Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Campbell must be removed from office

Campbell has gone too far,he must be removed from office

We just had an election,Gordon Campbell has broken every election promise he made,this isn`t just about the HST,it`s everything, Will McMartin in febuary/2009 wrote an article called this budget is toxic fudge,he predicted the size and scale of the provincial debt,helmut Pastrick predicted a big debt,yet Campbell and Hansen lied,that`s right lied through the election about the debt but...

The budget lie as told last febuary,Campbell lied then,he and Hansen are still lying today.

Read it here

It`s way more than that,they lied about the unemployment numbers,they deliberately withheld the skyrocketing welfare numbers and I`m only getting started,their holding back committed gaming revenue to many groups,gaming revenue that is designated for these causes,their holding back money`s for the north shore volunteer rescue group!

This rescue group is made up of committed volunteers,this money is for rescue equipment and training,Campbell is now messing with people`s lives,he has cranked up the online gaming limit a hundred fold,he`s facilitating money laundering,he`s eliminating great programs like leaky condo loan program,an employment generator,home smart grants,and attacking energy efficient appliances with a 12% tax,and at the same time harping about creating energy from high priced IPP power.

He committed to protecting health and education,he has done neither,10.000 surgeries cancelled,just think about the backlog,we will take years to claw that back if ever,you can bet your bottom dollar that seniors and other will die before they get their surgeries,Campbell turned the last election into joke,worse than a third world banana republic,cuts to student aid,cuts to seniors home care,he has betrayed the public beyond anyone`s wildest imagination.

And the budget highlights,or low lights,what can we expect,re-writing a joke called the balanced budget law,what a waste of legislative time,it doesn`t mean a damn thing,a law,it`s not a law,you break it at will,toss the damn law out,were not children and we`ve had enough of Campbell`s law,the reconciliation act being tossed,so what are we going to waste legislative time on? Here comes the lobbyist reform act part 4,nothing will come of that,an act to allow investigating police officers even if they resign,nothing will come of that either(eh Kash Heed)...And here comes some yackity yak about all day kindergarten in the fall of 2010(we have gone down that road before)....There ain`t a chance in hell of that coming to fruition,for one we don`t have the buildings,staff or the near 1 billion dollars to get it started,it`s nothing but another vague(down the road ) promise to try and appease parents!

There is nothing but regurgitated crap that Campbell has foisted upon us before only to break his promise,Gordon Campbell is incapable of delivering anything but lies and obfuscation.....

Gordon Campbell cares about nobody but big industrial business,most of it isn`t even BC owned.

So this isn`t about the HST or health or gaming,it`s not about cutting grants or seniors care,this is about democracy lost,it`s about a dictatorship,lies,pure unadulterated political scam,the HST initiative to stop the HST is fine but not good enough,recall to stop Gordon Campbell,even if he backed off of the HST he must be removed from office,for to allow anyone to hold our highest office with the hundreds of lies,deceptions,the cruel measures,the hurting of real people,real mothers,grandmothers,the purposeful infliction of harm to the public,the risking of public safety,the assault upon volunteers who only want to help the lost,the trapped,the buried in snow,groups that care for seniors,groups that volunteer their time to keep people in their homes,this is beyond policy,taxes,this is about setting an example to governments,for to allow this monster to preside in office will only set the precedent for future governments,to accept this would say to government that all crimes,sins are acceptable,the removal of Gordon Campbell is the first step in bringing back democracy.

Read about why all day kindergarten won`t happen here

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Anonymous said...

Great read as usual, I want to know when we are going to hear about charges of criminal tampering in light of deleted documents during the election no less!
Corrupt is a pretty passe' term for these criminals

Gary E said...

One overlooked lie that Campbell said. After his first election he said "BC is open for business"
I allege he lied. He should have said BC is up for sale. Or BC is ripe to be given away.

Anonymous said...

You are the only one out there I can see, asking these questions. Even the tyee and Bill Teileman are off the watch today, the first question period. Great work, I am so disgusted with the MSM

Anonymous said...

FUNNY - Luke and Obiwan discuss the dark side of the HST.