Monday, April 19, 2010

HST Scam Exposed!

The B.C. Liberal death march is a welcome site to me, and I suspect it`s a welcome site to most British Columbians, the pure gall of Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen to lie their faces off, lie about the deficits, all the excuses of how great the HST is, all the lies about it helping manufacturing, all the lies about helping exports, and again I say, the word lie is a strong word, I would never use it without proof!

We have in Canada several Provinces with the HST, so certainly we should be able to look to those Provinces and see economic bliss, which Provinces should we examine to get the point across, should we look at Quebec, they have had the HST since 1991....Lets look at the Atlantic Provinces, New Brunswick...Nova Scotia...Newfoundland...They have had the HST since 1996.

Those Provinces must be doing better that the non HST Provinces, the manufacturers in those Provinces must be doing better than the rest, are they? Well I was perusing through the Province newspaper last night and ran into a little story, well guess what, Canada as a whole, the manufacturers, the exporters, the experts were predicting a bigger rise in manufacturing exports, as a whole there was a teeny weeny increase in exports from manufacturers, a measly 0.1% increase, that`s pretty good right?

Now you would expect that the best manufacturing export numbers would be coming from those Provinces that have the HST, because the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen have stated that the HST would be good for exports, that means that the HST Provinces have a big advantage over us back in the dark ages non HST Provinces, well friends, lets look at the raw data!

Here are the latest numbers, Province by Province numbers, who`s up,who`s down with manufacturing export numbers.(cut and pasted from this Canwest article)

Manufacturing sales by province

(% change February from January):

Canada 0.1

Newfoundland and Labrador -33.8

Prince Edward Island 1.3

Nova Scotia -4.2

New Brunswick -7.1

Quebec -1.0

Ontario 0.7

Alberta 4.4

Saskatchewan 1.9

Manitoba -0.3

British Columbia 1.1


Now friends, have a good look at the above numbers, why, why the heck are the Provinces that have the huge economic advantage of the HST are all in negative territory and the Provinces that don`t have the HST with the exception of Manitoba are all in positive territory?

So how come the HST Provinces aren`t doing better, don`t they have an advantage? Obviously not! Quebec is right next door to Ontario and Quebec is the biggest debtor Province and is fiscally broke!

The other lie about the HST is about all the embedded PST, Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell both have said that business doesn`t pay tax the consumer does, and business will ultimately pass the tax on to the purchaser, so friends if you examine that statement carefully....We are already paying big business`s tax load, also the pure spin about the savings to business, it`s a ruse, business can already write off business expenses!

This my friends is a tax shift that raises the cost of thousands of goods and services that were previously PST exempt!, it`s a tax shift.

Also, lets look at the big number, a $1.9 billion dollar yearly tax shift from big business to the consumer, yet Colin Hansen claims that the HST won`t cost BCers that much money, Colin Hansen also states that 1.1 million low income BCers will receive an HST tax credit, well let`s examine that a little bit closer.....

Let`s assume that those low income BCers with the tax credit won`t pay any HST over and above the tax credit paid to them, after all Colin Hansen has stated that low income earners will be ahead......That leaves 2 million tax paying middle class people that have to pay the $1.9 billion dollar tax shift, someone has to pay it, that works out to almost.....Drum roll please....Each middle class taxpayer will have to fork over almost $2000 dollars per year in taxes, but even that number is wrong, because those low income tax credits have to be paid by someone, Government has no money, it`s tax payer money, so in reality the 2 million middle class taxpayers will be out more than $2000 dollars each year with this tax, you can slice and dice and chop and mince and spin like a top but the bottom line, The Straight Goods is that someone has to pay this $1.9 billion dollar yearly tax shift, there is only one taxpayer, This my friends is the biggest scam ever perpetrated in B.C. history!

I`m going to beat this drum until Gordon the Impaler and the enablers are a dead and buried political party, this freight train is steaming down the track, you can get out of the way or get flattened!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

It would be interesting to hear the likes of Jack Mintz, Michael Levy, Colin Hansen, any economist or Sam, the regular caller on CKNW, explain this phenomenon. In my opinion, this just shows that theories seldom emulate realities. A theory is usually based on an assumption and an idyllic scenario which usually succumbs to failure because real life is anything but idyllic.

These theorists fail to accept the fact that the game of life plays out to many series of actions and reactions rather than a set of sterile ideals.

The only thing predictable about man is his unpredictability.


Grant G said...

Crankypants, I can tell you exactly what those clowns would say, in fact Colin Hansen already said this on the record...

Colin Hansen has said on the public record..

"Prices may go up with the HST but they would have gone up more without the HST"

That is a spacial argument that can`t be proven, as for the manufacturing numbers, Michael Levy would probably say...

(The manufacturing export numbers for those Provinces in the negative would have been worse without the HST)

That is what those idiots would say.

But that type of argument is a muggs game, that`s like Gordon Campbell saying,

(If not for the great management skills of the B.C. Liberals last years deficit would have been $6 billion dollars instead of $3.5 billion dollars)


"If wishes were horses beggars could ride"

Anonymous said...

Ontario and British Columbia will merge their existing provincial sales taxes with the federal sales tax from July 1. This will boost costs for many goods and services, although refunds to businesses are expected to offset the inflationary impact of the change from 2011.

Says it all as to who's getting the shaft.

Anonymous said...

The less fortunate BC people, will crumble under the Budget taxes, and the HST. I read, citizens will pay $2,400 more per year. Seniors and low income people, do not have, that extra money. They run out of money, before their next paycheck is due, right now. Are Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, that far out of touch?

Anonymous said...

have you had a look at how many BC civil servents their are ?? and 30,000 of them are receiving very high salaries. of course they dont want to cut back their.

we are done my friends,the people making these decisions are very wealthy and they really dont care.

We are told "revenues" are "falling" gee, I wonder why, everybody is "leaving".

Alberta looks good to me rite now.

you are correct though, the HST will cost us over 3,000 more per year, maybe more I am afraid.

I think we all have hit the "Tax Wall" dont they realize that????

Anonymous said...

People we need to unite in a way that is revolutionary in nature. We need to stand together and demand change. I am so tired of the BS. I live in Ontario and it is absoltue garbage. THe GST was suppose to eliminate the debt - hasn't, in fact it has ballooned. The Liberals were suppose to abolish the GST but remember, a politician will say anything to get elected, once in , they play by their rules not the people's
In Ontario we are sacked with paying back the debt of ontario hydro, meanwhile the CEO of hydro one and Ontario Power Corp are making millions
During the recession which we are not out of yet, the gov't gave themselves a raise

It is time for very serious change
1) Do not vote liberal or Conservative, both parties have done a horrible job.
2) We need active user input, the HST should have never been allowed to go through unless the PEOPLE vote on it outright. We
as citizens need direct input in major taxation decisions, we cannot let the gov't get away with this
THe GST has done little to reduce the debt if at all, and where does all that money go to