Monday, August 24, 2009

What crown asset is next to be sold by Gordon Campbell

Before you start thinking I am a little paranoid lets examine history,because you know that old saying "Don`t forget your history or your destined to repeat it"

Lets go back to 2001...Bring on the Gord......Here we had a bright eyed politician with a majority government,the economy was not bad,not great,no where as bad as today,and what happened next,well Gordon Campbell gave giant tax cuts to the wealthy and big business,cut services left right and center,tore up contracts,and levied user fees on everything that profoundly hurt many BCERs.

Sound familiar,and we know what else he did,he lied his face off and sold BC Rail,the "deal" still has a shadow hanging over it as it crawls it`s way through the halls of justice,although the "Justice" part seems to have disappeared from the halls of our BC courts.
So lets fast forward to the present,the province is broke,big time broke,the biggest deficit in BC history,we have just come off a fraudulent election where Campbell the liar struck again,he`s done a 180 on all his election promises,he just offered up a huge 2 billion$$a year gift to big industry to be paid for off the backs of struggling BCers,getting the picture yet? He`s slashing services left right and center,health budget has a whopping 400$million shortfall,programs cut,community grants cut,complete programs eliminated.
I`ve seen this picture before,deja vu?....So what crown asset has the potential to be sold?
BC Hydro? Nope,Campbell for the time being needs BC Hydro to do his bidding for the Patrick Kinsella/Plutonic mob...BC hydro doesn`t need to be sold,with all the energy contracts he`s signed(so far) will bankrupt Hydro...33 billion so far....What about BC ferries,nope,their not worth anything,BC ferries is carrying huge debt,87 cents of every dollar BC ferries makes goes to pay interest,who would buy that,and for how much? No one,he could possibly give it away but any give away wouldn`t bring in any money....Read about BC ferry debt here
So what else could he sell?forests,well he just gives those away for free,rivers? he`s done that but he`s only getting 5000.00$ per river so that won`t help,so what the heck could gordon Campbell sell to reload his provincial credit card? I suppose you might think I`m crazy,well I am,like a fox,but I`m not alone on this theory,my friend Ross K over at the pacificgazette put up a similar post.......I don`t know how to direct you to the exact spot is Ross K`s link The story was posted on august 20th...and it`s called
(Is this the dawning of a new era of "Disaster Gordism"?)
So have I got your curiosity peaked.....Well,let me give you some more clues,what crown asset do we own that has lots of money and is easily saleable to a big American firm?Still stumped?
Drum roll please......Worksafe BC..That`s right,Worksafe BC think I`m crazy,well here`s the deal folks...Back in 2001/2002 Gordon Campbell made radical changes to WCB....WCB pre 2002 averaged 500 to 600 injury pensions per year,since the changes WCB has given out about 200 permanent/loss of earnings pensions in the last 6 years,a 90% drop off....WCB averaged pre 2002 spending about 200 million a year in re-training,that has dropped off to about 3 million a year,nobody is getting paid anymore,WCAT...and the review board are nothing but a rubber stamp to the board,even if someone wins an appeal,or a wcat- The review board merely returns the decision to the case manager,she tweaks the decision and screws you all over again,each round of fights takes a couple of years,they won`t pay for any legal representation and if you are a permanently injured worker whose been cut off,with no income how long can you sustain the fight? Not long,I no first hand of thousands who have been bankrupted and were left with nothing,there have been many recorded suicides from the treatment and financial stress that Worksafe BC has put on them!

So why would Campbell sell WCB.....#1)He`s broke,.....What is WCB worth? Lots.....
Right now there is a surplus of about 10 billion dollars$$---Let me repeat that,right now there is a surplus of 10billion$$....How come they have so much money? I just explained that part,WCB isn`t paying anyone anymore,well,if you need a stitch,if you break a finger you get paid,but if you lose your an arm,a leg,if you have a permanent lifelong injury and you can`t return to gainful employment you get next to nothing!
So,I heard this through the rumourville,WCB could be sold,here`s how it would go down,Campbell sells the corporation to a big American insurer,BC companies would be obligated to HAVE to deal with this corporation,in its current form it is making money hand over fist,So Campbell sells the asset for a nominal fee but keeps the 10 billion dollar$ surplus to reload his credit card.......And before you think this is a good idea.
We BCers would be subject to dealing with a big American medical insurance agency that could disqualify you for anything...Like diabetes,pre-existing-pre-disposed-in your family genes--negligence--you could be drug tested after the fact and be disqualified--the company didn`t pay the fees so your out of luck.
Think about it,it`s our only asset worth selling that would bring large cash..

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Why don't you call up all of the media outlets to make this a major, and I mean MAJOR story?

Come on Grant, step up to the plate to prevent this Gordo fiasco!

powell river persuader said...

I have been fighting and trying to expose the crminal activity of WCB....Canwest global doesn`t have the balls to take on this issue,the reporters are hamstrung,the columnists,same thing,their political masters won`t allow free press....

I have asked the Tyee over and over again to investigate WCB,they won`t,the only real hard hitting news is coming from the bloggosphere...

If you heard the throne speech today,there were some subtle hints, "a core review will be done at all crown corporations to indentify savings"

To me that sounds like code,Campbell said the same thing in 2001...Now we don`t have a railway....

The head of ICBC today was asked if he feared privitization of that corporation....

The media are missing the mark,ICBC isn`t the target.

I have written dozens of letters to media...

On the last day of the BC legislature just before the may election there were petitions presented by every single one of the NDP MLAs signed by tens of thousands of their constituents about the wrongs of WCB...Did the press report it? Not a chance

So with the help of my friend (Ross K)I put this blog together(a work in progress)to try and get the word out.

Grant G