Monday, August 31, 2009

Nothing on the horizon for BC under Campbell

Contemplating the future for B.C. is rather a depressing daydream, 9 years of Gordon Campbell and nothing to show but a dysfunctional province,never at anytime in history has BC been so dependent upon outside factors.

The one bright spot for Campbell was natural gas royalties,as a province we did make money but not near enough,too many large subsidies when they were rolling in dough,now that the gas market has tanked we`re offering a 2% royalty rate?

Forestry has been slow y dying in this province,mills have been closing for years and some of the closures are from world downturns but not so in BC,we have a had a massive spike of raw log exports,up 1600 % over the last few years,there has been no effort to reverse this trend,we should be promoting small micro companies, The big three or two in forestry has been a dismal failure ,well before world markets collapsed BC forestry has been in free fall,mill after mill shift after shift the industry bled while Campbell liberals looked on as spectators, meanwhile raw log exports continued to rise,can your eyes be blind,the two lines on a chart can`t co-exist,raw logs export growing and local work drying up,the cycle is broken,without milling means no pulp,without log export restrictions the industry will slow bleed,.

A total hands off approach that has failed,oil n gas,the Campbell gang has zero control,make big money when prices spike and cry poverty when gas values tank,with the glut of natural gas the prices looks to remain low for years,Campbell has no plan B to replace this income,all his eggs for revenue put in one basket.

Mining will ebb and flow,commodity prices will dictate activity,we have seen the BC Liberals turn our province into a spectator,this ideology, this ingrained policy of a hands off privatization,a total failure,where is the long term plan,couldn`t we usa a railway,a provincial owned gas company,more energy production,has this provincial government done anything to secure future revenue streams? A Campbell led government that is completely devoid of thought,a lie filled election,a fraudulent win and when this group of geniuses get together and come up a scheme with what Campbell describes as

"The best thing he can do for the economy is bring in a 1.9 billion$$ yearly consumer tax hike"

The lowest minimum wage in Canada,we are officially in last place today,we had the carbon tax create a low income carbon credit,now we will have another tax that will add another stipend to the poor in the form of the HST low income credit,how can any tax plan where the poor have to be helped out in the form of a stipend be anything but regressive,a 2 billion dollar provincial claw scrapping away consumer spending power.

Boy could we use some more crown corporations,like a railway the was making over a 100 million per year,a natural gas company that was making 100s of millions per year,or if even half the run of rivers were provincially owned,imagine what these revenue streams could do for our province.

The final acts of a desperate government devoid of any ideas on how to move forward,an assault upon the poor and middle class,a blatant regressive tax borne by the public,a tax that will cost the province,short term gain for long term pain.

The two week party that no-one cares about,expo 86 was a 6 month show that showcased our province in summer,the 2010 games are 2 weeks in winter in BC,what does that mean,probably 2 weeks of of rain,drizzle,overcast,damp depressing weather,is anyone talking about the Bejiing games anymore? A 2 week rainfest that will come and go with a minor whimper on the world stage of events,and we BCers we be left with the bills,the clean-up, the hangover,world leaders,sponsors,the media,they will be all gone ......

When we take our streets back after the games and resume our path forward we will find an empty horizon,a government devoid of thought,no future plan,no revenue sources,no human right standards,employment standards,a bleak picture forward,highest child poverty,lowest minimum wage,the largest deficits,doubling of our provincial debts,daily shootings,endless lawsuits.

I wouldn` expect any highlights this afternoon in our budget,it will be devoid of any data,any charts or any hope,there will be continued excuse making on how this debt snuck up on us, premier butterfly and Hansen will offer nothing but a bleak forecast,Campbell will defend his government`s record,the media will offer mild praise,and so Campbell`s legacy will leave this province in thus the same way in entered,massive deficits,an erosion of services,child poverty leaders,seniors and the underclass reeling from cuts,middle class society hammered and hurt, a sad day indeed,4 more years of nothing,4 more years of erosion,4 more years of no dreams,4 more years to be led astray and lied to,4 more years to forget the last 8 years of nothing,I have been analysing Campbell`s legacy over recent days,what he maybe remembered for....

Gordon Campbell,the legacy of nothing,he will be known as the politician,the man who did everyone,the man who accomplished nothing,built nothing memorable,resided over the biggest deficits,grew the debt the fastest, sold the most assets,gave away the revenue streams,grew the most poor,he won`t be talked about,he will go the way of of the 1919 Spanish flu pandemic,100s of millions died, the future was bleak,towns and cities had dead wagons roll in and take away the nightly victims who succumbed to the sickness....

A time so horrible that the history wanted to forget it,it happened,the horror was unspeakable,that will be the legacy of Gordon Campbell,a time to forget,a time that was put on hold,Gordon Campbell,a politician`s legacy of nothingness,a legacy of deceit,a legacy of willful disdain,a legacy of pain,of hurt,a legacy of humanity lost a legacy that time has already forgotten,the legacy of Gordon Campbell, a politician,no more no less, BC 2001 --2013 the land of no horizon.

Grant G-Eyes looking for the horizon

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