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Stephen Harper`s Personal Shitstorm Fast Approaches

Stephen Harper weather forecast......Shitstorm a coming

Written by Grant G

What a pleasant day indeed, the good people of Alberta can`t be too happy, Jim Prentice released his budget today, and my oh my the news is ....Interesting.

Alberta has ran 4 straight deficit budgets with oil at near record levels and now, oil is low and forecast to stay low for years, last month Alberta shed 17,000 jobs, news reported today out of Alberta, EI unemployment claims are up 25%...Food bank use is up 30%....And how did Jim Prentice, Harper`s old time, one time elected federal Conservative buddy respond...Well..

Jim Prentice replaced the high priestess Alison Redford, ..Jim the reaper Prentice was anointed the great savior of the Alberta PC party, Prentice was going to clean up the mess, restore balance and run Alberta straight into prosperity...So impressive was Jim Prentice`s game plan that Danielle Smith and her high ranking Wildrose Party lieutenants crossed the floor to join with Jimmy...oh indeed..

And today Prentice brought down the hammer on the little people, on the working stiffs...

Jim Prentice announced he was raising fuel taxes by 4%..Liquor taxes by 13%...Raising insurance fees, raising traffic ticket prices, raising all SIN taxes, and more, for all those earning over $100,000 K per year a 2% income tax increase...And even more, everyone in Alberta making over $50k per year will now pay a BC style MSP health premium, he also announced laying off thousands of health workers...With all those tax increases and public layoffs one would think he was going to balance the budget, no...Alberta will still run a $5 billion dollar deficit and still will have to borrow $10 billion dollars...

Jim Prentice didn`t raise corporate taxes, .....Prentice picked on the working stiffs..The good people of Alberta must be seriously thinking about their precarious future, when oil was over $100 per barrel they were still running massive deficits near $5 billion per year...And now that oil is low, jobs are shed, Alberta is running near $10 billion dollar deficits...How is Stephen Harper`s one trick pony economy working for you now Alberta..

Norway amassed near $1 trillion dollars from oil royalties over 30 years while Alberta amassed nothing over 30 years..

Jim Prentice is set to call a general election before the end of the week, and yes the PC party will still win the election but I guarantee everyone of those Wildrose Party defectors will be turfed out the door...

Just imagine, the new Wildrose Party will have a whole new slate of candidates, just think if Danielle Smith and company stayed true as an opposition, hmm, Wildrose under Danielle Smith would have formed a new Government..

Now Danielle Smith and her lieutenants are political casualties, forever tainted, never to be elected again...

Stephen Harper`s economic plan is swirling the toilet bowl...Reports are out that Alberta`s oilsands high mark of production and investment in 2014 will never be reached again, ..Pipelines, with Tar-oil production in decline the need for Enbridge`s and Kinder Morgan`s pipelines is very dubious...Even Keystone XL is now in doubt, even after the next USA general presidential election..

Alberta folk must be looking in the mirror, their future placed in one oily basket and now their reward for being true believers in Harpernomics is taxes, taxation and more taxation, it will cost even more to drown their sorrows in Whiskey..

Harper`s shitstorm is gaining momentum indeed...Stephen war monger Harper has bad news emanating from every orifice, I`m not talking about Pamela Wallin`s wailing or Mike Duffy`s dandruff trial, i`m talking about Stephen Harper delaying his election 2015 deficit budget until May of this year, leaving no opportunity for the opposition to grill him in Parliament, ...Harper is running away from a failed economy, his one-trick pony has gone lame, needs to be shot, laid down...

But...But but but..Harper can run on war mongering, eer, no, the PBO Parliamentary budget officer just announced that the Government must infuse $3 billion dollars more each year over the next decade to just to maintain its procurement commitments, not counting the cost of mission creep into Syria....

In other words, those ship building contracts Stephen Harper announced 5 years ago, well, there isn`t any money for those ships, Seaspan and Irving shipyards have been played like a fiddle, don`t think re-announcing those shipbuilding contracts in this election cycle will carry much weight..


OTTAWA - The Harper government has built a military that it cannot afford and will be forced to make tough choices in the future, if it sticks with the current funding envelope, the country's budget watchdog said Thursday.
The new assessment by the parliamentary budget office came as debate kicked off in the House of Commons about an expanded and extended war against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, a conflict that opposition MPs were warned this week will last more than a year.....

 In order to sustain the existing number of troops, bases, tanks, planes and ships, the budget office says the Conservatives will have to spend about 1.6 per cent of GDP, which would be an increase of at least $3 billion annually.....

