Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Matter Of Dignity and Human Respect, Adrian Dix Agenda

Adrian Dix has been announcing spending in areas where I believe new monies are desperately needed, special ed teachers, money for tree planting and forest inventory, a very modest program for childcare, modest in comparison to Quebec`s $10 per day daycare, monies and non-refundable grants for students..

The impression I perceive from our provincial media is that they are still in the tank for the corporate Liberals, cknw is so childish, battleground BC on Sun News is so hostile towards Adrian and the NDP, a rightwing Harpercon propagandist station, there is zero balance on that station, Philip Hocstein and Alise Mills spew rhetoric right out of Joe Mcarthy`s playbook,..

The dreaded socialist hordes, reds under the bed, commies and pinkos, there hasn`t been one media outlet federally or provincially that has even bothered to do a story on what Adrian Dix`s directed spending means to the people, to the forest, not one story about Adrian Dix wanting to lift people, lift children out of poverty..

My neighbor Harold died a few days ago, a quiet man with a loud barky dog, for years we were rather distant, good fences make good neighbors, his wife Elma and daughter Lisa, ...Lisa recently moved in to help her aging parents, rural properties require young hands to maintain although Harold bucked that trend..

After my dad passed Harold reached out to me, we became quite close, yes he did avail himself of my strong back and I absorbed his tales of yore, a fascinating man who no doubt resided on the right of the political spectrum, he never knew I was writing and blogging, I eventually read him a few stories and his eyes lit up, shocked he was, "you write like a professional but look like a lumberjack" he mused, made me smile, made him think..

A story in the Vancouver Sun, the BC Liberal party has received $46 million dollars from corporations in the last 6 years, a who`s who of names, Teck, EnCana gas, car dealers association, and more, if one thinks about the decisions made by our Liberal Government, subsidies, free transmission lines, passive environmental reviews and the awarding of major tax-funded provincial projects, it appears no company ever gets an awarding of a contract unless they pay the piper, that being the BC Liberal party...


Adrian Dix announced an end to Pacific Carbon Trust, EnCana Gas donated near $700,000 to the BC Liberals, they got back 7 fold that money from BC schools and hospitals via the Pacific Carbon Trust, they were paid for a project they started before PCT was even an entity..

Seems to my eyes that the Pacific Carbon Trust is/was nothing but a different version of the Federal Liberal scandal of the past, the sponsorship scandal..A kick-back scheme devised to fund the political party..

Gordon Campbell and these same BC Liberals butchered education, assaulted seniors, students and average people while the corporates were gifted through Liberal graft..

Campbell with demographic data on hand knew student enrollment was in decline, he changed the funding formula from block-funding to per-pupil funding, this was done with evil guile in mind, ...This devious trick, this sleight of hand..

Gordon Campbell in 2002 took the entire education budget and divided it by the number of enrolled students, ...That gave him a base number...For simple math purposes let`s call that number $7000 per year per student...

Gordon Campbell knowing enrollment was in decline, so the following year there is less students, school district X loses 100 children, they get $700,000 less dollars for that year, but 100 students less spread out over several schools..

The school costs remain the same, the heating costs, maintenance costs, teacher costs, nothing changes in the school district, expenses remain the same but now they receive less money..

After 10 years of per-pupil funding the system is starved, a deliberate destruction of public education, a plan hatched in the premier`s office, a plan that drove wealthy parents into placing children in private schools, thus further exasperating the public education money problem..

Seniors care, rural hospitals, a gradual degrading of health, of services..

Harold had a mild stroke 2 years ago, he laughed as he told me the story, in the doctor starved Sunshine Coast, Harold made his way to our hospital, the emergency doctor attending told Harold he had a mild stroke, the doctor said take an aspirin and go home and relax, Harold was shocked, in telling me this story(last year) he was stunned that no tests were done, no work-up, just a nonchalant attitude of oh well....Harold laughed it off and carried on, in recent days I could see he was having more and more difficulty doing his thing..

Harold leaned on me more and more and I was more than happy to help in any way I could, he was proud, stubborn and old school, his wife was always pleasant and knew her place, her place in Harold`s life.

Harold was always working on his boat, windy days, cold days, pouring rain days Harold would make his way down to the dock, lately I would keep a close eye on him, especially is he was using the ladder..

