Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canwest Global and premier Campbell`s PAB (Public affairs Bureau) work hand and hand to spin the news,again!

Here I was sitting down to watch the evening news,I`m always curious as to what our local media would be talking so of course I turned to Canwest Global News,and it`s been no secret that they have been pimping for for Gordon Campbell forever.

With me being the eternal optimist I hold out hope that one day they will start reporting the news rather than spinning the news,well,again I was disappointed,it`s not like they didn`t have any ammo,for gods sake just look at the series of bombshells,announcements and lies from the provincial government.

They could of talked about the red hot issue of the HST or the announcement of running deficits for four more years,there`s the 400 million in cuts to the health authorities,the slashed and cut programs,even a little story about the 9.999$ weekly online gaming limit would of been something or how about a mention of the $4 billion dollar fudget budget,nope,nothing nada.I recall Glen Clarks so-called fudget budget where a predicted small surplus turned into a 200 million$ deficit,the media went nuts,Canwest reporters followed Glen Clark around,camped outside his residence,the Vancouver Sun had front page stories forever on the issue,boy how times have changed!

Think about it,we just had an election,Campbell swore up and down about a small deficit which has ballooned to a $4 billion dollar deficit in 3 months.....Oh well,so what was the story last night,the lead story was a minute on BC`s own most wanted model killer,then they went into full blown Gordon Campbell television with a 4 to 5 minute piece on the FAST FERRIES........
That`s right,fast ferries,the first of the three CATS was being loaded on a transport ship in Deep cove then off to the middle east it goes........That was the story,but that`s not how Gordon Campbell television played it,they used the words and phrases, "The infamous fast ferries" and "The scandal" and "Massive cost-overruns" and it gets better,they dug up archive tapes with Glen Clark at the ceremonial launching of the fast cats,and it went on and on,they mentioned the price going from a budgeted 220 million to 400 million $$$,they mentioned how it "Doomed and sunk" the NDP...........That was it,that was their news cast,they only had news from 90s,nothing from the 21st century,they didn`t compare the cost overruns to...........

The convention center boondoggle which is under-booked,needing reno`s(already) that was run into the ground by Ken Dobell(Campbell`s office buddy)who was in charge of that project,the convention center with a budget of 400$ million that ballooned to almost 1 billion$$$,nope,no comparison made there,no comparison to the athletes village boondoggle,who the premier`s freind Ken Dobell was getting weekly reports on the progress of that project from the beginning but somehow didn`t report the massive cost overruns to Gordon Campbell,nope,no comparison to that.

It appears that Canwest Global and the Vancouver sun are stuck in the 90s and are incapable of mentioning the glaring Campbell Liberal boondoggles or scandals,I mean how can you compare a 200 $ million cost overrun to build ferries in BC to Gordon Campbell being sued by the HEU in the supreme court of Canada and losing(90 $million dollar settlement) or Liberal cabinet ministers under investigation,you know like John Les or Kash Heed or how about that other little scandal stewing away on the back burner....BC Rail...A rigged sale after a broken election promise,with missing Emails that were ordered shredded/obliterated during the last provincial election with the premier Campbell`s Campaign manager who was working for BC Rail doing SOMETHING and allegedly working for CN rail at the same time brokering "The Deal" and then the RCMP raid our legislature and haul out boxes of papers and computers which has spawned a court case that hasn`t gotten past pre-trial motions and discovery hearings in 5 years.........

And the same Patrick Kinsella who is involved in expanded gambling lobbying,the lobbyist for pay day loan companies,the lobbyist for private liquor,the lobbyist for Plutonic power controversial run of river projects and on and on it goes.......

So meanwhile Gordon Canwest Global Campbell television only wants to talk about the 90s -Glen Clark-fast ferries and a WHOPPING $200 million NDP deficit!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

When the NDP gets a landslide majority government the first priority will be this:

1. NATIONALIZE Global, the Vancouver Sun and all other news outlets and turn them into a crown corporation.

News by the people and for the people. End of story.

Anonymous said...

You rock Grant!

Bookmarked your site


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you sent this to Global TV, too. And perhaps in the form of a letter to the editor to all main-stream newspapers in BC, too. I just really, really wish more people of BC sought out websites like this.
Thanks for writing such an informed piece.