That affordability gap — or shortfall — runs anywhere between $33 billion and $42 billion over the next decade.
Left addressed, the gap means the military will be forced to thin out the ranks by "several thousand soldiers," close buildings and reduce its capital spending plan, said defence analyst Dave Perry, of the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.
Frechette said, under the current budget structure, the government can afford a military about the same size it had in 1999


Stephen Harper`s personal shitstorm is closing in fast..

His war machine is broken and weak(Our service persons are brave, strong and loyal, Hat`s off to all of them)...Our economic outlook is desperate, this year`s announced razor thin surplus was wasted on rewarding the wealthiest people in Canada...Income splitting for the rich...Doubling of the TFSA(Tax free savings account)..TFSA, a tax measure that very few can avail themselves of because the masses of Canadians are carrying a record amount of debt...

But, but but but Harper can run on future promises of good things to come, err, no...Stephen Harper is taking our cherished home mail delivery away, ...Stephen Harper is raising the age for the Canada pension, CPP..future Canadians have to work until age 67 before they can apply for a woefully small old age pension...But what about health services, what about healthcare transfers to the provinces, eer, no, Stephen Harper announced 2 years ago that healthcare funding and transfers to provinces is being reduced to rate of growth staring in 2017...Growth, what growth, Canada`s economy is shrinking and a mass of baby boomers are reaching the critical years, critical years where most people need medical treatment, ...Reducing funds for healthcare at a time when the need will never be greater..

But, but but but the war, fear mongering will work, eer no....The Canadian public aren`t buying Stephen Harper and Jason kenney claiming that Canada has a right to bomb Syria because of article, article 51 allows nations to defend themselves in other countries where there is an imminent threat...A twitter comment saying West Edmonton mall will be targeted by ISIS doesn`t qualify as an imminent threat, ....If that was the case, Canada would have to bomb every country in the world.

Syria, Stephen Harper...By bombing Syria Canada is actually propping up the corrupt Assad regime..Canada by propping up Assad is joining arms with Iran and Russia as supporters of the brutal mass killing Assad regime...Can Stephen Harper join with Iran and Russia in supporting the butcher of Syria while simultaneously siding with Bibi(Benjamin Netanyahu) in denouncing Iran, threatening to bomb Iran...While simultaneously wagging his limp military finger at Vladimir Putin...

That circle can`t be squared...

Stephen Harper`s personal shitstorm...His one trick pony economy has been sent to the glue factory, his war machine is leaking oil, his election year surplus was lavished on and squandered on Canada`s wealthiest 5%...That meager surplus has turned into a deficit...As the great Carnac would say, Stephen Harper`s budget for 2015 has been hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar and dropped to the bottom of Lake Inferior..

And the longer Stephen Harper waits to call an election the worse things are going to get..

 Written By Grant G

 Danielle Smith, Stephen Harper....Political masterminds at work...This is going to be entertaining!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Howe Sound, Bowen Island, West Vancouver, Kitimat and Prince Rupert, In The Line of Fire, KABOOM

Before you read this article, and watch the videos, ....Jordon Sturdy, a BC Liberal, along with Rich Coleman, Susan Anton attended a swanky affair in a West Vancouver private golf course, media was forbidden to attend, Bob Mackin got chased out, ..The event was billed as an election 2017 fundraiser for BC Liberal Jordan Sturdy...However, the private, no media allowed event was funded by, paid by,...Woodfibre LNG...A company that just submitted their application for a environmental certificate from the BC Liberal Government, ...On the eve of this event Woodfibre filed for that certificate, then Woodfibre paid for, funded and donated large sums of cash to the BC Liberals....This is/was a total conflict of interest..Woodfibre paid off the BC Liberals, to attain greenlighted environmental certificates Woodfibre paid the piper, ....Also know as the grafty BC Liberals....Details of this corruption is the below link..

Oh, before you read the below, you should be aware that the own of Woodfibre LNG is a convicted tax evader....A environmental criminal, his own family has tried to warn the world of her father`s sins, and record..

Pemex gas plant explosion in Mexico..(December/2012)

Huge natural gas explosion in Sissonville West Virginia....

 Kansas City 2012

Alabama 2013

Western Massachussetts 2012

Mexico 2012

LNG Tanker in China, 2012

Edison NJ..1994

2012..Natural gas pipeline explosion

The LNG Tanker, massive ship, the length of two football fields..

One LNG plant, for example the Petronas proposed project, 190 LNG transport ships per year, 190 ships coming, 190 ships going, in reality it`s more like 380 traverses per year, those ships that arrive must also leave..

