Friday, April 23, 2010

Colin Hansen Reaches Desperation Stage!

Yes indeed friends, Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are in a fever pitch desperation mode, a shocking case of begging and pleading by Colin Hansen at the 2010 outlook conference organised by the B.C. council of business.

My signature tally on the HST petition grows bigger and bigger everyday, local residents have put in requests to me too go to friends homes to have them sign, I have re-assured them that I will start the door to door campaign soon, but as it stands I`m still racking up big numbers of signatures at central locations.

I heard a news report about the 2010 outlook conference today in Vancouver, Colin Hansen addressed to the crowd, in his speech Colin Hansen pleaded with business owners to educate their customers on how great the HST is, it reeked of desperation, now folks, that is not MY interpretation of what Colin Hansen said, that is what the reporters said to Colin Hansen after his speech! The reporters were LAUGHING at Colin Hansen, laughing out loud and in numbers!

Can you imagine, Hansen expecting business people to pull their customers aside and tell them they are all wrong about the HST, LOL HA HA.....The laughter rang throughout the crowd, I don`t know what or who they were laughing at but I suspect the captive audience was laughing at Hansen`s suggestion and laughing at Colin Hansen himself, I just don`t picture a roofing company telling their customers that this big tax hit is all good, I don`t see funeral parlours telling grieving survivors that a $700 tax hit on 1 funeral is great, tourism, restraurants, service providers, not one of these business`s are going to defend this tax, Colin Hansen knows his party is officially dead, no Dianne Watts can save them, let me be perfectly clear, I am strongly opposed to the HST because it`s nothing but voodoo economics from paid spin doctors, it will drive a bigger underground economy, create tax cheats, reduce Government revenue and services, in fact Colin Hansen is on record as saying the HST will mean hundreds of millions of dollar in less Government revenue annually.

Which means but one thing, the B.C. Liberals will have to raise more taxes on the public to make up for the $2 billion dollar tax increase on the consumer, does that make sense?

The fever pitch panic by the liberals can be cut with a knife it`s so thick, but I`m glad the B.C. Liar party is bringing in this tax, this betrayal, deception, scam, with Canwest Global and the big media pulling for Campbell it would have been hard to unseat them, but with the HST it`s now not a matter of if they will be removed as a political party but when, so I can live with the HST knowing that the Liberals are gone, tax policy can be changed, exemptions can be given back and new taxes put on wealthy corporations, so the NDP can mitigate the tax and lobby to get rid of it all together.

Also friends, Donna Barnett of Caribou Chilcoltin is in hiding in her own riding, Don McCrae is a no show in the Comox valley, and there are several resignations coming from the B.C. Liberals before the fall session, the party has a strong morbid overtone, the big red machine has blown a gasket, leaking oil, the machine is parked on the side road spewing smoke, so that my friends is my HST consolation prize.

There was more disgusting news, there was announced cuts to the HEU today, the cuts are coming from the hospital instrument sterilization department, like I said, Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell have blood on their hands, recently in the news there were stories about sterilization problems with hospital surgical instruments, thousands in Victoria are having to get tested for Hep C and other blood borne diseases, a germ filled Nanaimo hospital has led to at least 6 direct deaths, a lack of cleaning hours from the service provider, now Kevin Falcon is cutting the instrument sterilization department, Falcon claims that surgeries are being reduced so those instrument cleaners aren`t required, another potentially life risking move by the lying Campbell Government!

These cuts will continue all year and next, as I reported in my last story, Government revenues are down over $1 billion dollars from budget projections, the Campbell Government is prepared to let BCers suffer and risk more lives, all to find more money for the retractable roof, the way over budget SFPR (south Fraser perimeter road) and of course, hundreds of millions in power buying losses.

I don`t know what kind of blood oath these B.C. Liberals have signed, these MLAs will stand by and watch Falcon and Campbell risk their constituent`s live`s.....Just another day, another Friday document dump day. So Campbell will be permitted by Donna Barnett, Don mcCrae, Ida Chong, and others to dismantle our Province, Campbell will be permitted to destroy and take live`s, but "recall in the Fall" will spell the end of them forever, looks like Carole James will become premier after all, you see folks, we don`t need to recruit canvassers for recall, we have over 6000 canvassers ready to go, and when Campbell and Hansen ignore the HST initiative it will so infuriate the electorate that recall will be a for sure thing, you see, there are enough NDP voters alone in a dozen ridings for recall to be successful, but there will also be thousands of ex B.C. Liberals voters prepared to sign a recall campaign, I have asked people who signed my petition if they would be prepared to sign a "Recall in the Fall" petition, everyone of them have said, ABSOLUTELY....

