Friday, August 21, 2009

HST Fraud Exposed,Logging Edition

Here we go again,the list I am going to post of PST exempt items in forestry is directly off the BC government web site....Lets go
In alphabetical order the big list on non taxable items under the current tax regime...
A)air filters-air conditioning units-anchors

B)backhoes-barges-bulldozers-bundle wire-boom gear-boom boats-boom sticks-bucking tools-buoys

C)compressors-cables-chains-chain saws-cranes

D)delimbing equipment-distribution equipment-drums for yo-yo lines and haul lines

E)equipment used in the primary processing of logs at a logging site-equipment used to cut underwater trees-excavators

F)front end loaders-feller buncher and related equipment-fallers wedges-fallers tape-felling equipment and controls-felling tools

G)grapple yarder-generators

L)log loaders and related equipment-loader mounted on self-loading logging truck-
M)moblie generators

O)oil filters

P)power saws

S)skids-skidders-saws-sonar hardware and software-standing boom sticks-safety equipment

T)transformers-transit boom sticks

U)underwater logging equipment(including moblie generators and transformers used to provide electricity to underwater logging equipment,barges to haul/house machinery and equipment,cranes used on barges to launch and remove felling equipment from the water,felling equipment and controls used in underwater logging

V)video cameras and hardware and software used to control and operate underwater logging equipment

Again,oodles of PST exempt items in the logging industry
The HST is a fraud,the big business savings are not there,don`t be fooled
The Straight Goods

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