That is one LNG plant, let`s assume for the time being that 8 LNG plants get built in BC...4 in Prince Rupert and 4 in Kitimat..each requiring 190 yearly LNG transport ships..760 LNG transport ships coming to Kitimat, 760 LNG transport ships leaving Kitimat each year, the same for Prince Rupert...(760 X 2 in Prince George too = 1520 traverses)

Now let`s add in 200 Alberta tar oil(diluted bitumen) transport tankers coming each year to Kitimat, 200 tar oil tankers leaving Kitimat each year.

Add it all up, the third most dangerous waterway in the world(Douglas Channel and the Hecate Strait)...A place where 40 and 50 foot waves are common, a place where hurricane force winds occur many times per year, every year, a place where these storms rage for days on end, raging storms where no shipping could happen, thus piling up ships in waiting, ..

1520 LNG transport ships coming and going..760 in..760 out...400 Diluted bitumen ships coming and going..200 per year in...200 out..And when storms rage for days these ships will pile up, get backlogged, these ships cannot call on other ports, an accident waiting to happen.

And we have the LNG plants themselves, giant potential bombs, visible, not discreet, giant white orbs filled with millions of litres of frozen natural gas..

Accidents do happen, a collision at sea between a behemoth LNG carrier and an oil tanker would most certainly be disastrous, and explosive..

LNG plant explosions, being so visible they are indeed a target for terrorists, and if anyone thinks terrorism doesn`t exist in British Columbia has forgotten our B.C. history, the Air India bombing that killed hundreds, that bomb was placed on the jet at Vancouver International Airport...

The millennium bomber who was caught at a border crossing in British Columbia, caught with a car loaded with explosives, the terrorist had intentions of bombing LAX airport in Los Angelos..

Homegrown terrorists, or should I say, British Columbia based terrorists..

Kitimat, Prince Rupert, not exactly security hubs, rural coastal towns with easy port access, ports where one can sail in, or motor in and out of with nary a question asked..

Pooled gas explosions ....Slow leak explosions....Sudden catastrophic explosions,..LNG is concentrated frozen natural gas, holding tanks contain millions of litres of gas, terrorism is a real threat, collision at sea and within the ports are real threats, human error is a threat, mechanical breakdown and many others factors come into play..

Natural gas leaks can send gas downwind where gases can accumulate to the point where one, or many can become asphyxiated, or accumulations of gas can migrate until an ignition source sets off the gas, a muffler, a switch, an engine, even a thermostat, ....

Natural gas fires burn hotter than oil fires,  these fires cannot be extinguished with water or foam, these type of fires only stop burning when all fuels are expended, with many LNG plants proposed for each of those ports, all being fed by pipelines coming from the east, or northeast, pipeline coming from inland head towards the coast, any LNG plant explosion would rip through the port of Kitimat, rip back towards the pipeline burning everything in its way, ...

Natural gas leakages would blow inwards, towards inland, meaning towards the populous, the prevailing winds blow from offshore towards the mainland, ...A natural gas leak of scale, the gas would migrate back towards the town of Kitimat until it finds an ignition source, then kaboom, depending on the gas concentration a fire or explosion would track back to the LNG plant where a catastrophic explosion would occur, any LNG plant explosion could be compared too or be on the scale of the great Halifax harbour explosion....That explosion of munitions was caused when two marine vessels collided. a fire started which ignited the munitions..An epic disaster, historic levels of human suffering, films have been done on that human error disaster, tales of terror passed down from generation to generations, a true story of a populous port  town nearly wiped off the map, entire families blasted to bits...2000 dead, 9000 injured..


"The Halifax Explosion occurred near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on the morning of Thursday, December 6, 1917. SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship fully laden with wartime explosives, collided with the Norwegian vessel SS Imo[2] in the Narrows, a strait connecting the upper Halifax Harbour to Bedford Basin. Approximately twenty minutes later, a fire on board the French ship ignited her volatile cargo, causing a cataclysmic explosion that devastated the Richmond District of Halifax.

 Approximately 2,000 people were killed by debris, fires, and collapsed buildings, and it is estimated that nearly 9,000 others were injured.[3] The blast was the largest man-made explosion prior to the development of nuclear weapons[4] with an equivalent force of roughly 2.9 kilotons of TNT.[5] In a meeting of the Royal Society of Canada in May 1918, Dalhousie University's Professor Howard L. Bronson estimated the blast at some 2.4 million kilograms of high explosive."


There is more explosive power in one loaded LNG carrier than what blew up in Halifax in 1917...One loaded LNG tanker is equivalent to 5 Hiroshima nuclear blasts, yes, there is that much explosive energy in those carriers....

The port of Kitimat, if it had 4 LNG plants, if there were several loaded or partially loaded LNG tankers, with all the adjacent feedstock natural gas pipelines, you are talking about the equivalent of 50 Hiroshima nuclear bombs sitting there, one collision, one catastrophic human error, one  Tsunami, an earthquake and tsunami, a runaway marine vessel, an act of terrorism..

