Saturday, August 15, 2009

BC Liberals douse olympic flame and spirit

The ex-mayor of Salt lake city was on the the Bill Good show(hosted by Michael Smyth) and was talking about their winter olympic experience,he went on to say that the populous was split 50/50 pro and con on the lead up to the games but as the grand spectacle neared the public rallied and became engaged which turned public opinion around to a 90% approval.

well there are a few differences between the emotional state of BC and Salt lake city,for one Salt lake didn`t have a fraudulent election 6 months before the games.

This HST anger on top of massive medical service cuts are just the tip of the iceberg,despite daily warnings about health cuts during the election by Adrian Dix, the Liberals called Dix "reckless,fear mongering,spreading lies" and where was the media,Michael Smyth was scaring burger eating beer drinkers,Vaughn Palmer was sheepish at best,Canwest Global was showing pictures of Carole James with 2 FM rock DJs and whining about 400 litres of fuel used in a plane trip to view the Ashlu run of river project, and apparently the ride was a little bumpy from the wind and the media who joined Carole James were throwing up in barf bags,well I for one don`t feel bad because the media has been making me throw up for the last 8 years in this province!

Today the Fraser health authority made people cry during their town meeting in Mission as they confirmed Adrian Dix`s ignored warnings about massive cuts to health.
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Well reading a Vancouver sun article tonight it gets worse,approximately 800 volunteer groups,CPACs,sports groups,seniors groups,phil harmonic,community groups who regulary got monies to fund sports/events and a myriad of other items are hanging in limbo,these groups which apply for funding by may 31st have not heard back from government,now remember these monies they received in the past have come from the BCLC,gaming revenue,and remember that other broken promise by Campbell of not expanding gambling,gambling has exploded under his leadership......
But it`s worse than that because the BC Lottery corporation in lots of their advertising make it known that monies from gambling are used to support sports/arts/community groups etc etc....So for the Campbell government to cut these grants is nothing less than breaking a moral contract with people of BC.......And Gordon Campbell breaks moral contract after moral contract with ease,he has it down to an art form.........I for one have an absolute belief that these groups will be left hanging until the 11th hour and then Campbell will send one of his lackeys to break it to them,sorry no about it here

Today on the Christie Clark show on one of her segments Christie had on as a guest Independent MLA Vicki Huntington from Delta South,well according to Vicki Huntington her MLA office has been swamped with voters,voters who voted for her and voters who voted for Campbell that are complaining about the HST tax and all the other cuts being announced every day.......
Vicki said the voters are telling her that they feel dirty,used,conned,voters who feel the entire election platform of the Liberals was a fraud. Well it was a fraud,Campbell and his ministers suppressed everything,the cuts,the deficit,the HST,Campbell kept telling the voters that we were in the best shape of any jurisdiction in the world,Gordon Campbell`s 2009 election was the most dishonest,toxic fudget budget,lie filled con job the people of BC have ever seen,it makes Glen Clark look like a saint.

So the people of Salt Lake City embraced the olympic spirit,I assure you Mr. Campbell that will not happen here,you have made the olympic doubters even angrier and more importantly you have single handily made the few remaining olympic supporters furious,any spirit,any happiness,any harmonization of the people is all but gone,the olympic flame in BC is a burnt out bic lighter,the olympic spirit has been doused for all,I for one will avoid the city and from the people I`ve talked to,they won`t be there either.......

So enjoy your games Mr Campbell,smile for the press,greet the world leaders,make sure to wear one of your Gordallions as you schmooze with the VIPs,for as far as I`m concerned,the olympics are already over.


RickW said...

Most BCers can't afford to go to the games anyway -- in spite of the fact that we've pre-paid the entry fees many times over. But most of us have to work, and do not have the luxury of time off. And those of us who do have time off (commonly called 'unemployed'), for sure can't afford the games.

As for the people flooding Vicki Huntington's office who say they voted for the Liberals? Well, this being the 3rd election, they should have known by now what they were voting for.

islandcynic said...

Voters knew what they were going to get when they voted for Liberal. They chose a party that represents business over the public. I don't know why they are angry now, they got what they voted for!

PeterB said...


John Travolta and Samuel Jackson discuss Canadian Taxes --- LMAO