Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Christy Clark Didn`t Survive Ethnicgate

The face of temporary unity is a display for the ages, agreement and resolve, passivity and pride bundled, scripted and put out for public consumption, will this latest Government fare pass smoothly or does indigestion rear its ugly head and leave voters running for the Tums..

An investigation upon itself, conducted by a powerless to compel testimony head of the civil service, Mr. Dyble although competent of the task at hand in theory, his legislative and judicial powers preclude him from conducting such an investigation, Christy Clark by appointing him to a task for which he is ill-suited shows not only poor leadership, it shows a conscious effort to subvert the investigation itself, Christy Clark is well aware of not only clear conflict of interest, but the appearance of conflict, one cannot be separated from the other..

For Christy Clark to confirm that John Dyble will be conducting this investigation is so egregious, it is a clear breach of the office of the premier, this second breach(flawed investigation) is greater than the original Ethnicgate leaked emails..

The plan was hatched, it`s clear upper members of her staff were all in on the ground floor of the planning documents, parts of the plan were carried out, meetings were held, monies spent, a complete purge of all those staff are required at a minimum, but....Which one while getting shoved out the door will talk first..Pamela Martin?, she too must go, will she talk on the way out the door..

We saw the results of the Ken Boesenkool investigation, no paper trail, no emails, we got nothing but a handshake goodbye and more indigestion, Basi n Virk scandal, the big $6 million dollar pay-off, a 6 year investigation/trial that ended with a sudden thud of a gavel, as political witnesses scheduled to speak lined the hallways of justice from back to front, the trial ended..

This is an example of all future investigations to come from this Liberal Government, watered down and neutered, if Christy Clark thinks punishing John Yap, in a all for public consumption tepid take-down of John Yap..

John Yap who wasn`t minister of multi-culturism when this went down, Harry Bloy was, the one MLA who supported Christy Clark`s leadership bid was the minister in charge of the multi-culturism ministry, Christy`s friend, are we to believe Christy Clark knew nothing, ....We, the public, the people, voters don`t believe the lies anymore, ..

Christy Clark with her actions today. has demonstrated an easy ability to blow off serious issues and when pressed, Clark orders investigations into serious issues to be conducted by those who either have a vested interest for a tame outcome and or those with no legislative or mandated investigative powers, isn`t this BC Rail all over again, investigations into BC Ferries, or BC Hydro, investigations into Translink, ICBC, CLBC, into the justice system itself, investigations in the latter showed a dysfunctional legal system..

Christy Clark did not survive the leadership challenge today, the party may choose to keep Christy Clark through the election, burn the last few remnants of the party..Clarks actions today show a lost Government..

Like I said in a previous post, this Ethinicgate scandal, in my mind is very minor to the harm they inflicted on the weakest among us in another 100 scandals...Throwing away $hundreds of millions on a roof, convention center, run of river revenue stream giveaways, we pay forever for them to kill the fish, outsourced hospital cleaning resulting in hundreds of needless deaths, stripping of human rights, this list of scandal and malfeasance is long, ...

But the scariest part of Christy Clark`s office, from the very top of Government, echoed by all her cabinet, echoed by a gaggle of her caucus..

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals are prepared to have investigations into serious matters be conducted by those who are compromised by appointment, compromised by authority, compromised by not only appearance of conflict of interest, but actually in conflict..Is this how future investigations are to be conducted..

Freedom of information advocacy reported out today on the office of the premier, it`s alarming, back-channel operations are being directed and run in a paperless and electronic free trail, all verbal, no notes, Governments openly defying freedom of information requests...

A defiant Indo-Canadian community is furious about Christy Clark faking them out with a Bollywood knock-off award ceremony, the Bollywood story is directly related to Ethnicgate leak, one is a product of the other, Burnaby hospital leaked email scandal is also a product of ethnicgate...The media, slowly but surely will connect these dots.

The Ken Boesenkool investigation was all verbal, not one shred of paper, no interview notes, no voice recording, a silent sign operation with no record-keeping, Christy Clark`s phony investigation and compromised investigator are not the actions of a leader but the actions of a puppet hiding the strings...

The physical Christy Clark may stand before you and proclaim her leadership going into our May election...

However, Christy Clark didn`t survive the leadership challenge, she showed none...Tic Toc Tic Toc

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Anonymous said...

The list of degenerates Harper hired to work for him is, as long as your arm.

We can see the underhanded tactics Harper is using regarding, the warrants of arrest out for Porter and four others. Harper as usual, sees no big deal. The Cons have been caught red handed stealing our tax dollars. Harper says, that's no big deal either. All of Harper's lies, deceit, corruption and thefts, are no big deal.

Christy is using the same dirty tactics, Harper is using right now. All you have to do is watch Harper. Christy is using Harper's, low life methods, to lie her way out of her corruption, thefts and deceit too. Their bizarre behavior, is identical.

Harper and his so called Cons and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are, one and the same party. The BC Liberals are, Harper's satellite party.

Remember? Campbell twice lied and cheated, to win his elections too? Campbell is Harper's favorite degenerate henchmen.