Hello British Columbia, let me be perfectly clear, I don`t expect a bunch of LNG export plants to be built, however, no one has talked about the potential dangers, we have seen in recent days large industrial explosions that destroyed towns, there was a big explosion in Texas....Towns in California have been blown to bits by natural gas pipelines that were punctured..

There are several issues at play for people living in Kitimat, these behemoth LNG plants, and LNG cargo ships will be belching vast volumes of greenhouse gases that will blow directly into Prince Rupert and Kitimat, that is the direction prevailing winds blow..

With such a concentration of LNG plants in one area, all needing pipelines and feedstock, all needing LNG cargo ships to export the product the potential for a catastrophic explosion does exist, human error, drunken or drugged employees, mental issues, blackmail and terrorism, with winds blowing fumes inland entire towns can become asphyxiated, die in their sleep..

I hope you enjoy the above videos, there are hundreds more available if one looks..

Catastrophic accidents happen every year around the world, Murphy`s law..

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

And reality, the more LNG plants in one area the more likelihood of a accident, also, there is no way to remove the human error factor, the tired employee factor, the defective part, the lax inspection, terrorism..

Here`s a very interesting link on LNG pool explosions and slow leak explosions..

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

British Columbia LNG Alliance Is Living In The Past, Relying on Old Data To Sell LNG Snake Oil

BCLNGA British Columbia LNG Alliance has been very busy as of late pimping the LNG industry, promoting misleading facts, citing stale old forecasts, basically selling snake oil elixir..
I tweeted the BCLNGA this link....
 In that link, South Korea has announced to the world that Korea is abandoning LNG as a future fuel,...South Korea is the world`s second largest consumer of LNG...not for long, South Korea has just told the world that they are moving away from LNG in favour of cheap coal for electricity generation and even cheaper(in overall cost) nuclear power generation..
Here is the statement from S. Korea..
 "Korea Power Exchange chairman and CEO, Yoo Sang-Hee, believes the country’s LNG demand for power generation will keep dropping due to increased switching to coal as well as the government’s pro-nuclear policies. 
  Yoo Sang-Hee told Platts that high prices of LNG compared to coal and nuclear push the demand for the liquefied natural gas further down in the power generation sector as more gas-fired power plants remain idle.

Operating rates of gas-fired power plants went from 61.3% in 2013 to 50.8% in 2014, and as Yoo said, it is expected that these rates will slip to 23.7% by 2019 and even lower to 16.8% in 2022.

He added that half of the gas-fired power plants were shut during 2014.
Cheaper power generating costs from coal plants mean that as soon as there is enough supply, gas-fired  power plants are taken off the market. Yoo says that LNG-generated power costs around US$0.13-0-15 per kWh or 140-170 Won which is a lot more than the costs of coal or nuclear that stand at Won 35-45 and Won 3-4, respectively, which makes South Korea the country with the widest difference of power generation cost between LNG and coal in the world."


Let me simplify the above earth shattering statement...
LNG electricity generation in S. Korea costs 140 to 170 Korean Won to produce each kWh of power....Electricity generation from coal in S. Korea costs 35 to 45 Korean won to produce each kWh of power..
Nuclear powered electrical generation, which will be greenhouse gas free, no emissions, the cost of nuclear electrical generation in S. Korea will be...3 to 4 Korean Won for every kWh of power... 
In other words, S Korea is saying no to expensive ghg emitting LNG electrical generation...Coal for electricity is 1/3rd the cost of LNG...Nuclear power for producing electricity is 1/40 of the cost of LNG...
S. Korea is a very modern manufacturing country, a country in competition with other nations, including China...How long will it be before China also adopts S Korea`s position on electricity generation, ?
In the above article, look at the timeline announced, S. Korea is forecast by 2022 to be using a mere 1/5th of the LNG they currently use...Even if that number is slightly off, let`s say S. Korea`s use of LNG by 2022 only 30% of their current LNG...
That means Korea alone will create a massive gulch of excess LNG...
The BCLNGA tweeted me back, they offered me a link to peruse, one of their own links, we will come back to BCLNGA`s tweet response and link sent further down this post..
The second largest user of LNG in the world has announced they are abandoning LNG, that is earth shattering news for BC`s proposed LNG industry,...There is more...Japan`s utility providers are ready to restart 2 nuclear plants in either June or July of this year...When this happens, how much longer before more nuclear facilities are restarted?...And how long before Japan decides to abandon LNG for new, clean, emission`s free nuclear power, brand new facilities, after all, Japan is in direct economic competition with S. Korea.....If Japan moves to use massive amounts of LNG for industry, Japan won`t be able to compete with S. Korea`s industry, especially if S. Korea`s electrical power costs their industry a fraction of what Japan will have to charge their industrial customers..

