Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oil Pipeline Ruptures, Again and Again(Breaking News)

Breaking news, Exxon Mobile`s Alberta Bitumen Pipeline ruptures in Arkansas, homes evacuated...

I am getting sick of these environmental crimes, and a little testy..

See the shocking video here.....

Easter long weekend in Arkansas means pipeline oil spill special..

This spill in a populated city setting has made a huge mess, and guess this...

Homeowners reported the spill, homeowners reported the gushing oil, not sensors, not technology, thankfully there were roads, access to city services, the damage is limited, ...But tell me Enbridge, how do you get equipment, machinery and crews to BC`s remote interior, there will be no homeowners to report of a pipeline rupture where Enbridge`s proposed pipeline traverses, a path that includes crossing over 800 rivers and streams, all fish bearing rivers and streams..


Exxon Mobil pipeline rupture spills heavy Canadian crude oil in Arkansas


MAYFLOWER, Ark. - Exxon Mobil Corp. says crews are working to contain and clean up an oil spill near Mayflower, Arkansas after its Pegasus pipeline ruptured Friday afternoon.

The pipeline carries Canadian heavy crude oil from Patoka, Illinois to refineries on the Texas Gulf coast.

Exxon Mobil issued a release that said the company was responding to a spill of more than 10,000 barrels, and that some 4,500 barrels of oil and water had been recovered.

The company said the 20 inch pipeline had been shut down as crews tried to prevent the spilled oil from reaching a nearby lake.
It said cleanup operations were being co-ordinated with the Department of Emergency Management and other local authorities, and that the cause of the spill was being investigated.

On Monday federal regulators proposed that Exxon Mobil pay $1.7 million in civil penalties for safety violations linked to a pipeline rupture that spilled an estimated 238,000 litres of crude oil into Montana's scenic Yellowstone River in July 2011.

The spill fouled approximately 110 kilometres of the Yellowstone River's banks, killing fish and wildlife and prompting a massive, months-long cleanup.
The latest spill comes at time when proponents of the proposed Keystone X-L pipeline have been trying to convince Washington to give the seven billion dollar project the green light.
Opponents of TransCanada Corp.’s plan to pipe Alberta oilsands bitumen to the U.S. Gulf Coast denounce it as an environmental catastrophe in the making.


On Thursday, I wrote about the 30,000 gallons of Canadian oil that spilled in Minnesota following a train derailment and noted the differences in oil spills caused by train accidents versus oil pipelines. Unfortunately, we now have another example of the large scale disasters oil pipelines create. On Friday, the ExxonMobil Pegasus pipeline, which brings Canadian crude oil from Illinois to Texas, ruptured, leaking at least 80,000 gallons of oil into the Central Arkansas town of Mayflower.
Arkansas' THV11 reports:
It was a rough start to the Easter holiday weekend after an oil spill struck in Mayflower. Authorities said as many as 40 homes had to be evacuated Friday afternoon.
Lisa Song at Inside Climate News reports on the size of the spill:
The size of the spill remains unclear. Dodson said the Environmental Protection Agency has estimated the spill at 84,000 gallons. The EPA and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management did not return calls for comment.
According to a Saturday afternoon press release from Exxon, 189,000 gallons of oil and water have been recovered from the site so far, and it is prepared to clean up more than twice that amount.


These oil spills, pipeline ruptures will never stop, pipelines ruptures, it`s the nature of the beast, this is why Enbridge will never get social license to destroy our BC Watersheds..

So remote where Enbridge`s proposed pipeline travels, there are no people there, no infrastructure, no persons to call oil spill hotlines, nonothing, just bears, salmon and clean drinking water..

Enbrridge can`t shut down a pipeline in time to prevent a environmental catastrophe even if they learned of a rupture,...

What you have in pipelines is known as the hammer effect, you have 100,000`s of barrels of oil flowing through a pipeline, even when you stop pumping oil, the oil keeps flowing, a huge hammer of oil continues putting your car in neutral on a flat highway, your cars keeps moving, or a supertanker at cruising speed takes 5 miles to stop..

Items in motion stay in motion...Isaak Newton wrote laws to this affect.


