Monday, March 18, 2013

Christy Clark, Bill Bennett, Sean Leslie, CKNW, Promoters of Fake Stories, A Straight Goods Raw Ex`pose

Time to put an end to the preposterous claims being made by Bill(slime for hire)Bennett, it`s also time for BC Liberal sycophant Sean Leslie and the enabling radio station CKNW to grow a pair of testicles and stop spinning, stop promoting the insane ramblings of Bill Bennett as truth, or valid..

It is also time for Christy Clark`s ex-husband, the loud, limp and prolific twitterer Mark Marissen to put up or shut up...

British Columbia, especially parts of the lower mainland, there are areas of the GVRD where ethnic people far outnumber English speaking born and raised Canadians..And if one happens to be a white MLA or politician trying to communicate with someone who doesn`t speak English is a tad difficult, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and many other Asian languages, there are needs for legitimate ethnic outreach, there is a need for translation and transcription..

What Gabriel Yiu was doing was legitimate outreach work, work that paid off in a really big way..

The point I`m making is perhaps constituency offices need extra funding for translation and ethnic outreach, the work needs to be done, how can a MLA help a constituent in their riding if they can`t understand what they are saying or what is written down..

What I find absolutely disgusting and sad is Bill Bennett and the BC Liberals along with CKNW and Sean Leslie are prepared to go deep into the gutter to  make up a story out of whole cloth, a whopping boldfaced lie, all designed to try and deflect from the BC Liberals getting caught using entire ministries, using Government staff, using private emails and so much more, against well defined rules of both Government and the public service, all in an attempt to win ridings and or an election that they, the BC Liberals have no moral grounds to even think of winning, these partisan activities are Christy Clark`s "Modus Operendi"..Christy Clark has always been a loud-mouthed partisan gum flapper, a nasty woman with a bright smile, Christy`s campaign style is bluster and hate, us versus them, she`s a hateful divider..

There is legitimate outreach and then there is blatant illegal activities, Gabriel Yiu`s work was the former and the BC Liberal`s the latter, the proof is in the pudding, 1000`s of emails and documents through private emails, John Yap got busted congratulating employees for hiding their illicit activities..

I present to you Mark Marrisen working his partisan mouth on Twitter, spreading misinformation with angry zeal..


  1. . He wrote nasty partisan columns for many publications.
  2. What's nasty about The Straight column on fiscal matters?
  3. . More importantly, why is it paid for with constituency office funds?

Ask . Fund was for provincial level work.
Hi, Shane.Care 2 elaborate on how constit funds shld be pooled for partisan attack dogs?
  1. Mark, can you explain what was unduly partisan about that Straight article on fiscal matters?
  1. . You didn't pool constit $ 4 services like that. U pooled it so ppl like Yiu could go on sustained partisan attack
  2. What sustained partisan attack do you mean? The column in The Straight?
  3. . He wrote nasty partisan columns for many publications.
  4. What's nasty about The Straight column on fiscal matters?


Anonymous said...

Good for telling it like it is. The fact that around 32 per cent of people would still vote for this crew blows me away. I guess years of " balanced" media coverage has this effect.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget? Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too. The BCR wasn't for sale. The HST wasn't on Campbell's radar either.

In Canada corrupt, lying, thieving Politicians, are rewarded for doing their dirty work. Just ask Gordon Campbell. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals forgot to tell us, they work for Harper.

Harper and his BC Liberals, use every dirty tactic in the book, to stay in office. They even steal our money, for their own use. Harper also permits this, in his own government. Tax payers buying houses for Harper's minions, he totally accepts.

We know the dastardly deeds of, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Harper, visited the ethnic people, while he was here. We can be absolutely sure. Both Harper and the BC Liberals, are doing their dirty work. They know they can lie to the ethnic people. Many of the ethnic people, have to go by word of mouth. Especially those who have no command of, the English language or, English written words.

Harper, his Cons and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. They govern from, the Ninth Ring of Dante's Inferno.

Anonymous said...

I have never posted a comment on your website before, but I just wanted to say thank you for writing this article.

The number of people out there in the public, each of whom has a vote, who are largely unknowledgeable about how nasty and vicious some politicians can be, is truly frightening.

