Monday, March 29, 2010


Well friends, I have been looking over Bullfrog Power, is what they are doing legal, yes it is legal, is it ethical? Not in my opinion.

What we have here is a company that charges you extra money for what you are already receiving, they claim by you paying a premium you will be helping green the planet, but from what I gather they are greening their pockets...

Here in BC the first thing to consider is this, Bullfrog power claims to have access to windmills in Alberta, here are a couple of things to consider,what if the wind isn`t blowing,where will that expensive premium going to come from?...And here is the one I like, Gordon Campbell has been feeding us this line of "bull#%$#" about us BCers being a net importer of Power,well first off we are net exporter of power but that argument is for another day, but think about this, if thousands of people signed up to BullFrog power and they actually did input power into the grid from Alberta wouldn`t we be adding to the import equation of the debate, wouldn`t Gordon Campbell use this importation argument against the public will and demand more private for profit IPPs?

Another issue with bullfrog is with accounting, how do we know they are actually buying Green power? Because here in BC all the Green projects,such as the Dokie wind farm,Toba run of river and others,these companies aren`t building anything without a power buying contract from BC Hydro backstopped by the BC taxpayer and ratepayer,the other issue is we are already using BC Hydro heritage power,is doesn`t get any greener than that.

But from what I have read, what Bull frog Power does is this, they came from Ontario, what they do is this, the green power projects in Ontario,if their price is 7 cents a kilowatt hour Bullfrog charges a premium for you to buy the power, in Ontario they weren`t actually putting more power into the grid,they were merely charging a premium to provide you with a fuzzy green feeling, they claim that some monies collected goes towards green energy production but does it really?

here`s the deal, it would be very difficult to determine how much of the monies Bullfrog collects actually goes towards green energy renewal, consider this,they have to pay for all their advertising, they have to pay for all the staff, the shareholders need money,the top enchilada`s need to make a fistful of dollars, so what percentage of premium`s over and above the going rate of electricity that you are being charged will really end up producing or investing in Green power?

The other issue is this, instead of paying 30% to 40% more for the same power you would be getting without the premium, why not take that money and invest in double glazed windows, better insulation, newer door draft blockers, a more efficient furnace,LED light bulbs.

Because you see folks, the greenest power of all, it`s not run of river,it`s not wind power, not solar power, not thermal power, no siree Bob, the greenest power of all is the power you don`t use, the power you save by conservation,that my friends is the greenest,cleanest power.(read about how they did business in Ontario here)

So now you know the deal, is it legal, well it isn`t illegal, I don`t think it`s ethical, laying a guilt trip on the public, all for the fuzzy green feeling, well friends, my best advice to you is this.

If you feel the need for a fuzzy green feeling, put on your wife`s slippers!

(Back in couple of days,mind the store for me)

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Nothing to say here except that Shirley Bond is a bold-faced Liar,the king of numbers Will McMartin has The Straight Goods.Check Spelling

The gall of Shirley Bond to boldly lie in the people`s house,the Campbell Government has been lying everyday since they took power,the mainstream media have refused to report the truth,they can`t avoid the truth any longer.

Shirley Bond should be forced to resign for blatant lying,not spin,pure lies, no spin,only a culture of dishonesty and lies,all with the full blessing of Gordon Campbell and the public affairs bureau....Nothing more friends.(read what the KING of numbers Will McMartin has to say here,prepare to hate Shirley Bond and Gordon Campbell even more then you already do!)

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Objection Your Honour,the Plaintiff is Deranged!

From Crime and Punishment to Law and Order, my close friend Gary E has the goods, clean water and honesty, well friends, let the man tell you himself.
Look folks, if there is one thing I am passionate about is clean drinking water and environmental health, especially for fish and birds, we as humans have the ability to pack up and move,wildlife doesn`t have that luxury.
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Bullfrog Power or Bull#%@& Scam

Well friends, as you know I try to keep up on "current" affairs,lately there has been an ad running on cknw, it`s from a company called Bullfrog Power, I not sure what their "scheme" is but, what they are advertising is this......:Be happy to pay more for power,we at Bullfrog if you pay extra money for power we will insert clean "green" power into the grid:.....Well it goes something like that,let`s have a little discussion about this proposal.

Now folks, by no means am I rocket scientist but, come on, where I live out in the sticks, is it even possible to remove my dirty BC Hydro heritage dam power from my line, just how would that work?

Just how would they insert green power into the line? Would they chase my BC Hydro power away and direct cleaner green power to my home, I don`t think so, and of course there is that other little matter, BC Hydro is a net exporter of power, BC Hydro exports power during the primetime evening hours and imports a little bit of power from Alberta in the wee late hours of night when electrical demand is extremely low and so is the price,dirt cheap late night power,the reason BC Hydro does this is for money, we save our heritage dam power for when demand is heavy and the price is higher, it`s a win win situation, BC Hydro makes money, and Alberta doesn`t waste their power generation,because Alberta can`t shut off their natural gas powered generating stations,so Alberta makes a little bit of money and their power isn`t wasted, this set-up between BC Hydro and Alberta has served us well for decades.

So I am still trying to figure out what Bull#%$@ power is all about, are they saying they will tell Alberta to reduce the little pulse of power they are sending us and they will inject an equal amount of expensive greener power? Is that even possible, look friends,in the middle of the night the only thing I have running is a clock radio and a few appliance displays like the microwave oven or my DVD clock, so perhaps one of you faithful readers can explain how Bullfrog power will accomplish their advertised feat?

If they inject a little more green energy into the grid,equal to the amount that I am willing to buy can they guarantee that it will find its way to my humble abode, what`s stopping the guy up the block from taking my virgin green power?

And on the flip-side, can I opt for buying dirty power only? Can I say to BC Hydro .....Hey boys, don`t send me any of your heritage dam power, direct some natural gas powered electricity from Alberta to my place,or even better, can I get some coal-fired power? Or.....

Do you know anyone burning rubber tires producing electricity, I want the cheap dirty stuff?

Well I digress, I haven`t figured out what is going on here but I have a pretty good idea...

"A sucker is born every minute"

(Read about Bullfrog power here)
And friends,here is a good read from a very astute person on where this Froggy outfit came from..
So look, you can make up your own mind, but personally speaking, I think these Bullfroggers have been licking those hallucinogenic orange frogs, oh my, how I long for the Woodstock days,but I digress again, I think I`m going to play .
The Doors ...starring Jim Morrison.
"This is the end, my only friend, the end"
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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Long hot Summer

The greatest actor who ever lived,Paul Newman, if you have never seen this classic,by all means,rent it,buy it,watch it. (Watch the movie here)

Lets talk about a few "burning issues"......As you know the snow pack in our BC mountains is half of what it normally is, Kelowna has already had brush fires, there are some serious events about to happen this year, events that will have serious implications to tourism, serious implications to run of river power generation and even more serious implications to a fraudulent BC budget!

First off, the ministry of forestry has only allocated $57 million dollars for fighting forest fires,last year the Province spent about $400 million dollars, in fact Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell both used the money spent on fighting fires as one of the reasons last years budget deficit was $3 billion dollars higher than what they said it would be pre-election,you remember,"$495 million dollar deficit maximum"....We all know how well that turned out.

The pine beetle infestation, dry red pine trees by the billion are laying in wait, let me be clear, I don`t blame the Campbell Government for the infestation,but, the fact is those pine trees are going to burn, towns all through the Province will have their tourism industry spanked, "Who are those guys" A "Butch bravado and ritual Sundance" isn`t going to stop those fires from burning! .......Do they not realize that $400 million dollars minimum must be allocated to fighting forest fires? Or does the Government plan to just let the Province "Burn baby burn"!

Those are the only real options, the greenhouse gases those fires will emit into the atmosphere will be equal to a century of car emissions, yet we will continue to be punished with a useless carbon tax that hasn`t reduced emissions by one ounce, but the more pressing issue is the looming $400 million dollar budget hole that fighting those fires will cause, Hansen has predicted a $1.7 billion dollar deficit for fiscal 2010/2011 year....Well friends you can add $400 million dollars to that deficit projection, now we are up to $2.1 billion dollars, the warmest,driest winter in BC history, towns all through BC are going to have fires threatening their survival, the cost will be immense,many have warned the Campbell Government and Pat bell of the looming disaster, either Gordon Campbell is a complete idiot or what we have is....."A failure to communicate"! Definitely there is no cool hand Luke steering the Provincial ship!

"The colour of money" is green, the holes in this years budget are staggering, the estimates are so flawed, another excuse from Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell about last years surprise surprise after the election budget shocker was....They claimed that Natural gas prices had plummeted, that was true but Natural gas prices didn`t plummet during the last month before the election, gas prices were extremely low in January of 2009,February,March....Well friends, guess what,Natural gas prices have been plummeting month after month, a North American glut, a world glut, an early arrival to spring, the mercantile exchange today records Natural gas prices at below $4 dollars and falling($3.86), the Campbell Government based their revenue projections on $6 to $8 dollar natural gas, their wrong, add in all the new subsidies and royalty holidays the Province has given and there is a huge revenue hole building, certainly if in 2009 they claimed they lost over a billion dollars on Natural gas revenues the same scenario is playing out this year, Who are these guys, there seems to be a complete failure to communicate.

