Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adrian Dix Scores The Oscar, Christy Clark Flaps Her Lips

Christy Clark continually utters before thinking, and now Christy Clark has put the BC  Liberals in a box..

Before we get started, ....I`m doing a mea culpa,  backtracking on an earlier post..

I wrote about the continual race to bottom with subsidies to the movie industry..

Adrian Dix has announced increasing the labour subsidy to BC`s film industry from the current 33% to 40%...This is a fabulous move, it`s being applauded by industry experts, those employed, and especially by those hoping to again become employed in the movie industry..

These new added labour tax breaks still keeps us behind Ontario and the state of Louisiana, it does however get us a little closer(within 5%)..that is enough to keep productions in British Columbia and bring more productions here, I`ve been informed that Adrian Dix`s announcement is raging through Hollywood management offices like wildfire, we have world-class sound studios, stunning scenery and a very skilled workforce, in fact we have natural voices and movie stars everywhere, Hollywood loves British Columbia and this little nudge will make a huge difference..

Oil n Gas industry receives as much or more in subsidies yet employ a fraction of the workers compared to our movie industry, from caterers to construction, clothes, flowers, and high-tech..A 21st century industry that doesn`t harm our precious environment..

Christy Clark has already slammed the NDP and Adrian Dix over this added tax incentive, Christy has also disrespected the entire high-tech movie industry, at current production levels in British Columbia this added labour tax break will cost $45 million dollars per year..And it may even cost a lot more, and if it does, well, that means many more $100 million dollar blockbuster productions have come to BC to film, and that is a good thing..

Christy Clark has spent $25 million dollars on partisan TV ads in the last year, $11 million dollars for a fake Bollywood awards ceremony, BC Liberals paid Boss mining $30 million dollars on the courthouse steps to avoid bad press from a another BC Liberal scandal


$6 million dollars to end a BC Rail corruption trial and who can forget Christy Clark turning down $40 million dollars from Telus for the naming rights to BC Place..Christy Clark did that for a promised photo-op with Vancouver Whitecap soccer players, we`ll see the start of those photo-ops this Sunday at 7:00 PM...


And who can forget Christy Clark spending $10 million dollars in Stickmen ads to promote the hideous HST..

In the last 18 months...$97 million dollars pissed away for nothing, and $hundreds of millions more have been flushed down the toilet on computer systems that don`t even work..


$300 million dollar spent with nothing to show for it!

We have a thriving movie industry here in BC, an established industry, an industry that advertises to the world where we are, who we are, they show our scenery, our mountains and rivers, they showcase a British Columbia as a natural paradise, we can`t afford to lose that, those Bollywood awards barely mentioned British Columbia..

I very rarely do a mea culpa, I was wrong, a slightly smaller fiscal pie is better than no pie at all..And with this courageous move by Adrian Dix we may end up with a table laden with greenback stuffed pies..

And I love pie!

Now as for Christy Clark, she really has become UNDONE...


To start throwing vicious barbs at Adrian Dix about this platform item, Christy Clark should have said nothing, but Christy can`t help herself, she utters without thinking, she wants a pissing contest, it`s all she knows..

She also put the BC Liberals in a box, if the BC Liberals backtrack for damage control sake, they will once again be labeled the gang that couldn`t shoot straight, and Clark will once again be donning her flip-flop crown..


And lastly, my gawd, does Christy Clark not realize how she sounds?...Last night at a partisan BC Liberal fundraiser Chrity compared herself to Margaret Thatcher...Thatcher, although I didn`t agree with her policies, Thatcher could actually speak English and had a brain..


And if that wasn`t embarrassing enough, today Christy thrust both feet firmly in her flapping mouth, she challenged Adrian Dix to a debate, that`s ok, I have no problem with politicos putting up a challenge, however, ..Christy Clark stated that the BC Conservatives and BC greens are dirt, irrelevant, can`t win, Christy Clark has dismissed those parties out of hand by stating that they weren`t welcome at the debate,  that is so disrespectful, considering the BC Conservatives are going to receive near as many votes as the BC Liberals are, maybe even more..And the Green party will receive hundreds of thousands of votes, maybe more..Here is Christy`s blather..


Clark told the Liberal candidate caucus at a meeting in Vancouver that she had accepted a letter from Global BC to be part of a one-on-one leadership debate with Dix.

“We are doing it without conditions,” she said. “ I will be at Global studios ... I hope I’m not the only one.”

But Dix turned down Clark’s challenge for the debate, saying that excluding the other parties is disrespectful.

The 90-minute town hall meeting would be separate from the traditional all candidates debate, she said, Clark dismissed suggestions that it would be unfair to the other candidates, saying that realistically the race for premier comes down to only two candidates.

“In the consortium debate and the radio debate all four leaders will be there, I understand, but you know, the thing is, there are only two of us that are in position to become premier.”



BC Liberal arrogance personified, Christy Clark the bully

Christy Clark has been blathering about making a great comeback(BC Liberals are 26% percentage points behind in the latest polls)...What gives Christy Clark the right to dismiss other political party`s chances, who says these other political parties can`t catch fire?..

It shows her arrogance and total disrespect for all other points of view except hers...Gawd, no wonder female voters hate Christy Clark..

Christy Clark, uneducated, unelected, unprincipled and unmoving, a cheater, a liar, a nasty woman stuck in the 90`s..


I have seen this BC Liberal Government flush $billions of dollars down the toilet.....British Columbia`s movie industry is worth the extra spend, it returns far more than it takes..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Good post, mea cuplas sometimes are good too.

Go Adrain Go

Anonymous said...

Talk about flapping lips. CKNW's Gord MacD. made an editorial screech just after the news at 3pm. Is he a harridan or what? Couldn't get to the off switch fast enough. The man was ready for a hernia or stroke. Who needs it? 'NW bought and paid for by one political parties $$$$$.

Grant G said...

I called in and ripped Gord MacDonald a new hole, I used the name Robert..

My call was just after 4:48 PM..

I called that S.O.B. out..


Cue up..April 9th 4:00 p.m....Fast forward to 4:45 and listen to everyone rip that BC Liberal scab..


Anonymous said...

The first part of your posting is a great breath of fresh air!
The second part, not so much - the stench of our current government is hard to bear.

Thanks for starting a new breeze; I think we have a wonderful summer to look forward to:)