Monday, April 22, 2013

Kinder Morgan and Enbridge Pipelines Will Not Be Permitted

There was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck offshore near Haida Gwaii on October 27th/2012..5 months ago, the big crackerjack earthquake was followed by many aftershock quakes, ranging from 4.8 to 5.8 in magnitude...

Earthquakes are measured with a device called the Richter scale, many aren`t aware of how this scale works, a 4.0 quake is 10 times the severity of a 3.0 quakes..An earthquake that measures 5.0 on the Richter scale has a shaking amplitude 10 times larger than one that measures 4.0, and corresponds to a 31.6 times larger release of energy..

Keeping that in mind 2 days ago there was 4 rather large quakes near the area of Haida Gwaii that recently had a 7.7 quake..Offshore quakes, meaning a big one will trigger a devastating tsunami..

"The first of the quakes, with a magnitude of 4.5, struck about 90 kilometres south of Sandspit just after 5 p.m., according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
Two more followed at 5:45 p.m. and 5:55 p.m., measuring 4.3 and 4.4, respectively, both around 75 km south of Sandspit.
Another 4.5-magnitude quake followed in the same area as the first around 7:30 p.m."

Local cable news described these recent quakes as aftershocks related to last October`s 7.7 quake, that`s total hogwash, the truth is there is something going on in the ring of fire, the Cascadia fault line is ready to pop, approximately every 500 years the westcoast Cascadia fault fractures, it fractures for hundreds of miles, all at once, this overdue quake, in the past these Cascadia major earthquakes resulted in massive tsunamis..When it goes there will be $hundreds of billions in damage and loss of life will be extreme, 10`s of thousands will die...Just think of the last Japanese quake, that`s what we are talking about only worse, more widespread

There have been a couple of other interesting developments of late....

The Environmental law clinic at the University of Victoria have asked the Freedom of Information Commissioner of Canada to launch an investigation into Stephen Harper muzzling Canada`s scientists, muzzling of environment Canada and more.

"The ELC wrote:
We request that you initiate an investigation under s. 30(1)(f) of the Access to Information Act into the systematic efforts by the Government of Canada to obstruct the right of the media – and through them, the Canadian public -- to timely access to government scientists. We ask you to take this step because of the deeply troubling findings in the attached report, Muzzling Civil Servants: A Threat to Democracy.
The letter summarizes a number of cases involving scientists in Fisheries and Oceans, Natural Resources, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Department of National Defence, and Environment Canada who were kept from speaking with media, or whose findings had to be filtered through media-relations officials before being released to reporters -- often long after their deadlines had passed."

So here we have our Canadian scientists muzzled by Harper, decades of hard fought environmental laws being gutted by the Harper, clean water act gutted, fish protection removed, a whole series of Harper insanities initiated for but one reason, to grease the skids for Alberta Tar pipelines to traverse pristine British Columbia, the land of fresh water and spawning wild salmon, something Alberta doesn`t give a rat`s ass about...Their rivers are being slowly poisoned..

Spills and violations

Using data from Enbridge's own reports, the Polaris Institute calculated that 804 spills occurred on Enbridge pipelines between 1999 and 2010

Environmental protections removed in order to smooth the Federal approval process for heavy tar bitumen pipeline proposed for British Columbia, in particular Enbridge, a pipeline that must traverse earthquake prone BC, cross the remote desolate Rocky Mountains and cross over 800 salmon and other fish bearing rivers and streams only to arrive in the third most dangerous waterway in the world, a waterway that experiences hurricane force winds and severe storms many times per year, storms that rage for days on end..The Hecate Strait..

A tar bitumen pipeline to Kitimat where many tsunamis have struck in the past, pipilines and tankers in the area where all the recent earthquakes have occurred..

The big quake and tsunami is coming, and even if that day isn`t tomorrow. it is coming, there have been 18 major tsunamis in the last 10,000 years on the cascadia fault, about every 500 years, the last one was 400 hundred years ago..

Kinder Morgan, the other pipeline proposal company has been in the news too, they have been fined for violations galore, pipeline violations, Enbridge too


"The U.S. federal Department of Transportation has fined Kinder Morgan nearly a million dollars in civil fines for breaking 27 U.S. pipeline safety rules.
The Houston-based firm, the continent's third largest energy company, currently wants to triple the capacity of its Trans Mountain pipeline in a controversial bid to bring more Alberta bitumen to the port of Vancouver for export to China."

Andrew Nikiforuk has the details of Enbridge and Kinder Morgan`s latest pipeline infractions.


Enbridge has been in the news too, more bad news...As readers of the Straight Goods know, Enbridge had a major Alberta tar/bitumen spill in the Kalamazoo river in 2010..

Enbridge has spent near $1 billion dollars to clean up the mess but therein lies the problem, Enbridge can`t clean up the Kalamazoo river, technology doesn`t exist to clean up spilled diluted bitumen(tar) in water...

The Kalamazoo river is mere minutes from major populations in Michigan, there is machinery, infrastructure and a populous, there are roads, electricity, police and fire services, a regular old town, now tainted with a toxic river, this is important because where Enbridge has proposed the Gateway pipeline is in desolate mountains, over 800 rivers and streams where there are no towns, no roads, no infrastructure, so remote where Enbridge wants to go with their pipeline..

 Nobody will be able to respond with machinery or tar/bitumen cleaning infrastructure or magic hocus pocus beans when the spills occur, and occur they will, Enbridge admits that fact..

Hocus Pocus beans, perhaps you think that was a joke, it wasn`t, I`m dead serious for Enbridge have spilled so much oil, destroyed so many ecosystems,  devestated pristine environment after pristine environment that Enbridge have developed a magic act, trickery and guile, canvas and sand, scare tactics and intimidation and when that doesn`t work Enbridge like Exxon who still haven`t paid their fines from the Valdez oil spill, these companies litigate litigate litigate, they literally exhaust mentally and financially devastate those who choose to fight..