Just food for thought friends, the facts are there,the trees will burn, Natural gas revenue will continue to plummet, the budget deficit of $1.7 billion won`t be realized, it`s going to be.

The Long Hot Summer!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stormy Weather ahead for Gordon Campbell

Lets talk "Recall in the Fall"......There has been a lot of discussion about how to stop Gordon Campbell from selling off,destroying,punishing the Province and people of British Columbia, he will be stopped, his Government will be removed, we will make history!

I want you to take a close look at how many ridings had razor thin winning margins for the BC Liberals.



Boundary-Similkameen 6,681 5,869 0 3,596 1,691 0 0

Burnaby North 9,880 9,332 0 0 1,292 0 0

Burnaby-Lougheed 9,207 8,511 0 0 1,285 0 0

Cariboo-Chilcotin 6,259 6,171 0 0 650 0 0

Comox Valley 13,886 12,508 266 0 2,577 0 120

Kamloops-North Thompson 9,830 9,320 251 0 1,418 0 124

Maple Ridge-Mission 8,802 8,734 0 0 1,387 0 325

Nechako Lakes 4,949 3,143 235 0 559 0 0

North Vancouver-Lonsdale 10,289 7,758 0 842 1,778 0 232

Oak Bay-Gordon Head 11,877 11,316 0 0 2,330 0 0

Prince George-Mackenzie 9,816 6,452 0 0 1,245 0 0

Prince George-Valemount 9,072 6,737 113 780 1,225

Vancouver-Fairview 11,034 9,881 37 0 2,232 165 85

Vancouver-Fraserview 9,549 8,801 118 0 904 0 0

Vancouver-Point Grey 11,546 9,232 0 0 2,012 0 130

Vernon-Monashee 9,015 7,698 76 1,972 4,029 0 1,397

Total Votes:LIBERAL- 751,791----NDP-- 691,342--REFED-- 3,747---CP---34,465---GREEN -----134,570--INDEPENDENT ----17,265---OTHER ---7,272 % of Total Votes

:LIBERAL 45.8% ----NDP--42.1% --REFED--0.2% --CP--2.1%---GREEN-- 8.2% ---INDEPENDENT1.1%---OTHER-- 0.4%

Burnaby North 48.2% 45.5% 0.0% 0.0% 6.3% 0.0% 0.0% 54.2% 2.7%

Burnaby-Lougheed 48.5% 44.8% 0.0% 0.0% 6.8% 0.0% 0.0% 54.0% 3.7%

Cariboo-Chilcotin 47.9% 47.2% 0.0% 0.0% 5.0% 0.0% 0.0% 65.5% 0.7%

Comox Valley 47.3% 42.6% 0.9% 0.0% 8.8% 0.0% 0.4% 61.5% 4.7%

Kamloops-North Thompson 46.9% 44.5% 1.2% 0.0% 6.8% 0.0% 0.6% 55.8% 2.4%

Maple Ridge-Mission 45.7% 45.4% 0.0% 0.0% 7.2% 0.0% 1.7% 55.3% 0.4%

North Vancouver-Lonsdale 49.2% 37.1% 0.0% 4.0% 8.5% 0.0% 1.1% 55.6% 12

Oak Bay-Gordon Head 46.5% 44.3% 0.0% 0.0% 9.1% 0.0% 0.0% 66.8% 2.2%

Parksville-Qualicum 51.4% 38.0% 0.9% 0.0% 9.6% 0.0% 0.0% 66.1% 13.4%

Prince George-Valemount 50.6% 37.6% 0.6% 4.4% 6.8% 0.0% 0.0% 52.4% 13.0%

Surrey-Tynehead 52.5% 43.2% 0.0% 0.0% 4.3% 0.0% 0.0% 50.1% 9.3%

Vancouver-Fairview 47.1% 42.2% 0.2% 0.0% 9.5% 0.7% 0.4% 57.3% 4.9%

Vancouver-Fraserview 49.3% 45.4% 0.6% 0.0% 4.7% 0.0% 0.0% 51.6% 3.9%

Vancouver-Point Grey 50.4% 40.3% 0.0% 0.0% 8.8% 0.0% 0.6% 56.4% 10.1%

Vernon-Monashee 37.3% 31.8% 0.3% 8.2% 16.7% 0.0% 5.8% 53.8% 5.4%

OK, so you now see the lay of the land, I have heard the Canwest "Stooges" talk about recall, but what they say is....
It can`t be done, it`s too onerous, it`s impossible, but those same stooges are silent on the destruction of rivers,the privatizing of BC Hydro, the import/export con game, they don`t talk about the disastrous state of BCs economy, they are silent on "BCs massive off the books debt"
Canwest Global and their stooges are nothing but a harmful arm of the BC Liberal Government,a propaganda machine that would make Tokyo Rose blush!

So am I surprised that Keith Baldrey,Vaughn Palmer,Bill Good, Les Leyne or any of them would attempt to stop recall? NO, I expect as much from the "Stooges".........Lets talk recall..

As you can see from the actual voting numbers in the above ridings,recall is a snap,Reitsma on Vancouver island was facing recall,and when he realized that he would lose he voluntarily resigned before recall could happen, I predict the same thing will happen in many of the above ridings.

RECALL...Here are some recall rules, a $50 dollar fee is required to launch a recall campaign, that`s easy......For $50 dollars we will get a complete voters list.....We have 60 days to gather up signatures,60 days,2 months,that`s a long time, how many signatures do we need? 40% of voters who ACTUALLY VOTED IN THE LAST ELECTION,that`s easy, as you can see most of those above ridings the NDP had more than 40% of the vote, add in the Green voters,Conservative voters, Refed, independent and others....Not to mention all the furious betrayed BC Liberal voters who have had enough, friends, this is going to be a snap!

Think about this, 10 canvassers in 1 riding,20 signatures per day per canvasser= 200 signatures X 60 days = 12,000 signatures.....12 thousand signatures with but 10 canvassers collecting but 20 signatures per day...If they collect 40 signatures per day...24 thousand signatures...And if there was 50 canvassers in a riding!....You get the picture, anger,betrayal,lies and deception will drive the recall campaign,don`t let the Stooges deflect from facts and logic!

Recall can`t start until November 15th/2010, a few months after the dreaded HST takes effect, the people will be still angry, but it`s a lot more than the HST, people are seeing their BC Hydro bills skyrocket because of private power buying contracts to IPPs....Schools are closing,Health cuts,waiting lists, the ICBC cash scoop, fish farms, Enbridge pipeline, and there is more, cuts to the autistic, the disabled, breaking the moral contract on gaming grants, all while expanding gambling even more and spending $600 million dollars on a retractable roof, bridge tolls,Transit fare increases.....

And let`s not forget the pre-election lie on the deficit,remember this read my lips moment from the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell..."The BC deficit will be $495 million dollars maximum" snip...And right after the election that number turned into a deficit of $3.6 billion dollars! The largest deficit in BC history, Gordon Campbell has tried to use a Gag Law to shut us up,in fact Mike De Jong and the Liberals have appealed the Gag Law again!

And who hasn`t Gordon Campbell assaulted over the years,he just raised seniors care rates, in fact Kevin Falcon is amending the act as we speak, the BC Liberals made a pledge that seniors home care billing(The billing to seniors) was capped at 360.00$ per months, billings of over $560.00 per month are being sent out,surprise surprise, now the Campbell Liberals are amending the act,After the fact! Legal aid has been gutted, no legal aid for the poor, families and single mothers on Welfare have had preventative dental work for children,FOR CHILDREN cut in half, all to save a few million dollars, the issues are endless,my mind is reeling just trying to remember a few of the attacks, all the while the profitable banks, oil n gas industry get more and more tax holidays.

Friends, the BC Liberals and Gordon Campbell have lied their faces off,run the economy into the ground, we have the worst child poverty in Canada for 7 straight years,the lowest minimum wage in Canada, in fact Gordon Campbell has given himself three raises a golden pension and bonuses while not raising the minimum wage even a penny in a decade,in fact he lowered and added a $6.00 per hour starter wage,which his friends abuse with impunity, and of course,with the BC Rail Trial starting in May of this year,maybe we will finally get answers to that broken promise and betrayal, thank god we have BC Mary to keep us up-to-date!

So friends and faithful readers, don`t believe it for a minute that recall is too onerous,not possible, that is nothing but spin from the Canwest Global "Stooges" this will be the easiest thing we have ever done,there are already hundreds who have signed up for the,

"Recall in the Fall"

The Straight Goods

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gordon Campbell erupts in anger over death of Enbridge pipeline!

Well,a very interesting display of anger displayed by Gordon Campbell in the BC legislature, you could see the smoke coming from his ears, a show of venom directed towards First Nations, all environmental groups,the people of British Columbia, yes,even to the world!