These corporate Liberals starved education, starved seniors care while more and more money went to subsidize wealthy corporations, Golden Ears bridge, $1.2 billion dollars, $400 million over budget while foreign temporary workers couldn`t get paid for doing the work, the Canada line project, SNC Lavelin, miners from various parts of the world being paid $4 dollars per hour....

Gordon Campbell tore up the HEU contract when he took power, fired 9000 workers, the lowest paid workers in healthcare, cleaners, senior care workers, all fired, the jobs outsourced to the corporate sector, the corporate paid sub-standard wages, they cut cleaning hours in hospitals, care homes, no money was saved by outsourcing only instead of monies and a livable wage flowing to people.....People worked a peasant`s wage while the corporate sector filled their coffers with loot..Tim Hortons Triage, code reds, code purples, germ-filled hospitals that slaughtered thousands of seniors, including my dad..Campbell and these BC Liberals lowered the minimum wage, created a fraudulent training wage, under 10 years of Gordon Campbell British Columbia, the most expensive province in Canada to live in had the lowest minimum wage, the only province with an abusive starter wage,...

The fraser institute, the Philip Hocstein`s of the world applauded this tactic, the rich got richer while BC soared to the title of child poverty capital of Canada for 10 straight years, bit by bit, day by day British Columbia was eroding before our very eyes, and when Adrian Dix comes out announcing spending in needed areas, announcing how he will pay for these commitments the media ignores the substance, ignores what more special education teachers mean, what forestry heath means, skills training, what lifting both the child and family out of stark poverty means to both British Columbia`s heart, and soul..

Harold slipped on the dock last Fall, he could barely move, he asked me to drive him the 40 miles(one way) to the hospital...I obliged, in he went, again, no doctors, a long wait, a quick look and prescribed "take an aspirin" advice, Harold, stubborn, old school, he insisted in buying me lunch in the big city(Sechelt) before our return to Garden Bay...

Harold did his best to hide his pain, I told Harold I see everything, including his pain, he laughed and finished his lunch..

Adrian Dix announced today funding for home-care, it is so needed, here I am, not in Garden Bay but Burnaby caring for my elderly mother, we have no money for home care, she does pretty good for the most part, her legs are bad, nerve damage so walking is very difficult, yet her mind is very sharp, she`s a political animal, and an Obama lover, she does like Adrian Dix too..

Adrian Dix has announced spending to improve the life of many, modest spending, BC Liberals so degraded every social ministry, healthcare, education, skills training, early learning, Adrian Dix is bringing back buy BC program to promote BC agriculture, the NDP want British Columbia produce and fruit in our hospitals, a shift away from rethermalized non-nutritional garbage shipped from Alberta to our hospitals.

Our media has done nothing but blather about the cost of the NDP spending, they seem completely disconnected from what the announced spending is going for, what the goals are, what improvements are needed, all the BC Liberal scandals, the Burnaby Hospital scandal, CLBC scandals, temporary foreign worker scandals, ethnicgate scandals, BC Rail scandals, BC Ferry scandals.

It`s like none of those things ever happened, scandal, debt accumulation and corporate Facism at the expense of the child, the family, the seniors, the elderly, Global news, cknw, CTV, Sun News, all of them are attacking the NDP`s spending without context, attacking Adrian`s memo-gate past while forgetting every BC Liberal scandal...

Harold was having chest pains last month, off to the hospital again he went, this time in Vancouver, he was informed he had a 75% blockage in an artery, Harold thought that was rather high, to his disbelief they sent him home with the advice of take aspirin, again..Our hospitals and present BC health system are not here to extend the life of seniors, they merely send them home to die...

I received a call from Elma 2 days ago...Harold had died, not in hospital, he was down on the dock, his daughter Lisa was watching him(from the house)..

Harold keeled over and fell in the water, Lisa in panic mode ran down to the dock, Elma called 911, Lisa got him but couldn`t lift him out of the water, locals in short order arrived and got Harold out of the water, local volunteer fire department did manage to revive him, an ambulance arrived and took him away, back to the hospital..

He never returned home, hospital staff claim his heart wouldn`t keep beating, they let him go..

