Monday, April 8, 2013

Here Come The BC Liberal Smear Movie


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- Next Sunday Premier Christy Clark, everyday British Columbians, and B.C. community leaders will share their hopes for B.C.'s future in a 30-minute television special.

"This program will kick off our campaign by talking in detail about the plans and vision Today's BC Liberals will be sharing with British Columbians," said Campaign Director Mike McDonald.  "With all the economic risk surrounding B.C., it's never been more important that leaders provide straight-forward, direct information to voters.

The program, called "Strong Economy. Secure Tomorrow." will air at 7pm PT on Global TV. It will also be available online during the 28 day election period.

"It's also a matter of basic respect for voters to outline our priorities and policies -- we hope the NDP will change course and do the same," McDonald continued. "The choice belongs to B.C. voters and we look forward to comparing our vision, our plan, and our team to the NDP during the campaign."



Christy Clark just can`t stop lying, she is indeed a habitual liar, here is her latest foot-in-mouth uttering..


A tweet by the Premier about the Times Of India Film  Awards show has led to some confusion.  The morning after the show, Christy Clark tweeted '400 million people were watching TOIFA last night'.  But eight hours before the event began, Clark aknowledged she knew the event would not be broadcast for at least another month.
Reporter: "It is going to be broadcast like a month after.  Any  concerns about that?  
Christy Clark:  "I don't, I don't"
The head of media for TOIFA, Laura Ballance, confirms the event will be aired by Sony at an unknown later date, "any of these awards shows, what they'll do is re-purpose it down into a TV package and then they'll advertise when that's going to be on and promote it the weeks to come.  I don't have an exact date but I imagine we'll get one very, very soon."


And on another note, The Times of India magazine has three articles on the award show, there are a few pictures that are definately from BC Place, however, there is no mention of where this event took place, Canada isn`t mentioned, British Columbia isn`t mentioned, Vancouver is quietly mentioned in two articles,.....Clearly these articles are focused on the Bollywood stars, on the Bollywood dress, there is no selling of Canada or British Columbia in these articles, no scenery, no mountains, no snow, this event was about Indian stars...No increasing trade of resources

And according to reports from Bob Mackin,.. Christy Clark was booed while on stage..

 Here`s how this paid infomercial will go down..there will be fake on the street type interviews with BC Liberal operatives, they will pretend to be ordinary folk...They will be asked questions about the present economy, and asked questions about the past, these "ordinary British Columbians" will describe the 90`s as a dark bleak place, some will claim to have left the province in the 90`s, only to return after the BC Liberals were elected, they will talk of high taxes and no business in the 90`s, they will tout the fiscal genius of the Liberal Government through tough economic times, how they balanced the budget, all through these interviews the so-called ordinary British Columbians will continually hark back to the 90`s...Fast Ferries will be mentioned, mentioned twice..

There will be photos of Christy looking oh so concerned in talking groups, all the new candidates who are now or were mayors will talk glowingly of the Liberal party..

And community leaders will be trotted out, some familiar sports names, John Winters is rumored to be speaking..

LNG will be front and center, we`ll see young children, young mothers, ..

You get the picture.....Propaganda from a very desperate Government..

You might be wondering why I`m posting this notice, simple answer..

By advertising how this program will go down exposes how desperate they are, how predictable, how stupid they are, the public will smell the fear and see the partisanship of these Liberals...

The public will be wondering why this weird show was aired at all, most will turn off and watch 60 minutes...Only hard-nosed politicos will be watching, people like David Schreck, bloggers, pundits and press..and me..

Don`t forget the popcorn and twizzlers..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Another great post, Grant. I sure hope that we-the-tax-payers are not footing the bill for this upcoming Christy Clark show.

North Van's Grumps said...

hmmmm..... eleven million dollars taken out of our bc treasury to pay for an in province spectacle where the brunt of the those that would want to see it is outside of Canada, to then have the specatacle intentionally delayed to be used during an election PERFECT!!!!!!

the minority "ethnic memo" vote televising blitz using a bollywood theme to showcase the bc liberals partisan politics ...... ????? should positively resonate with the majority.... Is this how the bc liberals see multiculturalism, by dividing communities...???

Danneau said...

And, of course, when she speaks, we will all marvel at the sincerity and veracity of her every word! Rather, I can think of several more important and rewarding tasks than to spend time throwing bricks at the screen and watching the follow up where the MSM folks will fawn over her.

islandpapa said...

I will just have to open the parental controls and let "global" back into my home....NOT

islandpapa said...

would this fall under the category..."preaching to the chorus" or "preaching to the soloist"?

Grant G said...

NVG..Christy only knows how to divide and conquer..

It Brad Zubyk`s hatchet job central extended, can you say Wakukuuuuuuuu!

Danneau..Meditation and visualization, mentally throw the brick(spare the screen)...aaaaammmm...aaaaammmmm

Thanks anon 7:13 am..

Island Papa...You will soon be living in the land of the big Orange crush..(consider yourself lucky)

I`ll be there soon for some celebratory fishing..

Good Day

Grant G said...

Who likes a mystery solved?

Remember me writing the poster Luke Skywalker/ .Luke..Luke..Cool Hand, also known as "Brad" at AGT`s place..Who in life is really Brad Zu__K..Who was part of Christy Clark`s leadership campaign team..

The person who launched an attack website against me, against the Straight Goods...Remember that?

Know, we all know that Brad Zubyk`s company Wazuku was hired to do a hatchet job on Auditor General John Doyle..

Have a look at this..

This attack hate site targeting John Doyle has the exact same writing style and hach-flackery as the writer of the site..

BrianGoughandthe straightgoodsisawesome..

Brad Zubyk and Wazuku were hired to do a hatchet job on John Doyle..


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This sleuth knew exactly who was tageting him from the very beginning..

The highest members of the BC Liberal gang, and Christy Clark herself..

They don`t shoot dead ducks, they shoot those who are dangerous to their survival..


Grant G said...

Oops, still working on first coffee of the day(typos)..

For those that wonder what I`m going on about..

The above mystery solved comment was referring to this..


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see this Luke/Cool Hand/Brad/Wazuku person outed. These crap-peddling PR types really are the lowest life forms on this planet.