Friday, April 30, 2010

Gordon Campbell Unmasked

It took a while friends but it has happened, the entire Province can now see what we have seen for 8 years.

A power grab, an erosion of democracy, new legislation designed to hide everything, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond has had the door shut on her, now longer will she be able to protect children, vulnerable children, this move means but one thing, more funding cuts throughout the Children`s ministry. Gordon Campbell doesn`t want prying eyes to see what is coming.

The clean energy act, there isn`t much I can write that hasn`t been written on the maneuver, the BCUC has been gutted, they can`t stop any project that is for export, the BCUC is now mandated by the cabinet that it must approve all rate increases, basically any power buying agreement that Campbell enters into the BCUC must increase rates to the consumer to make sure B.C. Hydro remains static, if B.C. Hydro loses money on power exports the BCUC must increase our rates.

I have stated before the Gordon Campbell is a petty, vindictive man, the attack on the children`s representative was revenge, Campbell has decided to take his anger out on all of us, he`s angry that were signing petitions, he`s angry that we don`t love him after the Olympics, Gordon Campbell has decided to take off the mask, he realizes that the B.C. Liberals are now a dead party, there is no recovery from those numbers, this is Campbell`s last chance to scorch our Province, the Liberals last chance to feather their nest, and Campbell intends to gut health, education and our utilities.

Colin Hansen is mad that Elections BC has told him he can`t send out his propaganda, in fact the the tide has so turned against Gordon Campbell that his natural allies are abandoning him, I believe that even some of the pro-business people are getting scared of the deranged one, the Mayor of Richmond is now fighting tooth and nail to stop a pipeline project that was going to bring jet fuel to the airport, mayor Brodie has put the brakes on the project, but unfortunately Brodie knows that because of (I think bill 31) that bill the Province can over-ride any city or municipality`s jurisdiction, Campbell will ram the project through......I may be wrong but something is happening in the RCMP.

I know you will find this hard to believe but.....There has been some news released about all the shady land deals in Chiliwak, the police are going to (In my Opinion) lay charges against John Les...The smoking gun is there, there is no doubt deals were being cut left, right and center in Chiliwak, from what I heard John Les is smack dab in the middle of it. In fact, there was 115 boundary adjustments to do with land in the ALR, 115 land class changes in 97 municipalities and 53 of them were in Chiliwak, if that`s true, boy oh boy ....What a little cottage industry amongst the insiders in Chilliwak, someone has to fry, the fact the details are coming out, expect an annoncement very soon on John Les.

Kash Heed, again friends, Kash is going down, he will have to resign his seat, the RCMP...Whether you want to believe it or not, I think the police are now afraid of Gordon Campbell, it`s obvious to anyone that Gordon Campbell has flipped his lid, I am not alone in seeing behind the mask, Carole Taylor is officially out as is Dianne Watts, no one of standing will dare touch the B.C Liberal leadership, who ever runs will lose, Dianne Watts doesn`t want to sit as opposition leader, and as for Falcon, Hansen, Coleman, they are too stained to be viable, Gordon Campbell is staying, he won`t be resigning at all, Campbell intends to inflict as much damage as he can, our only hope is through "Recall in the Fall" ...!

With those 2 gone (Heed and Les) it will make our job easier, Recall is no longer wishful thinking, it has to be done, if we fail the Province will be destroyed, I get the sense that even Vaughn Palmer is worried, I`m still alarmed over how many seniors have died through germs, unclean hospitals, dirty care homes, recent announced cuts to the sterilization department, I believe that Campbell is so vindictive he would rather have old people die than get better, it costs money to treat seniors, so just kill them with guile and stress, right now my parents(plural) are both getting strange advice, a so-called specialist has mis-diagnosed my mother and cancelled a treatment that she was getting, the hospital in Burnaby is at a loss to explain the specialist`s advice, there are still good care givers out there but I believe there are plants in the system with bad intent, the Burnaby hospital is watching very carefully, they don`t trust the specialists advice, My dad rather than wait to die has spent a lot of money he doesn`t have to get diagnosed at a private clinic, thousands of dollars later, they have no answers except one...Spend 10,000$ more on tests, well the cow has been milked dry, there is no money left.

My dad (Happy Birthday May1) is in good hands at a good hospital, we were supposed to go fishing in a derby this week-end, I will be alone, I know everyone dies sooner or later, I`m not prepared or ready for loss(I don`t know that I ever will be), I called in some favours from above, a few more years for my folks and a meteor to fall on Gordon Campbell and his whole caucus.. I`ll settle for the former.

I don`t have much more for you at this time friends, my gloves come off, Gordon Campbell`s mask is off, we both can`t win this fight, this war, it`s not about now, were fighting for the future, for children, for elders, for all.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes full of Tears


Anonymous said...