Enbridge has learned how to create the illusion of cleaning up their mess..

An illusion in sand..


An illusion made of canvas and grass


And when Enbridge gets caught, when people start asking hard questions Enbridge starts denying liability.


And when people don`t get answers, Enbridge uses money and intimidation, police and city officials literally get bought off..John Bolenbaugh was followed, terrorized, brake lines cut, death threats and more, this man was documenting and creating a video record of Enbridge`s crimes against humanity..
After the Kalamazoo spill Enbridge spilled again, this one in a major city..



As you can see from the videos, Enbridge`s heavy tar oil spill in the Kalamazoo river in Michigan was in a populous area with easy access and still Enbridge can`t clean it up..Check out the vimeo video at the below link.

Robert Bateman is straight to the point in this next video..
 Why am I talking about all this, because Christy Clark isn`t, she and this corrupt BC Liberal party are hell-bent with proceeding with this insanity, Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver are obsessed with this madness too, scientists muzzled, environmentalists threatened, decades of environmental protections gutted with a stroke of Harper`s pen..

Enbridge after spending near a $billion dollars trying to clean up a tar oil spill, a tar spill they had easy access to and still it remains toxic, remains spoiled and soiled, remains uncleaned, Enbridge after 1000`s of oil spills still have no solutions available to resolve the problem, people in Kalamazoo area of Michigan are getting sick, animals are sick, ground water undrinkable, insects, flora and mother nature saturated will heavy oil..

Enbridge has been ordered back to the Kalamazoo, they have been ordered to come up with a plan, the entire river will have to dredged and even with that measure the oil will remain.

 How on earth will Enbridge access 800 rivers and streams in the middle of our rocky mountain range, with heavy snows, no roads, no electricity, no manpower, they won`t be able to get equipment there, or workers, and not in a timely manner, by the time any Enbridge crew arrives it will be too late.

Our rivers and streams have spawning salmon, you can`t dredge salmon spawning grounds without destroying the salmon nursery..

Warning to Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver...And a warning to the next Provincial Government, Enbridge will not be permitted to run a tar/bitumen pipeline through BC`s pristine environment, there WILL be war in the woods, people will die, there are thousands who will fight, maybe even millions if we invite the world to join our fight..

Enbridge`s experts admit there is no way to clean up tarry bitumen in water, our rivers are fast flowing mountain rivers, not if an oil disaster occurs but when, there will be no refinery built in Kitimat either, David Black`s refinery proposal will vanish on May 15/2013..

Enough is enough.

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Harpo Hater said...

Grant, don t worry his hopelisness Harpo the first will raise his hands to the sky, there by saving the oil tankers and the pipeline from spilling a single drop of heavy crude. He will part the cheeks of his ass so his followers will have more area to kiss. If you don t believe he can do this just ask the him.

Hugh said...

"Officials still finding oil from Kalamazoo spill"

more than two and a half years later.

Anonymous said...

These corporate welfare leeches will never pay fines, what a joke.
The corporates, governments and HAARP's perfect storm. In 2013 they must be able to make leak-proof pipelines but they prefer their takeover to be quicker by flooding our province and rivers with oil. Next they will come for our homes because of the resources we live on.
No more corporate governments in BC ever again.
Another great post Grant. I always say to myself, how does he ever remember all these dates, places, names and people...a forever thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what about Crusty and co. Signing an agreement between the feds such that the feds would not review environmental concerns for coal mines and such to"avoid duplication" and no doubt streamline approval I guess even if the NDP are in charge the federal resources arn't available. Speaking of which the NDP will be stuck with the real financial mess everyone knows the Liberals are hiding. When Dix finally does sort out the paperwork or lack thereof, he will report the Provinces finances are in even worse shape then what Crusty reported and sadly we will believe him.
Personally, given their record I see it no other way.But back to topic. Even under Harpo, the federal departments nix bc gov approved projects so thanks Crusty for implimenting that before you go. You must be sucking up big time to Harpo so you can fade off from BC politics and join Gordo in federalgravytrainville. By the way, nice blog.

Anonymous said...

In 2012 PHMSA fined Enbridge, a Calgary-based firm, a record $3.7 million for a total of 24 violations of pipeline regulations related to largest onshore oil spill in U.S. history in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The spill of diluted bitumen cost nearly $1 billion to clean up and the river remains contaminated.
Since 2008, the board says it has issued 24 safety orders against pipelines owned by Enbridge, TransCanada and Kinder Morgan for a variety of infractions. None of the companies were fined and most of the safety orders were not publicly available when issued.

Read it all:

Anonymous said...

Money talks and buys, but not for the "average" citizen.

Anonymous said...

We know Harper's Omnius Bill permits China to sue any Canadians, blocking China's invasion into Canada. I believe that court case is sill on going? Over 300 BC miners applied for the mine jobs, Harper gave to China.

What about Harper's FIPA deal with China, if that goes through? China has already picked out some of, what they are going to take. Such as, the timber and the mines on Vancouver Island. I believe the rich resources in the High Arctic. I had wondered why, Harper wasn't putting the military up there? If F.N. or anyone else blocks China. Canada will be sued by the Chinese. Petro-China will build the Enbridge pipeline. If anyone tries to block that? China will sue Canada. China will takeover Canada, for 31 years. There will be swarms of them coming over. No doubt, Canada will have to feed them. We will never get them out of Canada. China has polluted much of their farmland and, poisoned their water.

This is stuff, I have picked up off the net. If this is true, won't Dix be forced to comply, with the Enbridge pipeline? China can sue Canada, through the international courts?

I have signed one of the petitions, to stop this treason.