An amazing development occurred yesterday,every single First Nation swung a unified ax at Gordon Campbell, a well timed assault, First Nations weren`t speaking hyperbole but they had researched oil tanker traffic,they paid for extensive studies to analyze the risk reward of the Enbridge pipeline, and the bottom line is, the reward is a handful of short term jobs, the risk is great, all studies point to the fact that daily oil tanker traffic in the 4th most dangerous waterways in the world would result in the inevitable oil spill, all studies stated that it was not a matter of if a spill occurred but when!

The project is officially dead, Gordon Campbell`s green credentials have been exposed for the world to see, a sham, a phony greenwash premier has shown his inner vile and disdain towards all that is British Columbia,in fact Gordon Campbell made the unholy statement that ....:Bringing tar sand oil to the west coast of BC and shipping it to Asia was a way of making the world greener, the hilarity of that statement even has supporters like Tzeporah Berman shaking her head.

You see friends, there is not one environmental group on earth who will endorse this project, not one First Nation that will endorse, 80% of BCers will never endorse this project, the world will denounce Canada over this project, the greenwash from Gordon Campbell has reached a new level, on the 21 anniversary of the Exxon Valdez spill, oil still coating the rocks in Prince William sound, fish,bird and sea bottom life have still not recovered from the spill, Exxon Mobile has still not paid the court awarded settlement for the spill, appeal after appeal from one of the richest companies in the world, double hulled ships spill oil every year, in fact 80% of all oil tanker disasters are caused by human error, technology can`t stop human error...

The same waters Gordon Campbell wants to put giant oil tankers have taken two vessels to the bottom of the sea in very recent times, including one of our own ferries familiar with the area,the Queen of the North...and there was another grounding of a tanker last year in the southern Georgia Strait, the Hebei Lion, we were lucky it grounded on a reef in a rising tide, if the tide had been falling we would have had a environmental disaster on our hands.

The laughable statement by Gordon Campbell that a pipeline bringing dirty tar sand to the west coast for shipment to Asia was about greening the world has shown the world what Gordon Campbell is, a moron, a greenwash idiot who has insulted the intelligence of the world,a man who has treated First Nations as fools by making that statement, at a time when the world is pushing for green solutions, at a time when the world`s climate is in flux due to interference and human pollution, Campbell put his foot in his mouth and made BC the laughing stock of the world, at a time when we advertised to the world the virtue of Super Natural BC, with pictures of Orca,pictures of pristine oceans,soothing music, Gordon Campbell threw all that good will away by raging and venting at First Nations for ending any possibility of the Enbridge pipeline!

First Nations know, we know, local coastal town folks know, an oil tanker accident in inside waters of British Columbia would extinct hundreds of species, the coast would be dead for hundreds of years, animals,Orca, herring,shellfish would be gone for decades probably gone forever, for the sake of the Oil and Gas industry Gordon Campbell is prepared to kill off the BC coast for generations, your greenface is gone, your true inner disdain towards all that is sacred to First Nations and coasters have been exposed, that genie can`t be put back in the bottle!

One accident, one collision with a cruise ship,one collision with a offshore windmill, one drunken Captain, one act of terrorism and Super Natural BC turns into oil slick central, the eagle and bear loss, the loss of Salmon, the work of hundreds of environmental groups, a way of life for First Nations that have lived on the coast for thousands of years Gone, destroyed,ruined for eternity for the sake of a sunset industry.(For a complete detailed story on oil tanker disasters,statistics,a good read here)

Indeed friends, Gordon Campbell`s true colours were on display, his anger, his inner hatred of the environment, Gordon Campbell couldn`t contain his anger as First Nations and studies and stubborn facts have killed the Enbridge pipeline forever,yes friends the Enbridge pipeline is over,that is what brought the premier`s anger to a boiling point, First Nation`s people from Sasktachewan to the BC coast, a vow of civil dis-obedience,every legal challenge, a water blockade where First Nations would surrender their lives to stop the project, with full support from every environmental group,from Greenpeace,David Suzuki, even Tzeporah Berman won`t endorse the Enbridge pipeline, and the protest will span the world if it came to that.

It`s a good day today my friends, premier Gordon Campbell has been shot down,he knows,the BC Liberal cabinet knows it, premier Campbell is resigning,he has zero credibility and zero clout, any tar sand use can head south to the USA the way it has for years, Gordon Campbell will have to be content with shipments of coal to Asia, the pipeline is dead, Gordon Campbell is morally dead, I have known that for years, but yesterday in the people`s house Gordon Campbell showed the world his true colours, a oily black slick politician whose only green is taxpayers money in his pocket! Email the minister and scream ...Hell No Email environment Canada and scream...Hell No

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NPA builder of choice Millennium screws Nanaimo for Millions

Well folks, here we go again, as you know the NPA chose Millennium development over reputable builders like Wall Development and Concord pacific to build the athletes village, and that of course turned into a financial disaster.

Gregor Robertson had to go to Victoria to change the Vancouver charter, Gregor needed to acquire the legal authority to borrow hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, yes friends, because of the decision by the Sam Sullivan,Peter Ladner and the rest of the NPA party the city of Vancouver is on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars, who knows why the NPA chose Millennium development, they had no money, no assets, they had nothing but an in with Paul Barbeau and the NPA party.

In reading the Nanaimo daily news, not only did the NPA`s builder of choice screw over Vancouver but they have screwed over the city of Nanaimo for millions and millions of dollars, of course I don`t feel sorry for Vancouver, the elected officials,the NPA decided Vancouver`s fate but I do feel sorry for Nanaimo, you see, Nanaimo believed they were dealing with a reputable firm, think about it, certainly if Vancouver`s NPA chose Millennium to build the athletes village they must be capable of building a new hotel in Nanaimo, small potatoes compared to the Vancouver project.

Well Nanaimo was wrong, Millennium development is nothing but a disaster, I have followed and written on this story for several years now, it`s unfortunate that Nanaimo followed the NPA`s lead and picked Millennium, because....Nanaimo has a new trade and convention center(Not built by NPA`s builder of choice Millenniun).....But they have a problem, Nanaimo lost $850.000,00 dollars last year on the trade and convention because they had no where for delegates to stay,they lost bookings,and guess what,because of Millennium development Nanaimo will lose at least a million dollars for 2 more years,or at least until they get a new hotel to compliment the trade and convention center! So no matter who Nanaimo now gets to build a new hotel the city of Nanaimo will be out millions more in lost conventions,Nanaimo has spent over $3 million dollars on Millennium development on managements fees and more, (read about how the bankrupt company Millennium Development has missed deadline after deadline here)

Absolutely amazing, a right wing Nanaimo run city gets screwed over big time by Millennium,yet I never hear Susan Anton talking about Vancouvers potential largest financial hit in history,I never hear Susan Anton talking about forcing Estelle Lo to resign, no friends,Susan Anton only has answers for Gregor Robertson and how he should run the city,the pure hypocrisy of the lone NPA to squawk about how awful Gregor Robertson is, yes,selective memory indeed, perhaps Susan Anton has advice for the city on Nanaimo and can help them out with a reputable builder? Everywhere Millennium development went buyers and people got screwed and were left holding the bag,for West Vancouver.

The Millennium Development Group is in hot water right now with the fiasco taking place at the 2010 Olympic Village in southeast False Creek, so you can’t blame this developer for the hold on the West Vancouver Evelyn Condos project which was officially delayed October 2008 citing problems with the slope foundation and pouring the foundation in the wet/cold weather. Usually, this is not a problem, but that was the official word on the delayed West Vancouver Evelyn Condominium that had not started pre-sales. However, pre-sale condo marketing and advertising had started and Rennie Marketing Systems had announced that there were thousands of registrations for this new West Vancouver Park Royal real estate development. The Evelyn West Vancouver condos are in a great location close to Park Royal, but next to the highway, which brings about lots of noise and people. As of right now, the Millennium Development Evelyn West Vancouver condo project is delayed and put on hold temporarily. The developer and Rennie Marketing said last year that sales may start later in the spring of 2009, but as of this point, that timeline too, may be delayed for the new Evelyn West Van Drive condos.

Where did all the money paid to Millennium development go?who knows, all I know is Gregor Robertson has done his best not to drag the NPA and Susan Anton through the mud, perhaps someone should ask Susan Anton about the 250 social housing units in the athletes village,Gregor will have to sell those units for market value to try and recoup some of the hundreds of millions the city of Vancouver has spent.

All I know is Peter Ladner and Sam Sullivan and all the NPA need to explain why they structured a deal with Millennium development that could cost the city of Vancouver a king`s ransom, Estelle Lo warned the city, her warnings fell upon deaf ears, maybe all the electrical panels should be pulled from the athletes village and rip all the wiring out of the 1000 plus units, hey,what the hell, whats another wheel barrel of cash leaving the city,no friends,Gregor Robertson may be a little flaky but the Peter Ladner and the NPA cost the city a fortune,the NPAs actions with Millennium development led to West Vancouver and tentacles stretched across the Georgia Strait and sucked millions from Nanaimo.....The biggest possible con in Vancouver history, anyway, where there is a spark there is a NPA mouthpiece blaming Vision for the end of the world.

