Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Betrayal from the solictor generals in spades

John Les to Kash Heed to Gordon Campbell,betrayal at it`s finest

Flash to 2.00 pm yesterday, the long drawn out throne speech,for me it was more of a throw-up speech,I won`t waste your time telling you what was in the speech,lets concentrate on what wasn`t in the throne speech.

Not one mention,not one word about justice,nary a word about the daily gang shootings,nothing about the crystal meth epidemic,escalating violent crime,no talk of toughening up the courts or tasks force,the matter of crime reduction is gone.

And does it surprise me,no sirree bob,we have a premier who facilitated shredding evidence during the election,he couldn`t risk having incriminating evidence hanging around with the election on the line......Which brings us to the ongoing saga of our B.C. solicitor generals(plural)

John Les had to step down from his cabinet position of BCs top cop 2 years ago,the deal with John Les is this,the alleged charge is over influence peddling,John Les served as mayor of Chilliwak for 13 years,and in the courseof his civil service he gathered up influence,John Les has brothers in the developing/housing business(one brothers name is corney les,I think carney would be more appropriate)

Anyways,Les joins the Liberals,Chilliwak isn`t a giant community,small town with big ears,well apparently there were more than one person who owned grade (A) farm land that they wanted to develop and get in on the escalating land value game,but there is a big difference between farm land value and land approved for housing,well these people couldn`t get the land zoning changed to allow housing developments,so these people ending up selling the land for cheap to the John Les clan.......

And lo n behold the Les`s buy the land and magically the zoning gets changed and housing developments get built in short order,that`s the charge against the now ex-solicitor general(investigation ongoing)

Fast forward to his replacement.....JOHN 2.......John Von Dongen....AKA speedy gonzales.

Well after it got leaked that Von Dongen has been endangering the public`s lives over and over again with excessive speeding,and of course Gordon Campbell FORGAVE speedy John,..How noble of you to forgive a lawbreaker Gordon Campbell,anyways the public outcry grew and Von Dongen stepped up to the plate and resigned from his post as Solicitor general.

Which brings me to the story today---Jack Crone,millionaire stock broker who plead guilty in court to possessing thousands of gory,dirty,bestiality images of children being abused sexually and physically.....Jack Crone apologized in court to his family but also said he wasn`t a "Diddler only a voyeur" but now realizes how he was victimizing the children all over again.

So lets talk Kash Heed,......Kash Heed resigned from the west Vancouver police department,he had the top job,he was CHIEF of police,he resigned Mid Contract and decided to run for the Campbell Liberals,which was quite surprising because he was taking a substantial wage cut,he made far more money as police chief then he will as an MLA or even a member of cabinet,he got a 45.000.00 severance and the rest is history,except for this.

He was under investigation(when he was police chief) for interfering in an investigation into a child pornography case,the Jack Crone case to be exact,he allegely met with a police board member for an early morning coffee and gave her a heads up about the pornography case and search warrant going down that day and the case was involving Jack Crone,which she just happened to work with Jack Crone at RBC investments(da money boys).

So a complaint was launched by some other officers(allegelly) over interfering in the case and out of the blue Kash Heed resigns and under the police act a police officer cannot be investigated if they have retired/resigned......There were actually 2 other north shore police officers who resigned the day before they had to testify over complaints filed against them the year earlier(nothing to do with the Jack Crone case) but that is when I first learned about the get out of jail free escape clause for cops!

So here we have a drinking driver premier.....a speed demon public life endanger er.....An alleged influence peddler.....and now a new top cop with a dark shadow hanging over him involving a child pornography case,the worst of the worst type of crime.

Jack Crone story here

Does this give any of you confidence in the Campbell government in the issue of crime?Corruption/influence peddling/lobbying.....Let the bullets fly!

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Anonymous said...

thx again for another great posting
my god these people make my skin crawl reading.. so much slimely new that never hits the big media

Rob Kwon said...

If your ok with some feedback I find some articles are a little drawn out. But otherwise a great job!

I know there is a lot to be said but the art of pithiness will lead more people to your news. Proper readily edible chunks will create in larger audience in my opinion. With every satisfying digestible piece, a larger audience will come back to partake of more. No offense intended because I get that way too.

Rob Kwon said...

BTW, why are you censoring the postings. To counteract any potential challenging opinion? Aren't you doing the same of that which you criticize?

Grant G said...

I don`t censor comments...Joeseph K is banned because he is very sick, he`s a stalker, he is dangerous, possibly even a sex offender...

Some comments...Like for example...If someone claims the BC Liberals are the greatest money managers in the world...

I ask for proof, a link, confirmation....

In fact I had a commenter last week who claimed that Dalton McGuinty has made Ontario great, made the economy rebound, jobs galore....

The person provided nothing...Similar to what Joeseph K/Polakite/Christy Fan/Troll does...

Censorship...Well, I do censor stupidity!


Grant G said...

By the way Rob...

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