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James Plett Slams Premier(updated), Calls BC Liberals Crooks

  Why I Quit the BC Liberals

March 1, 2013

written by James Plett

"You may actually have heard elsewhere, but today I have resigned my post as the Vice President of the Surrey-Tynehead BC Liberal Riding Association and have requested my membership be terminated immediately with the BC Liberal Party.

My resignation has nothing to do with the riding per se, nor with Dave Hayer — the best MLA in BC — nor with the riding’s acclaimed candidate, Amrik Virk, but rather with the pattern of arrogance, deceit, and downright unethical behaviour of the BC Liberal Party.

The most recent scandal — “ethnicgate” — is one of the most appalling things I have read about this party doing. Government staffers, who are required to be non-partisan, put together a document explaining how the BC Liberal government could take advantage of horribly racist crimes in order to get a jump in the ethnic vote. The document talked about leveraging an apology for the Chinese Head Tax and the Komagatu Maru incident, to name two. This document was circulated among some of the highest levels of provincial government......

What makes it so repugnant is that the government misused taxpayer dollars to put together a document explaining how the government could misuse taxpayer dollars further and to offer apologies for absolutely horrible things all for a bump in the polls. Not to actually apologize for the events, but with the end goal of winning popularity points....

Ethnicgate is just the latest string in a series of scandals that have plagued the BC Liberal Party. Unofficially, I checked out months ago, but I am horribly embarassed that my name was still associated with that party for all this time. Whether we’re talking about the John van Dongen tossup or the incident with John Doyle, it is pretty clear that this party is being run by crooks."......

Read his entire statement here..


Not very flattering to say the least, my only question to Mr. Plett is...What took you so long?

This organized leak,ethnicgate has rocked many communities to the core, these riding associations quit, in my opinion, because they realized they couldn`t win their riding, this leaked scandal was the final straw, now the Asian, Indo, Filipino, Euro and every other sect of BC are royally twisted, this hurts more than one would think, it reminds people why they came to Canada, to escape corruption..Not only were they lied to, but actually targeted and data-mined..

What we are now witnessing with the BC Liberals...It`s like the little boy with his finger in the dike....

With finger removed the dam burst, catastrophic erosion in a flash, the last lethal wound self inflicted... Self preservation for the few is all that remains of the Liberal party..

Pink day scandal, ethnicgate scandal, same day scandals, on Christy`s anti-bully day, ironic, or perhaps coincidence, well...

We have talked about this before, a few months ago in fact, I mentioned a deadline for Clark to turn things around was late February early March or she was gone..

These leaks came from the very top of the pyramid..

These organized leaks and gaffes worked like a charm,

James Plett rode the BC Liberal corruption train for a decade or more, and only now he sees a problem with what`s gone on in the past, present and future with this the tears for someone else..

In the above linked post, I described scandals that appeared deliberate, about Christy Clark getting shanked by her own party, this bombshell leak, of all days, Clark`s pink shirt day, add in the Kreuger affair on the same day, with Bill Bennett`s mouth added in, a total embarrassment all around, her shining day all but forgotten, except for the scandals..

If the BC Liberals are going to dump Clark, now is literally the drop-dead date.

I wonder who is going to take the helm if Christy walks?...Who was that up top of this post..Falcon, the same BC Liberal who just came back to the legislature, on Pink Day...Hmmmm

UPDATED HERE..March 3rd/2013......Remember we talked about the BC Liberals postponing the election when Christy Clark is kicked to the c_ _...eeerr , I mean replaced.....There`s an emergency caucus meeting tomorrow, a Sunday caucus special, those are the worst kind

Christy Clark can`t separate from the plot..Either she was incompetent or complicit,  all her key staff saw the document, including Pamela Martin, Pammy at minimum had to tell Christy, and on it goes down the line, someone who`s eyes saw the document had to inform Christy..Complicit or unfit..That`s Christy`s choice..

...And delaying the election is the second item to be dealt with after removing Christy Clark from power, eeer, I mean Christy exiting for "personal reasons"..

Bob Mackin is reporting the same..

Also, Brad Zubyk  is rumoured to have been fired as campaign manager..Sweet justice indeed..

The Straight Goods

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Anonymous said...

Grant, why Falcon's face? I thought we were rid of this arrogant, pompous, lying ass. He's a loser. He didn't leave when he did because of family, imo, he and his followers are setting everything up, imo. I've said it before and I'll say it again, anything to win.
But, they are all the same people, same party, same views. You don't change because you left the party. You are still a liberal in stolen name only, but definitely a Con. Rob the people, pay your friends. I, in all my years, have never seen such a corrupt bunch and it started in 1996, 2001 and has continued to this day and will continue as long as all of them are around.

Anyways, have to bring this over from Laila's site:

And their deception and lies continue to this day.

Len said...

Falcon=Gordo mini-me

Anonymous said...

I cant agree MORE with the above comment, The quicker we sweep these crooks out the better! And then a full JUDICIAL INQUIRY about what the hell has gone on the last 10 years with absolutely no limits on expenses, leave no stone unturned to find the truth and throw the crooks in JAIL, maybe then we might start getting some politicians that are will do what we the people want! not their corporate crooked cronies and backroom string pulling POS like P Kinsella

istvan said...

my question is why did it take so long? the lieberals have done far worse things in their time in power.this seems like small potatoes compared to the other things they have done.

Anonymous said...


straw meet camel.

Anonymous said...

Delaying the election? No way, these crooks have got to go now.

Anonymous said...

Why did it take so long? I thought I explained it in the article. I was a hardline member of the party. It's hard to see how big the forest is when you're in the middle of it.

Grant G said...

Well Mr. Plett..

That`s between you and your personal god..

Whether you are slow learner, an habitual believer of lies, a sodomasochist matters not.

Glad you jumped off the BC Liberal corruption train.

Forgiveness will come in time..

It`s not time yet.


Anonymous said...

I think if you 1# knew james personally or 2# decided to read his full article you would know why he left when he did and not before.

Grant G said...

"There are none so blind as those who refuse to see"

James left the party, time to move on,he will find no sympathy here.

James Plett refused to open his eyes for years..

James Plett can defend himself on his own website/blog or whatever.

We`ve moved on, yesterday`s news..

Unless James Plett can send some inside juice, this story is over.

Good Day