Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Would the leader of the NDP please stand up

One thing is quite apparent,nothing for the Campbell Liberals will change,questions won`t be answered,details will be foggy and Liberal MLAs will be there in body only,it`s quite amazing how the new Liberals can`t answer a question on cuts to their respective ministries or answer the simplest of questions yet everyone of them can recite the dismal 90s song,
The Campbell Liberals are devoid of any life,a tired failed politician micro manages the party into lame duck status,Colin Hansen and Campbell have been doing their best to explain time lines,when did you know what,who said when,where,we talked with the feds but we always talk to the feds so trust us,my nephews come up with more convincing lies than Campbell and Hansen do,so let the media play their little game of doubting the government for a week.
Lets face facts,Campbell lied about the debt,lied about the HST,lied about everything,but lets look at the bigger problem,we have a ruling party that won`t answer questions from the courts,the public or the opposition and this has been going on for years,the claim of prudent management skills has been officially debunked,high employment numbers,GDP growth,wage levels,and now taxation hits,there are no bragging rights left in the BC Liberal party,9 of 13 years will be deficits,the BC debt will have more than doubled from 32 billion in 2001 to over 64 billion in 2012.........Which brings me to the big question,which NDPer is willing to step up and lead the party,Carole James,I admire your service and respect the fighting you have done but it`s time,time to step down,you couldn`t carry the message,the bar was set so low from Campbell and you still couldn`t drag enough voters away from the Liar.
Who is waiting in the wings,having watched the local bunch of MLAs in Victoria ask questions for years only to be ignored by government and by the media,Adrian Dix,the man knows his file and is passionate but,leadership is not in his calling,Mike Farnsworth,strong,intelligent,fairly good speaker but again,not enough savvy to carry it home......
Which brings me to a real bright light for the NDP,Herbert Spencer,the man is a clear,articulate voice that resonates,no backdown,no hesitation, a clear voice with an easy message,easy to hear and understand,but lets make no bones about it,he is their brightest new light but leadership isn`t coming his way,so who`s left?
John Horgan,MLA from Juan de Fuca......The man is the "Unassuming lion" for the NDP......
He carry`s real room presence,he is very charming,fast wit,a quick study,great sense of humour,he speaks in clear terms,the man doesn`t waffle,he has good re pore with the media,he is shown as much or more respect as any NDP MLA from the Liberals,as far as I am concerned John Horgan is the only leader they have,the contest for government starts now,time for Carole to step aside,time to start labeling the Liberals as constant liars,fiscal nincompoops,morally bankrupt.....
Everyone of those items is there ,low-hanging fruit, stand up John Horgan,the next election should be starting today,the formula for success is simple,recall of the premier in his point grey riding is a must,Gordon Campbell must be reminded daily that recall legislation and 1000s of volunteers are waiting for the clock to start on recalling Campbell......Every week the press must be gathered and reminded of the financial boondoggles,reminded of the growing debts,9 of 13 years in deficit,the bar is set very low right now,
We need to remind the public of BC Rail,remind the public about each IPP power project that will cost us money,we need to see video of raw logs leaving the province everyday,we need to see food bank line-ups,we need to hear about the demise of wild salmon,what we don`t need is you wasting time on question period,ask the media the questions.let the media ask your questions in the hallway,you have a short window to grab the electorate,don`t squander the momentum,hammer it home,lies,deficits,corruption,fiscal idiots,recall,referendums,complete independent audits,Campbell and the Liberals need to feel the heat,the pressure,the threat of investigations into forest giveaways,river sales,energy contracts,Campbell needs to govern in fear,meanwhile I wait for the next leader of the NDP to stand up.
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Gary E said...

Excellent Grant
Up front, straight, to the point, and exactly what needed to be said.

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