Saturday, March 9, 2013

Not Unicorns and Ponies, Kelp Forests and Water

Vaughn Palmer wrote an article titled...

B.C. NDP Supporters Dreams of Good Times Ahead Likely to be Dashed


As an NDP supporter I find Vaughn`s premise to be offensive, to suggest that the NDP base is concerned with dole and gifts, let the good times roll, let`s spend spend spend, deficits be damned, budgets are for fools...

Vaughn Palmer must have a taste for sand considering he has his head firmly planted beneath the beach.

What voters want is honestly, the truth, no one is expecting gravy, we are expecting questions answered in a public inquiry as to how we lost a profitable provincial owned railway..

Alberta, running a deficit, $6 billion dollar deficit, their 5th deficit in a row, services being cut, schools shuttered, hospital beds closed, their vaunted heritage fund has seen no contributions for years, only withdraws, a simple sales tax of 5% would solve all of Alberta`s fiscal woes, but that`s not what Conservative or BC Liberal Governments do, and make no mistake, the BC Liberal party is merely the old tired hounds of BC`s defunct and discredited Social Credit party, the only thing Liberal about BC`s current Government is how liberally they spread the public`s wealth to corporate party donors..

Alberta has an estimated 1 $trillion dollar environmental mess to clean up, they have 5000 miles of toxic tailing ponds, poisoned watersheds and growing cancer rates, deformed wildlife and pollution levels off the chart, all this happening in earshot of the tar patch..

Conservative Governments believe in running deficits and creating structural deficits, that is how they cut services, taxes from corporations and wealthy individuals are slashed resulting in budget shortfalls, that in turn justifies cuts to public services, it`s a pattern seen around the world.

CLBC scandal..BC Rail scandal..Basi/Virk scandal...HST scandal..$3 billion dollar 2009 election budget scandal..HEU contract scandal..teachers stripped of rights scandal..Smart meter scandal..BC Ferry scandal..BC Hydro scandal..Casino scandals..

Our debt(basic debt)..Has risen from $28 billion in 2001 to over $67 billion in 2012..Not counting IPP`s, PPPs, BC hydro contractual commitments going out up to 6 decades, Translink has a huge debt...BC Ferries has a $1.4 billion dollar debt, BC Hydro has a debt of $4.5 billion dollars accumulating in deferral accounts, all since 2001.. plus another $8 billion in on books debt..

All toll, BC debt, contractual debt, BC Ferry debt, BC Hydro debt, Translink debt, $170 billion dollars...The total debt in 2001 was roughly $30 billion dollars..

A five fold increase in our debt....

And Vaughn Palmer muses about NDPers being disappointed because Adrian Dix isn`t going to give us all Shiny ponies and Golden unicorns..

Really Vaughn, these lies, these lies an obtuse media allows be told by Government with impunity..

BC was a have-not province in the 90`s..Rubbish...Under these BC Liberals current rein BC has been a have not province 5 times, receiving over $2 billion dollars in Federal transfers, the NDP of the 90`s but once received a Federal transfer payment for have-not status..

5 to 1.....Employment created was higher in the 90`s, as were homes built in the 90`s, more net migration to BC in the 90`s..

All these facts rear their head, yet the media, Vaughn Palmer and company can`t see them, funny how vision gets obscured by layers of sand!

A phony refinery proposal, a $trillion dollar LNG pipedream, and Alberta, our Tory Blue neighbor to the east who have been in the petroleum game for decades is broke, record deficits, yet somehow corporate owned media believes and promotes the BC Liberal`s fantasy..

What the voters want Vaughn Palmer is..

We want respect, we want the bad news, we want the cold hard facts without spin and hyperbole..

41 $trillion dollars of debt by a mere handful of countries..

USA--15.5 $trillion dollars.

Japan--12.4 $trillion dollars.

Germany--2.6 $trillion dollars

Italy--2.5 $trillion dollars.

France--$2.2 $trillion dollars

United Kingdom--1.6 $trillion dollars

India--1.2 $trillion dollars

Brazil--1.1 $trillion dollars

China--1.1 $trillion dollars

Canada--535 $billion dollars

Russia--45 $billion dollars.

Thanks to the Galloping Beaver for the above link

Those debt totals don`t include individual provinces, or states, or towns, cities, or personal debt..In other words, double it to $90 trillion dollars..

$90 trillion dollars countries have racked up in debt and Vaughn Palmer thinks NDPers are going to be mad if we don`t get our deserved Shiny Ponies and Golden Unicorns..

