......Here is what Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell said at the first photo-op....Here

And here is Gordon Campbell repeating the lies on July 23/2010....This time with Shirley Glug Glug Bond, our new transportation minister...Read the lie again here

Well well well, today the real truth has been revealed, the new bridge will not be ready until December 2013...Not December 2012....He lied again, today it was revealed that the public will start paying tolls in December 31/2012 but the bridge won`t be complete, there will still be congestion, there won`t be the 10 lane bridge that Campbell claimed but 8 lanes, there will still be ongoing construction for another year before the "New Port Mann bridge" will open up all 10 lanes!

Does this man? ever stop lying? Does Gordon Habitual Liar know what the truth is? I don`t think so, The people are already freaking out about having to pay tolls on a bridge that is only 75% complete , there will be the same old gridlock for another year yet people will be paying......Read the shocking admission and truth here

And don`t expext to find the Port Mann bridge lie reported in any Canwest bird dropping paper or Global news.

You couldn`t make this up if you tried!!!!

"Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Christy Cluck Cluck Clark and CKNW LIE On Air Again

You know folks, sometimes I get a little worked up, it`s in my nature, but I, we have good reason to get upset, today Christy Cluck Clark and her bootlickers lied on air about the HST again.....

Christy Clark in her first segment argued with Chris Delaney, Cluck Cluck claimed that the Zalm`s anti-HST petition....She claimed the question was flawed, Delaney with gusto fired back at the Cluckster, it was a fiesty segment, Clucker Clark 2 weeks ago stated that the big business law suit had merit and Zalm`s petition was flawed and had no standing, well we know how that worked out, the Clucker was wrong, wrong, wrong again, yet she doesn`t ever stop pimping for Gordon Campbell.....

It really is quite sad friends, how on earth can Corus radio allow political hacks to promote Government policies and lie about it, in the segment with Chris Delaney Cluck Cluck claimed that by cancelling the HST tax income tax cuts would have to be reversed, that is completely false, there were no income tax cuts associated with the HST....Campbell did announce tax cuts on that televised economic broadcast 2 years ago, but there were NO NEW HST TAX CUTS associated with the HST....There is a low income credit for the dirt poor but nothing for the struggling middle class, that was Cluck Cluck`s first lie of the day!

Chris Delaney definately got the Clucker frustrated, so frustrated in fact that the Clucker had her bootlicker Carly Nicholls to read phony lying emails at the end of her show( 2:57pm)......At the end of her show she has her stooge read listener email.....

And the bootlicker read phony lying emails, emails that were blatant lies, blatant lies that Cluck Cluck knew were garbage......

The first email read by Clucker`s bootlicker said and I quote......

From a Teresa...."I want a referendum, a referendum with 3 questions.......Question 1 --Are you in favour of the HST....Question 2-What type of tax would you like...Question 3--What services would you like to cut.....I am sick and tired of the greedy attitude of the NDP wanting to spend our children`s legacy" snip

The second email Bootlicker Carly Nicholls read said and I quote

"I signed the HST petition but know that I have more information I regret signing it, I wasn`t aware that the HST is less than $2 thousand dollars on a $1 million dollar home, that is nothing on a million dollar home"snip

Christy Clark immediately laughed and said she couldn`t agree more.......First off folks, I knew that was a lie, I looked up some real estate sites and yes, the HST on a 1 million dollar home is more than $26 thousand dollars, not counting HST on real estate fees, home inspection, moving, insurance or alarm ......Yet Crusty Cluck Clark pawned that email off as gospel truth........And her bootlicker email reader said...."I agree with you Christy"......Can you smell what Christy is cooking Carly?.......And it gets better.

Let`s examine that first email......Robbing future generations? With 10 years of the HST(if it isn`t removed) BCers will have $19 billion dollars of purchasing power stolen from them by big corporations, talk about robbing from future generations!

Anyone wondering if I`m right on the real estate fees or Cluck Cluck and Carly are right can read the true HST facts ....The added HST fee on a 1 million dollar home here

Have a listen to the Corus/CKNW audio vault......Cue up August 23/ first listen to Cluck Cluck lose an argument with Chris Delaney...That segment 12: 45 to 1:00pm.....But for a big laugh and to hear these phony emails that are riddled with lies and mis-information cue up 2:00pm and fast forward to about 2:56 pm.......The CKNW audio vault is here

Those emails were lies, deliberate lies, Carly Nicholls isn`t that stupid, Cluck Cluck is, but even the Cluckster knew that those emails were garbage, do any of you think the real estate industry got up in arms over a $2 thousand dollar fee on a $1 million dollar home......

It really is sad folks, pathetically sad that political hacks on the radio would deliberatly lie and spread mis-information, I could care less if Cluck Cluck Clark is in favour of the HST but when she starts liying on the air, lying through her bootlicker and surrogates is disgusting, I emailed Cluck Cluck and told her as much.....Enemies of the people folks, Canwest, Corus radio,Vancouver Sun, CKNW,Christy Clark, Bill Good,Patricia Graham, these people are all enemies of the people.....

Get ready to get inundated with BC Liberal spin about what services are to be cut, remember, this HST is a tax shift, big business tax is being shifted onto the middle class....

If Cluck Cluck Clark does another segment on the HST this week and takes calls, please call in and call her out, call Carly Nicholls out, call them out for spreading lies on the radio!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Ears Wide Open

Vancouver Sun, Operation Goebbels Like Mis-Information

Here we go again folks, day in and day out we have been harping about how corrupt the habitual liars Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are, and that`s true, but as stated by many of our faithful contributors our biggest enemy is the corporate media, in paticular, Canwest Global and the Vancouver Sun, our 21st century Goebbels propaganda......And it`s true, I am calling on you....The faithful to email, phone, write letters to Canwest demanding them to stop their promotion of Gordon Campbell and his atrocious social and ruinous economic policies..

