Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rich Coleman, The Bald-Faced Liar, Continues To Tell Whopper Lies, Exposed

Why does Rich Coleman continue to be an habitual liar, below is some cut n paste from a Black Press Daily, The Chilliwack Times..

Rich Coleman made an outrageous lie, the Chilliwack Times allowed the whopper lie to be printed and distributed, Rich Coleman needs to retract his bald-faced lie and the Chilliwack Times needs to correct the public record.

The Chilliwack Times interviewed Rich Coleman and Laurie Throness, the interview came in the form of Questions asked and Answers given..I`m only going to concentrate on one question that was asked and one big fat lie response by Rich Coleman.....(Questions were asked, Rich Coleman is answering)

Here`s the start of the article...

 Deputy premier and incumbent BC Liberal candidate for Fort Langley-Aldergrove Rich Coleman stopped by the Chilliwack Times office with local candidates Laurie Throness 

Q: There is lots of talk about the bad 1990s. What was so terrible about that decade in B.C.?

A: "In the 1990s, the rest of North America was going through a huge economic upswing and one jurisdiction didn’t, it really got its butt end kicked and it was B.C. And it’s because the capital wasn’t coming here.

Our personal tax rates were huge. Today we are the lowest tax jurisdiction in Canada at $122,000 or less. 

So somebody making $70,000 in 2001 under BC Liberals has probably somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000 left in their pockets that they didn’t have in the 1990s.

I sat across the table from them for five years and watched how they operated as a government and I was more and more convinced that we couldn’t do this ever again. "

Q: Do you have any anxiety about being across the table from them again after May 14?

A: " No. I’m an absolute optimist and I think our organization is strong and I actually think that on May 15 the most unhappy person in the province is going to be Adrian Dix."

 Here are the personal tax rates...

Personal income tax brackets have been cut as follows.

 British Columbia Personal Income Tax Brackets

 ................................Pre July 1/2001............July 1/2001.......July 1/2002

1} $1 to $30,484----------8.4%..........................7.3%...................6.05%

2} $30,484 to $60,969....11.9%........................10.5%..................9.15%

3} $60,969 to $70,000....16.7%,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,13.7%..................11.7%

4} $70,000 to $85,000....18.7%........................15.7%...................13.7%

5} $85,000 and over. .....19.7%.........................16.7%...................14.7%

Those tax rates can be confirmed here.


Rich Coleman, can you answer my question?

Q..How can a person earning $70,000 dollars, who had a tax rate 16.7% pre July 2001 have $25,000 to $30,000 more dollars in their pockets now then they did in the 90`s, when the tax fell from 16.7% to 13.7%...in July 2001?

That math doesn`t add up, you Rich Coleman are a Big OLD LIAR..

I also have a question for the Chilliwack Times..

Q..How can you, a printed paper, an internet paper run an article that repeats a blatant obvious lie, do you not have fact-checkers, do you not have people with brains employed or are you deliberately lying to try and elect BC Liberals?

Only a fool wouldn`t have immediately chirped back, how on earth could a $70,000 dollar earner have $30,000 more dollars in their pocket, what did you think the tax rate was in the 90`s..70%..80%...Because after Federal taxes come off, CPP pension contributions and UIC(EI) contributions..I could go on and on....

I might not be an accountant, however, I certainly am not an idiot..

Rich Coleman needs to retract and the Chilliwack Times needs to correct the record...

Rich Coleman, you are a liar, and Top Dog in the BC Liberal Government...When an experienced politician, a man who was once Solicitor General, once a police officer, lies to the public and press without giving it a second thought...Well..

Welcome to the opposition benches(if you`re lucky) 

Seems to be a pattern with these BC Liberals, lying that is..


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't trust this man Rich Coleman.

Anonymous said...

You continue to outperform all other bloggers, by far.


Anonymous said...

And just think about how many working stiffs, concentrating on paying the mortgage, getting to work on time, buying the groceries, taking junior to hockey practise and skating lessons has the time (or inclination) to analyze this lie. Most accept it as the truth, especially if they had any degree of respect for the source.
I agree, anything but a full front page apology by the Chilliwack paper is an afront. As for Coleman, I think he should be stuffed in a paper bag and left on a doorstop as a April Fools Day prank.
John's Aghast

Anonymous said...

The whole article is bunk! I emailed the paper and told them how ridiculous it was and asked them how they had the nerve to print it.
Maybe we can talk to some of their advertisers and tell them they are now on the boycott list.

Grant G said...

Thanks for emailing/calling them..Chilliwack Daily and the corrupt Liberals knew exactly what they were doing..

$70 k per year salary/wage is high middleclass wage, those S.O.B.s were trying to plant an image of $30 thousand dollars being taxed off their year income.

It was so blatant, so over the top, so big of a lie.

Rich Coleman basically said that under the NDP $70k earners were taxed provincially at 70%..

Rich Coleman is an habitual liar.

And remember who owns the paper.

David Black of Black press, the refinery schemer..

More politics from Black press, remember the First Nation hate letter last week.Black Press again..

And, did you notice...

Rich Coleman and Laurie Throness just happened to drop by?

"Deputy premier and incumbent BC Liberal candidate for Fort Langley-Aldergrove Rich Coleman stopped by the Chilliwack Times office with local candidates Laurie Throness"

Dropped by to do what?..

Lie their faces off.

This is an important story

Anonymous said...

Black Press has no credibility. They consistently publish rwnj letters to the editor. In our house, their paper is given a shake to remove the fliers and the rag is promptly disposed of.
I wouldn't miss it if it vanished into thin air along with the Libscum.
PS, don't be surprised by a few shockers on Election night, similar to the Chilliwack-Hope by election.
5 weeks to go.

kootcoot said...

John's Aghast said:

" As for Coleman, I think he should be stuffed in a paper bag and left on a doorstop as a April Fools Day prank."

Don't forget to light in on fire first, otherwise they might not stomp on it and might bend over to pick it up and wreck their back.

If you can think of anyone who would answer the door wearing caulk boots......even better!

Anonymous said...

Great work!
I'm emailing this reporter for a comment on the facts
she reported.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is Rich colemans educational background? so he was a former RCMP well so what most of them go in after high school .If they specialize they usally take criminology..Does he have a university degree?.He seems to reel alot of influnece in alot of pots..do we need him or any of the Liberals?.Campbell was as crooked as they come oh i fogot unproven..Time british columbians stopped being so passive and its also time we had some real investigated reporters who are not afraid to go after the facts and print them..Rich coleman is an abliber /course no doubt taught a cadet school..he offers nothing to the middle class..high roller on our dime .wonder how many of his upper crust friends have benifited from his numerous offices he has held.There is a reason he is minister of this /minister of that.Iam about to launch a site to find a top investigated journalist and with the help of my friends pay for this person to get the real storiesehind some MLAs ...kiss ass journalists in b.c