Newton's laws of motion are three physical laws that form the basis for classical mechanics. They describe the relationship between the forces acting on a body and its motion due to those forces. They have been expressed in several different ways over nearly three centuries,[1] and can be summarized as follows:
  1. First law: If there is no net force on an object, then its velocity is constant. The object is either at rest (if its velocity is equal to zero), or it moves with constant speed in a single direction.[2][3]
  2. Second law: The acceleration a of a body is parallel and directly proportional to the net force F acting on the body, is in the direction of the net force, and is inversely proportional to the mass m of the body, i.e., F = ma.
  3. Third law: When a first body exerts a force F1 on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force F2 = −F1 on the first body. This means that F1 and F2 are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction............
600,000 barrels of oil moving through a pipeline can`t be stopped fast, the technology doesn`t exist, if one tried to instantly stop a flow of fluid on that scale in a pipeline even without a rupture, this act would in itself cause a rupture..Physics, science...We as man can`t invent news laws, we have not acquired control or even the understanding of Quantum physics...Until then..

Enbridge pipeline proposal is dead, Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver will never get permission, if the Stephen Harper regime tries to push this proposal forward there WILL be war in the woods, parliamentary expulsion or as a last resort, pitchforks and torches..

And why didn`t the Vancouver Sun report this story..Why didn`t the Province Newspaper report this story..

We know the reason, they want you uninformed of these human environmental tragedies,..They want you to elect Christy Clark, they want oil pipelines because ownership of newspaper is corporate, corporate whores want, more money, more money, more money...

David Black and his Black Press media empire has financial interest and money invested in Alberta`s oil patch..

Every oil pipeline rupture should be front page news in British Columbia`s major daily papers..

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Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I am no genius, but when something is in inverse proportion, the equation s/b...F/ma (divided by). Proportional is F x ma. The second law has an error imho.
Keep up the good work.
Go outside and enjoy the sun.

kootcoot said...

"Enbridge pipeline proposal is dead, Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver"

Not making any threats or anything but I certainly wouldn't crack a tear, but maybe a beer, if I read a headline that said "Stephen Harper and Joe Oliver are dead." Frankly that wouldn't really be news, as they are both dead already spiritually!

Anonymous said...

You is right about thr media and nw, they do a false piece about moe sihota like its newsworthy yet nothing on that spill

Anonymous said...

Most of the media are propaganda machines, for the government.

The lies and deceitful ads for Enbridge, are still being stuffed down our throats. All for the benefit of China.

Prince Rupert's port has been expanded, for China's huge freighters carrying their junk. The C.N. yard at Ashcroft BC has been expanded, to store China's junk. I had told our BC Mary about this. The Chinese goods will be sorted, to go on to the destination.

The C.N. yard at Prince George has been expanded. There are nine mines and mine expansions, going into Northern BC. Both China and the U.S. own some of those mines.

There is a new smelter being built in Kitimat. The Americans built this smelter.

Pacific Trail Pipeline will, direct connect with, American Spectra Pipeline, to ship gas to China.

Douglas Channel Energy Partner, begins in late 2013.

LNG Canada start-up by 2020.

Kitimat Clean LTD, construction begins 2014.

Sandhill project in Kitimat, will move 100 millions tonnes, for Cape size ships.

Kitimat LNG Plant Association Pacific Trail, ties in with American tie-in at Summit Lake.

Rio Tinto Alcan 420 million tonnes per anum.

Then the Enbridge project. More than one country will bring their tankers.

Just how many ships, will there be in the Douglas channel? It sounds like hundreds. We can kiss our Whales, good-bye. Likely the Bears in the Great Bear Rain Forests too. People come from all over the world come, to Whale and Bear watch. How much contamination are we looking at, around Kitimat?

Hugh said...

Reading here the Arkansas spill is diluted bitumen:

Grant G said...

I am aware Hugh...Did you know that the top guy for Exxon Mobile has a no fly over order in place, the media are not allowed to fly over the spill area, this diluted bitumed has gotten into their water supply..

This no fly order is outrageous..

Exxon Mobile are trying hide their shame..Just like Enbridge does on all of their spills

Hugh said...

Yes I saw that about the no fly zone.

The Kalamazoo was bitumen as well, wasn't it? Is bitumen more corrosive on the pipes?