We must boycott their advertisers, when perusing the bird drop catching rags of Canwest, activate your ad blockers, never ever click one of their ads, refuse to buy any Canwest paper, if BC`s flagship paper is prepared to treat 90% of the populous and electorate like idiots well.....

I have been reading many comments under HST stories in various rags both local and National, by far, 90% of the comments are against the HST, rightfully so and what few comments there are defending the HST use the same old tired rhetoric....

"How are we going to pay for health care...Governments need revenue to fund services....It`s a more efficient tax system....Prices will fall.....It will create jobs and investment...etc etc etc "

If the Vancouver Sun and Patricia Graham wants to treat us like stooges well .....I think you need to tell her what we think....Her email is here (

The early numbers are out from Stats Canada, prices are skyrocketing in BC and Ontario, all attributed to the HST, the food industry is getting hammered, real estate sales have fallen off a cliff, and the consumers are pulling back, what did you expect when Gordon Campbell gave you the tax payer a $1.9 billion dollar yearly bill.....And it`s not me saying that it`s the real estate companies, the restaurant association and the consumer price index of Stats Canada, and isn`t that interesting that Mantioba, right next door to Ontario prices are down, energy prices are down, inflation is flat but the exact opposite has happened in B.C......Read Stats Canada numbers here.

And it`s not only goods and services but because of Gordon Campbell`s BC Hydro and private for profit IPP power purchase agreements year over year electrical rates are up a staggering 37%.....37%, are you kidding me, the 2 tier hydro rate that no home owner can avoid, and it`s going to get worse with Campbell`s plan for smart meters which will then be charging us a new premium for power.....A premium charge for power when your kids are doing homework, when your watching Goebbel news hour, when your making dinner, what the hell does Campbell expect you to do, laundrey in the middle of the night, have your kids use their electronics at 3:00 am.....This is getting very scary folks, spin, lies, theft, crime, that`s what Gordon Campbell is all about, some real financial experts are ringing the alarm bells about what is happening to BC Hydro and is Canwest Goebbel media reporting it? Not a chance, you can read the shocking numbers here, have your crying towel ready! Your children will be asking you in the future, what was BCHydro?

I wrote Patricia Graham yesterday berating her for the editorial they ran on Sunday, I gave her the link to Stats Canada and told her to start reporting the facts, I reminded her about a few of hundreds of Gordon Campbell lies, "I won`t sell BCRail, I won`t tear up contracts, the HST isn`t on our radar, the 2009 deficit will be $495 million dollars"......etc etc etc......She emailed me back this morning, her response was lame....She said...."Rarely do I encounter a correspondent of such impressive erudition"....That was all Patricia Graham had to say....

The Editorial the Vancouver Sun ran was about the HST, it implied that if Gordon Campbell explains all the benefits of the HST over the next few months and how it`s such a better sytem and how it will benefit all BCers he can turn public opinion around, in other words folks the UN-AUTHORED EDITORIAL the Vancouver Sun ran was calling all of us a bunch of idiots that are too stupid to understand taxation.....What the F are you talking about Patricia Graham, $2 billion dollars per year out of consumers pockets and that is supposed to be good, Jack Mintz with his fraudulent flip flop report on the HST talks about maybe $10 billion in investments by business over 10 years because of the HST and 100,000 new jobs, well friends if you leave things the way they were .......

Let the consumer over 10 years inject $20 billion dollars in the economy ....That would create triple the jobs the HST would, the HST is a fraud, Atlantic Canada who have had the HST since 1996 is the basket case of Canada, there is no Atlantic boom, the HST is nothing but Gordon Campbell selling out the little guy for his Corporate backers, anyway, this editorial goes on to say that things will be worse without the HST, and wait for it........

Oh my, the humanity, B.C. will have to pay back the $1.6 billion dollar bribe from Ottawa and the tragedy, the cuts that will happen in health and education .....Oh my goodness, well folks, we gave you the answer to that question a few days ago, the money is at ICBC just waiting to be plucked, and of course we here at the Straight Goods predicted the exact spin that was about to occur, spin about cuts, loss of services, spin about prices would have gone up more without the Can read the unauthored Pathetic Goebbels propaganda editorial here

The Vancouver Sun doesn`t even have the guts to put a name to the propaganda!

I implore all of the faithful to email ....... and let her know exactly what you think of their garbage.....

If the Vancouver Sun wants to treat us as idiots and stooges then it`s time for us to treat them as enemies of the people, boycott all their advertisers, never buy a Canwest paper, use ad blockers, never click their ads, and if we the people have to drive the economy into the ground to get our way so be it.....


The Straight Goods

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Colin Hansen Had No Authority To Sign the HST Deal!

Well well well, I have been looking at the HST deal Colin Hansen and Jim Flaherty signed, as far as I am concerned, Colin Hansen had no right to sign the agreement, Colin Hansen signed the agreement on November 30th, 2009, Jim Flaherty signed the agreement on November 27th, 2009.........

I don`t "Recall" the BC Legislature giving Colin Hansen that authority, there was no vote, we still had the PST in November, there is no bloody way that it`s constitutionally legal for one man to sign away our taxing authority to the Federal Government....


