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Christy Clark Lies Her Face Off On CKNW Again

Christy Clark is truly an unmitigated provincial embarrassment, I`m not sure where to begin ....

We know what political spin is, this is when a politician says something like...the economy is booming when in fact the economy is stalled, stagnant or retrenching..Spin is saying, we have the lowest taxes when in fact if you factor in user fees, MSP premiums and other hidden taxes we are not a low tax jurisdiction..

Spin versus reality, and then there is lying, false facts, when a person goes on radio or TV and proclaims certain facts that are completely false...Those are lies, and to be truthful I am tired of political pundits not calling a spade a spade, or in Christy Clark`s case...A bald-faced liar...For that is what Christy Clark is..

Christy Clark is a bald-faced liar...The end!

I listened to the liefest on cknw, and yes others have weighed in..Gary Mason has tweeted about  "facts preem Clark got wrong"


Again, why not call Christy what she is..A liar!

On Christy Clark lying about the jobs claims...Christy Clark claims since her job plan was announced in the 3 week of September 2011 we created as a province about 34,000 jobs, the truth is during that time frame we have lost 32,000 private sector jobs and gained about 8000 Government jobs..

 Here is the proof of my statements...

This from the CBC`s reality check series..


The NDP claim

B.C. is ninth in the country, when measuring job growth-rates against other provinces, between September, 2011 and March 2013..

According to Statistics Canada, the province has gained about 8,000 total jobs since the launch of the jobs plan in September 2011.
But the gains have all come in public sector and self-employed work, and the Statistics Canada figures do show B.C. lost about 35,000 private sector jobs during that time.

Thus CBC’s Reality Check team has determined the NDP’s claim is true.

The Liberal claim

When the Liberals say B.C. is leading the country in job creation in the first year of the jobs plan, they’re using total numbers of jobs created, between August, 2011 and August, 2012.

 The Liberals announced the jobs plan in the third week of September 2011, but they start counting from August — a month where jobs were at a five-month low.

 When it comes to the Liberal Party’s claims about the jobs plan, CBC’s Reality Check team finds they are full of spin.


Christy Clark also talked how she was raised in a way, a belief where parents don`t leave their children worse off, what the hell does that mean?, Christy talked how her parents left no mortgage and her dad prepaid his funeral costs,...Wouldn`t you want your parents to live the life they want, even if it means getting an equity mortgage on their home, something hundreds of thousands of BC seniors have done, or would you as a child of a parent want them scrimping, doing without, putting off a vaction, a new car, a new renovation so the children can glom onto the spoils...

I find that so insultive, my parents when they could no longer work, house rich and cash poor, we, my sisters wanted my parents to get an equity mortgage and live damn it, live, don`t put off until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come...So, I don`t know what Christy means when she says.."I was raised where parents didn`t leave their children worse off then they were".

I don`t know what that means perhaps you can explain it to me.

Christy Clark claimed the budget was balanced, that was a lie, when you have to sell near $1 billion in assets to make that claim, and when you actually haven`t sold the "surplus stuff" yet, well...Christy also cited rating agencies, she cited Moody`s, she cited Dominion bond rating services, Clark claimed those agencies confirmed the budget was balanced, that is not spin, that is Christy Clark lying..Christy Clark also claimed the so-called independent accountant from the Bank of Montreal agreed that her 2013 budget was balanced, she didn`t mention Mr. Tim O,Neill didn`t examine expenditures or individual ministries, he had no time, Tim O,Neill examined revenue forecasts, and revenue forecasts only..Tim O,Neill did not say the budget was balanced, another Christy Clark lie...


The report came just a week after the Liberal government's throne speech predicted B.C. could reap at least $100 billion in revenues generated by exports of liquefied natural gas over the next 30 years.
As for the general budget projections, O'Neill's report found everything pretty much in order.

"I have concluded that there are no glaring problems or inadequacies that need to be addressed," the report states. 

But Opposition New Democrat finance critic Bruce Ralston said the report did not examine government expenditures and does not answer the key question on whether or not the budget is balanced.
The B.C. election is set for May 14.


 Christy Clark also lied about the NDP, Christy Clark claimed the NDP never balanced the budget, that`s just another lie from Christy Clark..Christy Clark said..