Grant said - "Carole Taylor is officially out as is Dianne Watts"

Are you sure? I read all over the web that these two bobbsey twins will take over from that habitual liar Gordo and win. And that scares the hell out of me!!!!

Grant said - "My dad rather than wait to die has spent a lot of money he doesn`t have to get diagnosed at a private clinic"

God bless your dad! But why the hell breach one's ethics and go to a useless "capatalist" clinic??? They are much WORSE than the public health care system - My spouse knows that as she is a nurse!!!! Get your dad back to the local public general hospital!!!!

Crankypants said...

The hits just keep on coming from the BC Liberals. Today a representative of the paramedics was on with Simi Sara and stated that Falcon's army are going to take 14 ambulances out of commission and of course reduce the paramedic staff in the process.

I kind of like your idea of the meteor, but maybe something a little slower and more painful would be more appropriate. The Gordon Campbell led cabinet has been relishing in exacting as much pain as possible on as many people as possible. I see no reason that they should be afforded a quick exit.


Grant G said...

Hi is back at a hospital, they`re taking good care of him.

Falcon and Campbell are moving towards a per patient funding model, just like the flawed education per pupil funding.

Health getting gutted, that clean energy act, wow, there can only be one reason for this new cabinet power, the sell off must be so big, they new the BCUC would balk!

Recall must happen, Gordon Campbell is angry, everyone will feel his anger, even Liberal ridings, the mask, Campbell, Hansen, Falcon, Mcdiarmid, Polak..... The Liberals can`t sink any lower in the polls, you can cut the anger with a knife.

You watch, Campbell is going to run roughshot over everybody, time is his enemy.

Evil Eye said...

The recent draconian DUI legislation (found guilty and fined by not braking the law) is there to get the Valley bible bashers back in the fold after their HST revolt.

Gordo is more than devious, he is pure evil. The entire Liberal caucus are guilty as well as not one of them has the 'balls' to stand up to Gordo the Great and cross the floor.

He will do everything to bankrupt the province enriching his political cronies.

To be blunt, the son of a bitch should be shot.

Leah said...

This is a letter I wrote to a local paper here yesterday..basically a dot connector relating to the HST. Folks, the HST is on a scale of 1 - 10 about a 3 of what should be on our "list of worries." Which does not mean that I support it, I tend to agree with EE for the most part...but we shouldn't be stopping there.

The Harper government has been dealing behind our backs for years...long enough to come to the third set of negotiations on the many of you have heard of it? This is NAFTA's big brother mated with the TILMA...producing this horrific offspring.

Do I expect a response from anyone in the know? Hell no. But WE NEED TO WAKE UP!! This country is in a deep hole...while we sleep.

The letter:

Yes Mr. Hanson, 130 countries do have a VAT, but as far as I'm concerned...that's about the most honest statement your government has made regarding the HST. The rest is poppycock as near as I can see.

However; I do have a question I'd like you, or your co-worker/s Terry Lake or Kevin Krueger to answer: When you spoke with Mr. Harper regarding the acceptance of HST, did you also speak about CETA? (Canada-European Union Economic and Trade Agreement) That would be the agreement the federal government has been working on very silently for some time now - after all, it's on the third round of negotiations. I'm sure you've not only heard about it, but likely know a great deal of what it entails. Not many in the general population have a clue do they? They can find out more, just google trade justice dot ca.

Let's wake them up a little shall we? It's time for ALL of us to PAY ATTENTION to what is being done behind our backs, but in our names. The third round of Canada-European Union free trade negotiations have begun, we need to think of this as the European NAFTA agreement with a TILMA kicker...with a few twists. As touched on by Lucy Sharratt at with further information found at

"Controversial provisions in the draft text would open Canada’s telecommunications sector to full foreign ownership, stop municipal governments from implementing local or ethical procurement strategies, and require a burdensome necessity test for prudential financial measures designed to help governments mitigate or avoid banking and financial crises. The text also presents a direct attack on Ontario’s Green Energy Act, (how does it affect our new "green energy act?") and it would virtually eliminate the rights of farmers to save, reuse and sell seed, providing biotech, pharmaceutical, pesticide, seed and grain companies powerful new tools to essentially decide who should farm and how.

Canadian negotiators have also included a controversial investor-state dispute mechanism like the one in NAFTA. (That would be the TILMA agreement that Campbell enacted April 1, 2009...and that NO ONE in the NDP wants to discuss.) The Chapter 11 dispute process has allowed and encouraged large multinationals to sue North American governments for compensation against public health and environmental policies that limit corporate profits." (KNOW what that means! It has already been used against us.)

It appears to me that the implementation of the HST is showing Mr. Harper just how willing Campbell is to cozy up to Europe's demands, while ignoring the requests of those who elected him.

