Saturday, August 22, 2009

Premier Gordon Butterfly Campbell

Since the BC media stooges are incapable of writing anything coherent on a premier who flits from one idea to another,a premier who is in my opinion isn`t grounded in reality who in all likelihood requires a complete mental evaluation.

Lets go back to october 23/2008.......Does that date ring a bell,remember the televised 10 point economic plan that premier butterfly made on primetime news (6.00pm) aired on all the major television networks through out BC.....I do....and what exactly did the "monarch" say.....Here are a few quotes from that historic night from premier butterfly and and Colin Hansen....

Campbell said "British Columbians have every reason to be confident about their future" and "We have faced tough times before and come through with flying colours,this time will be no different" and what did Colin Hansen say in mid-september......"We still see our forecast of economic growth in British Columbia to be higher than pretty much any other jurisdiction in north America,and we expect that to continue"

The BC government had projected it would have a cushion of more than $1.7 billion this fiscal year-Comprising a surplus and a $750 million forecast allowance-that could translate into everything from tax cuts to extra spending........Hansen did not update those numbers wednesday,but acknowledged the turmoil of the past month.

Campbell told reporters after the speech that the plan is meant to give people money they can use to keep the economy strong. HMMMM,really Mr. Butterfly?

Campbell then said "I think the bottom line is we want to make sure we put more money into the economy" ........More money in the economy,hmmm.....He went on to say "We`ve watched as our province has gone through difficult times before and when you put more money in people`s pockets,more money in small business,more money into the industrial sector,I think that actually stabilizes the economy and helps people make choices for themselves"

So then premier Butterfly,lets talk the HST,a yearly 1.9 billion dollar consumer tax hit,1.9 billion less dollars per year from the consumers to stimulate the economy,what do you have to say about that?

Lets get back to the actual 9 point,err..10 point plan....Number 10 was to re-call the legislature,so lets stick to 9 point plan......Lets talk about number 6....let me refresh your memory......

#6)We are going to double the commission paid to business for PST and HRT collection,the province will double the commission it pays business for collecting the provincial sales tax and hotel room tax,that will provide more than 100,000 businesses with approximately $60 million over three years and add up to $1,200 to a business`s bottom line. ........How nice of you premier butterfly,such a grand gesture of kindness......but,wait for it.........

Under the HST tax change proposal business,small,large,medium will now be collecting taxes for NO FEES,that`s right,all tax collection fees are eliminated under HST......So that temporary gift to business has been SNATCHED away under HST,businesses will be paid NOTHING to collect the HST,what do you call that,well I can`t say that old phrase out of political correctness,lets just give it a new name......."A gordon giver"

Like I said,I really don`t believe premier monarch is mentally stable!
To finish off I give you a letter written by someone who is grounded in reality
Premier Butterfly
It`s no surprise that Gordon Campbell has put his vaunted Green Plan on the back burner,a cursory look at his time in office shows he can`t keep his attention on any file for more than a month or two.The sad thing is to be subjected to the hype that kicks off each new campaign and the terrible hangover that follows,Remember when he was the education Premier(thousands of oversized classes),the health premier(broken-down hospitals,thousands of mentally ill people on the streets),the first nations Premier(Millions wasted on stalled treaties),the literacy Premier(closed school libraries),the forestry Premier(thousands of forestry jobs lost),the law and Order Premier(raid on the legislature still not in court),the Four Golden Goodies Premier(economy in the tank) and the olympics Premier(Billions of tax dollars wasted)? He should really be known as the Attention Deficit Premier,our very own Premier Butterfly who flits from flower to flower,unaware of the destruction he leaves in his wake.
Peter Hill
Thank you Peter Hill
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

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