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, THIS AGREEMENT IS SIGNED IN DUPLICLATE, in English and in French, each version being equally authentic,

((The Government of Canada at,___

The Government of British Columbia at,



This 27th day of November, 2009_____________________________ This 30th day of November, 2009

By by

__"James M. Flaherty"_____________________________________"Colin Hansen"___________

Minister of Finance for the Government of Canada_____ Minister of Finance for the Government of British Columbia


and in French, each version being equally authentic,
_____ Ottawa________________
THIS _27th DAY OF November , 2009_ THIS _30th DAY OF _November , _2009____
Minister of Finance for the Government of
Minister of Finance for the Government of
British Columbia


Look friends, I don`t know what kind of scam is going on here, but Colin Hansen signed the above agreement in vancouver, what the hell is in Vancouver?...Not the legislature, the only thing in Vancouver is Colin Hansen`s office,.

The day we BCers allow individual members of the Government to do as they please without accountabilty is the day this Province dies, and if Stephen Harper doesn`t respect the will of 90% of BCers then he will surely feel the wrath come the next Federal election! (You can read the entire secretly signed agreement here)

The Straight Goods

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen Claimed Prices would Fall because of the HST, WRONG!

HST has caused massive price rises in Ontario and B.C.

The below information was cut and pasted from Stats Canada, how much more proof do we need that the HST is nothing but a lie perpetrated by the real big corporations! The link to Stats Canada consumer price index is here

You can`t make this stuff ......And pay close attention to Manitoba who rejected the HST from Ottawa, their prices fell.....What do you say now Gordon habitual liar Campbell, explain that Colin martian head Hansen, explain away.......!

From Stats Canada


On July 1, 2010, the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) came into effect in Ontario and British Columbia. As well, Nova Scotia increased its HST by two percentage points.

The largest year-over-year change occurred in Ontario, where consumer prices rose 2.9% after increasing 1.6% in June. Prices for gasoline, electricity, and passenger vehicle insurance premiums went up. Ontario consumers also paid more for homeowner's replacement costs.

Consumer prices advanced 2.0% in British Columbia during the 12-month period to July after a 0.5% increase in June. In July, electricity prices rose 36.7% and prices for food purchased from restaurants increased 7.5%. As well, prices at the pump and homeowner's replacement costs went up.

In Manitoba, prices declined 0.3% in the 12 months to July, following a 0.2% decrease in June. Lower prices for gasoline, natural gas and home and mortgage insurance were recorded in this province


I need not add anything more at this time.

The Straight Goods

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Keith Baldrey Confirms that Gordon Campbell Will Not Open the Legislature Until 2011

Breaking News.......Keith Baldrey on CKNW confirms what we already knew, Gordon Campbell again is not holding a fall session of the B.C. Legislature!Baldrey made the statement about 9:07 am

You can listen to the CKNW audio vault here

Cue up August 20/9:00 am.....Baldrey makes the statement shortly after the 9:00 am news.

And in other news Gordon Campbell`s ex Attorney General Geoff Plant who was representing big industry got slamma jamma hammered in court.....WE WON...(round 1).

It looks like Christy Cluck Cluck Clark`s legal opinion and assessment was flawed, last week Cluck Clark stated (On air) that Geoff Plant`s law suit.........(Geoff plant was Gordon Campbell`s attorney General, it was Geoff Plant who wrote the opinion piece on which the big business law suit was based on and Geoof Plant was representing big businss along with Peter Gall).......... in her opinion has merit and Vander Zalm`s doesn`t, gotcha again Christy Cluck Cluck Clark, Christy Cluck I think you should stick to watching the pathetic show Manswers on Spike TV(Christy cluck Clark stated on air that Manswers is her favorite television show) and leave legal opinions to the educated people of this Province!...

And here I wait patiently for the next ruling to come down, whether the imposition of the tax is even constitutional, as you know the BC Legislature never did vote on the HST, is was done through secrecy and stealth in Gordon Campbell`s office, in other words the tax was imposed through fiat, that my friends is illegal according to our Canadian constitution.

I expect the Campbell Goebbels propaganda machine(PAB) to get real busy spinning the news, they will talk about all the cuts to health, to education .....Oh My....We will have to pay back Ottawa all that money, oh the humanity, ........Well folks, we here at The Straight Goods have the answer, in fact I believe that there was a leaked story yesterday that has set the stage for Campbell`s next move........

The story was about ICBC, the timing of the story(the leak) is very suspicious to this persuader, apparantly ICBC has double the cash reserves for paying law suits and insurance claims that the industry standard require, any other `private` insurer by law would only need half the cash reserves that ICBC has, in fact private insurers reported that if there was auto insurance competition in this Province they would "eat ICBC`s lunch".....They would be able to have far far cheaper rates than what ICBC is delivering.....

So heres the deal folks, ICBC has cash reserves of $3.1 billion dollars, they at most need cash reserves of $1.55 billion dollars, it`s very obvious that ICBC has been over charging BCers, rates should be lowered, they would be lower if we had competition, but we don`t ........

Have a close look at those numbers folks, think about the timing, the day before the Zalm "SLAMMA JAMMAed" Geoff Plant and Gordon Campbell this ICBC story shows up....Suspicious no?

So, theorectically Gordon Campbell could scoop the ICBC cash($1.55 billion) and repay Ottawa, no cuts, no hole in the budget, "No passing on the debt to future generations".......Isn`t that what the "Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell" always says? And ICBC would still have $1.55 billion dollars of cash reserves, more than enough for all future claims.

The stage has been set friends, we have the money, no cuts, no adding to the deficit, no future burden on our starving children.....

