Friday, April 26, 2013

More Bad News For Christy Clark, Latest Angus Reid Poll

Well, wasn`t that interesting, first off, the cutting edge of the ledge show featuring Baldrey, Good and palmer after the radio debate, they only took four calls for the hour, one call praising Jane Sterk, one call from Ron who talked oil tankers in the harbour as a bad idea, and two calls bashing the NDP..

First off, in the last few days the media has been working in tandem to paint Adrian Dix as the party of no, that was debunked here yesterday, today the three stooges went a different direction, yes Palmer and Good continued on the NDP against development theme, however, they added a new meme, they in a coordinated effort tried to pump up Jane Sterk, the reason is obvious, BC Liberal and or BC Conservative voters aren`t Green Party voters, but some NDP voters are willing to consider the Green party vote, this was a three stooge curve ball toss, an attempt to drive votes from the NDP to the Green Party...It was sooooo obvious..

The Green party have no budget, their platform is based on mere platitudes, they aren`t credible, and yes, the Green Party goals are laudable..

The Cutting Edge of the Ledge show following the debate, perhaps you wondered why I mentioned how many calls they let through during the hour, I have it on good authority that their phone lines lit up, however, the calls were anti-Christy Clark, her lies about a balanced budget, calls about Christy Clark blathering about the bond rating agencies "code talk"..A code that apparently only Christy can decipher...And dozens of calls came in wanting to talk about how rude and negative in tone Christy Clark was..

CKNW is still playing their games..

Last night at Gilmore Community Gym in North Burnaby there was an all candidates debate, NDP`s Janet Routledge was there, Richard Lee the incumbent BC Liberal was there(incumbent since 2001) Green party candidate was there and a BC Conservative candidate was there..

I asked the second question, yes, it was about oil and pipelines, the first question was on Kinder Morgan...

Let me be crystal clear, Kinder Morgan and Enbridge was the issue, number one issue by a mile, it dominated, BC Conservative member endorsed the pipeline proposals, Green candidate opposed all resource development, Richard Lee blathered about Christy Clark`s five key conditions that must be met before they endorse, Janet Routledge echoed Adrian Dix in not wanting increased oil tanker traffic in Vancouver harbour and the outright opposition to Enbridge..

The hundred people there were hostile towards Richard Lee, the hundred people there were almost all absolutely elated with Janet Routledge`s answers, she was clear, well spoken and concise..Janet Routledge got roaring rounds of applause after every answer, Richard Lee was literally booed out of the gym, BC Conservatives will garner nothing in the way of votes in Burnaby with their party stance on pipelines..

In a nutshell, Richard Lee is toast in North Burnaby...North Burnaby is going big-time orange..And even in driving around North Burnaby, Richard Lee signs are an endangered species, only Janet Routledge signs can be found..

There is a new Angus Reid poll out, the first poll since Christy`s televised infomercial..

Real bad news..

BC NDP support...Lower Mainland...46%



Vancouver island................................45%

BC Liberal support.Lower Mainland...32%



Vancouver island.................................25%

Gender voter intentions...BC NDP......male..42%..Female..48%

BC Liberal...........................................Male..33%..Female..29%

 The NDP lead in all these categories,

Health Care

The NDP lead in all age groups, and in all income levels except one, the real wealthy, but even there it`s a dead heat..

There is one more category, called the momentum score..

Adrian Dix............-9

John Cummins....-15

Jane Sterk............+2

Christy Clark......-39


Ouch, minus 39 for Christy Clark..You can peruse the detailed tables here..

I said this two years ago, this election, the number one issue is pipeline and oil, the people have spoken, they don`t want Enbridge or Kinder Morgan expansion..

This election is over, and as for the Federal election, Stephen Harper`s obsession with tar oil and pipelines will cost him and his party power.

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Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

That's all well and good. We are looking forward to Dix. We have had horrible years with,the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

What I wonder about is, Harper's FIPA deal with China? How is that going to affect BC? China will take the timber and mines on Vancouver Island. The rich resources in the High Arctic too. We know Harper is giving China all of the resource jobs, such as BC mine jobs.

I am hearing scary stories such as? The Police are not to speak to Harper's M.P's, unless Harper gives his approval? Some New's web sites, will not permit any adverse comments about Harper?

Is this the true beginning, of a Dictatorship?

Bluesborn said...

throughI'm curious about what effect --if any at all--this media generated hysteria surrounding the N.D.P "fire sale" will have on the numbers.I don't know why Dix gave them this opening in the first place given the Liberals dismal election prospects.Here's hoping if anything this clinches the win for the N.D.P.

Grant G said...

You would be mistaken..


Selling BC Place

As you may know, NDP leader Adrian Dix has promised an NDP government would consider selling downtown Vancouver’s BC Place, with the money being used to pay down debt related to the facility’s renovation.

Do you support or oppose the idea of the provincial government selling BC Place?

40% - Support
32% - Oppose
28% - Don't know


Anonymous said...

Q1: Do you actually think these aired debates will change the fortunes (bleak) of the Liberal party?

Q2: BC Place is a black hole that consumes taxpayer money. Are people stupid enough to keep paying for this because it is an "Icon" (not!)even so we could get rid of it and eventually get free of this tax burden (even as it would have to be sold as a loss)?

Grant G said...

The debates will change nothing, the only people still fighting for the BC Liberals are the media..

As soon as the election is over, cknw will never have my ears again, same with Global news..

Media are cowards, Vaughn Palmer sold himself out for nothing.

Doesn`t the cknw/Glowball media know, I have their playbook.

Jas Johal is getting ripped in social media..Sean Leslie and Gord MacDonald have no morals or ethical code.


Anonymous said...

The media is now using Jane Sterk to drive a wedge between Green/NDP voters in hope of a Liberal candidate coming up the middle. To say she won the debate as stated by Alise Mills on Power and Politics is laughable.
I have heard that the Lib vote is not going to the Greens as it did Federally in 2011.
Lizzie May will be disappointed, she is working so hard against the NDP.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think it is too early to start worrying about election machines. How secure is the BC voting process. We all know that both Dubya elections in the states depended on voting irregularities, one in Florida and one in Ohio - tons of articles, even mainstream, came out after the elections accusing the republicans of winning it on the strength of scewing the results with fake ballots and in the case of Ohio with fake computer elections counts.
Are we immune to that here?

Anonymous said...

I listened to the debate and I must admit that I was impressed with Ms. Sterk. You can't ignore Adrian's flip-flopping on Kinder and the sale of Government assets.

I have been an NDP supporter for years but I am strongly considering the Greens this time to help add some balance to Government.

Grant G said...

Goody for you, if you are even real..

Check out their platform, no budget, nothing, tripling the carbon tax.

How come the green party doesn`t have to present and fiscal platform, they get a free pass.

You vote for who you want.

I smell a media rat, thump and pump for the green party, try to draw a percentage point or two from the NDP.

Fine, if you are in Weaver`s riding vote for him.

The Green in North Burnaby is unqualified.

No one won the debate, no one lost, yet many weak-minded individuals can be prodded by media to believe something that didn`t happen.

Ed Seedhouse said...

"Flip Flopping" is political speak, and means "changing one's mind when new facts become available"

Grant G said...

Thanks Ed...

Kinder Morgan went from talking about doubling to tripling, agreed.

By the way, how come Harvey Oberfeld is so damn obtuse?

LNG versus tar sand oil.

No need to respond. the man can write, but he can`t think or defend his position, ad nauseum.