Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Bad And The Ugly

I`m not sure if layoff notices at British Columbia`s major daily newspapers sent shockwaves through print media personalities or is this just the usual tanking for the BC Liberals the corporate media engages every pre-election period, or perhaps these propaganda artists were ordered to get the BC Liberals elected or else....

Even the freebie paper 24 hours showed the worst of journalistic standards, they posted a guest opinion piece by Diamond Isinger, a young girl who has been partisan twittering for the BC Liberals for months, I have no problem with Diamond having an article posted but full disclosure is required, 24 hours nowhere mentions that Diamond Isinger is part of Christy Clark`s election team..

I guess cheap journalistic rags only attract amateur writers, it wasn`t even a good article, the comments below her story call her out, Laila Yuile has recently exposed Diamond Isinger as complete hypocrite, she doesn`t practice what she preaches, selective partisan drivel, and she`s(Diamond Isinger) a very poor writer to boot..

Michael Smyth is on layoff notice too, let`s be perfectly clear, no one writer is more amateur than Michael Smyth, he`s a gotcha writer who spins and twists, devoid of facts and he researches nothing, the odd good story he`s written over the last five years came as a result of leaks, not research or hard work, Michael Smyth is lazy, long in the tooth and a very boring lackluster writer, not sure if he even went to journalism school, if not, he needs a crash course in writing..

Smyth wrote an article devoid of facts, and again, the commenters called him out for what he is, a two-bit hack writer, low-skilled and misinformed.

Michael Smyth is like Christy Clark, they only know of pissing contests, well, they can both go piss on each other, their IQ`s are about equal, bottom of the barrel appealing to only the dimmest among us..

Yesterday Vaughn Palmer went back to his garbage writing too..Vaughn Palmer talked about the NDP platform, problem is, Vaughn Palmer made up his own facts, Vaughn Palmer suggested the teachers were in line for a $2 billion dollar pay raise under Adrian Dix, and then Vaughn went deep into the sewer, he talked BC Hydro and their $billions in debt, $billions in debt hidden in deferral accounts, he mentions the NDP promised a full review of the crown corporation, then Vaughn states that a big rate hike is coming, Vaughn goes further, he emphasizes and states...


"Some other unknowns emerged from the briefing on the supposedly complete election platform as well, starting with the NDP's intentions for BC Hydro, with its billions in debt, billions more in deferred spending, and swelling pressures for rate increases.
The New Democrats are saying nothing about their plans for the giant utility, except that they would subject it to a full-blown financial review. Expect a rate increase. A big one. And they'll blame that on the Liberals as well, with more than passing justification."


No where does Vaughn Palmer say why BC Hydro is in debt, ..According to BC Hydro, they will lose $1.4 billion dollars on IPP power buying contracts over the next three year, nor does he mention the $1.1 billion spent on smart meters, or how the BC Liberals ran BC Hydro through orders in council and prevented any oversight from the BCUC, nor does he mention that the BC Liberals already spiked BC Hydro rates, including a punitive two tier rate system that unfairly punishes families with children living in single detached homes.
So funny, Vaughn Palmer and Billy Good talk about the wildwest internet, how you can`t believe anything online, really Vaughn?..I write factual stories, the details are laid out, background information is provided, I don`t just state where we are but how we actually got here..
Methinks the papers are freaked out about Adrian Dix bringing an end to partisan Government advertising, having any and all advertising Government proposes to be vetted by the auditor general.
Vaughn Palmer knows exactly what he was doing with his very poor article, his not-so-subtle messaging...Vaughn Palmer needs to be called out for crap writing, however, did any of us expect anything different from these corporate owned newspapers, ....They wonder why the newspaper industry is dying, for when writers and columnists throw their integrity out the window either for partisan and or employer pressure reasons, these rags have turned into nothing but propaganda, Fraser institute corporate agenda and to hell with the people..Fortunately the younger people, the internet reader gets facts from The Straight Goods, the Tyee, Gazatteer, House of Infamy and a thousand others blogs...

