Thursday, August 20, 2009

The media,are they mentally deficient,incompetent or just stooges

What is going on in BC,we have had non-stop shocks from the Campbell Liberals since they won the may election and where or more importantly what the heck is the media in BC doing?

Gord MacDonald(filling in for John macolm) on CKNW has been whining all week,wah wah..what would the NDP do about the deficit,Carole James won`t say she will kill the HST in 2013 if elected..wah....The NDP aren`t being honest..wah..

Vaughn Palmer(on holidays again) hasn`t written anything during this political junkie`s dream world of current BC events(we do live in a electronic age)...

Les Leyne,who?

I will admit that a few politicos are writing stories,like Michael Smyth,but cmon Michael,have you ever done any real research in your life? Keith Baldrey,global`s legislative reporter,he reports,writes a few puff pieces in the :Burnaby now: but again,where`s the beef.....

Even the feisty(once feisty) online web site the TYEE had turned into a shy boy,Rafe Mair has been steady with his issues,fish farms and run of river but again,cmon,stop shying away from the obvious,where is the real hard hitting stuff,the posters at the Tyee are the new cutting edge story tellers,a once edgy online site has turned into for the most part a fast food joint of news,I`m very disappointed.

And It`s not sour grapes that they won`t publish any of the stories I submitted to them,I realize now that I am too hard hitting for them,I always have been a lone wolf.....aaarrrooo aaarrrooo

Now I`m not formerly trained by any stretch of the imagination but are the media STUPID,do they not have any INSIGHT do they not PROBE do they not have photographic memories like myself?

I have been straining to get facts out to the media,pleading for the stooges to dig,for god`s sake I have been leading the media down the garden path........

Time to get a little more specific.......Lets start with the HST,I have posted a few stories on this topic,a little research and the facts speak for themselves, take my Michael levy story,can not one media reporter/columnist publish the 1000s of PST exemptions that big businesses have,do they have to take what the government says about HST at face value,and especially after umpteen glaring lies from Campbell and Hansen alone in the last 2 months......It`s like,well ...they lied about everything else certainly they are telling the truth about HST.......

Here are some questions I would like the media to ask Gordon Campbell

#1)If the HST is the "best thing the government can do for the economy " why is it that your planning on running deficits right up until the next election?

#2)If all the BC government forecasters and economists were so wrong about all the revenue projections what makes you so sure their right about the HST?

#3)What percentage of the BC economy is the food industry,tourism industry,service sector,and retail,how many people do these sectors employ compared to oil n gas,forestry and mining?

#4)Gordon Campbell,since you will be running 4 more deficit budgets and you have already run 4 deficit budgets that makes for 8 out of 12 years of deficit budgets and 3 of the deficits are the largest in BC history,is that a record to be proud of?

#5)It`s estimated that the Canada line is over 1 billion over budget,the convention center was 500 million over budget,the golden ears bridge was 300 million over budget,the sea to sky was over budget by 200 million $$$....Would you call that a good job managing,how much would those revenues of helped the present state of the books?

#6) Is Jessicca MacDonald worth 348.000.00$ per year to the taxpayer?

#7) Do you believe anything that Alexandra Morton has to say about the harm fish farms are having on wild salmon?

#8) In light of the supreme court of Canada saying you broke the law in tearing up the HEU contract and subsequently having to pay them a 90 million$ settlement would you do it again if you had a chance to do it over?

#9)Are you ever going to settle the paramedic`s contract or are you going to just ignore them?

#10)Since you are going to be running deficits until at least 2013/2014 does that mean the minimum wage will remain at 6.00$ training wage and 8.00$ minimum wage until 2014......and do you think it`s fair that under your government that the minimum wage will have remained stagnant for 13 years?

Those are just a few of the questions the media or stooges should be asking.....along with some research,along with questioning and doubting the governments stance,for goodness sakes if a dummy like me can find the answers certainly the media and their research departments can dig up something!

So enough of the tepid little columns,enough of the subtle innuendo`s,enough of griping without one research fact dug up,here are a few facts you can dig up Vaughn Palmer,Michael Smyth,Keith Baldrey,Les Leyne and the like.......

Are we a net importer or exporter of power.....are we going to be using IPP power or exporting it south for a loss,are fish farms harming wild salmon.....Is Gordon Campbell`s fiscal record stellar compared to previous administrations,,,,Like GDP numbers,unemployment numbers,housing starts,wage averages in Canada against other provinces....What percentage of spending on health as compared to GDP.....Child poverty......Homelessness.....Social housing........,Levels of taxation including all user fees,transit,insurance,eco fees,the whole tamale,not just income tax.....utility rates etc etc etc.......

I have all those answers,I have written all those answers,read them,asked them only to be ignored.....

So get off your butts and do your jobs or hit the road and make room for youngbloods,or even someone like me whose only young at heart!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cheers-Eyes Wide Open. I certainly couldn't have said or asked the questions any better. You say it like it is!


Leah said...

I still think Hansen is full of it...I'd be very willing to bet our deficit was already at 2.5 billion give or take a few million either way - BEFORE the election.

If Hansen was stating the truth of what's happened over the past 3 months...our deficit is more like 5 to 5.5 Billion.

I can't wait to see what Susan Heyes lawyer finds out about the Canada Line - will we know how much over budget it came in at?!

Grant G said...


I know Hansen is fibbing,his nose is growing by the day....

As for Cameron Ward(Susan Heyes lawyer) and his granted FOI request on the Canada line,I expect RAVCO to to dismiss the appeal against Susan Heyes to avoid having the financial data on the Canada line exposed....Read my story on this blog :Cameron Ward is one sly fox:

Thanks Curt

Grant G

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open