So, the Millennium development saga is over,Vancouver got guzzled with insider help,Nanaimo got screwed through association,West Vancouver,who cares, a lesson learned,we have bigger fish to fry, where there is smoke there is fire, and I see smoke coming out of Gordon Campbell`s ears.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Gordon Campbell ignored laws regarding public safety

Freedom of information document release has turned into an utter joke under Gordon Campbell but it has come to light that serious safety violations have occurred and that is no laughing matter!
A recent freedom of information request for documents Gordon Campbell read and analyzed before the election about the BC deficit and updated forecasts were released to the ndp, but unfortunately the majority had been whited out, the Campbell Government has refused to release the documents that prove that Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals are Habitual Liars and deliberately lied about the size of the Provincial deficit, you must remember Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen stating pre-election that the BC deficit would be "$495 million dollars maximum" well we know what happened,within weeks of the elections Gordon Campbell finally told us the truth that we in the know already knew,the real size of the deficit was well north of $3 billion dollars.
So why have these pre-election documents released to the ndp been whited out, all this has done is prove again that Gordon Campbell is a habitual liar,even when he has been caught red handed and red-faced he continues to exasperate his lies by doctoring documents with white-out.
In watching estimate debates for the ministry of citizen services, a ministry run by Ben Stewart, the same minister whose deputy sent an email to our oldest war veterans attempting to extort $26,000.00 dollars ,pay up or hit the bricks, thank goodness these true hero`s contacted the ndp and the press to put a stop to this madness, this ministry also has the Public Affairs Bureau contained within it, the spinners,the propaganda ministry, 200 people that spin and churn and manipulate the news, they fire off press release after government press release to a compliant Canwest and Global news where they willingly air them regardless of accuracy or fact, a compliant main stream media that nary does any research or fact check anything, no friends,the MSM wouldn`t want to upset their main advertiser.
But I found out some very interesting items, there have been request after request from environmental groups,from the NDP,from other concerned groups who end up getting an estimate of cost for these requests,estimates that can range from 80,000,00$ to 200,000,00$....Simple requests that cost a kings ransom, and these requests require a 50% deposit fee to even get started, well unfortunately these requests are more often than not .......Cancelled, little environment groups, concerned citizens simply can`t afford these costs.
These costs, labour costs Ben Stewart stated are $30 dollars per hour for document retrieval, well that sounds reasonable, 25 cents per photocopy, again,that sounds reasonable,and $16.70 per minute for accessing the main-frame....Hmmm...that my friends works out to $1002.00 per hour for access to the Government computer, so even the simplest of requests end up costing tens and tens of thousands of dollars, a deliberate attempt to stifle freedom of information, and it`s not just the cost of the main-frame.
30$ per hour for labour, 25 cents per photo-copy, $1002 dollars per hour for access to the main-frame......White-out of all the pertinent sections,Priceless!
That my friends is sick, for group after group who have spent the money,spent thousands receive nothing but a smattering of words between a sea of white-out!
But what I really wanted to talk about is section 25 of the freedom of information and privacy accounts (FIPA).....A very special section of the freedom of information act, a section that falls directly under Ben Stewart`s ministry,a ministry inhabited by the public affairs bureau(PAB).
Section 25....Section 25 of FIPA is a section that has very specific guidelines, this section has to do with disclosing immediately any information that has to do with an environmental safety, section 25 also in it`s language states that any pubilc safety issue MUST BE DISCLOSED IMMEDIATELY TO THE PUBLIC.
Section 25---------Of the FIBA ACT---Public safety issues must be divulged even without a request,it`s the law...Ministry of the environment broke the law,withheld the toxic air reports!Below information comes directly from the freedom of information act,specifically ....Section 25____________________________________________________________________________________
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

<— Public Interest Paramount Information must be disclosed if in the public interest
25 (1) Whether or not a request for access is made, the head of a public body must, without delay, disclose to the public, to an affected group of people or to an applicant, information
(a) about a risk of significant harm to the environment or to the health or safety of the public or a group of people, or
(b) the disclosure of which is, for any other reason, clearly in the public interest.
(2) Subsection (1) applies despite any other provision of this Act.
(3) Before disclosing information under subsection (1), the head of a public body must, if practicable, notify
(a) any third party to whom the information relates, and
(b) the commissioner.
(4) If it is not practicable to comply with subsection (3), the head of the public body must mail a notice of disclosure in the prescribed form
(a) to the last known address of the third party, and
(b) to the commissioner. >___________________________________________________________________________________Well isn`t that interesting, so when Doug Routley of the NDP asked Ben Stewart(minister of citizen services) why the toxic air results from Prince George that recorded Formaldehyde levels 20 times the legal limit in a residential area were not reported to the public until May/20/2009, one week after the last BC Election, 10 months after the air test were done,well...
The non-answer from Ben Stewart was "deafening" .....He had no answers, but Ben Stewart kept getting whispers from the head propaganda spinner,the head of the PAB who was sitting directly to his left.
Ben Stewart stated to Doug Routley that the NDP would have to ask the ministry of the environment why the information wasn`t released, yes friends,Ben Stewart punted the question in estimate debates to another ministry, section 25 of FIBA, Ben Stewart is responsible for that section of the act, folks,if you don`t know how estimate debates work, ndp members ask questions to the ministers about their ministries one at a time, so estimate debates for the ministry of the environment won`t be for weeks, and despite what Ben Stewart stated to Doug Routley about asking Barry Penner I have seen this play over and over again, one ministry directs questions to another ministry and when the second ministry is questioned that ministry directs questions back to the original ministry,but the opposition can`t get a do-over of the previous ministry, the opposition can`t question 2 ministries at the same time.Just like questions about the HST, questions about cost to the public,costs to ministries,the ministers punt to the ministry of finance who punts back to other ministries, all questions of the HST...The NDP were told last fall that questions about the HST would be answered in February 2010/ .....Now we are in March/2010 and HST questions are being punted off to the future, the same thing happened with creating Translink,the same thing happened with the carbon tax, questions were punted and punted until Gordon Campbell rammed through the carbon tax in the last hour of the last day of the legislative calender in 2008,no questions answered, the same thing is happening with the HST,no legislation,no nothing,you can bet your last dollar that the same last hour of the last day ram job will happen again.
That`s the game Gordon Campbell is playing, the toxic air reports were kept secret until after the election, both Barry Penner and Ben Stewart are playing political games with people`s health,children`s health,senior`s health.
Who has the authority,not the minsters, every where Gordon Campbell` ministers speak or go they have members of the public affairs bureau at their side, who controls the message, not the ministers, the PAB has more power than do Cabinet ministers, the PAB makes propaganda decisions, messaging, deletion of facts,obfuscation, which member of the PAB will step up and admit he or she ordered the withholding of information that directly affects human health, who is running the BC Government?
Is it Gordon Campbell,Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell, Accenture, Plutonic, what dirt do they have on Gordon Campbell, what blackmail, how many children has Gordon Campbell fathered with other woman, who has a copy of the birth records, who really is controlling the BC Government, for only a truly demented man would make decisions to lie,cheat,sell off the Province, with-hold information as to public safety,deliberately harm the public, only a man being black-mailed or a truly demented criminally insane man by the name of Gordon Campbell.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Monday, March 22, 2010

Gordon Campbell goes into panic mode over plummeting Natural Gas prices

Gordon Campbell`s budget numbers are toast,natural gas prices are in free-fall,productions levels at record highs,inventory way above average,industry and consumer use falls year after year do to new found efficiencies.

The Province was counting on $6.00 to $8.00 dollar natural gas, natural gas futures are down,warm weather has demand plummeting, and the money numbers get worse,the US has natural gas everywhere,Ontario has natural gas,Russia has tons of natural gas,Eastern Canada has natural,even Europe now believes they have natural gas......The price has fallen off a cliff,long term forcasters have the price remaining low for decades.....Gordon Campbell put all his eggs in one basket,Gordon Campbell couldn`t run a lemenade stand......The Campbell Government was expecting big revenue from Royalties,well that isn`t going to happen,all the subsidies and royalty free holidays for producers Gordon Campbell will see a 1/2 billion dollar hole in their forecasts!

Read this Scott Simpson article first, Scott is ringing the alarm bell, then friends I have data from the Mercantile exchange,the Henry hub spot market,you can read for yourself about where Natural gas prices are going. It`s unfortunate that Gordon Campbell sold out our future on speculation,just like IPP power contracts,Gordon Campbell is a complete failure,and guess what friends,Gordon Campbell believes the answere to the Natural gas woes is ">to flood the market with natural gas,my goodness,there is a world/North American glut of natural gas and Campbell wants to dilute the market even more.(read scott Simpson here)

"Gordon Campbell couldn`t run a peanut stand!