Perhaps if I was there, perhaps if they placed a shunt in his artery, perhaps perhaps perhaps...

Perhaps Harold died doing what he loved, working on his boat, he hadn`t gone out or used it in years, yet there he was, winter spring fall and summer working away, keeping it spit-polished..

Meanwhile Christy Clark and the corporate Liberal party are wandering the province, every question to Christy Clark is answered with LNG $trillions, Premier Clark...What about Ferries..I will pay their debt with LNG..What about the Port Mann and tolls...I will lower tolls with LNG revenue..What about the massive debt, what about health, education, every question is answered with LNG $trillions down the road..

Our media is still tanking for the corporate BC Liberals, not one of our mainstream media has bothered to examine what Adrian Dix`s directed spending means to health, to education, to seniors, to children, Vaughn Palmer and michael Smyth want a pissing contest, Tom Fletcher, David Akin are devoid of brain cells, Twittering fools like Mark Marissen and Diamond Isinger embarrass not only themselves but the human race too, Alise Mills is stunned on Twitter, Sam Oliphant, and many many more BC Liberal slimy smearers are daily spewing hatred and spin, while nary a one ever bothers to talk of what Adrian`s social spending means..

British Columbia`s media, a conflict of ethics....


Rest in Peace Harold

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Its a sad story, great read, exactly what has been going on, I will post a link where i can A MUST READ FOR EVERY BRITISH COLUMBIAN!!!

kootcoot said...

"British Columbia`s media, a conflict of ethics...."

It's not a conflict of ethics, it is a complete lack of ethics!

Anonymous said...

Grant, I'm sure he was glad you were around. Sorry to hear of your loss.

Yes, this government, every liberal, past and present, are the most despicable, uncaring, lying bunch I believe this province has ever had in government. Can it really get any worse? Heaven help us if re-elected. Pack your bags and get out, that's what I tell the young ones.

I too had a loss, a sister in one of those "private" facilities that I blame to this day for the appalling "care" she received, not by the hands on workers, but the "managers and up, in the IHA" as well as "their" doctor being paid by them and of course still part-time in the public hospital (his choice.) This should not be allowed. I wonder what the private care home is paying him to put people out of their misery (so to speak). Sorry as blunt as that sounds but I honestly believe that is what goes on, from my experience.

Thanks for writing this article Grant. Absolutely bang on!

Anonymous said...

Ah I'm sorry to hear that you lost a friend. Good article and I am so over the top sick of the bad media.

Anonymous said...

It's a sad post, but very true and timely. My condolences, Grant.

Grant G said...

Thanks for the kind words, Harold was a good man, I still have shivers thinking about it..Elma is strong, not sure what she will think about this post..

I`ll be looking for a new star in the universe.


Vancouver Islander said...


First and foremost, I am sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, may he rest in peace.

Now, I'd like to make 3 comments regarding the PCT and carbon credits:

1) I have to say that a few of the carbon credit projects had true merit. Not many though..

2) The provincial Liberals via the PCT
were basically "cold calling" some industrial facilities looking to buy carbon credits.

3) Not only would the PCT come door knocking, promising $$ for carbon reduction projects, BUT THEY WOULD ACTUALLY bring auditing firm reps along, ready to prepare the required validation reporting!!

What ended up as a forward thinking idea of setting up a carbon market (and please note by forward thinking I am only referring to North American standards), the greed of the few took over, and the PCT became a promoter of transferring funds from public institutions to the private sector.

And of course the middle man - your auditors, validation and verification experts - were more than happy to take their cut of the transfer.

Sad really..

Grant G said...


Enjoy, have a good look at my picture.

Remember it as Christy Clark`s desk is emptied, remember it when Adrian Dix and the NDP take power.

Go back to the sewer where you belong.


Sorry folks, this is a response to a bigtime loser. An internet slimer. no, his silly/nasty comment will not get posted.

The BC Liberals are getting really testy.


Glen P. Robbins said...

This election is going to be a wipeout win for BC NDP - it could be 80 seats. Adrian Dix will need to meditate before he writes the list of BC Liberals and friends he fucks over. He has already established a vetting process for future advertising and has a buy bc policy - don't give toronto or calgary another dime.

Grant G said...

Mr, Robbins, I love it..We need to talk..

Talk about the future.