Sunday, April 28, 2013

Christy Clark Throws Hamish Under The Campaign Bus

My sincerest condolences goes out to the family and relatives of those who were killed in the horrific car accident in Surrey today..Hundreds of lives affected for the worse, and forever

I wasn`t going to write anything about Christy Clark running red lights in the early morning hours with her son Hamish, until this evening when another article was posted.

Before I get started, my ex, my Marcy who has succumbed to society`s hurt..

When I met Marcy, she was 25, I was 23...She was very shy and timid, after we got together I soon learned that she had suffered early childhood horrific news too, Marcy was five years old, it was New Years eve, she and her four siblings, Marcy and her four sisters were at home with a babysitter, Marcy was the second oldest of the five girls, a bright eyed child full of spunk and little girl dreams..

The year was 1965, Marcy`s parents were out on the town celebrating New Years eve, her parents weren`t drinking, they were driving though..

Her parents were broadsided in an intersection by a driver who blew through a stop sign, a driver that just happened to be an off duty police officer, a police officer who was drunk as a skunk, he slammed into the side of her Marcy`s Dad`s car, both her parents killed instantly..

Back in 1965 they didn`t really have grief councilors or specialized staff to break the news to victimized families ....Marcy recalled the moment forever, she could never let it go, she went into shock, it affected her entire life, ultimately Marcy could never get past it, I wept many a night with Marcy squeezing me for comfort, her nightmares were regular, sleeping beside Marcy while suddenly being awoken to her screaming, crying and trembling, I did my best to help, a simple man of modest means, in thinking about it today I regret I didn`t borrow monies for professional psychiatric help, eventually the endless nightmares emanating from her early childhood stole her entire adult life, she now resides in a specialized unit in Maple Ridge..

That fateful day, 1965, a knock on the door, babysitter answered the door, Marcy, the only one of the five daughters still awake, still awake awaiting the return of her beloved parents..

It was a police officer, Marcy standing behind the babysitter, the police officer stated to the babysitter, unaware that Marcy was standing directly behind her..

 "I`m sorry to inform you, Mr and Mrs Parsons have been killed in a car accident"...

Shortly thereafter, five girls, two sets of grandparents, the girls were separated, Marcy went one way the other girls another, Marcy looked like her dad, or should I say, she had many of his handsome features, the grandparents where Marcy went were ill-equipped to raise another child, especially one that went into shock after the terrible news for months,  where Marcy went her Dad`s brother also resided, he was an alcoholic, he beat Marcy regularly, no one would listen to Marcy`s childhood cry..

Until I met her, a sucker for a sob story, a white knight riding to the rescue..I could save Marcy, turn her life around, I tried everything, we had many good times and many more real bad ones, Marcy could never let her personal nightmare go, now it was a nightmare for both of us, one on-purpose accident in 1965 kept on killing for decades more..

 The drunken driving police officer was barely reprimanded, the RCMP circled their wagons and protected him..five lives shattered, and more, it cost me decades too, for I never realized that eventually I would lose the battle to save Marcy, thus costing me my best years too..

I wrote about Marcy before, in this post, it`s on my frontpage side-bar, in a section titled..My favorite it is below


The Storm of Tears, (In Your Eyes)

Having immersed myself in the dark void of soulless data I find myself becoming increasingly bitter and callous......

If only you could see the world through my eyes, maybe you can, that is my ultimate goal, enlightenment, perhaps that is part of the media`s problem, do journalists see what we see, I can`t sleep anymore, the nightmares don`t stop...

I woke up to tears again this morning, how many of you wake up every other day with salty drops running down your cheeks, have the reporters and journalists stopped seeing, reporting, feeling so they can sleep, I have not that answer but I,..........But I need the tears, it reminds that I still care, my dad has been fishing without me all month, how he does it is beyond me he is over 80, he drags my mom up in the morning and prods her to the boat,a difficult task 20 years ago but now that my mom`s legs don`t work is amazing, a recent colon cancer survivor, lumps, bumps and breakdowns of body will not stop him, not only is he fighting the clock but also the demons.....

A fear of losing his mind has shaped his routine, no one wins that battle with time, at best you can hold the swinging pendulum at bay but for a moment, recently I was in a special section of the Maple Ridge hospital, the woman I was visiting is fighting for freedom, a girl too young to be looking for freedom, society stole her sanity and left her to fend for herself.......

Will her mind return is unknown, the vast majority of patients, victims, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in this unit are lost, the visitors to this place are me, sons, daughters, lovers and as I observe, watch, document, sons talking to fathers, daughters to mothers and I see blank stares and fear, blank stares from these loved ones whose minds are gone, memories purged, emotions ripped from their souls only to be replaced with pills and water......And fear in the eyes of blood related visitors........