Natural Gas Weekly Update

Released: March 18, 2010 at 2:00 P.M.Next Release: Thursday, March 25, 2010
">Natural Gas Transportation Update"Overview (For the Week Ending Wednesday, March 17, 2010)
Natural gas prices continued declining at market locations across the lower 48 States this week, with spot and futures prices registering sizeable losses for the week ended March 17. Spot prices in the lower 48 States fell between 1 and 6 percent on the week, as weather-related demand for natural gas decreased and supplies remained relatively strong.
The Henry Hub spot price ended the report week yesterday 17 cents lower than the preceding week, at $4.27 per million Btu (MMBtu). Since February 17, the Henry Hub spot price has registered a decrease of $1.20 per MMBtu.
At the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the futures contract for April delivery at the Henry Hub ended trading yesterday at $4.303 per MMBtu, falling by 26 cents or about 6 percent during the report week.
Natural gas in storage decreased to 1,615 billion cubic feet (Bcf) as of March 12, leaving inventories 4.7 percent above the 5-year average (2005-2009). The implied net withdrawal was 11 Bcf.


Natural gas spot prices continued declining this week, reflecting moderating demand as temperatures warmed in key high-demand areas of the country. Spot prices at market locations across lower 48 States fell since last Wednesday, March 10, with decreases ranging between 4 and 26 cents. Prices at trading locations serving demand centers in the Northeast also fell significantly on the week, as spring-like temperatures arrived. The spot price at the Algonquin Citygate, which delivers natural gas to markets in New England, fell 19 cents or about 4 percent on the week. Transcontinental Pipeline’s delivery into New York City was priced at $4.58 per MMBtu yesterday, 18 cents, or 3.8 percent, lower than the previous Wednesday. Prices at trading locations serving markets in California registered some of the biggest declines since last Wednesday, particularly the southern portion of the State where temperatures continued to moderate. Natural gas spot price at the Southern California Gas Company’s market location fell 22 cents or about 5 percent since last Wednesday, ending trading yesterday at $4.49 per MMBtu. Prices at the Pacific Gas and Electric trading location, which serves markets in northern California also decreased significantly on the week, falling by 21 cents. However, despite the significant price decline, this location was the highest-priced in the lower 48 States as of yesterday, ending trading at $4.81 per MMBtu. The high price at this location and its spread compared with the Henry Hub and trading locations in the Northeast is the result of several factors. These factors include BENTEK Energy estimates, which show that since the middle of 2009, electric generators in the Western United States have been using more natural gas compared with the 5-year (2005-2009) average. The increased power burn is likely the result of a reduction in hydroelectric power generation in the Pacific Northwest and California because of lower precipitation and drought conditions. Furthermore, natural gas is replacing the 1,100 megawatts of electric power that Unit 2 of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) previously generated. SONGS Unit 2 has been out of service since September 2009 for steam generator replacement. While temperatures in the Rocky Mountain States increased slightly during the report week, they continued to hover in the 30s and 40s. Still, the price of natural gas fell substantially in a few market locations in the Rockies. The highest net weekly price drop occurred at Northwest Pipeline’s Sumas location, which fell by 26 cents or 5.7 percent per MMBtu since last Wednesday. The Sumas premium over Henry Hub decreased from 14 cents to 5 cents per MMBtu as of yesterday. Additionally, prices at Kingsgate in Idaho and Stanfield (for delivery into Oregon) fell by 23 and 22 cents per MMBtu, respectively. Overall, trading locations in the Rockies registered net weekly decreases between 4 and 26 cents per MMBtu. The across-the-board price decreases likely resulted from the significant reduction in total U.S. demand. Total demand for the week ended March 17 fell by 8.6 percent compared with last week, according to BENTEK Energy. Consumption in the residential and commercial sectors fell by 12 percent, contributing to the week-to-week decline. The majority of the decrease in this sector occurred between Monday and Wednesday of this week, as temperatures rose in areas east of the Rockies. The electric power and industrial sectors also recorded demand decreases of 8.6 and 2.3 percent, respectively. Natural gas supply exceeded total demand for 3 days this report week, the first time the estimated supply/demand balance was positive since November 26, 2009. However, total natural gas supply fell this week, a result of the decrease in Canadian and liquefied natural gas (LNG) sendout, according to BENTEK. Canadian imports decreased by almost 2 percent compared with last week, while LNG sendout fell by nearly 9 percent over the same period. U.S. natural gas production was flat compared with last week, with volumes totaling only 0.1 percent lower. Total supply of natural gas this week was 0.4 percent lower than last week and 2.2 percent lower than last year for the same week.
At the NYMEX, the price of the near-month contract for April delivery decreased by 26 cents during the report week to $4.303 per MMBtu. The price of the April futures contract has decreased fairly consistently since becoming the near-month contract on February 25, falling 46 cents during the period. Remaining contracts for delivery through the end (October 31, 2010) of the upcoming injection season posted similar decreases, ranging between 4.7 and 5.5 percent. Prices on the futures market likely reflect the arrival of spring-like temperatures and continued strength in natural gas production. With only about 2 weeks left in the traditional heating season, which will officially end on March 31, supplies of natural gas are relatively ample. Robust domestic production coupled with the possibility that natural gas inventories in underground storage may close the heating season at about last year’s level could provide considerable downward pressure on prices. Inventories of natural gas in underground storage ended the 2008-2009 heating season at 1,656 Bcf, the highest level since the 2005-2006 heating season ended with 1,692 Bcf of natural gas in storage. The 12-month strip traded yesterday at $4.919 per MMBtu, 22 cents or 4.3 percent lower than last Wednesday.

Working gas in storage decreased to 1,615 Bcf as of Friday, March 12. The implied net withdrawal was 11 Bcf, significantly below both the 5-year (2005-2009) average withdrawal of 65 Bcf, and last year’s net withdrawal of 42 Bcf for the report week. The East and West regions both noted net withdrawals for the week; however, storage operators in the Producing region reported the first regional net injection of the season of 14 Bcf. This net injection in the Producing region reduced the storage deficit compared with last year to 135 Bcf, down from 145 Bcf last week. With less than 3 weeks left in the current heating season (November 1-March 31), natural gas stocks in underground storage are on pace to finish the heating season above the 5-year average. If the remaining withdrawals equal the 5-year average withdrawals and injections for the remainder of the month, natural gas stocks would end the heating season at 1,557 Bcf, about 73 Bcf above the 5-year average. Temperatures in the country were generally warmer than normal for the week ended March 11, with total heating degree-days falling short of normal levels by about 10 percent. Based on the National Weather Service’s degree-day data, temperatures in the United States were 2 degrees warmer than normal, but 3 degrees colder than last year. Four Census Divisions in the Northeast and the Midwest recorded average temperatures that were more than 5 degrees warmer than normal Temperature Maps and Data. The West South Central Census Division, which roughly coincides with EIA’s Producing Region, also experienced above-normal temperatures. Despite relatively warmer temperatures in the Northeast and the Midwest, these areas remained cold and registered the lowest temperatures in the country for the week ended March 11. Elsewhere in the United States, average temperatures ranged between 39 and 67 degrees.

Friends,you don`t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Campbell latest budget will be out a country mile and the deficit will be larger by hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Straight goods

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Evergreen line con game continues

Sorry for the interuption..Congratulations Barack Obama,well done Democratic party,one small step for man,one giant step for mankind!___________________________________________________

Well well well, time to talk about the never green line, who didn`t see this one coming, shirley Bond gives local mayors a poison pill, Gordon Campbell and his group of con men aren`t fooling me or my faithful readers,let`s look outside the box.

As you all know the Evergreen has been talked about for decades, in fact Gordon Campbell promised to build the line every year he has been in office, the money losing Canada line that was built for the Olympics, $1 billion dollars over budget,and, and a $25 million dollar operating deficit every year for the next 2 decades, I know the Campbell government talks about Canada line as being this huge success, well friends that is nothing but a con job, here`s the deal on the Canada line, despite the ridership numbers it`s a money loser, Translink has artificially brought up the ridership by forcing buses from far and wide to bring people to the Canada line,now some of you might think that is a good idea but you`re wrong, the reason being is those transit users that are taking busses have already paid their fare,either in the bus or with a monthly pass, so now thousands of people are carted miles out of their way and stuffed onto the Canada line, the problem with that is we still need the busses and...Here is the big one, Canada line isn`t making enough revenue to pay its operating expenses, hence the $25 million dollar per year operating deficit.

Back to the Evergreen line, Campbell promised to build the evergreen line immediately after the Canada line was built, is he? Not a chance in hell, there are many moving parts at play here, number 1....The federal Government would like us not to proceed, after all, it appears the feds don`t even have the HST bribe money to give us, so the Feds would like nothing better than to say..."We gave our $400 million dollar commitment to the Evergreen line" But in reality they will never have to pony up the money when the project is cancelled again.

The Province, same thing, a Gordon Campbell special, the man has pledged billions of dollars over and over again only to stall,cancel,change his mind, of course the pledged dollars come with a Canwest/Global photo-op along with the local stooges in the media praising the Great liar Campbell, how many times are we going to be suckered by this game?In reality Gordon Campbell doesn`t have any money for the Evergreen line and the project being cancelled would suit him fine.

Let`s look at the moving parts a little closer,we have heard for years that the Federal Government has committed $400 million dollars, we have heard for years the the Province has committed $400 million dollars and all we need is for Translink to come up with $400 million dollars(their share)....Well guess what...Moving target #1...Suddenly in last weeks announcement Translink share of the Evergreen line has suddenly ballooned to $600 million dollars,how did that happen? It was $400 million dollars last month, so there is the first poison pill dealt by Gordon Campbell....Poison pill #2...Last week the Province announced the "Evergreen line will be built staring in 2011"....And there was another announcement last week!

