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Friday, August 21, 2009

Looks like Bob Lenarduzzi is out of luck

Now I got nothing personal against Bob Lenarduzzi or soccer fans or the BC Lions but.......
How quickly things change,and that`s not me saying that,uh uh......That`s no other than Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen........
Lets examine the latest revaletions that have happened just in the last few days...We have been informed that our BC deficit is not going to be " $495 million maximum" Colin Hansen has informed the voters that our 2009 deficit is at least 4 billion$ dollars and....It`s even worse than that,the first order of business when the legislature resumes is.....
For Gordon Campbell to re-write his balanced budget law AGAIN to allow large deficits for not 1 more year but for 4 more years,we certainly wouldn`t want Gordon Campbell to break a law would we?
And this current deficit isn`t just business as usual,there are massive cuts to all the health authorities....between the Fraser health authority,Vancouver coastal and the interior health authorities there is a mad dash to cut 400 million$$$ out of this fiscal years budget, and from all the cancelled surgeries and services the crisis is going to exist next year and the year after as the backlog of surgeries pile up,how do you catch up without a huge inflow of money......and the cuts aren`t just in health,uh uh........there are cuts to libraries,cuts to community groups,cuts to student aid,cuts to scholarships.........
Cuts to park rangers,cuts to the ministry of the environment,I don`t know what`s going to happen in education this coming school year,I`m sure there will be cuts there too.....and it`s not just cuts,entire programs have been cancelled,the leaky condo program cancelled.....Power smart program has been cut,wow......this money crunch is SO serious that even programs designed to make homes more energy efficient and to "fight the biggest challenge our generation has ever faced,global warming"
So in saying all this,to slash the premier`s scholarship program,to put the fight against global warming on hold,to make seniors needing hips and eyes and knees and various other (elective) surgeries on long wait lists,to ask everyone to pay more taxes and "hunker down" while we ride out this "global recession" we certainly wouldn`t go ahead and sell provincial land around BC Place to raise taxpayer dollars to build a ........
370 million dollar retractable roof so grown men can kick a soccer ball around now would we!

So Bob Lenarduzzi being the honorable man that he is wouldn`t want to take money away from the province when grandma is waiting for a hip,would you BOB?
So it looks like your outta luck Mr. Lenarduzzi.
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