Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gordon Campbell and Canwest Global Situation Comedy Show

Well friends, lots of interesting developments, Vaughn Palmer wrote about all the B.C. Liberals backbenchers talking badly about Gordon Campbell, panic has set in among Liberal MLAs.

But there are far more storm clouds on the horizon, a little birdie whispered to me that Kash Heed will be gone just before the June deadline, he would be gone now except for Campbell needs his enablers to help him commit political suicide with the HST, but that`s the rub, that is exactly what the backbenchers are talking about, many Liberals concede quietly that the party is over, riding`s like the Caribou Chilcoltin, Comox valley, Oak Head, Mission and more are already considered orange and lost, also backbenchers admit that there will be no taking of other seats in other riding`s to offset the losses.

There are a few more prominent B.C. Liberals that think maybe the party can be saved if Campbell leaves fast, before "Recall in the Fall" but that reality is false, this HST freight train isn`t about Gordon Campbell, it`s about taxation that people can`t afford!

Despite the lies from Campbell and Hansen about the HST, there are zero studies and proof of benefits, Jack Mintz has been thoroughly discredited, you see folks the HST is so easy to figure the impact upon the middle class, Hansen states that 1.1 million low income people will receive a HST credit, Hansen also states that the low income earners will be further ahead with the tax credit, in other words Hansen states those low income earners won`t be paying any HST, so let us assume that is correct, so here is the simple math, once you take out the 1.1 million low income earners, that leaves 2 million taxpayers in B.C. (our population is 4 million but children don`t pay tax) so if you divide 2 million taxpayers into $1.9 billion dollars that means that each taxpayer will be out roughly $2000 dollars per year....

You can slice and dice and mince and chop and spin like a top but the bottom line is the HST will cost your average Joe $2000 dollars per year, simple math friends,my favorite kind!

Did you catch on CTV news tonight(how refreshing without bill Good) Bill Vanderzalm was in Mary Polak`s riding tonight, a full house of voters signing the petition, I can`t discuss the real numbers or totals but the number is huge, despite advertised totals, there is a method to the madness, a few people have been bandying around Dianne Watts name as the saviour of the Liberals, I have first hand knowledge that she`s out, Dianne is fine in a happy crowd but she can`t cut it under hostile fire, she doesn`t want to age fast like some unmentionable B.C. Liberal MLAs...Eh SB? Well I digress.

You see folks, 85% are against the HST, another separate poll has 80% wanting more funding for education, and as for budget revenue, like I reported earlier, $52 million has been allocated for firefighting, that number will be out by $300 million, natural gas revenue was predicated on $6 to $8 dollar range, the price is still below $4 dollars, that my friends translates into a $700 million dollar hole on natural gas revenue alone, it`s going to be "The long Hot Summer".

But what I really wanted to talk about was Campbell`s latest photo-op on Global news, a Euro/Chinese company bought the mill in Mackenzie, the company is called ...Paper excellence B-V ..a subsiduary of Sinar Mas....They have hired 80 people to get the mill ready for later this summer, so there was Gordon Campbell with camera`s rolling, hard hat and vest, thank goodness he wasn`t wearing one of his ego bling bling gold medals, otherwise known as a Gordallion,....

Here is the deal with this mill, not exactly time too celebrate, of course Gordo Vision, Global news played the fool and laid it on thick, blondie started the piece about how the great forest recovery is underway, LOL LOL HA HA.....The deal with this mill is, they will be milling log into cants, cants are squared off logs, the logs will go to China, and guess where 80% of the pulp is going, the pulp is going to China too, that`s right folks the pulp will be shipped out to our competitors in China, now don`t get me wrong, these jobs are welcome but this is not sustainable, foreign owned mills sending the pulp to China, cants going to China, but boy did Canwest play up this situation comedy propaganda piece on Gordovision television.

But I`m curious, Gordon Campbell has never met a camera he didn`t like(except the one in the Maui lock-up) HA HA, I couldn`t resist that one folks, I heard Jane Thornthwaite`s profile in North Vancouver lock-up was stunning, LOL LOL...When your on a roll.

