Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Translink is going broke fast

What the heck is going on with Translink? There are two dynamics at play with Translink.

First off the Campbell Liberals are downloading responsibilities of the ministry of transportation upon Translink,here are some examples of the downloading,why is Translink having to pay to build overpasses in Langley,why did Translink have to pay for the major repair on the patullo bridge after the fire,why did they have to pay for re-paving the patullo bridge,why indeed? At present there are NO busses that even cross the patullo bridge,and buses haven`t crossed that bridge for years,so why are Translink paying for it?

The Golden ears bridge--A so-called P3....Ha....I have tried to get the car crossing numbers but they are being hidden and I know why,heck,it`s the only major crossing without a traffic cam on it,why is that,I can view all the other bridges but not the Golden ears bridge.

Here`s why,this phony private partnership is a fraud.....Here`s the deal,right now Translink is paying the private operator of the Golden ears bridge a 500.000.00$ per month fee,and the rises to $4 million per month in 2011.....And then rises to $4.8 million per month in 2015.....Plus Translink is paying the Golden ears bridge private operator 316.000.00$ per month for maintenance for the next 25 years......Plus,Translink has to collect the tolls,pay the administration costs and ICBC is being used also as a de facto collection agency,if you don`t pay you can`t get insurance or drivers license renewal if you owe toll money.

What kind of a phony P3 is that?(taxpayers have all the risk) So we pay a huge premium for a P3 and we have the only risk....Sheesh

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Which bring me to the much hyped Canada line

Besides the Canada line being over 1 billion over budget---The original approved budget that was voted on by the council of mayors(after an arm twisted third vote) was $ 1.35 billion....Which later got bumped up to $1.5 billion dollars.....Well that cost ballooned to 2.5 billion minimum,yet Campbell and the Liberals claim it`s on budget....HA

Here`s the deal on the Canada line,another phony P3......Translink has guaranteed to pay the so-called private operator fees up and until the Canada line gets 100.000 paying riders daily.

Let me repeat that,Translink is paying the private operator the shortfall,and will continue to pay until ridership reaches 100.000 paying riders daily......

Well,right now the Canada is getting about 70.000 daily riders.......So lets get our math going.......30.000 X 4.00$ = 120.000.00 per day subsidy----X 30 = 3.6 million$ per month X 12 = $ dollars per year......Thats right....Translink is going to be subsidizing the so-called private operator over 43 million per year.....Say What !

But it`s far worse than that.......Because the ridership is being artificially inflated,Translink is funnelling people fron White rock-Delta-Surrey.....Their once express buses that went from those towns directly to downtown Vancouver are now going to divert to bridgeport Station in Richmond,besides artificially propping up ridership numbers,and inconveniencing riders forcing them to make two extra transfers..........

But it`s a muggs game----Here is a short explanation,if you think funnelling riders to the Canada line is a great way to get the ridership number up to the 100.000 mark,thus eliminating the subsidies Translink has to pay to the private operator. LOL....HA HA......

Because it`s a con-----The subsidies will still be there even if the ridership gets propped up because.........

People aren`t paying again when they get on the Canada line at bridgeport skytrain station,no sirree bob,people have already purchased their bus ticket in the form of a two zone or three zone ticket,or monthly pass,or faresaver tickets.......So Translink will continue to con the public,phony up the numbers and the subsidies will continue on the Canada line for at least a decade or more,so again,another phony P3 where the builder,the private operator have zero risk and everything is backstopped bt the BC taxpayers.

And that`s why Translink is coming dipping into your pocket with the car levy(coming this fall) increased property taxes and fuel increases.

And lets not forget the massive premium were paying to have a P3 do the project.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that the new 6 lane Golden Ears Bridge is a dud. Nobody is using it. Might as well use it as another runway for the Pitt Meadows Airport.

Another nail in Scampbell's coffin. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are going to raise a STINK about THIS!!!
The Jack Webster Foundation has announced CKNW's Bill Good is the winner of the 2009 Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award.
Says foundation co-chair Neil Soper:

"......Bill Good's contribution to excellence in journalism is enormous. From the listeners and viewers to whom he is a trusted voice and face, to the newsmakers to whom he is a fair-minded questionner and to his colleagues who consider him one of the best, Bill Good is well-deserving of this prestigious award."

The Jack Webster foundation is named after the late broadcaster and was established to recognize excellence in BC Journalism.
Bruce Hutchison was a BC based newspaper journalist with a national reputation that spanned six decades.

Anonymous said...

I think the lower mainland is a perfect place for criminals to get paid under the table legally while the honest tax payer gets ravaged from behind and no one is aware of it. Not even the government