Operator of the a nuclear plant in southern Japan received an approval to launch a reactor in June, the first such precedent after the 2011 Fukushima disaster, the Japan News reported Wednesday, citing the country's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA).

The BCLNGA as of late are in full-blown LNG in BC pimping mode....Something is up..
However, the BCLNGA has their heads firmly stuck in the sand, to be precise, their heads are stuck in ancient sands....In response to my tweet to the BCLNGA, they sent me a reply and a link, their link has quotes from various industry groups and economic forecasters, however, the quotes and statements in the article the BCLNGA sent me are old...Statements from 2011...2012....Well, since 2011-2012 the USA is awash in oil and gas, fraccing crazy, everyone is fraccing, the world is awash in natural gas, the world price of LNG has crashed and it is not going to recover to historic highs, not even close, not with green technology and nuclear power being the choice for future electrical power generation..

 Here is the reply and link the BCLNGA sent me...

More Tweets
  StraightGoods @Realmediavoices
BC LNG Alliance @bclnga
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@Realmediavoices: There are other markets, and demand is expected to increase 55% by 2035. P. 17 at
  04:49 PM - 24 Mar 15
Here is what is written on page 17...

Global demand for energy is expected to increase 35%
by 2035 as economies in both developed and emerging
countries continue to grow and standards of living
improve. Global demand for natural gas specifically is
expected to increase 55% by 2035.
All sources of energy, developed
responsibly, will be needed to meet
growth in global demand.
*Growth from 2009 to 2035, IEA
New Policies scenario

Source: IEA World Energy Outlook 2012 New Policies scenario
Do you see that, forecast from 2012....Before the fraccing boom, before the tight oil recovery boom, before real cheap, real efficient green technology, before the world found natural gas deposits in near every country,...


Below is another page in the link the BCLNGA sent me...
$1.3 billion per year
The B.C. government collects an average $1.3
billion per
year from natural gas and crude oil development in B.C.
through land sales and royalties.
Source: B.C. Government
$180 billion
$180 billion will be directly invested in B.C. as a result of
natural gas development between 2012 and 2035.
Source: Conference Board of Canada, 2012
 The first source, the BC Liberal Government, a government of liars and spinners...LNG royalties have collapsed to a fraction of that advertised number, land sales are flat, that number isn`t even close...Norm Farrell has done exemplary work highlighting how little money flows into BC`s coffers from LNG...
  The second source cited above is from the conference board of Canada, dated 2012....Since 2012 the world of LNG and LNG pricing has changed, the world is now awash in natural gas and the price has collapsed, the USA is fraccing crazy, huge natural gas deposits have been discovered in Africa, Papua New Guinea, ..Israel..Poland..The UK..Australia, ..everywhere is natural gas...
Conference board of Canada, 2012 statement...There has been almost no LNG investment in Canada since that statement....I wonder why the BCLNGA would send me a link with old data, could they not find a 2015 statement from the conference board of Canada, something from 2015..or even 2014...
The BCLNGA also is ignoring these developments...China and Russia have inked massive piped natural gas deals, cheap direct from Russia to China, cheap natural gas, no need for liquefaction plants and regasification plants...
 "After 10 years of negotiations, China and Russia inked a massive natural gas deal during the second day of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China this week.

Russian state media reports on the parameters of the deal were largely consistent with prior expectations. For example, Russia Today reported that, under the deal, “Russia will supply China [with] 38 billion cubic meters of gas per year via the eastern ‘Power of Siberia’ pipeline, which crosses Siberia and reaches China’s populous northeast regions.”

It also cited Gazprom CEO Aleksey Miller as saying that the total value of the 30-year deal was $400 billion. However, according to the report, Miller refused to disclose the exact price China will pay for the natural gas, which he said was a “commercial secret.”

RT notes that if all of the $400 billion is earmarked for China’s purchase of the gas, Beijing will be paying about $350 per thousand cubic meters of gas. According to Bloomberg News, China currently pays the same rate for natural gas from Turkmenistan, which is about two-thirds of what it costs China to import liquefied natural gas (LNG). It is also significantly less than the $380.50 per thousand cubic meters that Gazprom sold natural gas to Western Europe for last year.

Moreover, it’s unlikely that the entire $400 billion will go toward China’s purchase of the actual natural gas. As noted above, Russia is constructing the so-called “Power of Siberia” pipeline to transport the natural gas to China."
 Here is more stale-dated quotes from that BCLNGA link.... 