What about it Liberals? Any answers to these questions? Honest answers?

Anonymous said...

Love Gordzilla's photo caption.

Evil Eye said...

Grant -

Peace brother. My mother is also in 'care'. On good days she recognizes me. On bad days I an someone else.

My mother is in extended care, she has been there for 3 years. When she first entered ECU, Gordo and his NAZI friend's took out the milkshake machines because they were too expensive, Sad fact is that milkshakes were a major source of protein for those so badly disabled.

When I visit, I take t least 4 Micky' D's milkshakes for those in want.

Gordo, Falcon are the most evil son of a bitches this province has ever produced.

Anonymous said...

"Gordo, Falcon are the most evil son of a bitches this province has ever produced."

I really wonder how they sleep at night.Either you are right and they truly are sickos or else... or else they don't sleep.

Anyone who has caused as much suffering physical and emotional to so many helpless elderly and children and has a regular brain would be living in hell.

Anonymous said...

This entire country is falling apart. I caught just the ending of this. The federal M.P's are saying, Harper is fascist, and far too stubborn to work with. Our Canadian constitution has been cast aside. Our Civil rights and Liberties, mean nothing in Canada anymore, yes, we are in a dictatorship. Democracy and Freedom, is gone. There is no difference, between, the old Nazi Germany and BC. I had three brothers and a sister, in the armed services during WW11. Our young Canadian boys were blown to hell, so we wouldn't have a Nazi country, they died for absolutely nothing. Campbell tried to extort $26,000 from the Legion for rent. Legions, pay for prostheses, when a child loses a limb. Legions all across Canada, support many charities. However, we know how much Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberal Party, cares about children, so that is no surprise. The BC Liberals are, full of, criminals, liars, deceivers, corruption, thieves, poisoned air means nothing to Campbell and the Liberals. Campbell threw a tantrum in the Legislature, when the Aboriginal People would not allow, China's dirty oil tankers, in their waters. Campbell is the biggest hyprocrite in BC's history. He offered help to, the oil spill out of Louisiana, but, thinks nothing of dirty oil tankers in our sea. I truly believe, Campbell and Hansen, need mental evaluations, there is something, sadly, badly wrong with them. Hitler had the same type of behavior, he went insane too. The Hitlers, Campbell's and Hansen's, have no conscience, nothing indecent or cruel affects them.

Crankypants said...

I've got an update on CKNW's Audio Vault. The Randy White interview is available again. It is on Tuesday, April 27 right after the 1:00pm news. The email I referred to has gone from after the 2:00pm news to after the 1:00pm news and right now follows the 1:30pm news. I guess they heard from the Canadian Broadcasting Standards people and decided to capitulate.

However, now that they have added their disclaimer, one has to wonder if they will doctor future items, especially calls from people that may be less than complimentary to NW staff, guests or government. I guess only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Do you feel like your the only one that thinks this government is behaving like fascists? You're NOT.

“This government is so mad that they are losing public support on this issue that they have turned on the very people who elected them. It is outright dictatorship and they must be stopped before this peaceful revolt against them turns ugly. They are doing everything in their power to try to intimidate people from participating in democracy, and it is frankly quite scary.”

“In all my years in politics, I have never seen anything like it,”

Bill Vander Zalm, May 2010

When the Zalm is calling neocons dictators we have reached a very dangerous place.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many PAB's work for the BCLibs?

Crankypants said...

Anon 9:26

The PAB is said to be about 200 strong. This about triple the number of Barrack Obama's equivalent of the PAB.


Anonymous said...

BC now is a victim of a fascist government. It's about time that British Columbian's take back their government and the only way to do that will be a seige akin to Lenin's takeover of Russia in 1919.

A Soviet BC - Working class British Columbians deserve nothing less!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The PAB is said to be about 200 strong. This about triple the number of Barrack Obama's equivalent of the PAB."

I believe it! You cannot go to any medium without PAB's slandering opposition and praising everything Gordon does. But do you know where we can get proof? It needs to go public.

Crankypants said...

Anon 10:02

If you look in Grant's list of favorite blogs, go to bctrialof..... and go to an article she wrote April 6,2009. She references an article written by Miro Cernetig that states that the PAB has 223 full time employees.


Anonymous said...

Here is the link to that article

Anonymous said...

got the link, thanks!

jaydee said...

Good news day today, we have our 15% in Surrey/White Rock and will keep going and help others too....and the other good news for us is that the porn enabler is in big trouble.
Grant...Hope all is going well for you. We're holding the fort for you!

Anonymous said...

Charges have been laid against the campaign manager and financial officer of former Solicitor General Kash Heed. Barinder Sall faces 6 charges, 3 of them under the Elections Act and 3 criminal code charges including obstructing justice. Satpahl Johl faces a charge under the Elections Act.

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