My deep gratitude goes to anyone in political life who, at much personal expense, does the altruistic RIGHT thing (like Gabriel Yiu). Unfortunately there are so many more who are totally self-serving, possibly even to a sociopathic degree.

Elections need to stop being popularity contests, and start being honest competitions between candidates with demonstrated integrity and ability.

How we achieve that goal is the HUGE question that now faces us, particularly since it's pretty obvious the mainstream media can be (and has been for over a decade) co-opted by power and money. A democratic state can so easily be manipulated by strident voices that drown out reasoned political debate and the actual facts of a situation.

Thank you for your continuous efforts to bring clarity and sanity to a generally mean and dirty arena.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this article. First time poster to your site.
I have worked with Gabriel Yiu in the past and I am looking forward to him winning the election in May. He is a person of integrity and character and would be a great asset to helping all people of BC. The Liberal machinery is in the gutters to impeach the character of a fine person.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant, have you read AGT latest post, it appears Christy Clark is lying again, Christys goose is cooked!!!!

Grant G said...

I did read that post and...

And there are many problems with it..

#1- The project was announced in 2009, when Gordon Campbell was premier, it was announced in the 2009 throne speech, Campbell announced the project again in the 2010 throne speech,and it`s been announced in 2011-2012-2013 throne speeches, Christy Clark was still on the radio.

Pat Bell, Shirley Bond were in Government then, they still are, Christy Clark didn` leave cknw until spring of 2011, Christy did not become official leader until late in the summer/2011.

Fehr and Mcclaren are long time BC Liberals, disgruntled Ex Liberals..

It was a dirty deal from the beginning, two rats dealing with a group of cheese merchants.

Ferh and Mcclaren don`t have clean hands..

As for Christy Clark lying, what else is new, yes Christy Clark spouted off in Prince George, she blathered about making the project the largest and tallest wood building in the world..

However, that`s what politicians do, they exaggerate projects, they oversell, Christy Clark always blurts out stuff before she thinks.

AGT`s post has no collaborating documents, the conversations are suspect????.

Look, Christy Clark is a nasty flake, the Liberal party is done, has been done for a long time, Christy Clark has been scrambling to turn things around.

The blame for this project lies at the feet of Gordon Campbell, Pat Bell and Shirley Bond.

Yes Clark didn`t help matters, she`s a dummy.

The rats, the two business men from Prince George thought, with the help of their BC Liberal Prince George friends, MLA`s Pat Bell and Shirley Bond that they could make a killing on this project, these business men had NO altruistic reason for the project, their goal was making money money and more money..

All BC Liberal cabinet ministers have been lying for years on end.

Same with BC Rail, we lost BC Rail because Gordon Campbell lied, Campbell gifted BC Rail to his friend and election financier David Mclean.

Yes Christy Clark, Bruce Clark, Basi/Virk were involved(on a very low level), the rats were eating stinky cheese, but again, Gordon Campbell was the cheese merchant.

AGT again doesn`t go to the root of the problem, same as John Van Dongen, the loss of BC Rail was caused by the direct actions of Gordon Campbell, everything after that was mere corrupt white noise.

Basi/Virk payoff, those two men were taking bribes for years on multiple files, even before BC Rail sale was announced.

The wood center project in Prince George was started under Gordon Campbell, so did the dirty details, BC Liberals for years have been operating this way..

Ken Dobell, Martyn Brown..

Look, I am no fan of Christy Clark, the entire Liberal party has been corrupt for years.

The two men in Prince George are slimy scumbags, so is Pat Bell and Shirley Bond..

It was/is Gordon Campbell, Pat Bell and Shirley Bond who are at fault.

Did Christy Clark have a email exchange or twitter conversation with those men, perhaps, but all that was after the fact.

Basi and Virk, criminals, Gordon Campbell, mastermind criminal, Pat Bell has been dirty on many projects, so is Coleman, ..

Unfortunately for Christy Clark, she is nowhere as good at hiding and concealing dirty deals like Gordon Campbell was..

AGT post, while entertaining, provided nothing new.

Anonymous said...

So why isn't the RCMP investigating these crooks? By all appearances they look like they are on the take and shielding the BC Liberals!