Think outside of the box folks......We have the answer, Gordon Campbell has found himself an out, he better use it, because believe me, if Colin (Martian head) Hansen and Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell attempt to delay until spring "Recall in Fall" will prevail, mark my words! You can read the ICBC story here

And on a final note friends, what the hell are we paying politicians money for if their taking half the year off and not sitting in the people`s house, and just out of curiosity, MLA`s get a stipend of $21,000 dollars per year for accommodations, in other words they get money when the house sits, politicians from other parts of the Province have to stay somewhere when in Victoria, if the "People`s House" doesn`t sit than ALL monies for accomadations should be yanked, and that`s goes for Ida (lobster bisque)Chong too....No money for meals!!!!!

The Straight Goods

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Long Hot Summer.part II

Well well well, things are indeed starting to cook, as predicted by us earlier in the year the $52 million fire fighting budget has been blown, the dollars spent are all ready over $100 million dollars and that number will triple, but we have bigger fish to fry at this time.....

Another release of information by our honourable auditor general John Doyle, besides Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen lying pre-election about the HST and our deficit, as you recall Gordon Campbell swore up and down that our deficit would be "$495 million dollars maximum".......
Well our true deficit was closer to $3billion dollars, right after the election when Campbell and Hansen stabbed us in the back and brought in the HST, they took $250 million dollars of Ottawa`s bribe money and they also scooped $760 million dollars from ICBC rate payers......

All said that brought our deficit down to $1.78 billion dollars, or did it?......John Doyle in his 62 page report has revealed that Campbell and Hansen lied about that too......Mr. Doyle has reported and stated that deficit is actually $73 million dollars more than reported, Mr. Doyle also stated that Hansen is over reporting natural gas revenue and not taking into account long term financial costs associated with that industry, Colin Hansen has made some funny statements today disputing Doyle`s findings.....

Hansen said today...."The numbers are close.......The comptroller general looked at our budget numbers and said they are a good REFLECTION of the numbers"snip

Well, perhaps Colin Hansen is talking about the reflection in the house of horrors, you know, all those distorting mirrors, enter the dragon comes to mind.......You can read the John Doyle story here

What`s good for Wall Street and business is good for main street.....Where have we heard that before, I read an interesting story from the Reputable New York times the other day and I must share it with you......

Sangra foods, a division of the George Soros group(George Soros many years back made $2 billion dollars in the space of a couple of months by shorting the British pound, it made him famous and ultra rich overnight)......Well friends, back just before oil spiked to $150 dollars per barrel .......Oil had moved to $76 dollars, but.....On the New York exchange a trader, on orders from his boss at the Soros group made a "Bona fide bid" for future prices of oil of over $100 dollars per barrel, a massive price, you have to read this story folks, the link is here.....

The Sangra food group has now been fined for commodity price manipulation, that one bid single handidly started the oil rally, what they did was illegal, they have now been fined a WHOPPING $12 million dollars, talk about a joke, Wall Street and the Sangra group illegally started a pump and dump oil rally that cost regular folks around the world an estimated $1.5 trillion dollars, and the Sangra/George Soros group made a killing, and recently they got a Whopping $12 million dollar fine.........Well blow my socks off!......Beside Wall Street and their fraudulent actions throwing the world into recesssion now we know that Wall Street by fraud and pump and dump manipulated the oil market and screwed the world and yet Gordon Campbell and giant martian head Colin Hansen want to hand over our money to big business,.......

What prices have been lowered by business, NONE, the HST has driven up prices across the board, the food industry is laying off people in droves, the real estate market has tanked, Provincial revenues are falling, the exact opposite of what Gordon Campbell said is happening, the "economists" were wrong, they have been wrong for years, MICHAEL LEVY...and MICHAEL CAMPBELL were wrong, Jack Mintz was wrong......

We, We the people were right,..........And in Hansen`s Budget forecast for this year natural gas prices he surmised to rise to the $6 to $8 dollar range but....... As predicted by us at The Straight Goods natural gas prices are low, how low you ask, the current futures price is at $4 dollars, that my friends means at least another $1 billion dollar hole in Colin Hansen`s present budget!

BHP Bilton .....The Australian mining giant recently launched a $100 million dollar ad campaign and over threw the Australian Government, they did that because the Government wanted to add a "Super profits mining tax"..........The miners went ballistic, how much damn money do these companies need, Wall street fraud with their bundled securities, their derivatives, credit default swaps have screwed the world and Gordon Campbell wants to give them more money!!!!

Right now in B.C. the public is angry, they`re getting angrier everyday, "Recall in Fall" is no longer in doubt, it will not only succeed but it will bring down the Government, yes friends the NDP will indeed be the next Government......Still with finance the latest US job numbers report is out and they are still bleeding jobs, the true jobless rate in the US is a staggering 20%....The double dip reccession is here already....

Not only are the job numbers bad but they are now predicting the jobs numbers to deteriorate even worse!....You can read that story here

And it`s getting worse, the latest housing market reports are out and the numbers are staggering, foreclosures are still rampant, prices continue to fall, big business and Wall Street have totally screwed the world, the outsourcing to slave labour countries like China and Veitnam continue, what damn jobs are there for Americans?...Burger flippers...What jobs are there in Canada, look folks we are but a year behind the US .......Our housing bubble is on the cusp of collapse, you can buy condos in Arizona, and Nevada for $12.000 dollars....Big homes for $80.000 dollars.....You can read about the housing disaster here

And here in B.C......The highest gas prices in Canada...The highest housing prices....Gordon Campbell continues to outsource our Province to the same people who screwed the world.

The day has come friends, it`s now class warfare, us against them, against Howe Street, against the BC Chamber of commerce, we draw the line in the sand, first we remove Gordon Campbell and the BC Liar party from power, then we remove the HST just like Saskatchewan removed the HST ......The NDP when elected in that Province removed the HST, so for Gordon Campbell and Johnathon Winters and Peter Gall to say we are stuck with the HST is patently wrong!..Period!

