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Did The Stephen Harper Forces Murder Jack Layton?

                   Did The Stephen Harper Forces Murder Jack Layton?


As every serious contemporary researcher into economics, politics, and culture claims – we are living in a sudden era of global transformation.  It is marked by concentrations of massive wealth in a few hands, the increasing impoverishment of ordinary people, exponential population growth, gigantic military expenditures, and unchecked assaults on the environment in the midst of global heating.

Characteristic amid those changes are rapid advances in communications technology and surveillance, the almost total absorption of conventional information sources [the Mainstream Press and Media] into the service of the wealth-holders, and the unrelieved stripping of democratic freedoms from the larger population.

Security services, courts, and “democratic” parliaments are increasingly absorbed into the policy planning networks of immense and socially irresponsible private corporations. Those often murky alliances – in the reach for unfettered power – resort more and more to criminal methods in order to further their ends.

On the geopolitical side “destabilizations” - gigantic and bloody wars – are entered into as a way of securing resources or holding key strategic locations. Examine the so-called ‘wars for democracy’ in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya just for instance.

At the national level – use Canada as example – all those negative forces are at work. To support them, government is drawn increasingly into criminal and near-criminal activity as a way of serving the global wealthy, circumventing the needs of Canadians, and securing its own continuing power.

In both the 2006 and 2011 elections the Harperite party used corrupt means to win election. Even in 2013 there is little doubt it employed conspiratorial devices attempting to destroy Saskatchewan’s independent election boundary commission. The Harper party wants, obviously, the image of democracy as a front for totalitarian rule.

It’s candidates refuse to appear at all-party debates and it ejects (when it can get away with it) Canadians it doesn’t like from open (?) meetings of Conservative politicians and the public.

For the G8 summit in 2010, John Baird and Tony Clement misappropriated some $50 million in funds for Clement’s use in his riding. As reward, apparently, for deception achieved, Stephen Harper raised both to senior positions in cabinet.

Only ten years ago Canadians would have held it impossible to believe their national government would engage in what is, in fact, criminal fraud in two elections (2006 and 2011) to win power. Impossible, also, to believe it would close down Parliament to avoid revelations of its criminal assent to torture and murder of prisoners in Afghanistan. Canadians would have held it impossible to believe Canadian government would close down parliament to prevent an absolutely, constitutionally correct alliance of parties to govern.

Only ten years ago it would have been impossible to believe a Canadian government would deliberately and with malice close down essential institutions necessary to honest research and the communication of information to Canadians.

Not the least of the activities undertaken by the totalitarian interests elsewhere in the world is the murder, the assassination -  the erasure of people who stand in the way of the transformation. The U.S. and its close allies regularly destroy people anywhere on the globe they call terrorists – people who are often desperate to construct an area of independent action for themselves and their people. We have to ask if that is also true in Canada.  Did the Stephen Harper forces murder Jack Layton?

The national leader recently most despised by the U.S.A. was almost certainly Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela until his death by cancer on March 5, 2013. Chavez not only led a huge reform [Bolivarian socialism] in Venezuela, but he helped to organize independence organizations [independent of the U.S.A.] of importance to South America and the world. At his death, Stephen Harper barely disguised his delight.

Above all, the Chavez government showed beyond the shadow of a doubt that justice, equality, and decent living conditions could be constructed outside the repressive ideas of neo-liberalism (called by some corporate totalitarianism, by others hard-Right economic practice). His work inflamed power in the U.S. and among the powers engaged in the sudden era of global transformation on behalf of a tiny, corrupt allegiance of bankers and private corporate entrepreneurs.

When the acting president of Venezuela Nicolas Madura declared that a strong possibility exists that Hugo Chavez was killed by cancer seeded through espionage by a foreign power, the U.S. leaped to its own defence.  The world remembers, however, the uncounted number of attempts by the CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro, leader of a poor island country with a population of only about ten million. At least one of the attempts upon Castro is said to have been an attempt to infect him with cancer.

The world remembers, besides, the murderous hand of the U.S.A. in Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala – and too many other countries to attempt to list them all.

And so the incidence of cancer among leaders of countries in
South America that have been resistant to the policy and hegemony of the U.S. and its close imperial allies is at least … strange. It has even been called an epidemic!

Evo Morales, president of Bolivia in 2009; Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil in 2009; Fernand Lugo, former president of Paraguay in 2010; Nestor Kirchner, former president of Argentina in 2010; Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil in 2011; Allanta Humala, president of Peru in 2011, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela in 2011. 

The list reads like an epidemic.

Consider Jack Layton.  He was a decent, “reasonable” social democrat.  Neither he nor his party could provide much credible
material for the normally vicious Harperite attacks. Layton’s
influence was growing in Canada and quietly building towards wide popularity and a firm basis to win majority government. An NDP/Layton victory would destroy the direction of the ‘global transformation’ in Canada and would also destroy the blueprint Stephen Harper has for a totalitarian Canada headed by himself.

Jack Layton, strong, healthy, and in the prime of a political career,  contracted cancer in his late fifties, and he died in August of 2011, at 61, joining – you might say – the South American cancer epidemic.

Strange things still remain about the Layton saga.  The family would never tell what, finally, brought about his death.  The habitually small-minded and vindictive Stephen Harper suddenly blossomed into a man of rare sensitivity, generosity, imagination, and compassion, offering something unique - a State Funeral for the deceased NDP leader. 

[One has to remember that Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte was murdered in the October Crisis of 1970 under very strange circumstances while he was kidnapped. His actual murderer has never been identified. It is an unsolved murder that just happened to be very, very useful to the Pierre Trudeau Liberals. Laporte (not particularly popular in Ottawa) was given a State Funeral out of Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal. Was the State Funeral used as public relations cover-up?] 

That doesn’t stop people in Quebec, still, 43 years later, from asking “Who killed Pierre Laporte?” 

Should we be asking, as well – after what was the elaborate, Stephen Harper-created State Funeral for Jack Layton - “Who killed Jack Layton?”

Written by Robin Mathews


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Hugh said...

Restaurants happy to get rid of HST:

Anonymous said...

Yes - very interesting. A question very few will venture to. This has been done often in the past. Any doubts? Read a book called " Economic Hit Man by John Perkins".
He was involved in the process in South America along with other countries. He names names. Check out the web site Veterans Today - loaded with people in the know writing about what's behind the headlines. The info is there - just very few people dare to venture there.

Galena said...

ANd of Ralph Klien? He seems to fit this pattern.

Grant G said...

Very interesting Professor Mathews...

Especially with scientists being charged with trying to smuggle deadly pathogens out of the country.

Anonymous said...

so you finally found out.well Stephen harper is talks

Anonymous said...

Well he sent 85,000 dollars worth of Lakefield-Mossberg shotguns to Kiev just before the riots saw 100 dead and 166 missing...why not a Canadian or two? The guns were sent as a gift, to persons unknown, directly from the PMO and not through parliament. CBC broadcast the story on world report for two days and now it cannot be found in their archives. Gifts from our own little PM to aid who? He should have to explain that to The Hague.