Shirley Bond stated..."The Province will bring in legislation that will raise this $600 million dollars for Translink"

Well,what legislation could that be, Gordon Campbell just scooped $1/2 billion dollars from ICBC...That money isn`t going to Translink...Campbell is scooping more money from BC Hydro,that money isn`t going to Translink...MSP is going up,again the MSP increase isn`t going to Translink...Campbell has vowed that the useless Carbon tax won`t go to fund Transit....Gordon Campbell doesn`t need legislation to have ICBC charge a car levy,the province doesn`t need legislation for road tolling.

But, there is required legislation if the Province is going to raise municipal property taxes to fund Translink and this new inflated $600 million dollar share!

That`s right folks,Gordon Campbell is going to force municipalities to raise property taxes for Translink,or is he?

There are several problems with that scenario, problem #1) Mayors are already raising property taxes for municipal shortfalls, not just this year but next year and the year after...Problem #2)..How do you expect people in new Westminster,people in Langley,people in south Surrey to have their property taxes raised to pay for a Transit line their people will never use?....And those areas I have mentioned are screaming for busses and service,yet their screams are falling on deaf ears! And, what next,raise property taxes to pay for the $4 billion dollar line from Broadway to UBC?.....Again, the taxpayers would freak out.

And what do the local mayors have to say about this proposal from Shirley Bond...Well, Gregor Robertson says"No way".....Lois Jackson says..."not a chance"...Every mayor has said the property taxes are too high already and any increases now or in the future will be going to the municipal needs, in other words folks, Gordon Campbell wants to dip his hands into pockets where the mayors want to go digging!

LOL..But in reality folks, we need to look outside the box, the carbon tax increases are the perfect solution for Translink funding,but that is presuming that the Lying Campbell Government and the feds actually want a solution,they don`t!

Friends,this is a deliberate poison pill to get the Federal Government and the Provincial Government out of their $400 million dollar commitments, the mayors are going to put their backs up,the public is going to put their backs up and the Evergreen line is turning again into the Nevergreen line...That my friends is what is going on here,how much more proof do we need?

Consider this, the Conference board of Canada and the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell and Liar Colin Hansen have stated..."BC is going to lead Canada in growth,"...."BC will lead all Provinces coming out of the recession".....Well folks, lets examine that,the Evergreen line, first off,how come Translink`s share has risen by $200 million to $600 million,secondly,if the Evergreen gets built they can`t spend all the money at once, the project would take several years, if they "Actually have $800 million dollars" start building the line,that gives the Province 4 years to find the money, and if it is true what the Conference board of Canada and what Campbell and Hansen have said...."We will lead Canada in economic growth"....Then certainly the money will be there!

But there in lies the rub friends, the Conference board of Canada are useless message spinners for Government,Paul Taylor is a member of the CBOC,nothing more need be said, Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen are habitual liars,the BC economy is in the tank and plummeting, Natural Gas royalties are falling faster then the fluid level of Campbell`s gin bottle, Forestry is dead,the high Canadian dollar is going to kill tourism, in fact the whole BC economy is tanking so fast, IPP power buying contracts are going to squeeze even more money from the Province,HST,the public is broke, BC is on the verge of a financial disaster....

So my friends,the Nevergreen line saga will continue,Shirley Bond will blame the mayors,Gordon Campbell will blame the NDP of the 90s...The Media Stooges in BC will remain silent, the stooges will watch their Private power stock purchases and their silence will be "deafening"

The Straight Goods

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s decade of deception Exposed

Well friends, the truth is coming out, no longer can Gordon Campbell and the liars hide the true facts from the public, lies,deception,mind control,brainwashing, an atomic reality bomb is about to blow Gordon Campbell`s world asunder.

As you know I stopped watching Global and CTV news, but the other day I got a phone call from my mother asking me if I had seen a segment on Tuesday`s Global news, I responded no, she explained to me what it was about, so I had to tune in Tuesday for the late night replay on Global.......And friends I was shocked, happy and concerned,yes indeed, those were my emotional states I went through watching this segment.

Here`s the deal folks, Chris Galais started the segment saying, are you finding it harder to pay your bills, living pay cheque to pay cheque? Well you`re not alone.

That is how the segment started,I was indeed intrigued, well according to the latest statistics, from 1997 through to 2007 average incomes in British Columbia rose by 2.4%.......That`s right folks, during a 10 year period where housing,rents,foods,fuels, user fees,hydro rates, gas rates,msp rates, and every other fee you can think of went up by leaps and bounds wages went up in BC by 2.4%.....I was shocked, shocked by the staggering numbers and shocked that Global news reported the story.

And it gets better, Chris went on to say...."The average wage increases throughout the rest of Canada over that same 10 year period rose 6.9 %" snip......Well isn`t that special, the rest of Canada had a smallish wage increase but here in BC wage increases over a decade were almost flat, and friends, this news report kept getting better....Jill Krop on the late night Tuesday report on Global had something to say as well, Jill said..."Remember the bad economic times of the 90s, well according to statistics, individuals had much more spending power in the 90s then today" snip....
Well well well, isn`t that interesting, and this story was still going on global, they went back to Chris Galais....And chris stated..."And if you think you are having tough times making ends meet now, things are about to get a whole lot worse" snip.....He then went to a chart and said...Teresan Gas is going up and......................................................................................................................
And then folks the news broadcast started fluttering,the sound went out,the tape died, the station cut back to Jill Kroft who stated..."We appear to be having technical difficulties"....
Well,let me finish the report,...Teresan gas going up(even though natural gas has fallen 20% on the mercantile exchange)......BC Hydro rates are skyrocketing...The useless carbon tax is going up, and the HST is coming, $1.9 billion dollars being yanked out of the consumers pockets every year with the HST, BC Ferries are going up,property taxes are going up,water bill going up, Transit is going up, fuels are going up!
Like I say, I was shocked that Global news reported the story, I was happy that everything I have reported about the big fraud,brainwashing,utter bullshit was true,happy that I was vindicated and proven right about Gordon Campbell and the liars and their utter BS being spewed from the public affairs bureau....And I was concerned,concerned because this damning report on Global got jammed and had technical difficulties before Galais could finish the story!
Now, about this Atomic reality bomb that is going to blow up in Gordon Campbell`s face, here`s the deal, the Canadian dollar is at par with the US greenback, the line-ups heading south going shopping are getting longer and longer, with cheaper fuel,cheaper goods, the Tsunami of disgruntled shoppers heading south is staggering and growing, along the Alberta border BCers are heading east for big savings, the HST numbers Campbell and the liars are putting out are getting turned inside out, it`s a perfect storm for a financial disaster...
All the lies about the dark 90s, the lies about economic prosperity under Campbell,the lies about the great BC economy,the lies about lower taxes when they have been eclisped by higher priced everything, the great con, the spin machine, well Gordon Campbell, the motor has blown a gasket,leaking oil, the big red machine is puking its guts out, the flim flam has turned to flem!
And the disaster is growing and growing, BC exports are getting hammered, a death blow to forestry which Campbell and company have already destroyed, tourism, Jamaica,Carribbean,Southern Mexico, Las Vegas, the deals in those states and countries are wooing Canadian travellers and American travellers in droves, dirt cheap vacations, and as for tourism in British Columbia, the high Canadian dollar is a killer,the HST is a job killer in restaurants and all throughout the tourism industry, high priced fuel in BC,the highest in Canada, doubling of ferry rates to the island, over height and over length rates are going from $2.50 a foot to over $5.00 per foot, that will cost RVers and boat towers an extra $250 to go to Vancouver island or the Sunshinecoast, again,another deathblow to BC tourism.
Natural gas prices are falling, there is a huge glut on the market, the Campbell government will be out hundreds of millions on their budget numbers, Kelowna had several grass fires already this year and have announced a burning ban already, the snow pack is half of normal, the rivers will be low flow during the freshet, IPPs won`t have anywhere near their expected energy generation, the ministry of forestry and the BC budget have only allocated $50 million for fighting forest fires, last year the Province spent $400 million on forest fire fighting, this year will be even drier...There will be a massive extra debt loaded on the backside of the budget.
So friends, Canadians heading south enjoying their new found wealth in the US,buying gas,clothes,tires,no HST, cheaper products in the US even without the dollar at par, but with a 1.10$ Canadian dollar (that is what the experts are predicting the Canadian dollar to rise to by June/2010)the border will be packed with Canadians spending in the USA....Add in the HST in BC, highest priced fuel in Canada,cheap vacation deals for Canadians heading out, add the high Canadian dollar and the HST and Americans won`t be coming here,Europeans,Asians will be going elsewhere for vacations...... Exports will be hurting,natural gas royalties flat and falling, a smoke and mirrors budget, unemployment is growing in BC,in fact thousands have been laid off in the last week,the Olympic employees,the 5000 Vanoc employees have all been given their walking papers. BCers with a negative savings rate for 6 straight years,that`s right friends, in BC over the last 6 years there is a negative savings rate,the big con is over,people borrowing on equity was driving the economy.
The perfect storm, the debt will grow, the slash and burn Campbell will keep cutting, Liberal MLAs will keep lying, yes indeed friends, a perfect storm for........
"Recall in the fall"
The doom and gloom of the 90s, the myth is over, the truth has been exposed,the facts are in, the brainwash won`t work, the people have had enough, the Campbell government is built on lies and deceptions,a complete betrayal of the voting public, a sick demented party that is nothing but a rotting corpse being held up by spinning yarn.
And friends, there is no cure-all pill, just like the big mess of debt,lies and fraud the Barack Obama Government inherited from George Bush....The NDP will have almost as big a mess to clean up, there is no instant fix, but the very first step is honesty, until we get a little honesty back in our BC legislature nothing will change, so sharpen your pitchforks, sharpen your pens.
"Recall in the Fall"....."Recall in the Fall"....."Recall in the Fall"......"Recall in the Fall".
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NPA, Millennium Development,The Big Fraud!