The people have spoken Gordon Campbell, you can cut the anger with a knife, either you listen or your gone, it`s your choice, you can listen and survive until 2013 or you can listen to big business and be removed by force within a year.....

And if the NDP pander to big business or play games they too will be removed, tea party north or the "big Cleansing".....Call it what you will.

The day of change and people power has arrived in B.C.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peter Gall Calls 700.000 Anti-Hst Signers Potheads!

Well well well, Have a good read folks, Peter Gall arguing for big business calls 700.000 BCers "potheads"......I signed up hundreds of signatures and there weren`t any potheads, seniors, middleclass, workers, the only potheads are Gordon Campbell`s Cabal and......And their lawyers!!!


Peterr Gall crossed a line by inappropriately making the association with Pot Heads
It would be appropriate to contact his office
Vancouver 604 891.1152
Victoria 250 381.9321
and the head office of his firm (Heenan Blaikie)
1250 René-Lévesque Blvd. West
Suite 2500
Montreal, Quebec H3B 4Y1
T. 514 846.1212
F. 514 846.3427
to expess disapproval with his comments as well as ask the Law Society of British columbia to investigate his conduct and the Canadian Bar Association

Read more:

Perhaps the faithful can give Mr. Gall a phone call.........The pure unmitigated Gall of Peter gall to stoop to attacking the public....


The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Canwest Global, the Propaganda Machine Behind Gordon Campbell

I have noticed that Canwest Global and the Vancouver Sun have been busy pimpming every feel good story they can find, fluff stories, stories to deflect your attention from a lying corrupt Gordon Campbell Government, I don`t like to use the Hitler regime as a comparitor but it`s almost identical.....

Even the greasy water boy Les Leyne from the Victoria Times Colonist has gotten into the spin mode, Les Leyne wrote a pathetic piece of garbage yesterday about how Bill Vander Zalm and the 700.000 signers of the Anti HST petition are all in a tizzy over nothing, the comments under his (Opinion piece) were scathing, scathing towards Les Leyne, here Elections BC has violated the law, big business is doing Campbell`s bidding and Les Leyne thinks Vander Zalm and the public`s complaint is way over the top (you can read his garbage here)

The Vancouver Sun has turned into a sick joke, the ran a story the other day, in fact they put it on their front page, the story was about a small group of Chinese tourists in Victoria, they made a big deal about it, recently China named Canada "approved destination status"....Oh my, Chinese tourists in BC??????......This isn`t racism by me, but Chinese people have been coming here forever, ever been to Richmond, Chinatown, the airport, the whole story was about promoting Gordon Campbell and all his trips to China, well excuse me, a group of 14 people from China and the story makes the front page. Some interesting stats were also in the story, the average Chinese tourist stay 27.9 nights and spend $1.634,00 ....Not exactly big spenders are they?(read the propaganda here)

And up in MacKenzie, recently a Foreign overseas company bought the pulp mill in MacKenzie for $20 million dollars, the company name is Sinar Mas, they are going to produce kraft pulp and shipping it to China for processing, 270 employees will be going back to work, first off, I`m amazed that not one Canadian company would purchase the mill, I have my doubts, anyway, Pat Bell, Shirley Bond, Gordon Campbell were all there in MacKenzie for the photo-op, another front page story in the Vancouver Sun, even the Right Wing BC Liberal promotional on line paper Opinion 250 has pimped the hell out of the story, today opinion 250 ran the story again, only this time the story was about some pin Pat Bell has been wearing next to his heart, apparently Pat Bell made a promise to never take the pin off until the MacKenzie mill re-opened, sheesh, another photo-op with Pat Bell shaking the mayor of MacKenzie`s hand. You can read the story here

And Here yet if you really examine the deal, the mill was bought with contracts that guaranteed that the Softwood kraft pulp, 80% of the pulp is getting shipped to Asain mills, in other words the Chinese have secured a raw resource supply and this will result in more BC mills closing down,......

Maybe you think I am knit-picking, not at all, because I have searched high and low in all the Canwest rags for today`s story, I haven`t seen a photo-op with Pat Bell over today`s story....

And just what is today`s highlight BC Story?......The mill in Armstrong is being curtailed(The workers are being laid off) apparently there is no demand for their product, 370 workers are out of work, the Armstrong BC mill was shut down earlier this year too......Yet that story doesn`t get reported, no photo-op there, are you wearing a pin for the town of Armstrong Pat Bell? Pat Bell are you wearing 70 pins?....Why would I say that, because that`s how many mills have closed in BC under Gordon Campbell!...You can see Pat Bell playing with PLEDGE PINS here .....Make sure to have a look at that last link, Pat Bell looks like a used car salesman, the B.C. Liberal party is full of them!

Meanwhile the restaurant industry is bleeding jobs, real estate sales have fallen off a cliff, tourism is down, the Vancouver convention center boondoggle is bleeding red ink, the BC Place roof is way over budget and not on time, the Canada line despite the Canwest hype is losing over $20 million dollars per year, the Golden ears bridge is on pace to lose $20 million dollars this year, B.C. Ferries is barely paying the interest on their massive $1.6 billion dollar debt, BC Hydro is no longer making any money, the BC Rail trial(farce) is still on summer holidays, ......

