Friday, August 21, 2009

HST Fraud exposed,Mining Edition

Since the media won`t report the facts I guess I`m going to have to do their jobs!
Here is the list of PST exempt items that mining already enjoys....Forestry and mining and oil n gas to follow.
This data is directly from the BC government web site.
This is a big list of tax exempt items,and even this list is long it`s not quite complete.....Lets go
A)Adapter couplings- Air couplings-air filters-anfo loaders-assay equipment-assembly spindle-
B)backhoes-basket filters-batteries-bearings-bevel gear retainers-bits,drill-bolts-bulldozers-bushings

C)cable swivel collar-carbide bits-caps,for wireline-casing guides-catwalks-cement equipment-chopping bits-chuck jaws-chutes and hoppers-clamps-clutches-compression springs-compressors-computers and monitors-conveyer belting material-core lift case-core lifters-cotter pins-couplings-couplings,air-crusher,including cutting edges,ripper tips,teeth and replacement parts

D)deflecting wedges-diamond bits-diamond drills-diamond set bits-diamond set shells-displacement plugs-disribution equipment-drill bits-drill casings-drill rods-driving discs-dust control systems-dux trucks

E)electric shovels-equipment used in primary processing-exacavators-eyebolt

F)fan belt-float collars and float shoes-flood lights-front end loaders-fuel filters

G)gaskets-gear bits-generator parts-generators and motors-geochemical equipment-geophysical equipment-graders-guide shoes

H)hand held grinders-hand held tools-haulage equipment-head saeling rings-hex stop nuts-hoisting cables-hoists-holding dogs-hoppers and chutes-hoses-hub gear-hydraulic grease fitting-hydraulic pumps

I)impreganated bits-injectors-inner tube stabilizers-inner tubes-intermediate gear shifts

J)jar staff assembly-jar top heads-jar tubes

L)landing rings-latches-lifting dogs-lightplant-locking couplings-lowering irons

M)masts-mine cars and mine rails-mine ventilating equipment-motor vehicles-motors used to operate drills-mucking machines

N)nipples-nuts and bolts

O)oil filters-ore trucks-O rings-overshot release

P)percussion casing-percussion drill parts-pickaxes-picks-pinion shaft-pipe fittings-plastic liner-pollution control equipment and machinery-pressure gauges-pressure plates-pumps,dewatering-pumps general

R)radiators-rails-rakes-range selectors-release springs-replacement parts for eligible equipment-rigs-ring cones-rock bolting machines-rock bolts-rock drills-rock saws-rotary bits

S)sand line-scaffolding,catwalks,walkways and similar items-scooptrams-seismic recording equipment-seismac shot-shear pins-sheaves-shovels-shut off valves-skids-skips-sleeve cones-sliding gears-slushers-spark plugs-spearheads-sprinkler heads-spur gears-stainless steel balls-starting barrels-steel angles-steel channels-steel plates-stop rings-stuffing boxes-swivel adaptors

T)temperture gauges-thread protectors-throwout bearings-throwout yolk-toledo scales-trammers-transportation equipment-transformers-transmissions-tricone adaptors

V)valves-van ruth plugs-vehicles-ventilating equipment-VK plugs

W)walkways-waste management machinery and equipment-water swivels-waterline heaters-wing bits-wire ropr-wireline cables-wireline hoists-wireline-wrist pins

Is there anything they do pay PST on? Where are the MASSIVE saving for this big industry...
The HST is a fraud,it`s nothing but a consumer tax grab that hurts the middleclass the most,and they are using a big business saving our future to sell this CON....DON`T BELIEVE IT.......
More to come.....The Straight Goods

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