This site leans left of center, and newspapers can lean right, that is all good, but information and the real facts must be expressed, the readers must be informed on how we got here, what Government decisions were made, good, bad or ugly, let the readers decide...Obviously Vaughn Palmer got his marching orders..You are  very sad Vaughn, an old tired writer who lost both his spine and ethical journalistic standards along the way..

However, this article is about Barbara Yaffe`s front page story in the Vancouver Sun...Her spinfest was indeed a hatchet job, an article so full of misinformation, blurred data without the tiniest bit of pertinent background information..

It`s titled..

Barbara Yaffe: If B.C.'s NDP wins, those of us needing to work can always move to Alberta

 Quite the title eh, her article is so full of (excuse my french) Bullshit..Yaffe mentions that the NDP is against Enbridge`s Northern Gateway Pipeline, that is true, however, 80% of all BCers are against Enbridge, you can`t mention Enbridge`s proposal without telling of at least a few of Enbridge`s catastrophic pipeline spills, all the ecological damage, the Red Deer river spill, the Kalamazoo spill, still uncleaned after $1billion spent, or even mention that Enbridge has brand new pipelines leaking today.

Then Yaffe double dips on Enbridge, she states the NDP are also against Super Tankers on our northern coast, that is one of the same, she fails to mention BC`s northern commercial fishery being put at risk, eco-tourism will vanish with a northern spill, she fails to mention a major tanker spill would kill off our pristine northern coast, that is so selfish.

And Yaffe was just getting started, she mentions the opposition to the proposed Raven Coal mine on Vancouver island, the opposition is from the shellfish aquaculture industry and the local community, how a coal industry in that area will destroy another forever sustainable industry, she goes further, she makes up her own facts, she claims the NDP are against all coal exports, absolutely not true, then she blathers on about North Delta`s retiring NDPer Guy Gentner`s opposition to expanded coal shipments in Delta, he isn`t even running in this election!, ..

Barbara Yaffe was spinning like a top, she talks about the NDP being against the Jumbo Resort development, problem there is there is no project, no money, no plan, the BC Liberals appointed to this huge swath of pristine nature a mayor, a council, yet there isn`t even one citizen, no one to oppose the city council`s decisions, no one to sit in on discussions except resource developers, this scheme is relying on the BC Government to pay to plow a $600 million dollar road at taxpayer`s expense and open up this area, there will be no development there, this is pie in sky like David Black`s phony refinery scheme..



 Ever since the BC Liberal government surprised residents of BC’s Kootenays with its March 20, 2012 approval for the controversial Jumbo Glacier Resort, people have been asking: Why now? After all, the Jumbo Resort proposal has been around since 1989 and has been successfully opposed by local people for

more than twenty years.
Then, on May 1, the Liberals introduced Bill 41, which included an amendment to the Local Government Act buried in a miscellaneous list.  That amendment allows for the “incorporation of a new mountain resort municipality…

whether or not there are residents in the area,” as long as the proponent “has entered into an agreement with the government with respect to developing alpine ski lift operations, year-round recreational facilities and commercial overnight accommodation within the area…”  Just days later, on May 16, Bill 41 passed third reading.

Invermere Mayor Gerry Taft recently told East Kootenay News Online Weekly, “Developers who wish to rezone land have to follow a process that includes public hearings and a final decision by officials who are accountable to the residents who elected them. This legislation would empower a [cabinet] minister to give developers a special status that bypasses the democratic process and undermines the ability of local citizens to control development. 

The ability of the proposed Jumbo Resort, and other potential developments, to bypass the land use process and get their own municipality status without residents is an affront to local communities. 

This is far beyond a bad idea. The loss of democracy is a slippery slope, even slipperier than some land speculators and receding glaciers.”
Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald said in a recent press release, 

“Despite the fact that the majority of residents in the area do not support the development of a ski resort in the Jumbo Valley, the BC Liberals are determined to push ahead. And they are willing to go to incredible lengths to make that happen.”

