Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adrian Dix, Fighting Against Stephen Harper To Protect British Columbia

Adrian Dix, firm, concise, the only leader fighting to protect British Columbia from the heavy tar stained hands of Stephen Harper.

Grab a coffee, put your feet up, watch the next premier of British Columbia speak to a national audience, and unlike Christy Clark, Adrian doesn`t embarrass us with sounding like valley girl.."I think, ya know"

The Straight Goods

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Anonymous said...

I think he did well in this interview. I have a nagging concern about this election though - despite the current NDP momentum, there will be tremendous push-back from both the BC Liberals and the federal Conservatives (basically the same agenda in my view). How far will they go to win?

Anonymous said...

The liberals will do ANYTHING to win. Lie, cheat, and a continous barage of attack ads. Shameful.
Be prepared as we haven't seen anything yet. Ottawa is not happy with what is going on in our province. The Cons are so deeply involved with "our" election. Steve and Co., go away.

It is time we had a new government in this province who will look after the interests of the "common" folks; "citizens" of this province, our resources, children, seniors, and each other.
Enough selling out our resources, our jobs.

As I said when I started, the liberals will do ANYTHING to win with help from Ottawa.

Get out and vote!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know? On some web sites. The old WW11 vets say? If they got Harper in a fox hole, he wouldn't leave that fox hole alive.

My sister said. In our Granddads day, they would have found a stout tree and a rope. That's how the would have dealt with Harper back then.

There is absolute rage with Harper. I don't mean with just some either. Pretty much everyone, is totally against Harper. We have been asked, to send Harper's vile pamphlet regarding Harper's utterly vile attack on Trudeau, right back to Harper. they say, it costs nothing to send them back.

Adrian Dix will win. Christy's working for Harper, is not going to sit well with anybody. Even the fact, the BC Liberals work for Harper, is all over those sites too.

Anonymous said...

Ok - Dix playing nice guy a bit too much. When asked to comment about Christy running a red light with her son in the car - his response is he doesn't want to play negative politics so he won't comment. Right after a family was killed out in Surrey by a red light runner. We have all suffered years under this criminal gang - time to go for the jugular. His lack of a response worries me a bit.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney tried the same attack posturing and look where that went. Seniors may swallow the tripe, but demographics have changed everything in this campaign.
Calm down. Todays events will only add to CC's woes.

Anonymous said...

I watched the after debate media scrum when they went after Mr Dix for when he made the decision to oppose the Kinder Morgan new pipeline. (it's not an expansion, it's a new pipeline) They never let go, doing everything but calling him a liar, and never got into any other issue. They were like a pack of jackals intent on murdering their prey, and it says a hell of a lot more about them than it does about Mr Dix.
My prediction is that most of the people who live in Greater Vancouver and see the danger of increasing bitumen exports through their wonderful city and the wonderful Gulf Islands will reject any proposal to increase the risk of an oil spill there. What is at risk is the degeneration of our whole southern coast and what is offered for benefits is largely lies. What happened in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama after the Gulf of Mexico spill and its total mismanagement by BP as they cut every cost and brought in the lawyers to lower their liability? People stopped going there, their tourist industry died. The sea was poisoned and remains poison. There is just no way BC should head in that direction.