Thursday, March 14, 2013

BC Liberals 20% Percentage Points Behind BC NDP

There`s a new Global Ipsos Reid poll being released today...

I have watched polls for a long time, over the years certain patterns arise, such as..

Ipsos Reid has always over estimated BC Liberal support by on average..7% percentage points.

Mustel polls even worse, on average Mustel over estimates BC Liberals by 10% percentage points..

And to be fair, those two polling outfits get closer to the actual real polling numbers in the last weeks before election day..

Angus Reid time and time again are the most accurate, more accurate on the lead-up to the election, and actual polling numbers they are by far the most accurate so today`s Ipsos Reid Global poll is a dagger right through the heart of Christy Clark and "Today`a B.C. Liberals"


The Ipsos Reid poll we're releasing today is an absolute disaster for BC Liberals. Public opinion against them remains entrenched.

New Ipsos poll for BC1 shows NDP has 19 pt lead, a 6 pt. swing from Nov.

Here is the early release..

VANCOUVER, March 14, 2013 Global News: BC 1 has taken the province's temperature on a number of political and social issues with a joint Global News/Ipsos Ried poll, and will reveal the results in advance of today's channel's launch. Ranging from political attitudes surrounding Premier Christy Clark's Liberal Government and public perception of the "ethnic outreach memo" incident, to information on community safety, national pride and sex, the poll will give Global News: BC 1 viewers a timely look at voter attitudes as the province enters the upcoming election.
Polling information will be covered from all angles, with host Jill Krop offering context and insight on AM/BC, followed by Anchors Sonia Sunger and Leigh Kjekstad reporting throughout the day and into the evening on Global News: BC 1's news wheel. Global BC Anchor Chris Gailus will also speak one-on-one with B.C. Premier Christy Clark on Global News BC 1's current events program Top Story about the results of the poll, and will follow this up with a live in-studio interview with with NDP leader Adrian Dix tomorrow, Friday March 15. Top Story airs weekdays at 7pm. In-depth stories and exclusive content will also be made available on
Some of the Poll findings are as follows:

- If an election were held tomorrow, 51% of those polled would vote for the NDP, 32% for the Liberals,  

9% for the BC Conservatives, and 7% for the Green Party. This is an increase of 3% for the NDP since November

- 37% of those polled think Adrian Dix would be the best premier, compared to 22% for Christy Clark,

 however 30% would most like to have dinner with Clark, compared to 19% for Dix
And guess who`s the first BC Liberal to start chirping foul?....

Bill(slime for hire)Bennett...

I`m paraphrasing here..Bill Bennett said..

It can`t be true, I don`t believe the poll, the NDP have never got over 50% of the votes..

Well Bill Slime for hire Bennett..

British Columbia has never been run by such a corrupt Government, a bunch of useless slugs, a party with a bimbo for a leader, one who struggles with the English language, a flip-flopper, a bafflegabber, a liar, a school drop-out..

And this is the first British Columbia election where alternate media made the difference, bloggers, online news, British Columbia has the highest percentage in Canada of its populous online, a internet savvy audience that doesn`t believe the yellow journalism of the Vancouver sun, or BC Liberal flagship radio station CKNW..

Just like we beat the HST despite $20 million in false corporate advertising promoting it.

And Bill Bennett...You are polling in the tank after $30 million dollars in advertising, $millions spent by corporate Government whore Jim Shepard and his CC4BC ...All for naught..

Stick a fork in "Today`s B.C. Liberals"....They are done!

Like I said last week, Christy Clark didn`t survive ethnicgate

UPDATED...Ethnicgate report has been released, Brian Bonney is implicated up to his eyeballs..John Yap also is implicated, apparently John Yap has been caught saying in email ..

we can`t get caught on this, delete all evidence  

As for Brian Bonney, his wife Monika Bonney and Pamela Gardner..Check out the below post, this persuader has the SIZZLING dirty details on these operatives..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

"It can`t be true, I don`t believe the poll, the NDP have never got over 50% of the votes.."

- BC has also never had such a corrupt piece of shite gov`t.

Anonymous said...

We also know, Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. Campbell also knew, he had to cheat to win. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have no right to even be in office.

Christy had the opportunity to clean up, some of Campbell's thefts and corruption. Christy chose to work for Harper, as Campbell did before her.

Adrian Dix has an excellent team to work with. Their job is not going to be an easy job. There has been a hell of a lot of dirt, inflicted on this Province and the people, by the BC Liberals and Harper. They have thieved this Province and the citizens, nearly to the death.

Setar said...

Heh. I was asleep during AM/BC but when I woke up and put BC1 on at ~3:30 PM (yay night shift) they'd buried the poll as a headline in the ticker. Hell, I should have paid attention to Keith Baldrey on the Dyble report at 3:30 because at 4 the newsreader mentioned it, showed Christy in QP, then went on to fires and murders.

Also, they made a huge mistake putting Chris Gailus on at 7 PM right after Rachel Maddow. It was way too easy to tell how his questions to Christy were total softballs. Wish I'd been near a computer so I could have liveblogged it...