Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Levy propagates the HST lies on CKNW with Michael Smyth

Would you trust Michael Levy? The man who railed against raising the BC minimum wage......

Listening to the Michael Smyth/Michael Levy hour on CKNW today the pure unadulterated B S continues to fly from the lips of Michael Levy.......He talks about the big savings for industry,he talks about EVERY SINGLE ECONOMIST WHO EVER WALKED THE EARTH IS IN FAVOUR of the HST.....And propagates the lie about how good this will be for the province,he talks about competitiveness,competing with Ontario,he talks about how in the long run this is the "single biggest thing the province can do to improve the economy"

Can you say HOOEY....I can.....Lets break this down a little bit,we have been told this is a 1.9 billion$ tax shift from business to consumers each year? And who the hell do you think buys the goods from business Michael Levy? The consumers.....

So if the consumers get their pockets picked for 1.9 $billion each and every year where is the money going to come from to buy consumer goods?

After visiting a BC government web site my eyes were opened up a little bit more

I wandered around the industry PST exemption section of the site and what do you think I found?

Lets go industry specific,now mind you the list of PST exempt items under the current BC tax code is just a tiny amount of the items that are PST exempt already(your welcome to browse the site and see how many 1000s of items for business are exempt from PST already)

Logging--Partial list of PST exempt items)Back hoes-barges-bulldozers-bundle wire-boom boats-compressors-chain saws-delimbing equipment-debarking tools-excavators-front end loaders-grappler yarders and a 1000 other items.

Manufacturing-Partial list of PST exempt items)Material inputs including raw materials and partially finished goods or similar items incorporated in the finished product---Costs associated with moving and storing these goods

Mining--Partial list of PST exempt items)Ammunition and all blasting related items,all safety gear-portable buildings,out-houses-waste management bins-welding equipment and supplies-generators,compressors,just about everything else associated with mining operations.

OIL n GAS-Partial list of PST exempt items)Amine skids used to remove CO2 from raw natural gas-automated equipment at the well head or at the processing plant or refinery-barrels-batteries-drill bits-blowout ignition systems-preventors-portable buildings-casings-catwalks-dehydrators-electronics-generators-elevators-shut off devices-all wellhead equipment-fracturing equipment-gas flow equipment-gauges-hand held tools-incinerators-lab testing equipment-liquefaction equipment-sensors-pumps-software on computer systems-tanks-pipes-valves and 1000s of other items.....

So in reading the list,well some of the list one thing became quite apparent,what the government is saying is a bold faced lie!...Sure,big business will have some savings but no where near what they are claiming.....they have so many 1000s of PST exemptions ........So then what is this HST all about?

Its about taking YOUR MONEY...The consumers money.....There is no way that big business will have any significant savings to pass on to the consumer....

Michael Levy faced some angry callers disputing his claims,and the only example that Levy could say was if a business bought software that would be a cost that they would have to pass on to the fact Michael couldn`t say anything definitive except "Every economist in Canada agrees with the HST" or "If we don`t go HST we will lose an competitive advantage with Ontario"

Where have I heard that argument before? Oh yea,that`s what Gordon Campbell said about the MASSIVE PAY RAISES for senior CIVIL SERVANTS " We have to be competitive with Ontario with wages to attract the best and the brightest" SAY WHAT? and those pay raise include Jessicca MacDonald(deputy secretary to the premier) whose wage rose by 104.000.00$ per year to bring her yearly wage package to 348.000.00$ per year plus expenses!

This is the biggest con job being foisted upon BCers in history....And Mcguinty Liberals are in on the con job.......Don`t buy it folks,show me the proof,show us the proof,show the voters the proof............

So the big business savings have been totally exaggerated,the hit will be to the consumer,I will reiterate a statement from an earlier post about the HST........

If your broke Campbell,if the province is broke,write some new legislation and cancel the income tax rebates associated with the Carbon tax and put the money into general revenue,that will generate 600 million a year and that will go up with each increase in the carbon tax!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Breaking news on CKNW...The Campbell government will be writing new legislation to re-break their balanced budget law that they already broke,apparently that emergency session called last year to write legislation to break their balanced budget law was to allow deficits for 2 years only,so according to the breaking news Hansen stated that they will be running deficits for the next 4 years so they have to re-write a law to break the law of 2 years to allow breaking the balanced budget law for 4 years.....Confused,I am.........And according to Coiln Hansen and Gordon Campbell.......

"bringing the HST to BC is the best thing that government can do for the BC economy" Say what.......If that was the case then why are we going to run deficits for the next 4 years?


Norm Farrell said...

I recall that Mr. Levy used his radio platform to talk about companies in which he had an direct or indirect interest or other form of business dealings.

Shilling is an old game, played by many.

Next subject we could dig on might be speaker's fees earned by MSM from business groups that have a vested interested in what gets reported. Would Mr. Palmer voluntarily disclose his arrangements?

Anonymous said...

Who do you think that voted him into power? It wasn't us lowely voters. He got voted in by 58% of the seat. That's not bad. But let us break that down, shall we:
4.4 million live in BC. -22% of people too young to vote. That means that there are an estimated 3.4 million voters living in BC. The libral party won with 751,792 votes. That means that the liberals were voted in with 22% of the population. 22% of people like the liberals. What is that sayng to you.