And it keeps getting better, another phony ICBC story yesterday, because no one drove during the olympics(except the drunk driving BC Liberal Jane Thornthwaitre) accident claims are down and ICBC is possibly, not for sure but possibly going to lower your basic insurance rate by 1.6%....Gee Whiz, you MIGHT save $20 dollars next year, but even that story is phony because if you examine the financial numbers in the ICBC story the numbers are below the previous year, cost of claims are about the same year over year, profits are lower this year than last, if you actually examine the numbers there is no real justification in lowering the rates by $20 dollars, this my friends was another BC Liberal PAB and Canwest deflection story, and the funny part is .......The decrease probably won`t even happen, it has to go before the BCUC.....And, if the BCUC examine the numbers like I did they will say there is no justification for lowering the price, either ICBC was gouging last year and or this is pure politics, perhaps you forgot that Gordon Campbell scooped $ 760 million dollars from ICBC (and he told no one, it wasn`t revealed that the money was taken for months after the fact).......

Without Gordon Campbell stealing rate payer`s money you could add another $760 muillion dollars to Campbell $2.7 billion dollar deficit lie!

I really recommend that people read the ICBC story......Let me point out how flawed the story is and why I know it`s a public relations exercise....

For the same period last year as compared to this year.....

Last year ICBC had profits of $277 million dollars for the reporting period, the same period this year the profit is....$232 million....

Operating expenses at ICBC for the same time frame was....$267 million dollars....For the same period this year operating expenses are....$285 million dollars...

I suspect the Olympics were the reason ICBC expenses were up and profits down but that`s for another day....

Read the ICBC story here

Look friends, I am not trying to jack up anyone`s car insurance rates but the numbers tell a different story, if the BCUC approve a teeny weeny decrease then they should order ICBC to pay back money from previuos years...Oh, one more thing, when you read the ICBC story pay special attention to the first part....The word "could" is placed very carefully, in other words friends, I wouldn`t count on it, they left themselves an out!

Think outside of the box folks and remember that there is a massive Goebbel`s like propaganda campaign going on, the likes of what hasn`t been seen since the 1940s!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

George Copley or Stephen Harper is lying, the words speak for themselves!

Well well well, this battle is really heating up, George Copely is arguing the case for the BC Liberals.....Isn`t that special!........But we here at The Straight Goods have the smoking gun, AGAIN!

Here is what George Copley said in the B.C. Supreme court today......

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government insists the HST is Ottawa's progeny but does not violate the constitution because it is a child of cooperative federalism.

In its response to the B.C. Supreme Court challenge of the legality of the blended tax, lawyer George Copley said Victoria had properly authorized the agreement that led to the HST and legitimately implemented it through legislative measures.

But it is crucial to recognize it is a wholly federal tax, he added.

Copley said the new value added tax framework created by Ottawa is designed to build a stronger economic foundation for Canada and B.C.


I think somebody is confused, is it George Copley and the BC Liberals or is it Stephen Harper and the Federal Government?....Why am I saying this?.....The answere is quite simple...

Because on October 13/2009 at the Port of vancouver Stephen Harper said the complete opposite, Stephen Harper is on the record, the media was there, hundreds of witnesses were there....I won`t hold you in suspense much longer.......Here is what Stephen Harper said when asked questions about the HST.....

October 13 /2009 at the Port of Vancouver Stephen Harper said and I quote.....

Stephen Harper was in BC today down at the port of Vancouver,he was asked why the federal government was pushing provinces to adopt the HST, I found his response very telling, he said

" The federal government isn`t pushing the HST on any province,the decision to adopt the HST is completely a provincial decision,it has nothing to do with the federal government" snip

Stephen Harper October 13/2009 .....Port of Vancouver, the above picture is from that event(Budda boom, budda bing)

Isn`t that interesting, so who is the liar, the feds, the Province, Jim Flaherty, Stephen Harper, George Copley, Colin Hansen, Gordon Campbell?....Who the hell is LYING, Someone is lying, maybe all of the above are lying, perhaps Stephen Harper should be called as a witness in this HST battle!

The above statement from Stephen Harper was recorded and documented by us, The Straight Goods......And is preserved in our archives, in fact I wrote about Stephen Harper`s statement the same day he made it, it`s in this story here

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Ears Wide Open

Monday, August 16, 2010

No Taxation Without Representation!

I have been reading up on the Canadian constitution and it`s quite clear, section 53 of the constitution clearly states that the executive branch cannot impose taxes without a vote in the legislature or parliment.....In a case launched against the New Brunswick Government, the plaintiff won, New Brunswick had to repay taxes back to the public, the argument was upheld by the Supreme court of Canada...New Brunswick lost.......

In fact it was a very interesting case, British Colubia was an intervenor in the case, what that means is this, BC stuck it`s nose in this case and fought the ruling, this case was in 2006/ 2007, Why did BC stick it`s nose in this case, the answer is obvious, BC and Gordon Campbell were already plotting to bring in illegal taxes.

It`s almost like Gordon Campbell knew in 2007 that he was going to HST us!