"When the Government changed hands in 2001 it took several years to turn things around to balanced budget"

That`s a lie, the BC NDP left a $1.6 billion dollar surplus for Gordon Campbell in 2001, there was nothing to turn around, Gordo and Christy took that surplus in 2001, they gave corporations huge tax cuts and proceeded to run a deficit of over $2 billion dollars the following year..

Christy Clark in the second half of the cknw interview/question show continued to state, to lie about the NDP not balancing the budget, when Bill Good chimed in.."The NDP did balance the budget"...Christy Clark instantly chirped back, "you`re right, the NDP did balance the budget once"

Which proves that Christy Clark knew that she was lying all along, Bill Good didn`t have to lay it out to her, Christy knew Bill Good was right, that demonstrated how willing Christy Clark is to lie her face off..

Christy the habitual liar Clark wasn`t done playing the fool, Bill Good on three occasions mentioned the BC debt skyrocketing on her watch, Christy deflected the question, Christy Clark kept going back to the LNG futuristic golden unicorn prosperity fund...Bill Good stated to Christy..

LNG revenue is 15 to 30 years away, how do you know what price the province will receive..

Christy Clark stated...

"Right now we have one customer, the US, that`s why it`s important to have more than one customer, BC is landlocked"

What the hell does that mean, is Christy Clark suggesting that having more than one customer means they will bid each other up?...My gawd, and Christy was far from done lying..

Christy Clark stated the NDP were raising the carbon tax rate, that is false, the NDP are expanding the carbon tax to capture currently exempt industry that the BC Liberals exempted..

And more, Christy Clark was asked by a caller what she was going to do for small business(a staged call) Christy responded by saying the "small business tax will be cut by 40%"..But Clark didn`t say that ...According to the BC Liberal platform, small business tax won`t be cut until 2017..The next election..

Christy Clark stated on air.."If I get re-elected premier"..She never was elected premier by the people in the first place, a corrupt BC Liberal party gave her the nod, .

The last caller to ask Christy a question was a man called Sam...Sam who has been pimping the HST for 3 years on cknw, Christy reacted to Sam`s call like she personally knew him, ..

Sam asked Christy Clark about her proposal to toughen up the BC Liberal balanced budget know that law, a law Gordon Campbell brought in, a law the BC Liberals broke 8 times in 12 years..

Christy Clark stated that ministers currently get docked 10% of their pay if the budget isn`t balanced, that is another bald-faced lie..

Cabinet ministers get their yearly pay, they also get $10,000 per year in bonus pay..The balanced budget law and ministerial financial penalty applies to the bonus pay only..Meaning cabinet minsters and Christy Clark didn`t lose 10% of their pay, they get docked 10% of their bonus pay, which begs the question, when Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen lied their faces off during to 2009 election, "$495 million dollar deficit maximum" and the debt came in at $3.4 billion dollars..

Why on earth were any of those BC Liberal cabinet ministers in line for a bonus..?

Anyway, Sam asked the question and Christy Clark responded that ..If re-elected premier I will make the cabinet ministerial penalty for not balancing the budget 25%

These cabinet ministers get live-out allowances, they get extra money for every committee they sit on, this illusionary penalty would only apply to their bonus money..Which begs the question, why do cabinet ministers get bonus money for doing a job they were elected to do?

Sometimes it just amazes me how utterly stunned Christy Clark and these BC Liberals think the people really are..

Christy Clark claimed her predecessor premier Campbell ran deficits because of the worst recession since 1929..What makes Christy Clark think it won`t happen again..What if revenues fall off a cliff, should cabinet ministers slash their ministry funding in half in order to get their bonus..?

Lastly, I named this site The Straight Goods for a reason, Gary Mason may say that Christy Clark got her facts wrong, I will not..

Christy Clark lied her face off..

8;30 am to 9:30 am, April 22/2013

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

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Paul said...

Oh Yes, good old Sam


Bill Good: "Sam good morning"

Sam: "Good morning Madame Premier"

Christy Clark: "Nice to hear from you again Sam."

Sam: "It’s great to talk with you, it’s always my pleasure Madame Premier."

This is the same Sam who phones up the Bill Good show two-three times a week with his pro HST bullshit and Bill Good lets him take up almost half the show without saying a word.

I called the Bill Good for the second time in a week last year and the cherry picker guy told me "sorry, you can only call once a week".

It sounds like you have the audio from yesterday, but I can post the direct (MP3) links to yesterday's show if you like (news and commercial free) if you want to right-click - save/share/email the mp3 files.

- Paul