Monday, April 26, 2010

Global News Sabatoges Recall in the Fall story?(Updated on bottom of post)

Friends, something terrifying is happening in our B.C. media, stories that are harmful to Gordon Campbell are being sabotaged by someone, it`s beyond coincidence, in my opinion someone is deliberately shutting down the news, where are we, is this Germany in the 1930s...This a serious stuff, the Campbell dictatorship must fall, they will fall, heads need to roll.
A couple of months ago on Global news there was a news piece about all the rising fees, the story started about the HST and then Chris Galais said......
."If you think your mad about the HST your going to be even madder about the rising costs of..........."

Then the film clip on Global news flipped and there was nothing but dead tape, what was on the film clip that the public never saw was a story about B.C. Hydro skyrocketing, Natural gas prices rising, ferry fares rising, transit fares rising, MSP rising....That is what was on the film clip, but the public didn`t see it, they didn`t see it on the 6:00 PM news, and even for the late news the film clip did the same thing, was it a coincidence, was it sabotage,was it a Gordon Campbell saboteur stopping the news!
This is not an accident, in my opinion someone either at the management or technical level of Global news someone is playing dirty possibly illegal tricks on British Columbian citizens.

Ok....So you think I am paranoid, well you won`t believe what happened on Global noon news today, they started the broadcast, the female host talked about how many people signed the petition, she mentioned how many riding`s are well over the top for required signatures, then they went to the top stooge Keith Baldrey, Baldrey started talking about how Gordon Campbell and Mike De Jong are going to bring in closure to stop debate on the HST and ram the HST down our throats, then Keith Baldrey started to talk about how the over 5000 canvassers are going to immediately target B.C. Liberal riding`s for Recall and that it could be the.
Then folks the sound from the Global news went dead, the sound was off, all we had was Keith Baldrey moving his lips but there was no sound, the sound stayed dead until Keith Baldrey and the recall story was gone, the sound came back as soon as they went to the next story!

Look friends, I watch the first few minutes of the news everyday, this never happens, once in a blue moon, and it appears there is a blue moon every time there is a very damaging story for Gordon Campbell on Global news!
As you know, Keith Baldrey is a pro Campbell Liberal, normally nothing but propaganda and spin come from his mouth, usually Baldrey says nothing without slagging the NDP, today my friends the "Silence from Keith Baldrey was deafening".

I will be watching Global news at 5:00 PM and 6:00PM tonight to see if the recall story gets replayed, and if it does will the sound get yanked by hook or by crook from the broadcast.
Your going down Campbell, and whoever is sabotaging critical news reports, I`m coming after you too!
Updated here...I watched the 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm Global news, the story was purged, removed, Global got their marching orders, perhaps one of my faithful readers can call into the cutting ledge show on cknw friday, 9:00am....Ask Baldrey what happened to the sound when he started talking about recall on the noon news April/26/2010 when the sound died,(Both Brian and I are banned from calling, they won`t put either of us on the air,be sneaky about it,don`t tell the guy who answers the phone what your real question is,fib!).....I can`t be alone, who else out there saw Baldrey start to talk about recall only to have the sound magically disappear until Baldrey left and the news piece was over, this is the second time where damning stories to the Campbell Government were sabotaged, last time it was the taped story, this time the sound vanished.
I again will reiterate, on the noon news on Global ....Keith Baldrey was talking in person, face to our face talking, he was talking about the HST, talking the Government resorting to Closure, then Baldrey said..."The canvassers can have more success with a recall campaign targeting".......Then the sound died, Baldrey`s lips were moving but we couldn`t hear any sound for the next minute, what Baldrey was trying to say before the broadcast got hijacked was, canvassers can have more success targeting Liberal riding`s that were closely fought, recall is binding, a successful recall campaign will result in bi-elections in those riding`s which could bring down the Government....
That my friends is what Keith Baldrey was saying, yet the sound was gone, When Baldrey left and the next story came on the sound came back!
Anyone who watched the noon news on global please respond in the contribution section

The Straight Goods
Cheers-Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant - Do you think that the slimy PAB have some new technology at their headquarters (from the NSA perhaps?) that allows them to media monitor all news broadcasts and allows them to "turn off the volume" of broadcast news if they deem it to be against their interests?

The timing is very suspicious in all of these incidents. Shocking indeed!!!

Evil Eye said...

In Nazi Germany in the 30's & 40's, Herr Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda had a button that over rode all radio broadcasts so he could pontificate to the nation at any time he wanted.

The media in BC is no better than the Nazi rags of the 30's and 40's.

Did you know that the Sun refuses to print the word Nazi in their blogs?

BC Mary said...

Here's another example of the news not reported.

