Monday, April 15, 2013

Christy Clark, No Longer a Conservative, Now Christy Is A Federal Liberal "Grit"

Christy Clark Liberal`s election platform, am I missing something, do the Liberals really think the people are that stupid, that we all just fell off of a turnip truck...

Vaughn Palmer has written a "rare" good article..Well worth the read, shows Christy Clark lying her face off, again!

These "Gritty" Liberals are proposing reducing the small business tax from its current rate of 2.5% to 0.00 %...Only one problem, their timeline they announced is by 2017, meaning not only do you have to elect Christy`s team on our May 14th 2013 election you also have to reeelect them in 2017..

These BC Conservative Liberals really presented a sad election platform...

Remember how the other day I wrote how Christy Clark was Canada`s newest Conservative,

How these free-enterprisers/ Conservative party proposed dumping the name Liberal..In an earlier in the day article in the Vancouver Sun outling their 2013 platform, I found this rather strange but predictable ruse statement, and it has to do with Justin Trudeau`s rise to fame and popularity..

Here is the paragraph that stands out like a sore thumb..

"The B.C. Liberals released its election platform today, promising a re-elected Grit government would have "modest" new spending while focusing on balanced budgets and debt-reduction."


Do you see the highlighted part, the subtle scheming, the desperate ploy..

Can anyone tell me of even one time in the last 7 years where the BC Liberals(In name only, they are the old Socred party) referred to themselves as the "Grit" party..I can`t, they are trying to confuse some ill-informed voters that now these BC Liberal thingees are actually Federal Liberals..For the name "Grits" refers to the federal Liberals whereas the name "Tories" refers to the Federal Conservative party...

Sorry Christy Clark, but it is a well-known fact that Federal Liberal voters in British Columbia by a margin of 3 to 1 vote NDP provincially..

What a silly joke, when Christy Clark brought in Sara the gum, Ken the groper, the leaky Greek, when Christy Clark tried to show off her Conservative bonafides by bringing in Harper smeary slimers, now they regret that move and are suggesting by the line highlighted above that they are now the Federal "Grit" party, ala Justin Trudeau`s team..

Oh you silly BC Liberals..."In my heart, in my heart I am a Filipino...I`m a fiscal conservative, I`m a Sikh,....I`m a cowgirl..I`m a haggis eating rye whiskey guzzling Scottish patriot...And now today Christy Clark is a Federal "grit"..

Perhaps Christy Clark forgot she attended this event last year..


OTTAWA - B.C. Premier Christy Clark, dubbed Friday by Preston Manning as Canada’s “iron snowbird,” made another aggressive attempt to win the confidence of Canada’s conservative movement.

Clark, who has recently recruited several former advisers to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was speaking at the Reform party founder’s annual conference of politicians, strategists and thinkers under the banner: “A Conservative family reunion.”


Where was I...Oh yea, the generosity of the BC Liberals, eer, I mean Federal Conservatives..eer, whatever they are, ..Besides being habitual liars..These about to be booted out of office things were blathering about the $trillions of dollars from LNG exports to Asia..yet they can`t deliver a small business tax cut until 2017..And...Oh the humanity, BC`s rapidly aging population and these BC Liberal things are promising to build a massive 100 hospice beds for the dying, but not until 2020...7 years, 100 beds, 14 hospice beds per year...And yet Christy Clark is counting on $trillions in LNG revenue ...

I guess she isn`t that confident in the LNG golden unicorn dream, for if it was a sure thing, why not give the small business tax cut today, build the hospice beds today..

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Until the federal Liberals publicly come out and state that they are not the BC Liberals, one can consider them one and the same.
As far as I'm concerned, the two are not as different as you may like. Corporate culture runs deep in the Federal Liberals and once they govern again, it too will rise to the top as before and control everything the Party does and once again Canadians will be the losers.

Anonymous said...

Right you are Grant.

For quite some time? The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have been, Harper's satellite party.

The dastardly duo Campbell and Harper, did some serious dirt to BC and, to our people. The dirt didn't let up with Christy either.

Justin Trudeau will not get my vote.

scotty on Denman said...

Thanks for filling out the "Grit" reference; I also noticed it but shrugged it off without enough thought. No, I've never previously heard the BC Liberals refer to themselves as Grits, nor have I heard anyone else do it.

(BTW, it's "whisky" in Canada as well as in Scotland.)

Anonymous said...

The Vaughn Palmer story disappeared at precisely 1:50 PM on April 16th! Right after I read it!
John's Aghast

Grant G said...

I just clicked the link in my post..The Vaughn Palmer article is still there?..


Anonymous said...

"Vaughn Palmer has written a "rare" good article..Well worth the read, shows Christy Clark lying her face off, again!"

I find that hard to believe, you gotta stop acknowledging these BC Liberal shills!

Good Day to you Sir.

physicsguy said...

If they are really Grits, then why did I get a phone call from Stockwell Day inviting me to participate in a phone-in town hall meeting with the Liberal candidates in Chilliwack???