There was one more phony announcement today, it looks like even the federal Conservatives are desperate, Stockwell Day announced....

The Federal Government is prepared to "Advance next years gas revenue to municipalities so they can try and beat the deadline for stimulus spending" snip......So that was the big announcement from Stockwell Day, in order to juice the economy now, cities can borrow against their future revenue, what a ridiculous announcement, and let me explain why Stockwell`s announcement was nothing but phony politics, all projects must be approved, projects take time to be approved, projects must be 100% completed by March 31/2011....11 months from now, too late Stockwell day! Mr. Stockwell Day, if you are so concerned, extend the stimulus timeline another year into 2012.....Believe me Stockwell Day, the B.C. economy will tank and stumble from a combination of people shopping in Alberta on one side, trips to the US in the south where the masses are, a booming underground economy, in fact local restaurants have told me off the record that cash is king and bill books can thin out!

Adios Colin Hansen, Donna Barnett, Don McCrae, Ida Chong, Murray Coell, Gordon Campbell, Margaret McDiarmid, Pat Pimm, Bill Bennett, Ron Cantelon, Shirley Bond, Pat Bell......There will be more!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant said: "I have asked people who signed my petition if they would be prepared to sign a "Recall in the Fall" petition, everyone of them have said, ABSOLUTELY...."

Grant - WTF - Why would people in Powell River want to recall Nicholas Simons!!!!!!!!!! He's one of our best MLA's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And above all - He's NDP!!!!!

WTF are you talking about!!!!!!!

Grant G said...

7:25...You need to relax, there will be no recalling Nicholas Simons, the question is generic, I talk to my signers, I tell them about recall in the fall, I talk about the close ridings, I talk about Point Grey...

My question is, would you sign a recall petition to remove the B.C. Liberals.


Evil eye said...

The "Eye" has relatives who are die hard Gordo Liberals and indeed the party is in 'panic' mode. There is something very wrong and may explode onto the scene very soon.

I can't say much more, but something serious is afoot and the party hierarchy are heading to the bunkers.

Could it be Gordo maybe forced to resign? Could it be Gordo has newer and younger 'squeeze'?

The next few months are going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Crankypants said...

Hansen is coming across as someone who has taken a few too many falls off his tricycle. The more he talks, the more incompetent he appears.

I would just love for some business operator to begin to try and sell me on the HST. Whatever business transaction I was about to enter into would be immediately cancelled and I would make it known that I would never be back under any circumstances.

When you consider that about 80% of the people in BC feel the same as I do about the HST, it would be financial suicide for most business owners to even think about doing Campbell and Hansen's bidding. Campbell and Hansen will be gone soon enough, but many of these business owners plan to be around for a long time and pissing off their customers is not a way to accomplish it.


Anonymous said...

Another way we must show our disgust is when the HST is official, then we stop spending. Show those SOB's how a ghost town really looks like! If you can't do cash, then don't do it at all!

Leah said...

Anon 2:40, you have the right idea! Nothing has ever, nor ever will, speak louder than our wallets. It's time for ALL of BC consumers to get serious about the difference between "needs" and "wants." If you need it, buy it. If you want it, hold off a while - see where the wind blows. And yes, CASH IS KING! If you can't buy it for cash, don't buy it at all. It's time to send the credit monsters a message as well.

Grant, I really hate to be a wet blanket here, but the only way Carole MIGHT get in as premier is IF the recall is successful. That's NOT guaranteed if she remains as party leader. Remember, 52% of BC didn't vote at all because they had no one to vote FOR...only to vote against. If that same 52% acts on recall as they did on election day...there could be a nasty surprise waiting in the wings for those saying Liberal ouster is a sure thing. Why she will not step down and put someone with backbone, knowledge and people skills in her place is baffling to me.