So, to the question of “why now?” we can add: Why quickly enable what Michelle Mungall, NDP MLA for Nelson Creston, calls a “ghost-town resort municipality,” whose mayor and council would be appointed by provincial cabinet to “govern no one and be accountable to no one as they [make] land use decisions impacting an entire region”?


 Barbara Yaffe provided zippo for background information on any of the proposed projects ..

Yaffe than blathers about the NDP opposition to Site C dam proposal on the Peace river, first off, the cost would be $12 billion taxpayer dollars, this power is for one reason, to give free power to proposed LNG producers, but that industry doesn`t even exist yet, it may never exist, and as stated above, the part Vaughn Palmer left out, BC Hydro is pouring water over our own heritage dams becuse we have a glut of power we aren`t currently using, this loss/cost is $1.4 billion drain from BC Hydro over three years, that according to BC Hydro`s own audit...

The internet blogger of today is different, well-informed and data galore..

Then Barabara Yaffe goes off the wall, she talks about the NDP`s opposition to Tesako`s prosperity mine proposal, this is where Barbara Yaffe deserves a dressing down, an open pit gold mine proposal so destructive, so ecologically destructive the Federal Government(Harper) environmental assessment turned the project down(Twice) because it would destroy watersheds, the Fraser River watershed, the Federal Government rejected it, they sent Tesako back to the drawing board, and again the Federal review rejected Tesako`s subtle changes..

That information must be presented in her article, it wasn`t, it was deliberately left out.

Here is one of the pristine lakes that would be deliberately destroyed by Tesako, turned into a tailing pond.

Yaffe wasn`t finished, she proclaims the NDP would stop LNG, that is not true, the public needs to be reassured as to fracking, safe or not safe, our natural gas is very deep, however, there are water issues in the north, we can`t just go gung ho and suddenly wake up to a potential northern province water table disaster..

The NDP are on board with LNG, in fact three export licenses have been granted already, no one is stopping the LNG exporters from building, from shipping, it`s the companies themselves that have hesitated, hesitated because they have no long term energy buying contracts, that would be important information to pass onto readers, Barabara Yaffe is definitely going after the low-information voters, those won`t be found here or on the internet, only those that rely on dead-tree corporate propaganda..

By far, the best information on LNG here in British Columbia and around the world, the facts, both good and bad are in the above links..

Yaffe is so pathetic, then she goes off on how we must get along with federal Government, how important is to cooperate with the Feds, newsflash Barbara Yaffe, the Harpercons will be gone in two years..Either Mulcair or the charismatic Justin Trudeau will be prime minister of Canada..

Back to the title of Yaffe`s propaganda piece, she doesn`t mention Alberta going broke, five straight years of deficits, the Alberta deficit this year is over $6 billion dollars.....
There was zero, zip, nada, not one tiny bit of journalistic integrity in Barbara Yaffe`s article, it contained only propaganda and spin..
And they wonder why people go to the internet for news, they wonder why no one is buying the dead tree version.
That answer is simple, bloggers got balls, guts, most tell the truth, no holds barred.

Good, Yaffe, Palmer, Isinger, Smyth...The bad and the uglies.

 Sold their souls for a fistful of Dollars..

 Meet the New Sheriff in Town....The Good!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Bluesborn said...

Yeah the BC media is truly awful and they're just getting warmed up.I haven't read the Province or Sun in years.They will continue to ratchet up the commie bashing hysteria straight through to election day.Fuck em.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your comments to Shawn Lesley the liberal shill. Just as bad as Gord but at least lets you have your say. Man the MSM has really ramped up the scare tactics.

Grant G said...

Yea, I let rip on Sean Leslie at 3:15 pm(Thursday)

Sean Leslie knew he was peddling bullshit, he`s a legislative reporter.

Sometimes my temper gets the best of..

Ah, never mind.


Anonymous said...

These media types only know where their "bread is buttered". They have virtually no ethics or integrity. Vain Palmer, the so-called "Dean", continues to disappoint the BC citizens with his unbalanced pro BC Liberal stance.