You would be wrong, and Conservative Governments would be wrong, they talk of lowering corporate taxes, they tell tales of how these corporate entities will flee Canada if asked to pay a little more..

To which I say, the day is coming fast when corporate tax rates around the world will be standardized, instead of a race to the bottom a race to the top..

This debt, the debt noted above, 90% of this debt has accumulated since 1970..

This debt will never get paid off, never, the day will come when when debt forgiveness is soup de jour, all country debt eliminated...

Corporations are sitting on $trillions in cash, sacks of money, pay packages of the obscene, lavishness and greed while Governments tighten the screws on the masses.

How far can we be pushed, how many watersheds destroyed, how many species extincted, Haida Gwaii, ...Great Bear rain-forest, a pristine marine environment, wild salmon, fresh water for drinking, giant kelp gardens, nature abounds, that is what will ultimately be important for human survival.

And here we voters are, presented a bogus budget consisting of selling land and financial instruments to claim balance, an LNG laden throne speech devoid of reality and now a fantasy refinery as a wedge issue..

No Vaughn, we voters won`t be disappointed if Adrian Dix doesn`t give us Golden Unicorns and Shiny Ponies...

We will be disappointed if a corrupt BC Liberal party riding on the back of corporate media steals the election..

That just won`t be allowed to happen this time..

BC Liberals are about to be......


P.S....One more thing, there was a little bit of open-line radio today(Saturday, March 9th) on cknw...I had a little on air chat with Marcella Bernardo, who was filling in for Sean Leslie...5:52 to 5: 55 pm..(AKA Brian from the Sunshine coast)..

cue-up 5:00 pm, Saturday March 9th..Fast forward to about 5:52 pm....

Well, I  do my bit, since the Cutting Edge of the Ledge producers fear the Powell River Persuader, to find airwaves, I kinda have to pick my spots..

Anyway, my radio talk today was on scandal and accountability.. 

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Fed up with Greedy people said...

I just realized what fiscal prudence means. The lieberals have practiced this since they took over. What it means is that the previous governments acquired assets are the piggy bank for the lieberals. Let me tell you, If we elect these lieing greedy SOBs again there will be nothing that won t be sold . They as much as told us so in there bullshit balanced budget. I would suggest that when you do busness with busnesses ask if they support the liberals if they do, go else where. They will get the message and stop making donations to the destruction of this province.

Anonymous said...

The first day the Liberals have their hands taken out of the government til will be the sign of better things to come for the people of BC.
The NDP are going to need to work hard to top the Liberal's BC Rail Scandal.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about Vaughn's column. Does he really believe the citizens of B.C. are expecting some miracle windfalls from 12 years of greed and destruction. The people of this Province
don't for a minute think the new Govt. is going to be handing out goodies such as the Corp. tax cut Campbell gave out almost as soon as he was elected.
They just want the pain to stop from these reckless bastards riding the tax dollar gravy train and handing over the Province to the highest bidder.

Grant G said...

Yes indeed 9:49..

"They just want the pain to stop"

Exactly, that is all we want, just let the excruciating pain these BC Liberal creatures have inflicted on our province stop..

When one is in pain, toothache, backache, migraine, or a festering open sore on your back that grows and grows..

Just make the pain stop.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

I too am disgusted with Vaughn's column. Who needs the Vancouver Sun
or the Vancouver Province these days when we have honest Bloggers who tell us what is actually going on in B.C. I gave up the paper years ago and have never missed it!

Thank you Grant for all the hard work you have done over the years
keeping us informed in writing we all can all understand.

Your site has been a blessing in more ways than one keeping us informed with what this Govt. has been up to. The lies and cover-ups
will soon end when they are finally
defeated in the upcoming election.

The tide is turning, they just don't know it yet!

Anonymous said...

Just a simple thankyou Grant, I'm so glad we're on the same team.


Anonymous said...

And Christy wants all the gas plants because?

More debt for us is all I see. I am totally against these and the Enbridge pipeline as well as Kinder Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Just caught your chat on NW.
You have a distinct voice for radio, not to mention
the abundance of material for which to work
It's just where to start with so little air time...
a dilemma indeed.
You most definitely need to be on the air
on a regular basis
Great work as usual!


Anonymous said...

BC people are fully aware of just who, destroyed this Province. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, thieved and sold everything of value, out of BC. Nor, do we forget Harper's part, in the devastation of, this Province and the people either. That is kind of hard to miss.

We know exactly what the NDP are going to face? The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, have left a staggering debt.

Christy didn't lift a finger to stop Harper's treachery of, giving our BC mining jobs, to Communist China. Christy also works for Harper, as Campbell did before her.