When one looks at her they don't see an out-sized ego, but her actions and attitude sure show it. She really is the best gift the Liberals have ever been given, and they've acknowledged that. Which proves to me, that Carole's interests don't lie in "what's best for BC?"...they lie in "what's best for me?"

Sorry, this is one chicken I ain't gonna count before it's hatched.

Grant G said...

Leah..I certainly know Carole isn`t everyone`s cup of tea...But she fought not just the electorate but Canwest /Global/CTV/cknw...The stooges, plus a corrupt PAB....

Even with that there were a dozen close ridings!

How many signatures have you gathered Leah?

Gotta go for now(canvassing)...The petitions don`t get signed by magic.


kootcoot said...

"Can you imagine, Hansen expecting business people to pull their customers aside and tell them they are all wrong about the HST, LOL HA HA.....The laughter rang throughout the crowd"

SCENE = Restaurant in the Hurtland

Waitress as she delivers the lunch bill:

"Oh, don't bother with a tip for me, use it to pay the HST, because it is so wonderful for us all."


"Are you sure?"


"Yeah, if you want to leave some extra, I'll send it along to Colin Hansen for being so wonderful to us all."


"Here, take all my money, pay for the meal, the HST and send the rest to Colin."

Hugh said...

"in fact Colin Hansen is on record as saying the HST will mean hundreds of millions of dollar in less Government revenue annually."

This is totally screwy. We will pay more taxes on purchases, yet Govt tax revenue is lower?

Grant, can you tell me where you got this from?


Crankypants said...


The fact that the HST will derive less revenue for the government's coffers was first brought to light by Vaughn Palmer in one of his columns a month or so ago. The reason is that Hansen kept on adding more exemptions to appease certain sectors to the point that he has made a supposed revenue neutral tax to an underperforming tax. Of course this means that he will have to either cut more services or raise other user fees or taxes.

This is what occurs when an entity decides to take a path without first investigating the ramifications, consulting with the shareholders and then formulating a plan. The BC Liberal government has done none of this and has basically been making things up as they go along.


jaydee said...

Grant, Would that HST all be paid to the Feds with B.C. receiving none?

jaydee said...

Grant, Would the NDP bring in proportional representation provincially and how could we force the Feds to do the same? Until then B.C. votes do not go where they are meant to go in B.C. and federally, except for Ontario and Quebec, our votes do not count at all and we may as well just stay home on voing day.

jaydee said...

Grant, Just finished catching up on all your good posts, excellent work and thanks again.

Grant G said...

Thanks Crankypants for explaining to hugh about how we will receive less service under HST..

As for proportional representation, I would settle for ANY representation, not getting shit shoved down our throat!

The Feds will get the HST only,although all the HST will be sent to Ottawa, then we will have to wait for Ottawa to send it back! By the way,the HST is going back uo to 6% this year...Also,with the HST we give up all our taxation powers to Ottawa,

Ottawa is hooped, what gives the Bloc the right to vote the HST down BCs throat?

There is no difference between Federal Liberals and Federal Conservatives,two sides of the same coin...

We need the Federal NDP to have a crack in office or independents. Canada is turning into a Corporate sell out, a banana Republic.

Another 85 signatures collected this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

What I think we need to realize is that BC is just as "redneck" as and Canadian backwater - specifically as a whole we are sexist and are not remotely ready to elect a woman regardless of how well she may represent us.

It does not reflect well on us a citizens of this province but that's the reality of the situation and we cannot endure another neocon regime.

So the NDP can acknowledge this or continue to pretend we live in a better province.

Grant G said...

My above comment...I meant to say that the Feds will be raising the GST after July 1...That`s the rumour.

Anonymous said...

Great writing, Grant. Always a pleasure to read you.

Anonymous said...

I heard in the Federal House, there is much complaining about Harper. The Federal M.P's are calling him a fascist, and saying he is so stubborn, no-one can work with him. Canada has the worst crop of governing officials, this country has ever had. A person feels overwhelmed, because, the feeling is, this country is falling apart. Why can not the NDP, put in a vote of no confidence, against Campbell? His Liberal party is full of scandal and, some say, also full of corruption, lies and deceit. This province is, already in it's death throes. Leaving Campbell in office until November, is a bad idea. I don't know if this is true. I read, Hansen has introduced the HST in the House of Commons. It was said, a province can not overrule anything in the Federal House. Is this true or not?