$1.3 billion dollar athletes village, shoddy construction,rushed timeline,paper thin walls,athletes from around the world complained of how poor the quality of this development was.

Betty Krawcyzk raised the alarm about Millennium development company,in fact Betty and my opinion that this was a robbery,theft,a planned con and shell game from the very beginning, the tentacles of this deal travel in many directions.

But lets start at the beginning, we win the bid for the 2010 Olympic games, the roving band of criminals,the IOC descend upon Vancouver, but we didn`t have to look far for persons wanting to fill their pockets with taxpayer`s loot, in fact all we have to do is look to whom the NPA chose to build the athletes village, the non partisan association,the city councillors,the Mayor,the NPA chose Millennium development.... I laugh at that name,nothing could be further from the truth,non partisan..HA HA.

Who are we going to get to build the athletes village? Put out the bids, the city of Vancouver got bids from Wall development, Concord pacific, huge companies,huge companies with money,capital,development companies who had the financial resources to build the athletes village,and these companies have good track record for building large projects in the GVRD for decades, and there was also a bid from a little known company named Millennium development,a company with nothing,no money,no capital,no staff,no financial records with any real standing..

And who is Millennium development, well at the time of the bid?

Well,at the time of the NPA dominated city council, Millennium development had two directors..Sharam and Sharokh Malekyazdi,who hold no board meetings,issue no shares and do not file the required annual financial papers with the Provincial ministry of finance.They are partnered with the Armeco group of companies,Armeco has one director, a lawyer who recently headed the NPA party, that lawyer is no other than Paul Barbeau.

Well isn`t that special, Sullivan,Ladner and and the other NPA councilmen and woman,along with Paul Barbeau give the nod to Millennium development over reputable firms like Concord Pacific and Wall development, and guess what folks, Millennium has ZERO MONEY,NO ASSETS, AND GUESS WHERE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT IS GOING TO GET THEIR MONEY, FROM FORTESS HEDGE FUND AND THE CITY OF VANCOUVER.


And how did that deal work out for Vancouver,the Province had to call a week-end session in the Victoria legislature and bring in legislation to allow the Vancouver charter to be changed,that change being.....To allow the city borrow up to $1 billion dollars to pay off the loan sharks known as Fortress,of course Ken Dobell was getting bi-weekly reports on the status of the construction at the athletes village and reporting to the Province and Vanoc, well so much for Dobell keeping us up to date,the same Ken Dobell was in charge at the Vancouver trade and convention center and we know how well that worked out,$450 million dollars over budget,the project going sideways and finally Ken Dobell had to be removed, and who is Ken Dobell,Gordon Campbell`s friend and they shared the premier`s office, yes,friends,the tentacles from the NPA,Gordon Campbell,Ken Dobell,Paul Barbeau,Fortress...These clowns couldn`t run a LEMONADE STAND, it`s my opinion that there are many in this deal who should be held to account,criminal charges and a complete investigation is required!

The fix was in from the very beginning, Paul Barbeau and the entire NPA are answerable as to why they chose this company connected to Paul Barbeau, we are all familiar that the city of Vancouver had to borrow like $700 million dollars to pay off the loan sharks at Fortress, the city also had to put in place their own accountants and management team to oversee the project, because the snow job was working, the athletes village was spiraling over budget,hundreds of millions of dollars seemed to just vanish, what did Sam Sullivan,Peter Ladner and the NPA dominated city council have to say, not much, they had no answers, damage control, this boondoggle was started under the NPA, but it ended up being dumped in Gregor Robertson`s lap when the people of Vancouver threw out the NPA lock,stock and barrel, but throwing those losers out of office couldn`t stop the athletes village boondoggle that had taken place,.....

This was big news at the time, also at the time when the city of Vancouver was potentially getting ripped for hundreds of millions of dollars there were questions,lots of questions, lets go ask Estelle Lo, the city of Vancouver Chief Financial officer, well guess what folks, the NPA forced Estelle Lo out, forced her to quit or be fired, why would the NPA do that? That my friends is the $700 million dollar question, and guess what......

Estele Lo warned against the Millennium deal, Estele Lo was adamant that if anything went wrong the city of Vancouver would be on the hook, Estelle Lo was upset that the way the deal was structured,she warned against it, the alarm bells were ringing in Estelle Lo`s head about this deal, but the fix was in, the entire NPA council have questions to answer, and of course they didn`t want Estelle Lo to talk, so when they forced her out,for Estelle Lo to get her compensation package she had to sign a "Keep your mouth shut clause"!(read about Estell Lo being forced out here,Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail was all over the story,here is a quick read by the Tyee)

And where has Paul Barbeau slithered off too? Who knows, the money for the boondoggle is gone,the city of Vancouver is taking a huge bath on this deal, the Vancouver taxpayers will be paying off the athletes village for decades,possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.

Back to the Athletes village, the city of Vancouver had to turn the buildings over to Vanoc in the fall before the 2010 Olympic games or face a huge financial penalty, a tight timeline,rushed construction, shoddy work, the city is already out so much money,astronomical amounts of money,they don`t want to lose more money,there is no turning back.

The NPA run city of Vancouver,their decisions, their boondoggle,the BS has Vancouverites on the verge of losing hundreds of millions of dollars, they forced out the top accountant who was ringing the alarm bell, Peter Ladner,Sam Sullivan in my opinion all have dirt on their hands,personally I think Gregor Robertson did his best to fix a terrible situation caused by the NPA......

  The NPA has cost the city of Vancouver potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in what I would call a planned deliberate,calculated fraud, a deal the chief city financial officer warned about all the risk being assigned to the city, so the corrupt bunch (IMO) forced her resignation, the hypocrisy is unreal!

The NPA and Fortress hedge fund have by crook stolen the cows,the farm,the deed to the land.

The below story is from Betty Krawcyzk, she was the first to write about it!

OH, FOR THE LOVE OF THE OLYMPICS!Love? Oh, no. It’s actually money. For everybody but us Vancouverites who have to shell out for this huge province wide construction party masquerading as a civic celebration (oh, all right, everybody in the province pays). We’re supposed to do it for love. Do what exactly? Well, let’s just consider the Athlete’s Village.Okay, so a lot of figures are boring. Even to me. So I’ll keep it simple. There’s a corporation named Millennium Development Corp. They got the nod to build the Athletes’ Village on Southeast False Creek for the Olympics which will include 1100 condos of which 250 will belong to the City after the games. For this privilege Millennium will pay us, the city, 193 million, of which 30 million will be a down payment. These condos are not for the working poor. They will go for between 500,000 and 6 million all of which they plan to pre sell. Millennium will also receive over 82 million for building the units and we will do the site fixing at another 153 million. There are two directors (Shahram and Sharokh Malekyazdi) who hold no board meetings, issue no shares and do not file the required annual financial paper with the provincial Ministry of Finance. They are partnered with Armeco Group of Companies. Armeco currently has only one director, a lawyer who recently headed the Vancouver NPA party (Paul Barbeau). But where can these corporations, wealthy though they are, get such huge amounts of money? Well, there are two lenders… The Fortress Credit Corporation and guess who? Well, bust my britches! It’s us! The City of Vancouver! Which means that we, us, yes us, the tax payers of Vancouver will be lending a hunk, or even most (maybe all?) of the start up money to Millennium who is supposed to pay us, for God’s sake. But somehow they have it fixed so that we pay them for borrowing money from us so they can make billions. But if we, Vancouver, have this kind of money to lend out for the already super rich people so they don’t have to use their own money why don’t we do something about the homeless? Or affordable housing? No money for that? Or money in that? Well, back to Millennium and Armeco. These two, along with Gordon Campbell simply take my breath away. Their ability to pull off such a gigantic public robbery in secret takes stealth and cunning the likes of which makes Lord Black look rather amateurish. I think Gordon Campbell, VANOC, Millennium and Fortress along with Paul Barbeau are guilty of conspiracy to defraud the public. I’ll be pouring over my law books. This has got to be against the law. Betty Krawczyk .

