Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not on his radar,but in his briefcase

So Godorn Campbell expects the public to believe that HST wasn`t on his radar,now that`s what I call hooey,the merits of HST pro and con will be discussed at length in another post,but let us get to the Straight goods on when he knew he was going to dump it in our laps.

First off the feds have been humping all the provinces legs for years to go HST, we know that Ontario introduced the HST on march 26/2009 in their budget,but now,thanks to a column by Miro Cerntenig in the vancouver Sun,we learn that Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen read a discussion paper/report from the BC Progress Board,and that report was read in December 2008.........So whats the big deal you say about them reading a report,well the report which is geared towards big business and policy decisions by government,anyways,in that report it suggest(strongly) that the BC government should adopt the HST,so where is the story........

Well,early in the report the BC Progress Board warns of a furious backlash from the public if the HST tax shift is enacted. Read BC progress board report here

So now we know why Gordon Campbell hid his intentions from the public


G West said...

Tried to post last I've forgotten what I said - it appears to have disappeared into the ozone though.

Of course the CEO was planning to 'harmonize' before the election - he also know exactly what kind of hole the economy had fallen into as well.

Keep up the good work Grant.

G West

Crankypants said...

The dog and pony show the Liberals are laying on us is truly beyond belief. Have they appologized for misleading the electorate with their February budget? The answer is NO as they claim the economic climate changed rapidly from budget time to election day. Many analysts and economists questioned the February budget the day it was brought down. They predicted that the deficit was substantially understated and they were proved to be right on the money.

Fast forward to July and all of a sudden the most important financial decision ever made by a finance minister is unveiled with a timeline that is so unbelievable that it would make a great comedy skit if it wasn't for the drastic effects it will have on the common BCer' pocket book. Logic says that if the Liberals are doing their due diligence on behalf of all British Columbians, then they must have been working on the HST well before the election. If they are correct in saying that they did not consider the HST until well after the election, then they have not done their due diligence and should immediately resign for their incompetence.

If the HST wasn't so disastrous, it would almost be laughable listening to Hansen's line of bull.