Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Adrian Dix Rocks BC Liberals With Shrewd Business Announcement!

Absolutely brilliant, Adrian Dix has announced a blue-ribbon panel to look at the financial situation of both BC Place and the Vancouver convention center.

As you know both of those entities bleed money every year, they both lose money on the operational side...And there is also the capital debt of $1.2 billion dollars, interest on that debt is in the range of $40 million dollars per year..

Add up the operational debt, the interest payment and these two entities cost the BC taxpayer near $100 million dollars per year...

There are many big corporations willing to buy these type of assets even if they are money losing ventures, Telus, Rogers, Bell, these are very profitable companies, these companies do buy money losing assets as a tax shelter, taxes due from one profitable entity are used  to defer loses on another..

Bob Mackin has fought tooth and nail to get financial information from Pavco, they refuse,...FOI refusal on steroids..

BC Liberals sell off profitable assets, like BC Rail...They tried to give away the highly profitable LDB...

Yet today the Liberals are howling about Adrian Dix proposing selling off liabilities..

Hilarious...BC Liberals and Christy Clark have been calling Adrian a Socialist, wanting to grow Government, and today he showed his shrewd business side by proposing shrinking Government, getting the BC Government out of the stadium business, out of the convention business..

Today at 10:00am on Bill Good`s The View show/panel featuring Alise Mills..

Bill Good and Alise Mills were freaking out, the callers applauded Adrian Dix`s proposal..

And out of the mouth of the south, a one loud-mouthed blathering Alise Mills..

Alise Mills shrieked,....There are single mothers and youth that depend on those minimum wage jobs at BC Place..


Cue up 10:00a.m. to 10:45a.m. ....April 24th...Listen to Alise Mills shriek, listen to Bill Good go into panic mode.

Newsflash Alise Mills, BC Place will still have events, Vancouver convention center will still have conventions, and..Any private buyer of BC Place can`t pay less than minimum wage..

In fact those employees are likely to get raises..

This is gold, this is how you run a campaign, Christy Clark has been tweeting that this is a "stunt"...

Christy Clark knows all too well what political stunts are..

Anywho, whenever Alise Mills and Bill Good start freaking out on air over an NDP announcement..

Means it`s another dagger right into the heart of the BC Liberals.

Selling off $100 million dollar per year financial; boondoggles, oh the humanity!

John Cummins is in complete agreement with Adrian Dix on this stadium issue..



Politics can make for strange bedfellows, and the NDP and the B.C. Conservative party find themselves on the same side on the issue.
Conservative leader John Cummins has long considered the provincial investment a government subsidy.
The Conservatives would sell the naming rights to the stadium and set a fall 2016 deadline for the Crown agency to be self-sustaining.
“There should be no need to have taxpayers prop up Pavco,” Cummins said in a statement.
“It’s currently a dumping ground for Liberal insiders and cronies. They seem to have no desire to protect taxpayers’ dollars.”
Cummins pointed out that Pavco board member Suzanne Anton and board chairman Peter Fassbender are running on the Liberal slate.



 B.C. premier Christy Clark’s baffling campaign strategy: misinform, mislead | Full Comment | National Post

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