591 million
Between 2012 and 2035, $591 million will be invested
in natural gas vehicles and infrastructure in B.C.
Source: Conference Board of Canada, 2012
$116 billion
B.C.’s GDP is expected to grow to $116 billion as a result
of natural gas investment.
Source: Conference Board of Canada, 2012
$47 billion
An investment of $180 billion could generate $47 billion
in tax revenues for B.C.
Source: Conference Board of Canada, 2012
 Three more statements from the conference board of Canada, dated 2012....
BC`s GDP is expected to rise by $116 billion as as result of natural gas investment, no date of when, just a carte blanc statement with no context..
$47 billion in tax revenue for BC....2012 statement by the conference board of Canada...Since 2012 BC has slashed its proposed LNG tax in half..The federal Government has allowed more generous LNG plant writeoffs...The BC Government has offered free electricity and more subsidies to the LNG industry in an attempt to woo the industry to build in B.C.
Yet the conference board of Canada hasn`t changed their numbers, or perhaps the BCLNGA wants to use stale-dated data..
Here is more stale-dated information from that BCLNGA link..
The natural gas and crude oil industry in B.C. is a key
employer in the province and will continue to contribute
to the job market as the industry grows.
An investment of $180 billion in B.C.’s natural gas sector
between 2012 and 2035 could generate 54,000 B.C.
jobs annually.
Source: Conference Board of Canada, 2012
905,000 jobs*
Employment in Canada as a result of new oil sands
investments is expected to grow from 75,000 jobs in 2010 to
905,000 jobs in 2035, with 126,000 jobs in provinces outside
of Alberta.
Source: CERI 2011
*Jobs are direct, indirect and induced.
 Check out the date, BCLNGA is still living in the past, 2011 and 2012....
 54,000 jobs annually in B.C. between 2012 and 2035....
 They better get started, there are less jobs in BC today then there was in 2012...
 "StatCan: BC has 4,400 fewer jobs today than in Sept 2011 when the BC Jobs Plan was announced but the workforce has grown by 143,400.
 Japan and Russia are also working on a piped natural gas deal..
 "Following Russia’s historic $400 billion natural gas supply deal with China last week, Japanese lawmakers are looking to revive efforts to tap into Russian natural gas supplies themselves.
 A Bloomberg report shows that a group of 33 lawmakers in Japan are backing a 1,350 kilometer pipeline that would run between Russia’s Sakhalin Island and Japan’s Ibaraki prefecture, just northeast of Tokyo.
 The project is estimated to cost $5.9 billion and could yield as much as 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year (equivalent to 15 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas). The pipeline would make up 17 percent of Japan’s imports."

So, the BCLNGA is sending out links to their own articles, articles that have quotes from various sources, all quotes are 4, 5, and 6 years old, the game has changed, not only is there a glut of natural gas on the market now there is a major oversupply glut forecast, a forecast glut even before S. Korea announced abandoning LNG..
 "Having started last year strongly, the Asian spot market for LNG tanked after it was dragged back by the sharp fall in crude oil, which started to take hold in August. By the third quarter, spot LNG prices in Asia had reached a three-year low and have barely recovered.

However, a bigger concern to the overall health of the LNG market will come from the glut of new supply, which will begin to increase this year and reach a peak by 2017 as major projects in Australia come to fruition. Some experts fear the market for LNG could soon become saturated, despite the steady increases in demand being forecast.

Projects reaching their final phase of construction in Australia will add 58m tonnes of LNG supply to the market by 2019. By then, the country is expected to become the world’s biggest exporter of LNG – overtaking Qatar – with 84m tonnes of total capacity."

I find the BCLNGA group to be sad and pathetic, they are using stale-dated facts, omitting the new data, ignoring the facts on the ground and ignoring simple economics, they are using volumes of old data to hype up a welfare industry that is soon to be a dead industry...Australia has gobs of new supply coming online, new supply without a market to sell to, no customers for this new supply, and now Japan`s market for LNG is set to fall, S. Korea has announced LNG is caput in their country and the Russia/China deal has forever changed the dynamics of the market, the gravy and easy money is gone..
Here is the link the BCLNGA sent me,,-427,382

What is extremely amusing, on page 32 of the above link, the three markets they say are BC`s future are..."Japan..S.Korea and China"

Maybe the BCLNGA group will start using the latest data and stop relying on antiquated information...

One thing is clear, the gravy with LNG is done, these energy giants, if they aren`t making gobs of money, if these operations end up running on thin margins who do you think is going to get paid...The industry, the company and its shareholders or the BC and Canadian taxpayer....

We know who will get screwed...