Fear of ending up in the same place, crossword puzzles and Sudoko have been standard fare for my dad for years, I know what his fear is, not the clock but the blank stare, he has no worries as he still betters me when watching/playing Jeopardy, I am looking forward to spending labour day weekend with my parents, fishing with mom and dad has always been a temporary tear stopper for me, China Creek and Bamfield will provide the backdrop......

Recently mom told me dad said to her that despite his fits of anger towards me at times that he thinks I`m brilliant, I have been waiting a lifetime to hear that, not that I am brilliant or special but who doesn`t need the occasional compliment, with my dad emotions have always been hard for him, where as my mom it`s the complete opposite, passion and anger bubbles through......

Someone blessed me with a mix of both, cold calculated analytical with uncontrollable emotions, I was raised with warnings about being cannon fodder, taught to think and decide, to examine all sides and be vocal, yet that price is tears when I sleep and thoughts that can`t be stopped, happiness is fleeting and eludes me and I can`t help but think of the blank stares of fathers and mothers whose minds have been purged and the children who live in fear of ending up in the same state.......

Why? Those empty minds sleep without tears and peace seems to be in their grasp, I have not any answers only more questions, I`ll be gone fishing next week and I will have arguments with my dad and lose every one of them and he won`t call me brilliant, he`ll call me something and when I sleep I will wake up to tears and any happiness will be but a facade, my earliest memories are of fishing with dad and mom wiping my tears away, I was never promised happiness, all I look forward to now is completion, you know what our goal is and damn it, even if it kills me we will continue......

And I wouldn`t want it any other way.

Jonathan Fowlie wrote on op-ed piece featuring Christy Clark, the story was about the day in the life of a politician, a day with Christy Clark, a day that started very early in the morning, roughly 5:00 am, Christy was driving Hamish to a goalie training center/hockey practice, something many parents do..

Not much traffic at that time of day, here they(Christy, Hamish and Fowlie) are at an intersection, Hamish talks his mom(Christy Clark) into running the red light, yes they were stopped first, and yes no traffic was coming, and yes Christy Clark took her foot off the brake and plowed through the empty intersection...I`m offended, especially after the language, the conversation, a conversation recorded by Jonathan Fowlie...


by Vancouver Sun reporter Jonathan Fowlie, comes this shocking illegal and dangerous driving by Clark:

“Let’s see you go through this red light,” 

 Hamish challenged as they pulled up that morning, at 5:15 a.m., to an abandoned Vancouver intersection.

“I might. Don’t test me,” Clark replies.

“Yeah. Go ahead.”

“Should I?” Clark

“There’s no one.”

Would you go through? You shouldn’t because that would be breaking the law,” she says.

And with that the car has already sailed underneath the stale red stoplight and through the empty intersection.

You always do that,” says Hamish.


You always do that states Hamish...Alright, so Christy doesn`t obey the law, she takes motoring shortcuts whereas most obey the laws, as pesky as they may be..On Saturday(April 27th) Christy is questioned by reporters on this activity, she responded with..."It was 5:10 am" with her usual teethy smirk....In other words, no traffic, no foul, no harm..

And then today, five people, three adults and two children had their lives snuffed out by a driver who went through a red light....Dozens, maybe hundreds of lives forever altered for the worse, again Christy Clark was questioned by reporters about running red lights, today her answer was more contrite, at least I thought it was more contrite..

As I said, I wasn`t going to write about this tragedy and or Christy Clark`s stupid red-light running decision making until...

Until this story was posted in the Vancouver Sun (Sunday evening)..And what Christy Clark said, which angered me to my core..

"Clark said Sunday at a North Vancouver campaign stop that it was wrong of her to run the red light, she refuted her son`s assertion that it is something she does frequently" ..

That`s it, the final straw for me,  I have left Hamish out of my political stories, candidate families were out of bounds, a no go zone, Christy Clark infused Hamish into the political spotlight, and now she threw her own son under the bus by calling him a liar, Hamish tells the truth and Christy Clark lambastes her own son to try and save her own skin, this is too low, even for Christy Clark.

Are we to believe the very first time Christy Clark runs a red light is with Jonathan Fowlie aboard doing an interview, and her son lies to Fowlie, and Christy Clark doesn`t correct Hamish at the time, not until Christy Clark is questioned again by reporters, questioned after this horrific on-purpose accident that slaughtered three adults and two innocent children, Christy Clark trying to save her sorry butt tosses Hamish under her political campaign bus..

Will you ever stop lying Christy?

For shame Christy Clark, for shame.

My Kindest Condolences to those affected, I`ll be looking for five new bright twinkling stars in the universe..

Watch the debate tonight here, live..

and here.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Full Of Tears


Anonymous said...

