Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The IOC adds insult to injury and is ripping us off

Lets be clear,the IOC is nothing but group of snooty elitists that wield power,power over unsuspecting taxpayers that get duped,every two years a different country gets selected for fleecing,these pompus asses are wined and dined,bribed and pampered,for many many years they have had scandals yet the Mob continues to roam the world with their red carpets.

There are still many financial shockers left to be dropped on BCers over the 5 ring circus,for example.

Remember that olympic village fiasco,let me lay out that scenario and how the tentacles and suction cups are spread from false creek to Whistler to your pockets.

Ever hear of Fortress? They are a New York city hedge fund that specializes in finance,not ordinary finance but finance for the desperate,they are proud of the fact that they finance projects with the underlying goal of taking things over,such harsh terms that the borrower pays for a while then succumbs to the financial burden and they take over the partially paid for asset.....

That`s why Gregor Robertson had to have Victoria change the Vancouver charter to allow the city of Vancouver to borrow 800 million dollars to pay-off Fortress who was financing Millennium construction who was the builder to the Olympic village,it was either pay them off or lose the project completely(can you say boondoggle loanshark).

Well it gets better,ever hear of intrawest? Well they own whistler blackcomb,and intrawest had a huge loan they got for buying blackcomb,and who do you think they got the loan from? Fortress.......So if you remember last year Intrawest had to scramble to find like 2/3 rds of a billion for Fortress or else.......And it gets better,the Olympics,do you think Whistler Blackcomb are donating the mountains for the Olympics?Uh uh...You would figure that Whistler/Blackcomb is getting all the plublicity, their getting venues added to their ski resorts,their getting a guaranteed world audience for 2 weeks,that should be enough right?Wrong.
Intrawest is renting the mountains to Vanoc for the olympics,that`s right,renting,well how much is the rental......Well we won`t know until after the olympics,Intrawest has a complicated criteria in determining the rental cost,there are several factors in play,firstly is,how much traffic and how well do they do during the olympics,and how busy are they in the lead up to the games,because there is a ski-season before the olympics,if people aren`t coming to the mountain,travel restrictions for BCers over the 1 billion$$ security goon squad,and finally alot of people may avoid the mountain until next year.....So anyways,after the owelympics Intrawest will tell us what WE are on the hook for!
Which brings me to the pompus asses at the IOC....And this has nothing to do with the fact that they ran roughshot over the female ski jumpers(no one can dare question the IOC or else) it has nothing to do with the fact that the IOC rules supercedes the Canadian charter of rights or how they oppress opposition,this has to do with the fact that the IOC still owes Vanoc/taxpayers 40 million dollars,well,I guess because of the "global recession" and plummeting sponsorship money the IOC is giving us the BIG STIFF.
Well my friends,the IOC needs to get the big stiff right back,right where the sun don`t shine!
Update to this story---The IOC has concluded their visit to Vancouver, the IOC said they would provide 9 international sponsers,but have only signed up 7......And,according to the IOC....The "Deal" provides that the IOC would only give Vanoc royalties from international sponsers,so the IOC said techincally we "Don`t owe Vanoc any money"...........Well,it gets better,the IOC said to Vanoc,hey,if you run a deficit we will help you out after the games with unspecified amounts.......HA HA HA....After the games the IOC will "cough" up some money.....HA...When pigs fly!
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Anonymous said...

I came across this quote from a book by Len Deighton, "If you dine with the rich, you wind up paying the bill." I believe he caught the spirit of the bill for the games.