Nothing but Politics as usual friends, just like the Republicans in the USA,Ronald Reagen,George Bush Senior,George Bush Junior,.....Especially the last,George W Bush, he lied to the world and invaded Iraq,a illegitimate war, he allowed Wall Sreet to destroy world economies,tax cuts to the rich, ruined the economy, the absolute worst president in the history of the USA, him and Dick Cheney, criminals,they are nothing but criminals, so they dump a huge mess in Barack Obama`s lap, and the FOX News,the haters, the spinners trying to blame Obama for the Bush created disaster.

The same thing with Gregor Robertson, personally I think Gregor is a little flaky, but the mess that Sullivan,Ladner and the NPA dumped in his lap is shocking, so when I hear an ex-journalist crying wolf over nothing while totally ignoring the largest and most expensive possible ponzi scheme in Vancouver history is disingenuous at best.The athletes village deal that was set up,organized,arranged,by the NPA, rejected by the Chief Financial Officer Estelle Lo,the NPA forced Estelle Lo out ,the cost to people of Vancouver will be a kings ransom for a very very long time.Glad I don`t live there!

Nothing but Politics friends, the Gordon Campbell junior edition(The NPA)..Are beating the drum,they are also beating a dead horse!

The Straight Goods

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Flight of the Butterfly

In watching the opening ceremonies of the Parolympic games I couldn`t help but truly be inspired by the athletes and the dedicated supporters, one by one courageous Olympians entered the stadium, men and woman from countries far and wide, some teams as small as one man one woman, to see these hero`s high fiving the spirited children lined along the gauntlet, clearly that was a defining moment for me.

Wheelchairs rolling in, missing limbs, sensory impaired survivors, no, that`s not quite correct, there were no survivors in our stadium tonight, there were achievers, men and woman striving for excellence, athletes of the highest caliber, bright beaming smiles who seemed as fascinated by us as we by them, beautiful souls with the inner desire to be noticed, I didn`t see any handicapped athletes,I saw the never say never attitude, I saw friendly cockiness and one upmanship displayed as the two ladies told the history of the Paralympics, the mention of three world records only to have 21 medals tossed back at her, brought a smile to my face and it`s been a while.

Walk a day in their shoes or should I say a day in their wheelchair, I spent half a year rolling, vision-less in one eye plus a few other little problems, nothing compared to the inner power displayed by the thousand plus athletes in our stadium tonight, perspective I have, perspective on many levels and that`s where this story goes sideways for me and I would like to share some personal thoughts.

The cheering crowd at our stadium tonight, I am sure there were thousands of volunteers, dedicated friends and family who are all too familiar with disabled children, wounded veterans, injured workers, accident victims, and I could sense that the cheering crowd believed we are a caring giving nation, that we have unlimited resources dedicated to making life easier for the less privileged, the autistic, the sick, the elderly, look at us, look at us Canadians we are a special breed of care givers and love and treat all equally, and I cast no aspersion to the thousands of volunteers, helpers and contributors who dedicate their lives to the betterment of others less fortunate, for I too have given less than is required, slowly even I will make amends.

Friends, I am not the forgiving type, fool me once shame on you, fool me a hundred times shame on me, these thoughts, I can`t keep these thoughts contained, writing, well attempting to write has been very therapeutic for me, let rip the emotions rather than bottle em up and have them destroy me from the inside out.

The camera pans the crowd, close ups of beautiful smiling children full of innocence, natural smiles that compel a smile in return, more cameras panning to bright eyed volunteers, dancers,singers performers, who shall I concentrate my gaze on, you can`t watch everything, no one can see all the moving parts in isolation, and maybe knowledge is dangerous, there are times when ignorance is bliss, imagine not knowing, no cares, no worries, a comic book life with a fairy tale ending.

Then the wretched camera, the hideous device that takes my spirit for a ride, brings tears to my eyes and in a blink it`s gone, VIP section, very important people, masters of the purse and destroyers of life and ignorance was never my strong suit, red mittens and blood stained hands, I can`t help but think about playgrounds with no funding, autistic children denied the best early intervention that does make a difference, a madly clapping man who cheered and waved, a man who has denied money for Special Olympics, denied money for cerebral palsy programs, a man who could give children insulin pumps but has chose not to, and those emotions start to build inside, anger first turning to sadness and ending with disgust, the pure hypocrisy of our premier, the unmitigated gall to stand and clap with those stupid red mittens while only yesterday another $120 million dollar subsidy to the oil n gas sector was announced, two more years of massive subsidies to the banks worth $375 million dollars and a new tax break on vehicles over $50 thousand dollars, strip funding for the neediest while gifting fortune to friends, it ruined the moment for me, a cruel premier, do any of these special athletes know, does the world know, do all those other countries know that the minimum wage has never been raised by our premier,despite housing, food, fuels almost everything doubling or more in price over the last decade, are they aware we lead Canada in child poverty for 6 straight years going on 7 years, does the world know or care how our premier treats seniors in care, or how our hospital waiting lists grow and grow while the premier beats the drum to sell our precious health care to wealthy Americans, those damn red applauding mitts covering hands that tore up the contract of lowest paid workers in health care and fired 9000 female workers, and then the camera pans back to those beautiful smiling children and the roller coaster ride continues.

Gordon Campbell, a premier who everything he touched turned brown and wilted, from schools, education, healthcare, a man who cares not for anything, whose every move is political, cold calculated, designed to confuse obfuscate and take from the weakest amongst us while rewarding his class, a premier who only yesterday got caught trying to extort $26,000 dollars from the last of our great war veterans, and it`s times like these that I wish I truly was ignorant and had a chance to enjoy bliss.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s legacy of Lies,Volume 1 of 30

  1. Gordon Campbell lied about bringing in the HST, in fact he promised not to bring in the HST

  2. Gordon Campbell lied pre-election about our BC deficit, Colin Hansen Lied about the deficit, both of those liars claimed the deficit would be $495 million dollars maximum, 2 weeks after the election the deficit turned into $3 billion dollars.

  3. Colin Hansen lied about the Olympic security costs, Hansen used the figure $175 million which turned into $1 billion dollars in the lead up to the games.

  4. Kevin Falcon lied on cknw when he stated the evergreen line construction would begin in 2009.

  5. Gordon Campbell lied when he said he wouldn`t sell BC Rail.

  6. Gordon Campbell lied when he said he would honour the HEU signed negotiated contract.

  7. George Abbott lied when he said the BC Liberals have built 5000 new long term acute care beds.

  8. Blair Leckstrom lied when he said BC is a net importer of electricity.

  9. Gordon Campbell lied when he said there would be no cuts to the education budget.

  10. Gordon Campbell lied when he said the Canada line was on budget.

  11. Kevin Falcon lied when he said the Golden Ears bridge was on budget.

  12. George Abbott lied when he said the Surrey memorial hospital emergency expansion would be completed by 2009.

  13. Gordon Campbell lied when he said there would be no expansion in gambling in BC.

  14. Gordon Campbell lied when he said that implementing the Carbon tax was the equivalent of taking 400,000 cars off the road each year.

  15. Christy Clark lied when she said under David Hahn BC Ferries was returning $500 million dollars profit to the Province.

How many more lies? How many more BC treasures will be sold, how many more forests given away.

How many many more years will BC lead Canada in child poverty?

When will BCs minimum wage ever be increased, how high will BC Hydro rates rise, how high will BC Ferry rates rise, how much more backdoor taxation will be inflicted by the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell, how many more subsidies will there be to Ecana gas, how many time will BCs attorney`s general bring in the gag law.

How many BC Liberals are we going to remove with the recall campaign, I received my paper work tonight for elections Canada so I can gather up signatures for the HST initiative.

When will Bill Good stop pimping for the liar Gordon Campbell, when will Keith Baldrey stop being an apologist for Gordon Campbell, when will Vaughn Palmer stop spinning for Gordon Campbell.

When will Canwest report stories that count, when will Global TV remove Michael Campbell from their news broadcast, when will Michael Levy take his nose out of Gordon Campbell`s back pocket,Levy agrees with never raising the minimum wage,it might hurt McDonalds bottom line!When will BC s debt reach $200 billion dollars.

When will people take to the streets with pitchforks, when will people fight for the children, when will citizens revolt.

Friends, I`m getting tired, tired of sunset pictures, I want to show sunrise photo`s, but unless all of us work together in concert, with passion, call the radio stations, call out the liars, lie to the guy who answers the phone and say you are going to say something nice, once on let rip, tell one person everyday what is going on. Buy as little as possible, don`t eat at McDonald`s, buy no food on the ferries, go to Alberta for supplies, cross the US border for gas, cheese,milk,clothing, cut back your BC Hydro use, turn off your natural gas and wear a sweater, don`t buy lottery tickets now that all the gaming grants have been cut, go to local farms and pay cash, look for under the table deals, take the blood money from Gordon Campbell, drive the deficit through the roof,never,ever eat farmed fish.

I so wish to have sunrise pictures one day, it`s time, time to make our stand, time for civil disobedience, time to turn off Global news,CTV news, time to turn off Bill Good, time to crank up the rock n roll, time to get sassy, noisy, angry, time to take back our Province from these liars,con men and thieves.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open