Very nice writing and a powerful heart ending story. I don't like Ms Clark as premier, but we are not supposed to be total slaves to electronic traffic lights either. I have done the same thing from time to time. Sure it was wrong to try and deny her sons revelation, but hey that is just normal human behavior. Still, I admit this woman does seem to have a problem with stretching the truth from time to time.

Paul said...


11-year-old kid: "Let's see you go through this red light"

Christy Clark: "I might. Don't test me."

11-year-old kid: "Yeah. Go ahead."

Christy Clark: "Should I?"

11-year-old kid: "There's no one."

(Car goes through red light)

11-year-old kid: "You always do that."

I see an 11-year-old kid successfully instructing his mother to go through a red light.

Is this 11-year-old kid also instructing his mother on how to run the province?

The Mud Report said...

Christy and the Liberals should go down for a lotta reasons, including saying one thing and doing another, like in the case of the HST fiasco. But if it's wrong for them why is it OK for the author to go on and on about leaving the family out then naming the son over and over. Sounds hypocritical to me. Also Christy wasn't drunk and she didn't speed through a stop light at a busy intersection like the shithead who killed all the innocent folks yesterday. So that whole analogy is empty too.

Lottsa folks choose which laws to obey when based on common sense instead of robotic training. I'd suggest if the author looked closely at his actions he'd find plenty of instances where he used his common sense instead of blind obediance. Hopefully the Liberals will be toast on May 15th, but not because Christy doesn't blindly obey every rule.

Grant G said...

Get stuffed Mr. Mud..

First off, I point out that Clark was stopped, no traffic coming, goaded into it.

Had Clark admitted she had done this and vowed to never do it again, fine, but she didn`t, she called her son a liar.

I have no issues with her son, none, he seems like a nice boy, there isn`t one slight in this article towards her beloved son.

This issue, the issue this post is about.

It is not about running a red light, it`s about habitual lying, she, Christy Clark labeled her son a liar, in the Vancouver Sun.

Go take your sanctimonious garbage elsewhere.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

I am a slave to electronic traffic lights. I worked in a hospital. I have seen first hand what happens to people who aren't slaves to electronic traffic lights. That Christy Clark is that damned stupid with her son, in the vehicle with her? I would say Christy is stark staring mad. I hope Christy's son doesn't do the same, when he gets his drivers licence. Hopefully Christ's sons friends don't think, what lark that was either?

Good gawd! The horrendous traffic fatality's we have had in the past and very recently? It is not ok to run red lights.

As far as Christy stretching the truth, she tells out and out whoppers. I don't want Christy running a bingo game, let alone this province.

How many more times does Christy have to screw up, before people, can manage to pry their eyes open?

I don't give a damn, if the traffic light is in the middle of the ocean? You do not run red traffic lights. If this is a routine practice of Chrity's? Her licence should be taken away from her.

Sorry for my explosion Grant. But. I consider Christy at the highest height, of a very stupid person.

Anonymous said...

I am a slave to traffic lights. I worked in a hospital. I know first hand, what happens to very stupid people that run red traffic lights. If the red traffic light is in, the middle of the ocean? You don't run the damned red light. How many more victims of idiots, that run red lights have to die, because of those drivers stupidity?

If Christy is a habitual driver that runs red lights? She should have her licence take away from her. This should be reported to the Police. Anyone who excuses Christy for running the red light because, she wasn't drunk are, just as brain dead as she is. They too should have their drivers license taken away from them. They too are a menace on the road.

For Christy to do this with her son in the car even when sober, makes her even more stupid. I really hope Hamish nor his friends thinks what Christy did, was a lark? They can die because of that.

Sorry for my explosion Grant. I have no tolerance for idiots who, support Christy for running red lights.

By the way Grant. Rumor has it, there are Harper trolls visiting web sites, supporting Christy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the repeat. Computer keeps saying, verification has failed. Did yesterday too. However. This has to be repeated several time so, fools get the message.

Don F. said...

God Almighty I am so tired of this repulsive woman! I can't atand another minute of that annoying drivel of a voice nor can I look at another time that insulting smirk she constantly wears on her face. This woman is a complete slug on society and a complete insult to good hardworking people.
Time for this embarrassing little miss prissy to be shown the door only to crawl back under some rock.
Twelve years of this abuse by this party, long enough to cause irreparable damage, and what do they do? They give us her at the end as though to add insult to injury! Discusting!!!

Paul said...

BC NDP website - Live Debate

'This event will go live with your comments half an hour before the debate.'

'Tune in at 6:00PM.'

Paul said...

CTV News - Live Debate

istvan said...

Hear hear, on your rebut to the muddy one. The girl did it with her boy and a reporter. That is the problem.

Grant G said...

Thanks Istvan..

Good to hear from you.


Paul said...

CBC Website - Live Streaming Debate

Paul said...

Christy Clark gets caught in a lie about running a red light with her son and a Vancouver Sun reporter in the car!

Red Light Liar Christy Clark