But let me remind you and Canwest about this great forestry recovery, Pat Bell has stated that harvesting is down 35% this year over last year, and Pat Bell issued pink slips to 204 employees in the ministry of forestry, does that sound like a recovery? And how many forestry jobs have been lost since Gordon the Impaler took office? Answer 30,000 ....How many mills have closed? Answer 71 mills closed, but on Gordovision T.V. the recovery is underway, what about Government revenue from forestry, 3 years ago it was $1 billion dollars, last years number was $491 million dollars, I don`t know about you but that`s not much of a recovery.(read a good accurate story by Gerry Warner at the Cranbrook Daily Townsman here, a good read

And I was reading the Alberni times, the Big CEOs have stated there will be no recovery until lumber prices go up a bunch and until B.C. wages become more competitive with overseas wages, yikes! They only make $2 dollars a day in China, oh yea, isn`t that where the pulp and cants are going from the mill that has been bought by a foreign multinational, you betcha!

I don`t recall Gordon Campbell visiting any of the 71 closed mills for a photo-op, I recall 5 or 6 Evergreen line photo-ops, I don`t know how many times the construction office for that line has been opened and closed, it definitely opens up 6 months before every election! But as for forestry boy are the CEOs ever sending a dour tone over wages, over this years cut, even Brookfield management who owns WFP (Western forest Products) are worried, Brookfield management, where have I heard that name before, could it have something to do with Jack Mintz, Yes friends, Jack Mintz is on the board of directors with Brookfield management, Mintz also sits on the board of directors of Shell oil, or was that Imperial oil, It`s all so confusing, Jack Mintz sits on so many boards of directors of big HST loving companies, I wonder why he flip flopped on the HST and wrote a sloppy, poorly researched, faith based report on the HST, and a thorough report it was, a whole 12 pages for $1200,00 dollars, 1000.00 per page. (here is the story predicting nothing but bad in forestry here)
Anyway, the spin from Global T.V. is unreal, Gordon Campbell calls them up and they rush over to do his bidding, they never do a lick of research, they have a newsroom, they must have a reporter working somewhere, although investigative reporters and Global don`t mix, the only thing they investigate is some youngster grabbing a breast on facebook or the amount of fuel a cessna burns flying to the Ashlu on earth day, I wonder how much fuel 5 lear jets burn flying to Hudson`s Hope for a Canwest/Global photo-op ? Perhaps an investigative reporter could crunch the numbers, and don`t forget about the apologist Keith Baldrey, he is a great little toadie, no one can read a PAB press release like Baldrey, of course they could always get a few facts over here at The Straight Goods, ah, never mind.
There are a few festivals on the coast this week-end, and we will have our team of canvassers at all of them, we will be well over the top this week-end, although we aren`t stopping at 3600 signatures, were shooting for 10,000 in our riding`s, or more, I can`t tell you how happy people are to sign the petition, one more thing friends, the burning oil rig in the gulf of Mexico sunk tonight, now 300,000 barrels of oil are spilling into the ocean, they have to somehow cap the well, the oil is heading for the US coast, so who wants too talk about the Enbridge pipeline and oil tankers plying the inside waters of B.C........Risk management, it can`t happen again can it?
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

CanwestGlobal with Baldry as their point man has been a joke for so long that one could expect nothing less. They have been in the back pocket of the likes of Campbell, Finlayson, Winter etc for so long that they may as well be the official regurgitater of the PAB.

As I watched the news tonight and saw this oilrig sink into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, all I could think about is the push Gordo brought forth a few years ago about oil exploration off the coast of BC. It gave me the willies. It's bad enough that the fishfarms have taken their toll on the wild salmon. What next, decimate everything else that lives in our coastal waters?

Seeing as you brought up the initiative against the HST, I got to thinking about something related to taxation and the economy. Back in the day most if not all country's currencies were based on a gold reserve. I assume that gold was chosen because it's shiny and relatively rare compared to most of the elements. Nowadays currencies are based on nothing more than a country's promise to make good on their commitments. Is the world's economy being run on nothing more than IOUs that are backed by nothing more than air? Maybe some of our esteemed economists can weigh in on this issue. We had a recession started by misused credit and the greed of certain entities just a little more than a year ago. With the debt the USA is carrying now, what will happen to the world's economy if their dollar is no longer thought of as a stable currency?