This morning, I received a private e.mail telling me that the Prime Minister had appointed Justice Anne MacKenzie as Assistant Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court, replacing ACJ Patrick Dohm who has just retired.

I couldn't believe it. But I checked and found it to be true, although it certainly wasn't in the news. The timing as well as the announcement made it a double shocker.

The announcement came at almost the very moment (today) when another Pre-Trial Conference brought Basi, Virk, and Basi's lawyers before this same Justice MacKenzie seeking to have the BC Rail trial thrown out. Or to put it more politely: to seek a Stay of Proceedings.

So I think we can detect a little bit about what was going on in the PM's mind as well as his alter-ego, Gordo in Victoria.

But MacKenzie? Where the heck does she fit into this darkening picture now??

And here's the thing: I've been prowling the news media all day. Nothing about this new Assistant Chief Justice of BC's highest court, except for a short piece in The Province and an even shorter stand-alone piece by The Canadian Press.

I find that quite strange. Like, isn't that news?? Or has it been stifled, as others say here?

Anonymous said...

Grant - did the PAB scum pull the same stunt again later? I just abhor watching that right-wing crap.

Grant G said...

The story was purged from the news, I can`t be alone in seeing,or should I say hearing the sound vanish....

I have updated this post at the bottom of the story, this is some real serious stuff, this is twice in the last month where scathing stories against Campbell were sabatoged by someone, coincidence, no way, this must be deliberate, there must be a sabateur at Global, someone in production.

Anonymous said...

Grant - You should bring this up with Harvey Oberfeld. If there is anyone in the know that's the person!!!!!!

I almost want to upchuck at these criminal antics after reading this story.

Crankypants said...

I just watched the late news and they did a story on the NO-HST campaign and some clips from the Legislature, scrums and question period, with Baldry commenting, mostly about the NDP fighting to the bitter end and the Liberals talking closure. There was no mention of "recall in the fall", which leads me to believe that they altered the story you saw earlier.

It would be great to hear an explanation from either Baldry or anyone else at GlobalTV, but I'm sure that they would just play the "technical difficulty card".

On the upside, the NO-HST campaign has surpassed 140,000 signatures overall and gotten the required number of signatures in roughly one-quarter of the ridings already, which is good news considering that the campaign is only three weeks old and a good number of the canvassers had to wait for the paperwork before they could begin.

I was at Art Knapps in Port Coquitlam on Sunday and spotted Mike Farnworth at a table taking signatures for the various ridings in the Tricity area. My wife and I were elated to be the first signatures for our riding. I also heard later on that they collected 250 signatures overall that day. Considering that there was no advertising that I saw about the opportunity to sign, I think they did rather well.

Keep up the good work, Grant and all of the other canvassers. Gordo & Co. may be able to ignore the results of the initiative because of the way the act is written, but they will certainly not be able to ignore the feel of the flames lapping at the butts.


jaydee said...

I have noticed a lot of tampering with Global news over several months now. One time Jill was interviewing a reporter downtown and the reporter got cut off and Jill looked shocked and said something like we must have technical problems, another time Rumina Daya was shown reporting from somewhere and again she got cut off, gone poof, silence and lotsa other little gliches which I knew were tampering and not technical problems. Also that one I told you about when someone was interviewing a visitor to the games outside and a PAB came right up behind him and said into his ear, "stick to the games". The visitor took a quick look back looking shocked and turned back to finish what he was saying. On CTV Bill Good said in a shocked voice and looking shocked (can't remember what it was about) "WHAT?" on the early news and they cut the shocked Bill Good saying WHAT off on the late news. I was not home today to watch Global news but....THE MEDIA IS ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT.

Anonymous said...

I have e-mailed nearly all of NW's sponsors. I had replies from many for them, asking me to stop. Nope. can't now. Will when gordon the impaler is gone. The war has started, lets finish it now. RECALL in the FALL!

Kam Lee

jaydee said...

Go Kam Go!!

Anonymous said...

Campbell and Hansen scurry around like rats, plugging all the holes where, the truth may come out and expose them. That is pointless, because 87%, of BC people already know, all about Campbell and Hansen's dirty tactics. BC citizens have been victimized may times by, the gruesome twosome. The BC Liberals, are full of criminals, liars, deceivers, broken promises, thieves, frauds, DUI's, arrogance and every rotten thing in the book. Everyone you talk to is, full of contempt, for Campbell and Hansen and the BC Liberals. I could not believe Hansen, when he said, if he says white, the people say black. Campbell and Hansen, just don't get it, BC citizens, do not believe one word they say, and, will never forget their treachery.

Anonymous said...

very confusing, usually people in power want to stay in power, I think the Liberals in BC know something that we dont.

even if you do kick them out, they all will get a real nice "Entitlements".

i will never understand it.