Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Colin Hansen the fibber strikes again with budget shocker

Wow,what a lively day,the hits keep coming,lets talk toxic fudge budget.....Everyone knew that when Hansen delivered a pre-election budget the numbers didn`t add up,I knew it,the economists knew it,everyone knew it but the MEDIA and supposedly Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell,the media really did know it but they were more interested in pictures of some kid with his hand on a breast or how many litres of airplane fuel Carole James used and the price of beer in SOME private beer and wine stores.

Here`s what will McMartin wrote on febuary/18th/2009

What did Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell(read my lips) say during the BC may election.."495 million dollar deficit,maximum" even when asked a follow up about the deficit (as few follow ups that there were) 495 million$$$ maximum......

Well,how quickly the used car salesman party strikes again!

Is Coiln Hansen and Gordon Campbell bold faced liars,well we know Gordon Campbell is,as for Colin Hansen,it`s my opinion that he is just as much of a bold faced liar....And just what did Colin Hansen say today,well lets repeat Colin Hansen`s bullshit before I dissect it and turn it into PABlum.....And these are direct quotes

"In the last three months,we have seen our projected revenue from corporate income tax and personal income tax erode by $1 billion for the fiscal year alone"

"we have seen our projected revenue from natural gas erode by almost $500 million in the last 3 months alone.We have seen our projected revenues from other natural resources erode by about $500 million.We have seen our projected revenues for the social services tax{PST}erode by about $200 million."

Hansen has said the deficit will be "significantly larger than the $495 million promised in the february budget" He offered no updated figure on the deficit.

"We are projecting that firefighting cost alone will be over $400 million dollars and a $100 million increase in caseloads for the ministry of housing and social development,which administers the unemployment insurance program",Hansen said.

So lets break down the obvious lies,the province doesn`t pay for unemployment insurance,the province does pay welfare to people whose EI has expired!

Lumber prices are no worse today than they were 3 months ago.

We know they suppressed the welfare numbers for april during the election so for Hansen to say he was unaware of rising welfare costs is a massive fib.

Corporate income tax decline is a no-brainer,they were all screaming for bail-outs.

And I love this one,it blows my mind away, "We have seen our projected revenue from the {PST}decline $200million dollars" Well blow me down,the consumers have pulled back 200 million$ so far this year in PST,imagine the overall spending decline to erode 200$million in the PST portion alone, yet Campbell and Hansen want to whack the consumer with a 1.9 billion dollar tax hit with the HST each and every year and they say this is "The best thing we can do for the economy of BC"

Just wait for the revenue shortfalls when that tax comes in! Can you say voodoo economics!

And for good measure lets chew up and spit out the natural gas revenue projections,because I got you nailed on this one Hansen......

After a little google,and 2 minutes later I got natural gas prices going back to march 30/2009 a a whole 2 months before the election and long before the "In the last 3 months alone" bullshit from Colin Hansen.

The price for natural gas on march 30/2009 was 3.75 per million btu - on may 25/2009 the price for natural gas was 3.60 per million btu -on august 3rd/2009 the price for natural gas was 3.60 per million btu - The price is low but virtually unchanged since the beginning of 2009 to the present date!.......So unless Colin Hansen was projecting a massive surge in natural gas prices during the worst recession since the Bill Bennett(So creds) days of of the 80s....he is bullshitting again.........natural gas prices here

Colin Hansens bogus statements here

So lo n behold we are about to see the biggest budget deficit in BCs history in fiscal 2009......Which gives Gordon Campbell the Gold Gordallion for the largest deficit in BC history and remember Gordon Campbell already holds the Silver Gordallion for fiscal deficit 2002 and he is the proud owner of the bronze Gordallion for fiscal deficit 2003!

The man couldn`t run a lemonade stand,500 million $ over-run on the convention center..1 billion$ over run on the Canada line..300 million over run on the golden ears over-priced P3s like the Sea to sky....Abbotsford 36 billion in energy contracts to IPPs that are triple the cost of BC hydro produced power.......

But he sure took care of himself and senior civil servants while denying raising the minimum wage which is now Canada`s lowest minimum wage.......

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much our provincial DEBT is? How much was it when the Libs took office (2001)and how much is it now? I have heard in 2001 it was approx. $31B with 1.5B surplus and I have heard/read it is now approx 100B debt with a 3B deficit. Is this true??

Powell river persuader said...

From the numbers I have crunched.......

The debt was 31 billion in 2001.....Then along came GAAP system of accounting so capitol debt isn`t put on the books....

As I read it,the present debt NOT COUNTING CAPITOL DEBT OR P3S OR ENERGY CONTRACTS is 62 billion dollars....And the energy contracts signed so far are almost 40 billion!
And these Liberals claim to be such great managers....HA..HOOEY

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open