The people.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


ISLAM, The West, and World Domination ( Conservative`s and Conservative Party of Canada`s Role).

Written by Robin Mathews 

Faced with what more and more Canadians believe is an anti-Islamic (Islamophobic) Canadian Conservative government, Canadians need to be on highest (personal) alert.

Prime Minister Harper… is fuelling Islamophobia - aimed, ironically and explicitly, at Muslim women”, Susan Riley, The Hill Times, Mar 9, p.17; “Tory MP’s remarks ‘politics of racism’, B.C. NDP MP says”, Times Colonist, Mar. 18, A7; Defence Minister Jason Kenney’s twitter “misrepresentation of photos” of Muslim women is named “corrosive” and “inflammatory”, Glen McGregor, Ottawa Citizen, Mar 10].

Canadians have to be on highest (personal) alert because they will be lied to, misled, misinformed, propagandized, about Islam and its threat to Canada – from all kinds of Conservative government sources, probably from the RCMP, probably from CSIS, and from ‘the parrot press and media’. 

Jason Kenny’s distasteful behavior is very close to an expression of “hate”: the presentation of images of Islam intended to be misunderstood negatively.  That should have brought about his dismissal from cabinet office – and would have … not long ago.  He is safe, now, in the dissolving parliamentary system (unfortunately abetted by both major political Opposition parties.  Why haven’t they demanded and demanded and demanded Kenney’s resignation? Where is their moral outrage?)

Their moral outrage may be cocooned in their support for the government of Israel whose policies - called by some the policies of Apartheid – may well be part of a much, much larger Western/NATO/U.S. long-range undertaking.  How much the Canadian Opposition Parties have signed on is unclear.  The Conservative government of Stephen Harper has not only clearly signed on to the long-range undertaking; it is an eager, active proponent, apparently willing to go to the edge of active racism and the expression of hatred against all members of Islam.

The policy has to do with Samuel Huntington (advisor to the Pentagon) and his 1993 proposal of a Clash of Civilizations.  That “Clash” is nonexistent and a fraud.  But it has been raised to a propaganda reality AND to a policy one.

In short, it is a claim that two (almost) equal forces are locked in struggle in the modern world … a struggle for dominance.  Those two forces are “the liberal, Christian West” and the “world of Islam”, concentrated (for present purposes) in the Middle East.

That whole, fabricated (un)reality is pushed so persistently it not only feeds savage misreports about governments in the Middle East but it twists even many present  “objective” and “balanced” histories of Islam.  They may not mention the false “Clash”, but they refuse to factor in the behavior of Islamic entities resulting from the brutal expansionism of “the liberal Christian West”. 

The history of Islam, beginning in the sixth century after Christ, is also the history of the world since that time.  Islam claims to be the key part of the development of monotheism (the belief that there is one God). Islam’s teaching is that knowledge of God’s will began with Adam, passed to Abraham and Old Testament Judaic prophets, continued through Jesus Christ (a great prophet) and ended with “the seal” on prophecy, the prophet Mohammed – the last prophet - and with Islam, the final and truest statement of God’s will.

Islam spread over a large part of the known globe.  It interacted with Eastern mysticism, polytheism, African local religions, Judaism, Christianity … and what we broadly call “the civilization of the Western world”… and it early developed major (conflicting) sects within. 

In the Dark and Middle Ages of the Christian West, Islam expanded, building rich centers of scholarship and thought.  In fact, it is said to have been the key enabler of present civilization in the Western World. It preserved many of the great Roman and Greek works which were lost to the Christian West.  From Arab translations of the Roman and Greek classical writers sprang [in the 14th and 15th centuries] what we call The Renaissance (the rebirth).  That expansion of intellectual and artistic activity in the West provided for, we say (correctly), the foundation of ‘the Modern World’. 

Famous and Terrible is the global position set-out in 1993 (just as the Soviet Empire lay in ruins) by Samuel Huntington. It has been suggested he was not so much outlining a possibility as suggesting a policy, something to be made reality.  Many believe it was made reality, taken up by the NATO/U.S. superpower alliance – leading to a brutal, reckless, merciless, often insane Western barbarism (especially in the Middle East) backed up by limitless government propaganda.

That brutalized superpower alliance is forever imaged in Tony Blair (British prime minister) and George W. Bush (U.S. president) striding assertively together to microphones used to spread limitless lying (not ended) about Islamic weapons of mass destruction and Islamic use of poison gas. The proved case of gas use is one in which poison gas was supplied by the U.S. to its ally Iraq (to use against Iranians). Only a little later – as enemy - Iraq was ravaged and raped and wrecked out of the world community in one of the steps carrying out the goal of “the Clash”.