The future may prove to be a very interesting time.


Gary E said...

I won't bother commenting in the Townsman, they don't print my comments anyway. So I'll say this here

"Forests Minister Pat Bell told the Vancouver Sun that he is encouraging job sharing and reduced work weeks as a way of dealing with the cuts. Bell also pointed out that harvesting is down 35 per cent this year"

Using Bells thought process of reducing public wages further in the face of an illegal tax why is this government not clawing back on their obscene wages and pensions. What's good for the goose boys.....

Anonymous said...

Gordo has spent millions of our tax dollars buying loyalty. He did it in the ministries, padding management. He did it in the media, purchasing lots of unnecessary advertising. He created many new top jobs including consultants, with obscene payment for useless services. And don't forget the PAB rats scurrying around the basement of parliament in Victoria.

That is how it is done folks, nothing to do with governing for the people. What a messed up province we have become under this excuse for a human being. What I don't get is why do people still vote for him and defend him? Do they like to get fleeced??

Kim said...

Cam. Regarding your comment about taxation and the Gold Standard. I have been reading about this lately. Apparently in 1974, whoever was in Government decided to turn away from BoC issuing the currency, and turned to the international Bank Cartels, that is the exact point in time when every government formed since, carried a ballooning deficit, wages stagnated while costs inflated. We need to take back our Bank of Canada policies to 1970.
by Dave Patterson. Lengthy, and facinating.

Grant, when I saw the tanker sink, I thought of the millions of lives lost, and thought of Haida Gwaii and thought, yeah, happy earth day, BP.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article Grant. The Canwest media pimps might soon turn on Gordo if he continues to sink like a stone.

BTW, I always link to other sites from your blog role. What happened to Laila Yuille's link?!

Grant G said...

1:50 pm.....I looked, her link is there, perhaps the Gremlins were around..

Although she doesn`t have my link at her site anymore..She does have AGTs site link.

Go figure!

Anonymous said...

agt is still fighting windmills,just like Don Quixote,go figure does anyone buy that crap ,flogging a dead horse give it up al the stories dead and you sure are looking like a fool.

Anonymous said...

breaking newz the story above.

Gary E said...

breaking newz. There will be more on Jabba's inflated ego and misinformation at How Bad Is The Record as soon as this huge task of getting signatures settles. I was going to do another piece a couple of weeks ago but time hasn't permitted anything but comments and a couple of columns on the HST.

Anonymous said...

Ladysmith Harbour had one of the biggest booms ever leaving the other day. Nanaimo has logs being loaded onto ships constantly however as usual they aren't being milled here. I heard some one on NW telling us how great the hst will be as all these jobs will be created. Boo.

Anonymous said...

breaking newz Laila,has taken agt (aka)the loozer,off her blog roll,good move Laila,another haz been,that never waz,deflecting from the real issue's is not breaking newz,and as for pedro his dear friend I'm sure they'll have fun talking about the issue's, together,with all his other made up reader's.

Grant G said...

Well that is good news 8:35 AM...Why anyone would promote Mr. "Actionable" is beyond me.

I go after the B.C. Liberals..Rightfully so, I also go after Gregor..and the NPA, I have gone at Carole James, the courts, the media, I go after everyone.

But I try to treat the faithful readers pro or con with respect, I don`t make use the words "kid,junior, rabid,delusional, dog,pill popper", and even worse.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Grant G said...

Polakite/Josef k...I told you....That you were welcome here but...You will not be permitted to be a fool with the Mary Polak fan club.

Your comments will be removed, Sean Holman and the Tyee may put up with it but I will not.

Grow up, your obsession with Mary Polak/Crusty Clark/ is sick,if you have a relevant comment OK...

Take your you tube lib fan garbage elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

I refuse to buy anything, with the HST applied to the goods. I have asked people I know, to do the same. I also see, the price gouging has already begun, gasoline, has gone through the roof. My elderly neighbor, said taxi fares went up. She is too old to walk, or ride a bike. I am going to do her shopping for her. I hope BC people will help the aged. Even that reduces the, consumption of gas. I will be dammed, if I will assist Campbell and Hansen's insane, unfair HST.