.....Never the less, New Brunswick Finance lost, the Supreme court of Canada ruled in favour of the plaintiff, the precedent is there, no taxation without representation!
The below is some of that court case cut and pasted .....For anyone wanting to view the entire case and you can click here and here

Holding Governments Accountable
to Canada's Constitution

Comparing the Canadian Constitution Foundation’s Factum
and the 2007 Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in
Kingstreet Investments Ltd. v. New Brunswick (Finance)

In January 2007, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that governments – like people – should
be held accountable for their actions. In Kingstreet Investments v. New Brunswick, people earning a
living in the hospitality and entertainment industries successfully challenged an 11% provincial “user
charge” on alcoholic beverages. Under Canada’s Constitution, only the federal government may
impose an indirect tax, such as an import duty, paid by one person (e.g., a bar owner) in the
expectation that it will be repaid by another (e.g., a bar patron). Provinces may not do so. Handing a
significant victory to taxpayers, the Court ordered the New Brunswick government to repay one
million dollars of illegally collected taxes to taxpayers. The user charge was an illegal tax, so the
Court rightly ordered the government to repay the money.
The B.C., Alberta and Manitoba governments intervened in the Supreme Court of Canada in
support of New Brunswick, to argue that governments should not be required to repay illegal taxes that
are collected in violation of Canada’s Constitution. Before the Supreme Court of Canada, these
provinces claimed that having to repay illegal taxes would inflict financial shock and fiscal chaos,
forcing governments to reduce services or to raise taxes. This claim is a self-serving justification for
illegal activity, and it assumes that there is no waste, mismanagement or inefficiency in the public
sector. This claim also assumes that every tax dollar, without exception, is spent to advance the
common good. According to the governments, when a court rules that a particular fee or charge is
illegal, the court should simply tell the government “stop doing that” – but not order the government to
repay the money. The Court rejected these arguments and unanimously accepted the principles put
forward by the Canadian Constitution Foundation: that governments must be held accountable to the
constitutional principles of federalism, representative democracy, the rule of law, and “no taxation
without representation.” The Kingstreet decision highlights the importance of court challenges to
restrain greedy governments from doing whatever they please to feed their never-ending appetite for
As an intervener before the Supreme Court of Canada, the Canadian Constitution Foundation
submitted the following arguments:
1. The Constitutional principle of “no taxation without representation” should be respected. Taxes
collected in breach of constitutional principles should be recoverable.
2. There should be no bars to the recovery of unconstitutional taxes. The “Immunization Rule” should be
3. The Government’s “passing on” defence should also be rejected.
4. Governments should be required to repay unconstitutional taxes regardless of whether or not the
taxpayers protested.
5. The legislatures, not the courts, are the best forums for changing unconstitutional laws and dealing with
potential ‘fiscal chaos.’
1. The Constitutional principle of “no taxation without representation” should be respected.
Taxes collected in breach of constitutional principles should be recoverable.
Paragraph Canadian Constitution
Foundation Factum
Paragraph Supreme Court of Canada
Any tax collected without lawful
authority, whether by virtue of
begin beyond the constitutional
authority of the legislature or by
simply being beyond the express
authority of the legislation, violates
the constitutional principles
enunciated in section 53, and there
is no basis for the government to
retain the tax.
The Foundation submits that the
right to recover taxes collected
without authority flows from the
constitutional status of the principle,
“no taxation without
“[T]he constitutional principle that
ought to dominate all others in this
context is the principle that the
Crown may not levy a tax except by
the authority of Parliament or the
Legislature. This principle...ensures
not merely that the executive branch
is subject to the rule of law, but also
that the executive branch must call
the legislative branch into session to
The Court’s central concern must
be to guarantee respect for
constitutional principles. One such
principle is that the Crown may not
levy a tax except with authority of
the Parliament or the legislature:
Constitution Act, 1867, ss. 53 and
90. This principle of “no taxation
without representation” is central to
our conception of democracy and
the rule of law. As Hogg and
Monahan explain, this principle
“ensures not merely that the
executive branch is subject to the
rule of law, but also that the
executive branch must call the
legislative branch into session to
raise taxes” (P. W. Hogg and P. J.
Monahan, Liability of the Crown
(3rd ed. 2000), at p. 246. See also
P. W. Hogg, Constitutional Law of
Canada (loose-leaf ed.), vol. 2, at
pp. 55-16 and 55-17; Eurig, at para.
31, per Major J.).
Professor Hogg has explained that
“[T]he constitutional principle that
ought to dominate all others in this
context is the principle that the
Crown may not levy a tax except by
the authority of Parliament or the
Legislature. This principle...ensures
not merely that the executive
branch is subject to the rule of law,
but also that the executive branch
must call the legislative branch into
session to raise taxes (and vote
supply). To permit the Crown to
retain a tax that has been levied
without a legislative authority is to
condone a breach of one of the most
raise taxes (and vote supply). To
permit the Crown to retain a tax that
has been levied without a legislative
authority is to condone a breach of
one of the most fundamental
constitutional principles.”
[emphasis added]
Well folks, it is my belief that Joe Arvay is correct, the Zalm is correct, Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen do not have any authority to impose taxes through the executive branch, it violates our most fundamental law...."No Taxation Without Representation" period, no exceptions.......

You want your HST Campbell, call the legislature and vote on it, you gutless, spineless BC Liberal MLAs stand up and vote in the Legislature for the HST.....Show your faces......

"Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Gordon Campbell, Unfit to Govern

The above picture is Colin Hansen.......................................................
Lets the law suits begin, it doesn`t matter what the courts rule, appeals, opinions, the "Law"...All of those things mean nothing, the people have spoken, the public was right, the economists were wrong, the restaurant industry is bleeding jobs, real estate sales have plunged off a cliff, prices are up across the board on everything, Atlantic Canada and Quebec who have the HST are in terrible fiscal shape, the HST is a fraud, Gordon Campbell is a lying loser!

All B.C. Liberals must be drunk on the Kool Aid, not only will the BC Liberal Government be brought down with "Recall in Fall" but in the subsequent election the Liberals will be reduced to a mere 2 to 5 seats, Gordon Habitual Liar Campbell and Colin Ferret Face Hansen talk about the poor job of communicating the Government has done, that analysis is wrong, the Gordon Campbell tyranny has communicated perfectly, that is why the game is over for Campbell, Gordon Muir Campbell is UNFIT to GOVERN......PERIOD......Let`s look at the past because that`s where this outrage begins, it isn`t just the HST, the HST is the straw that broke Campbell`s back!