The goal, stated simply, is said to be West/NATO/U.S. global domination, an idea that would seem ridiculous except history since 1993 gives the claim some support.  In fact, that proposition explains much – almost everything - about recent history, especially the unrelieved brutality and destruction of countries in the Middle East by “Western” forces or their stand-ins.

Huntington’s vision (or project) fit NATO/U.S. plans in at least six ways.

One.  The “Clash” of Communism and Democratic Capitalism was just over in 1993. The NATO/U.S. forces needed an enemy in order to keep their massive weapon culture alive and to maintain active military supremacy.

Two.  Islam is (organizationally) a sitting duck. Though counting something over a billion believers, Islam is in no way unified in the way  the West/NATO/U.S. superpower alliance is unified.  Islam is divided by the historic (and often disputing) Sunni and Shia sects (and others).  Moreover, major countries marked by Islamic faith are not in pacts and agreements with each other, often having strong policy differences. (Some have strong Western ties.) Only think of Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and India (to name only some!).

For the purposes of NATO/U.S. expansionist policy, country by country “pieces” of Islam can be cherry picked and decimated.

Three.  The Christian West and Islam fought and traded imperial roles over a thousand years.  Beating the drums of that storied past, the culture of Islam can be painted as permanently demonic by NATO/U.S. interests (especially among crackpot fundamentalist Christian leaders).

Four.  The need to dominate global energy sources accompanies the desire to exert global hegemony.  One of the huge caches of fossil fuels  is in the Middle East.  By happy chance, getting control of Middle Eastern fossil fuels means decapitating Islam there, erasing independent Islamic leadership, and – where convenient – erasing whole Islamic countries – all under the guise of bringing “democratic society” to dictatorial, brutal, failed states.

The shifting alliances NATO/U.S. have with al-Queda, (forms of) ISIS, ISIL, rulers like Libya’s Ghadaffi, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Syria’s Bashar al Assad, Turkey’s Recep Tayyup Erdogan, Egypt’s Abdu-Fattah el-Sisi permit Destructive Instability to be a major policy tool: to weaken, to disunify, to divide, and – finally – to destroy independent power in the Middle East.

The more Islamic armies of one kind and another destroy each other, the more NATO/U.S. policy is furthered. That may explain the ease with which the most modern weaponry seems always to be available to “rebels” of all stripes there.  It may also explain the growing cry for Islamic unity.  Both the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIL argue for a unifying ‘Caliphate’ – some organized entity to meet the overwhelming force of the NATO/U.S. superpower alliance. That alliance may have had a great deal to do with the 2013 overthrow of the Mohammed Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood-sympathetic) government of Egypt – out of fear that a major country in the Middle East might offer itself as the organizing centre for much greater Arab and Islamic unity.

Five.  Choosing Islam as “the terrible other” provides, unspoken, a racist basis for the Clash – for the New Crusade against the infidel.  Racism mixes well with fundamentalist forms of Christianity which vehemently deny salvation to the non-believer. The racist basis serves, also, the alliance of the Christian West with Israel.

Broadly speaking, the policies of the State of Israel (despite rhetoric) are not in any way necessarily Jewish.  They can be seen as part of the policy of “white” expansion over the “brown” Middle East.

Six.  Israel as “the foot in the door”.  The animosity of almost all Middle Eastern Islamic governments (and/or populations) towards Israel arises from local friction, in part.  But it is also part of the recognition that Israel is the West/NATO/U.S. foot-in-the-door to the Middle East.  Seen in that perspective, the massive military support for Israel need have nothing to do with the fight against anti-Semitism, and/or religious persecution of Israelis.  It may have everything to do with a core strategy to erase Islam from the Middle East as a significant power there.

Elsewhere in the world, non-Islamic countries are questioning the hegemony of the NATO/U.S. superpower alliance. Having gained a measure of self-confidence, Russia is fighting back against what it sees as encirclement.  China is forming a loose alliance with Russia (and quietly building its own military might). Both are sympathetic to the South American countries (in what the U.S. calls its “backyard”).  Some of those countries  - against huge odds – are working for independence from a long history of U.S. domination.

And so – outside of the manufactured West/Islam Clash, the BRICS seem to be slowly shaping a counterbalance to the NATO/U.S. superpower alliance.  What effect the BRICS might have on the manufactured “Clash” between ‘the West and Islam’ is yet to be seen.  Canada’s government, to date, has done almost nothing to connect to the BRICS, lashing itself, instead, to the mast of the pirate ship forever sailing into the deeply troubled waters of the Middle East and doing everything it can to unleash a program of bloodshed, terror, wholesale destruction, and booty-hunting there.

Written by Robin Mathews


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