Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Christy Clark Fails Boating Community, Misses The Boat

I`m going to my best not to be sarcastic, however it`s very difficult not to be when Christy Clark continues to utter statements that prove she is in way over her head in all departments..

Early this morning there was a tragedy, details are still unfolding, at 4:00 a.m. this morning a car at high speed launched into the water at the Gabriola ferry landing(Gulf Islands) ...The Fraser river based hovercraft responded, they were on scene about 5:00 a.m....Divers went into the water, they still haven`t located the automobile(4:00 p.m.)...

If there was another boating accident say in False Creek or Burrard inlet there would be no available rescue team besides volunteers to even respond, as the Fraser river based hovercraft was preoccupied..As you know we had the Fraser river based hovercraft AND the Kits coast guard base.

Christy Clark today issued an ultimatum to the Stephen Harper Government..

Here is the headline and subsequent inane quotes from Christy Clark..


Christy Clark’s ultimatum to feds: No Kits Coast Guard station, no pipeline


B.C. Premier Christy Clark has issued a new ultimatum to the Harper government: No Kitsilano Coast Guard Station, no expansion of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline.

She made the comments Wednesday while responding to two federal announcements (found here and here) made this week aimed at calming British Columbians’ fears about new oil pipeline projects from Alberta to the B.C. coast.

The Kitsilano base was shuttered a month ago, despite strong opposition from all provincial political parties, saving the federal government about $700,000 a year.

(Now here is where Christy Clark`s pretzel logic comes in, Clark`s statements...Grant G)

“If they’re closing down Coast Guard stations at the same time that they’re saying they want to improve our Coast Guard capacity, the two just don’t make sense beside each other,” Clark said.

“It sounds to a lot of people like what they’re saying is different from what they’re doing and that poses a real problem for the expansion of heavy oil in British Columbia.”

The Premier said that is a good first step, but more Coast Guard stations, not fewer, will be required before the province will consider any proposals that would increase tanker traffic in B.C.

Kinder Morgan’s proposal, expected to be filed next year, would boost oil tanker traffic leaving Vancouver’s port from 32 per year to 408.

(Now here is another one of Clark`s ridiculous statements)

 When they get to the outcome it’s going to have to include making sure that Kits Coast Guard base is reopened, and the outcome is also going to have to include a beefed up Coast Guard response up and down the coast,” Clark said.


I`ll do my best to spell it out for Christy Clark...The Kits coast guard base is there to respond to emergencies involving boaters both commercial and pleasure, the Kits coast guard base was never ever about stopping oil disasters or even responding to them, the two roles are completely different, the coast guard base responds to boaters caught in storms, breakdowns, people overboard, even suicide jumpers off of our bridges, on average the Kits coast guard base responds to over 300 rescue calls...300 rescue calls in and around Canada`s busiest port..

Oil spill containment teams and Kits coast guard base are as different as Venus and Mars..

And here is where Christy Clark has come off the rails today..

Christy Clark should have made this threat when Stephen Harper first announced the closure, as of last month, the Kits coast guard base has had its dock removed, ramp, signs removed and dismantled, the highly skilled staff that ran the base have been transfered off to different areas of the province..

Well, that`s one issue, there are many more, for if one really reads what Christy Clark has said you will soon realize that either Christy Clark is missing a brain or she has not a care in the world about boater safety..

Kinder Morgan has yet to even to even file their proposed project with the NEB(National Energy Board)...And even when they do, the project is at least 4 years from completion, even with Enbridge, if it WAS to be approved it too is years away from completion..

So let`s examine what Christy Clark really uttered..

When they get to the outcome it’s going to have to include making sure that Kits Coast Guard base is reopened, and the outcome is also going to have to include a beefed up Coast Guard response up and down the coast,” Clark said.

What Christy Clark said is...If Kinder Morgan pipeline is approved the Kits coast guard base will have to BE REOPENED..

Kinder Morgan`s proposed pipeline even if approved is years away from completion, meaning we remain without the Kits coast guard base for years, a coast guard base that has saved hundreds of lives over the years, we have cold ocean water and speed of response is what saves people`s lives, especially if they have gone overboard and into our cold seawater..

 So all Stephen Harper has to say is..Yes Christy Clark, we heard you and the Kits coast guard base will be reopened before the Kinder Morgan pipeline starts shipping oil..

One more time, Christy Clark does not care about boater safety, her vacant threat to Stephen Harper is just that, vacant of any cognizant thought..Christy Clark seems confused, Kits coast guard base`s duties are not that of oil containment teams, Kits coast guard water rescue teams do not have the capacity or infrastructure to make a difference with a big oil tanker spill, that`s not their responsibility..

 Today`s Christy Clark media soundbite might make a good headline but it completely misses the point..

What Christy Clark has done, with her at the helm of British Columbia has guaranteed the Kits coast guard base will never be restored, and she has given Stephen Harper a easy-out down the road, Harper approves Kinder Morgan`s pipeline while simultaneously agrees to reopen Kits coast guard base(in a different locale)..Meanwhile Vancouver Harbour is without a coast guard for at least 4 more years..

{My sincere condolences to families of those who may have perished in the Gabriola ferry tragedy)

Christy Clark just doesn`t get it, her vacant threats to Stephen Harper missed the boat.!

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e.a.f. said...

If Christie Clark were really serious about the Kits Coast Guard station she would have the City of Vancouver re-open it. The land is owned by the province so they can lease to the city of Vancouver in the same manner it ws leasted to the federal government.

The city of Vancouver could operate it as part of the Vancouver Fire dept./police dept. I am sure there are enough interested parties that a tax receipt for donations will make up the $700K a yr. to run it. I am sure Labats or some boat company would love to see their logo on the side of the coast guard station for a couple of hundred thousand a yr. cheap advertising. You know, something like, this rescue boat is provided by Telus, Shaw, Rogers,e tc.

Grant G said...

@EAF...There are liability issues involved, Vancouver and the Province don`t have the legal authority.

And you would set up a precedence for all BC/Canadian coast guard bases to be shut down and transferred to the provinces..

And, you missed the point completely.

Kinder Morgan`s pipeline expansion and increased tanker traffic is years away(if approved and built)

Christy clark didn`t ask Harper, or threaten Harper to reopen the Kits coast guard base ASAP..

Christy Clark demanded the base be reopened before the increased tanker traffic begins, that`s years away, that leaves boaters less safe than before.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Hilarious joke of the day...

The Tyee 3/18/13 -

Teacher's federation president says Clark's 'goose is cooked' in farewell speech.

"You know, I may be a lame duck" Lambert told her audience of about 600 teachers. "But I think Christy's goose is cooked".

Habos commented: Mmmmmmm...roast goose - my favoite.

I picture us all sitting around the huge last supper table and poking (pitch) forks in her!