The Campbell lies and law breaking started in 2001.......After Campbell won the 2001 election he went to Maui(with Lara Daphinee, the woman he has been having a taxpayer funded affair with for the last decade) and got stoned and drunk and put the public at risk as he drove on the wrong side of the road and nearly killed bike riders and the motoring public.(you can read the arresting officers report here).......Afterwards Campbell pouted and begged for forgiveness, the B.C. Public did forgive him, what a critical error that was....The law breaking and lies were just begining, in Campbell`s 2001 election platform WAS A PROMISE NOT TO SELL BC RAIL....Campbell sold it, Gordon Campbell lied in his election platform, David Mclean had already paid for the railway pre-election......And the funny language started ....."I didn`t sell BC Rail, I leased it".....Well friends, nobody in their (Right Mind) would call a 1000 year lease not a sale, except Campbell.....The lies were just begining, also in his 2001 election platform was a promise to honour the HEU contract, in fact in a pre-election interview with the guardian magazine Gordon Campbell made that pledge...........But it was another lie...For a year later in the legislature, on a special late night Saturday secretive session Gordon Campbell (with media banned) tore up the contract and fired 9000 female workers, low paid workers, ultimately that decision cost lives, money, and a huge legal settlement when the SUPREME COURT of CANADA ruled that indeed Gordon Campbell did violate human rights and broke the law!(you can read it here)

Here is a few direct quotes from Gordon Campbell in that 2001 interview with the Guardian...

Before the 2001 election, Campbell had told the Health Employees Union's (HEU) newspaper, the Guardian, that "I don't believe in ripping up agreements....I have never said I would tear up agreements....I am not tearing up any agreements." Once in power, however, the Liberals imposed pay cuts and replaced over 6,000 public sector workers with corporate contract positions.

Like I said, the lying started early on and has never stopped, no Provincial Government in the History of Canada has had more law suits and court challenges as the Campbell Tyranny....

The list of lies, Campbell campaigned on an honest and open Government, FOI requests have been gutted, legal challenges aplenty, Campbell brought in a Balanced budget law, a law that he has broken over and over again, in fact Campbell had to repeal his balanced budget law and put it on hold for 4 more years, it`s not only lies that are flowing like a river, it`s gotten to the point of Comedic Satire.......
The list of Campbell`s lies and betrayals is long, too long to list here but......Pre- Election 2009....Wally Oppal brings in an illegal GAG LAW....A law he knew was illegal, in fact Wally Oppal is on the record as saying....."We hoisted the Gag Law up a flag pole to see how it flys" ..The courts ultimately squashed the Gag Law but it was too late, the last election had come and gone.

Wally Oppal knew the Gag Law was illegal but under orders from Campbell he brought in the illegal act, Campbell has never met a law he wouldn`t break, Kash Heed, john Les, John Von Dongen, Jane Thornthwaite, Martyn Brown, Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell.....The list is long of corrupt, law breaking Liberal scoundrels......This has gone too far! (Read about John Les`s land fraud here)

Read about the Corrupt Kash heed Here

Read about the drunk driving flip flopping Jane Thornthwaite Hear

Not only the gag law but pre-election Campbell re-jiggered the electoral boundaries and added 6 more riding`s to guarantee his victory, ......Our forests have been given away for nothing, our water, our fish are being slaughtered by sea lice from fish farms, no money for schools but money for casino`s and boondoggle retractable roof in a rain forest, .....Back to the lies and double speak of B.C.`s most prolific LIAR.......

Gordon Campbell before our last election said the deficit would be $495 million dollars maximum, of course the media let Campbell lie about that, even when accountants like Will McMartin wrote about the looming $4 billion dollar 2009 deficit in February, Hansen and Campbell lied about the deficit right through the election, but mere days after the election suddenly our deficit balloons up to Will McMartin`s numbers!(read Will McMartin`s pre-election budget forecast here)

Besides B.C. having the lowest minimum wage in Canada, 8 straight years B.C. leads Canada in child poverty, in fact folks Gordon Campbell takes pleasure in being Canada`s leader in starving children!......

On to the HST, before the election Campbell lied about the deficit and lied about the HST, he had already made a deal with the Federal Government to screw the BC Public, all we heard Campbell and Hansen say (Pre-Election) the HST is not on our radar?....What does that mean?....Just like BC Rail being lost in the abyss of the BC Court system Campbell plans on sending the HST battle into the same black hole.....

But what really upsets me and all BCers is the vague language, "Not on our radar....I leased BC Rail, I didn`t sell it.......I will follow the rule of the law as too the HST initiative....tolls on the Port Mann bridge will be $3 dollars each way on opening day".........What will the tolls be 1 week after the bridge opens?.....
Again folks it has gotten to the point where you have to ask many many follow up questions of Campbell to force out the truth, or at least to find the next lie!.....

The main point is......Gordon habitual lying law breaking Campbell is unfit to Govern this Province, it`s beyond the HST, beyond the biggest deficit lie in BC History, "Recall in the Fall" is our last hope, there is no more democracy in BC....A bunch of Gutless, spineless, brain-dead BC Liberal MLA`s who can`t see the writing on the wall will now see the writing of their own constituents on the Recall form.... And they will get tossed from Government and become permanently hated individuals in their own community!

Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen......It`s not a matter of..."What we have is a failure to communicate"

You have communicated perfectly to the public and we are about to communicate back in clear terms......

"You`re Fired"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open